He Loves Me in Stockings and Heels 2 – Wicked Pictures

Mike Quasar takes his audience for another ride on the stockings and heels fantasy train with an all-new cast of gorgeous women.

Karma Rx and Bill Bailey:

Karma’s popularity has risen steadily since she entered the industry, having recently nabbed a Best New Starlet win from XBIZ and it’s easy to see why. She’s got sultry eyes, intriguing ink and a body that won’t quit. She opens the movie in a large room with a beautiful grand piano and eye-catching art pieces spread throughout. She’s dressed in a mesh bodysuit that is open along the sides and at the midsection. Karma’s voluptuous tits are on prominent display during the scene and there’s plenty of foot play for those who are into it. In fact, the finish sees Bailey spill his load all over Karma’s stockinged feet then she shows off her flexibility by licking his cum off her feet. It’s a very naughty and nasty ending to a good opening appetizer.

Olivia Austin and Ryan Mclane:

Austin sports shiny black high heels that really lift her hips and ass and a mesh bodysuit, but with some stylistic differences from the design Karma wore. For one, it leaves her entire ass exposed and this serves as foreshadowing to the nature of the scene. There is a lot of cowgirl in this encounter and it is absolutely worth it. Olivia rides Mclane like a stallion, and when she takes a break, Mclane pounds her like a jackhammer. It is very high energy and the entire scene could have just been that single position and it would have been fine.

AJ Applegate and Tyler Nixon:

I think AJ is very pretty and the tease in this scene spent a good amount of time right on her face, which was a great way to start things off in my opinion. Her hosiery consisted of a black bodysuit (noticing a pattern here) and panties, although her stockings were sheer and her heels were adorned with multiple straps and buckles. The highlight of AJ’s tease was the way she captured the audience with her ass.

She sways it back and forth slowly and rhythmically and it is downright entrancing. At one point she kneels on the ottoman and rocks her hips to and fro so subtly I actually found myself unable to look away even as she smoldered the camera with her eyes. Excellent work from her and kudos to Quasar for capturing it. Mike also deserves credit for picking the perfect song to pair with this particular tease. The sex is more sensual than the previous scenes with Nixon taking his time and alternating between slow deep thrusts and rhythmic fast penetrations.

He wraps AJ’s body in his arms a lot and caresses her quite a bit which is nice. For her part, AJ looks to be completely oblivious to everything except Tyler and the pleasure he’s giving her as she spends a majority of the scene with her head back, eyes closed, lips slightly parted. It’s clear she’s enjoying every minute of everything. As a bonus, AJ swallows Tyler’s load to cap off the festivities.

Kenzie Taylor and Derrick Pierce:

Another bodysuit serves as the vehicle for the stocking fantasy here, but this one is decorated with lace around the thigh and the torso portion shares that same lacy decoration along the sides. It’s actually a very sexy outfit. Kenzie’s heels are open-toed with ankle straps, which is a first in the movie as well. Kenzie is able to deepthroat Derrick easily and as a result she’s treated to a pretty nice face fuck that features her licking Pierce’s balls while he thrusts into her throat. Kenzie also pulls her tits out of her bodice and leaves them free for the duration of the scene and they bounce around beautifully the entire time.

Kenna James and Tommy Pistol:

Kenna opens her tease in a spacious bathroom wearing a mesh bodice with garter belts connecting it to her opaque black stockings. Her heels are your standard stripper heels; really high at both the heel and the ball. Her bodice contours to her body wonderfully, especially around her ass. Kenna shows Tommy no mercy either. She mounts him and her hips go right to work. She shows no lack of stamina and her rhythm never breaks. It really is a thing of beauty.

This is a worthy sequel to Quasar’s first film in this burgeoning series with some pretty blistering sex and a nice variety of attire. There is much more emphasis on the women enticing the camera this time around which should appeal to a certain sect of fans in a big way. And on a final note, I want to say I really liked the fact that Quasar used the same music tracks for the movie’s theme and even used some of the same music for some of the teases. I think it connected the two movies in a subtle way and it really worked for me. I watched this movie on Wicked.com so I was not able to view any of the special features.

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After Forever – Wicked Pictures

After their seven-year marriage comes to a disappointing end, Derrick (Pierce) and Penny (Pax) separate and try to move on with their lives. When a scheduling mix-up forces the estranged couple to spend separately planned weekend getaways in the same location, their new lives collide in awkward, explosive fashion.

Mike Quasar is a very good storyteller with a knack for incorporating sex seamlessly into his stories. It appears as if moving forward he may be handling Wicked’s Passions line exclusively (he’s been the only director to helm a Passions project since June) and if that turns out to be the case I think that is a great move by the company. The thing I love about the Passions line is the emphasis on sexual acts other than penetration and oral sex. There’s always much more body worship without skimping on the hardcore stuff and the sex is much more likely to be character driven than the standard oral, three positions, pop formula that we so often see in non-features.

The cast members all do their roles justice. Britney Amber is great as the overzealous friend, Ryan Mclane is sympathetic as the hesitant yet hopeful love interest, Pierce is believable as the ex-husband who laments the way his marriage ended and Pax is relatable as the center of the entire conflict being tossed to and fro while wishing everyone would just step back and let her make her own decisions. It’s a very compelling dynamic and Pierce and Pax both turn in fantastic performances.

Alexa Grace does a masterful job in the supporting role of Derrick’s new girlfriend Rebecca. She is the rebound girl, but she brings a real sense of congeniality to the role instead of playing the old trope of vapid new girlfriend. It’s hard to dislike her even though she’s in the way of our heroes reuniting and that’s a credit to the writing and her performance. Chris (Tommy Pistol) and Melinda (Kenzie Taylor) also add some depth to the story in their supporting roles. They’re both subtle, but their interactions with the main cast help create palpable tension that really added emotional weight to the story.

The sex is mostly what you’d expect from a Wicked Passions film with a few somewhat surprising exceptions. Britney Amber and Chad Alva have a nice scene in a lavish bedroom that features a ton of kissing and caressing. It’s very erotic and sets a great mood. I loved the lighting too. It created some cool shadows across Amber’s body and her dark red underwear looked wonderful against her skin.

Tommy Pistol and Kenzie Taylor make the sweet love in a scene that features some wonderful banter during the foreplay. It’s great character work by both of them in that it keeps the viewer immersed in the story. We’re not watching Tommy Pistol and Kenzie Taylor have sex, we’re watching longtime couple Chris and Melinda make love on her birthday in a beautiful house in the mountains. One minor complaint I have is that Kenzie looks at the camera quite a bit. I know that’s pretty standard in lots of other porn formats, but I don’t like it in features because it’s a reminder that I’m watching a sex scene instead of two characters having sex.

Derrick Pierce and Penny Pax have a beautiful scene together that is visually soft and sensual. I loved the fact that Penny wore all white and her choice of underwear was so pretty. I was also surprised at how easily she was able to deepthroat Pierce without gagging or choking. Penny was not someone I was overly familiar with but my goodness I am certainly a fan now. She’s got fabulous tits, a really pretty pussy and she is wonderful in cowgirl. I could have watched her ride Derrick all day.

Alexa Grace has two scenes, one with Pierce and one with Mclane, and both times she is sultry and much harder than the typical Wicked Passions performance. Derrick is a bit aggressive with her body, doing things like biting her, forcing her face-to-pelvis on his cock making her gag ever so slightly and pulling her hair. All this is more towards the rough end of the spectrum than I’m used to seeing in a Wicked Passions title but it was incredibly hot.

Mclane is also aggressive with Alexa but in a completely different way. She opens the scene demanding that he bite her and after seeing the way Derrick nipped at her entire body, there was an immediate expectation. But Mclane opts instead to satisfy her craving by smacking her about the legs and ass. It made total sense that Derrick would bite her in exactly the way she wanted because they were dating and familiar with each other. Richard didn’t know Rebecca so he didn’t have the same familiarity and instead went with what he knew which created a completely different scene tonally. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you tell a story across and within sex scenes and everyone involved should be recognized for this detail.

After Forever is a beautiful love story that has a mostly happy ending but does leave the viewer feeling sympathetic towards some of the supporting characters. Penny Pax’s performance here made me a fan while Alexa Grace shined throughout. This is also one of Derrick Pierce’s best acting performances. I watched this movie on Wicked.com so I was not able to view any special features.

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Flawless – Wicked Pictures

Fresh out of jail Bobby (Ryan Mclane) hatches a plan to steal priceless gems from a rich jeweler’s (Jay Smooth) private collection in order to get his family’s life back on track after he and his wife Duchess (India Summer) were forced to spend her daughter Allison’s (JoJo Kiss) college savings to put Duchess’ father in a nursing home following a stroke.

Hank Hoffman offers up a heist movie with plenty of plot twists and lots of blistering sex. I like Hoffman’s style. His stories are always intriguing and he always manages to keep the audience guessing. This movie features multiple plot layers and character arcs intersecting with one another. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that Hoffman drops plenty of hints throughout the story to let the audience know exactly what’s going on but it’s likely that those moments will go unnoticed until the final revelation priming the audience for a nice “oh shit” reaction at the climax.

The movie opens in a unique manner; showing us the climax of the story without giving us the context. It’s a great way to hook the viewer right from the start. We have the basis of the story laid out for us as India reflects on the events of the past concerning her father and her husband and the sacrifices she’s had to make. It’s a heartbreaking moment and establishes Duchess as a sympathetic character. We also get a clear basis for Bobby’s motivation as well as an understanding of Allison’s complete support for her mother.

We begin to see how our players become entangled as we learn that Allison is dating Steven (Alva) who happens to be fucking Starla (Peaks) on the side. Steven and Starla have an energetic romp in a hotel room that features Anna Bell gobbling Chad hungrily during the blowjob and a super cool variant of cowgirl where Anna Bell holds herself steady while Chad pounds her from underneath. It’s very hot and a nice change of pace from what viewers normally get with the cowgirl position.

As the story unfolds, we’re treated to a flashback type of scene between the jeweler and one of his clients (Nova). My favorite thing about this scene was Ella Nova’s submissive nature and the monochromatic palette of the room. The walls and furniture are nearly the same complexion as Smooth and Nova’s skin but instead of washing them out, it gives the scene a very warm feel. I think Ella Nova is one of the best young performers out there right now and even when she’s not given much dialogue, she is still able to project emotional weight to her performances. There’s a moment when Smooth whispers in her ear that he’s going to fuck her and she replies in a small voice “Like an animal?” It’s awesome and matches Smooth’s character perfectly. Watch Ella’s face during the scene; she’s exactly the kind of girl this cocky jeweler would fuck and he fucks her exactly the way you’d expect him to based on the way he’s described by other characters in the movie. For those reasons, this scene was my favorite in the movie.

When Duchess finds out about Bobby’s intentions to rob the jeweler, she has a really emotional conversation with him where she begs him not to go through with it because of the risk. I always feel like performers have a hard time crying or showing believable sadness when acting in features but India Summer pulls it off perfectly here. The audience can’t help but to hope that Bobby chooses to call off the whole plan. When he agrees and takes Duchess to bed, we experience a surge of relief as if the danger has been thwarted and the ensuing sex is the happily ever after reward. Here’s where I think Hoffman makes his first mistake, after a great looking scene where the color palette is monochromatic, he goes back to that same visual in the very next sex scene between Summer and Mclane.

Again it looks great, but I would have liked a little bit of variety in the visuals here; perhaps some darker stockings on Summer or some darker furniture or wall accoutrements in the room. Still, India is amazing to look at and the connection she has with Mclane is plainly visible. At one point he grabs her, looks directly into her eyes and tells her she always makes him “so hard” which inspires India to go to town on his cock enthusiastically. She gags just enough for it to be really hot but not so much that it’s a turnoff. I also love the way she rubs herself while he pounds her during their spoon.

After a few moments that start to reveal the multiple deceptions going on in the film, we get to the first pivotal moment in the movie. Allison and Steven have a fun fuck in a really nice den where Allison is the clear aggressor. It’s a nice change of pace after having an earlier scene where the woman is so submissive to have JoJo Kiss be the clear dominant force here. JoJo really deserves credit for carrying her part of the movie. She got a ton of dialogue (more than I’ve ever seen from her) and she acquitted herself quite well. Combine that with her great body and sexual energy and companies shooting features would do well to hire her moving forward.

As the big twist of the movie is revealed, our cast of characters find themselves entwined together in a huge web of deception. Duchess makes a hard choice resulting in a passionate lovemaking from the jeweler. My favorite thing about this scene is the way Smooth takes his time with Summer. The tension between them has built throughout the movie and when she finally lets him take her to bed, he takes the time to enjoy every inch of her. He touches her gently all over and you can feel his anticipation every time he looks at her. It’s a complete 180 from the way he fucks Ella Nova earlier in the film. As for India, she is just so good at projecting her pleasure to the camera. You can really feel how much she enjoys herself when she’s fucking. She’s one of the best performers in the business and it really is a joy to watch her have sex.

The conclusion of the movie is where I think Hoffman makes his second (more critical) mistake. His story has an amazing ending, but the way it’s edited together right at the end will likely cause the audience some confusion. The story moves quickly between past and present but there’s no clear indicator between those time frames. That said, this is still a very good movie with some great sex scenes and JoJo Kiss puts in the best performance I’ve ever seen from her. I watched this movie on Wicked.com so I was not able to view any of the special features.

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A Daughter’s Deception – Wicked Pictures

Rachel (Mercedes Carrera) is a newly single mother struggling to move on from her failed marriage while dealing with her 19-year-old daughter Alison (Avi Love) who lays the blame for her father’s departure squarely at her mother’s feet. When Rachel meets a new beau, Alison decides to throw a wrench in her mom’s new relationship.

Mike Quasar offers up a sexy family drama pitting spicy Latinas Mercedes Carrera and Avi Love against each other with the unwitting Tommy Pistol caught in the middle. Plot twists abound in this movie and the audience is given plenty of reasons to invest in the characters. It’s a story that requires a lot of emotional depth and everyone plays their part well. Mike Quasar continues his string of quality feature films for Wicked Pictures and Mercedes Carrera continues to exert herself as a quality leading lady.

The opening sex scene is great. Mercedes paces her way through the encounter like a woman who is finally releasing months of pent up sexual frustration. You can really see her give in to her physical desires as the scene progresses and it makes for a very erotic encounter. There’s a moment during their 69 where Mercedes sits up and grabs the (quite vintage) headboard and lets herself ride a wave of ecstasy on Pistol’s face. It’s a beautiful moment.

When we are introduced to Alison, the movie’s hostility level gets dialed up to 11 immediately. Love plays the rebellious adolescent perfectly and her fiery anger towards her mother burns so white hot it consumes the audience instantly. There is no doubt where she lays the blame and Rachel’s frustration and sense of helplessness feel like a natural response. This is a credit to Avi’s ability to express emotion which comes into play during her sex scene with boyfriend Small Hands. I expected a scene where Alison used sex to vent her aggressive anger but it was actually the exact opposite. Love shows nothing but pure joy and happiness while Hands pleasured her and it made so much more sense. The only thing in Alison’s life that she’s happy with is her boyfriend, so of course when she’s fucking him, she’s relaxed and truly enjoying herself on an emotional and physical level. Her face says it all.

Alison’s friend played by Ashley Adams serves as the catalyst to the drama that engulfs Rachel and Alison. She recommends to Alison that she use the dating app her mother used to find her new love interest to figure out who he is and manipulate him into hooking up with her. This is where the tangled web begins to ensnare our cast of characters. Meanwhile, Ashley finds herself in the arms of her own older man (Tommy Gunn) who she wears out in bed nicely. Ashley’s got some great tits and we get to see them bounce around a lot in this scene, which is a very underrated happening in my opinion. Ashley also shows off some great hip movement while she’s in cowgirl and we get a nice modified spoon that really shows off her long legs. I must say my favorite part of this scene though was right at the beginning when Ashley was face down ass up with her panties rolled down around her thighs while Gunn ate her from behind. A very hot visual that was.

The pivotal moment in the movie comes in the form of a sex scene between Pistol and Love. The lighting is romantically dim, Pistol is charmingly oblivious and Love looks stunning in her gold dress. Even though the audience can guess it’s not going to end well, we still want to see this beautiful mood pay off sexually and it doesn’t disappoint. The best sexual moment in the whole movie occurs when Pistol wraps Love in his arms and embraces her as she rides him. It is damn romantic and erotic and more features should allow their characters to express that kind of emotional content during the sex.

The plot thickens when we see Small Hands and Bridgette B ravage each other as the film moves towards its climax. Bridgette is known for her massive tits and they are on prominent display throughout. This scene is a lot more aggressive than the earlier one featuring Love and Hands. It worked as a stark contrast to the earlier encounter while also serving to intensify the multiple deceptions taking place in the film. Hands and B are just fucking each other for pure carnal satisfaction and it shows in the way he growls at her as he pounds away relentlessly.

As the movie concludes, the audience experiences multiple “oh shit” moments that serve to capture our attention. The theme of betrayal weaves its way throughout the entire story and leaves our characters in a position where they have to make some hard choices once they discover the truth surrounding their circumstances. It’s a well-written story executed very well by the cast and the sex is great. It’s a great way for couples to spend a sexy night together. I watched this movie on Wicked.com, so I was not able to view any of the special features.

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Camera Angle – Wicked Pictures

Peter (London) is an actor who survives a mysterious accident but suffers a concussion that makes it difficult for him to keep the details of his professional life separate from the details of his personal life. Unsure of what’s scripted and what’s reality, he struggles to piece together the truth surrounding the accident while deception unfolds amongst the crew all around him.

I really like Hank Hoffman’s style. His stories are always compelling and unique and I like the way he constructs a movie. I also feel he’s really good at giving all his characters something significant to do within the story he’s telling. In my opinion, he’s become somewhat synonymous with films that feature dark tones and twisting narratives and I dig it.

I am a big Casey Calvert fan, so the movie opening with her was an immediate plus for me. I think she’s so pretty and she’s such a good actor. Anytime I see her name on the cast list for a feature, I get excited. In “Camera Angle,” Calvert plays a writer on a popular television show alongside fellow writer Jay Smooth. While grateful for the opportunity to work on the show, they’re both mentally exhausted and frustrated with the show’s director Greg (Mclane) who has proven difficult to work with.

When the two disgruntled creators decide to take a break from their work on the show to blow off some steam, the audience is treated to a wonderful opening sex scene. There’s a ton of body worship at the start of this scene that really works as a way to connect the characters on both an emotional and physical level. I love when this type of care is taken with the sex as it relates to the characters. The scene also features a sexy standing missionary that captures Calvert’s ass wonderfully. It’s such a great position and I feel it is very underutilized in porn. Also, seeing Calvert put the condom on Smooth imbued the scene with an air of realism. The look on her face and the moan of pleasure that escapes her when she lowers herself onto his cock the first time is highly arousing. Finally, while it’s nothing new to see the female talent keep their footwear on during the sex, it was really cool to see Calvert’s shoes were a pair of fresh Converse Chuck IIs instead of some kind of expensive heels because the Converse fit her character perfectly. This was a dynamite opening to the movie.

Our introduction to Peter is an awesome overhead shot of him splayed out on the pavement with a box of donuts strewn about him. I have to take a moment to commend the camera work and editing here. Not only is the overhead zoom shot great, but the way the camera sways about as Peter stumbles and struggles to his feet, clearly still feeling the effects of his head injury, is brilliant. It disorients the viewer just as Peter himself is disoriented and it works perfectly as an immersion tactic. We watch Peter struggle to put the sequence of events together, as he can’t remember whether his wife’s name is Eileen or Allison, nor can he remember how he ended up lying on the ground or how he got to the set. He does feel pretty certain that his wife fucked someone named Ted or Greg, but he can’t recall exactly who either of them are. It’s such good execution because again, Hoffman creates a confusing scenario for the viewer that allows us to identify with Peter, who is also confused. It pulls you into the story.

When we meet Jennifer (Lebelle), she is in the middle of a torrid encounter with Ramon Nomar who works for her in some capacity. He reveals her relation to him during their very steamy foreplay, but with the unclear nature of the film’s facts to this point, it’s impossible for the audience to know whether or not they can trust the revelation. Again, it’s skillful execution of the narrative by Hoffman. What we can trust is another great sex scene featuring a lot of standing positions that really show off Lebelle’s wonderfully sculpted thighs, some beautiful shots of her ass and the pleasing visual of both performers glistening with sweat as they ravish each other.

The movie spins the audience around the “what the hell is happening” carousel once again when we are presented with Greg and Allison (Keely), who is revealed as the show’s executive producer, having a clandestine romp. The plot begins to unfold more clearly as the lovers tear into each other with lusty abandon. Mclane beats Keely’s throat up pretty good and he is really balls deep in her throughout the scene. Two or three times Keely looks to be completely overcome by leg-shaking, breath-stealing orgasms while Mclane spears her over the edge of ecstasy by literally impaling her. It’s all fairly intense.

When every deception and plot twist is revealed, the audience is sure to experience a cavalcade of “aha” moments that will bring the entire movie together in a satisfying nature.

We get a second sex scene featuring Keely, this time with Ryan Driller, that is explained with a single line of dialogue. It’s the only scene in the movie that I thought was a little out of place in regards to the story, but it does feature my favorite sexual visual in the entire film with a modified version of facesitting that put Keely’s beautifully sculpted body on display.

Peter finally gets some satisfaction in the form of a fast-paced fuck with Jennifer. There’s a very cool shot right at Lebelle’s face as she’s leaning over London’s prone body sucking his cock with her hair covering one eye. She’s sporting a lusciously lewd smile and the way her face is partially obscured right at that moment is quite pleasing. London really slams Lebelle good in this scene, particularly in doggie, and they both look spent when it’s all over.

This was another fine effort from Hank Hoffman who is quietly becoming one of my favorite directors. He knows how to tell a compelling story and he knows how to present hot sex. One thing he did a lot in this movie was allow the male talent to reach into the female talent’s panties and rub their pussy while they kissed. It can be hard to resist the urge to get the scene to the hardcore fucking quickly but Hoffman really understands that the sex is supposed to arouse all viewing parties and foreplay is a big part of arousal. It’s this type of understanding and patience that he shows routinely, that I think are going to propel him forward as a solid feature director. Marcus London did a fantastic job with his role and I thought his performance anchored the whole movie. I viewed this film on Wicked.com, so I was not able to view any special features.

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Love Junkies – Wicked Pictures

Theresa (Amber) runs a support group for women who are addicted to infidelity. Her group meets regularly to share their lewd exploits with one another in the hopes of learning from their mistakes while providing support for each other on the road to recovery.

Mike Quasar does a lot of dramas for Wicked Pictures, but here he takes a much lighter approach. This feels very much like an all-sex or vignette movie, but there’s just enough plot surrounding it to make it a light feature. The concept is quite simple — the ladies sit around and tell each other sex stories, and then the movie shows us said sex story. While the entire female cast gets a chance to portray their own little story, it’s Britney Amber who is tasked with holding the movie together and she does a great job of it. She displays a palpable desire to find solutions rather than enabling destructive behavior and she feels fittingly distraught-yet-determined throughout the movie.

Nancy (B) recounts her boldness in bringing her lover Brad (Smooth) to her actual home to fuck him while her husband is working in his study. A lot of times all sex movies will have an obligatory scene prior to the sex with the woman showing off her body in various poses with music playing. Quasar uses a cool shot of Bridgette coming down the stairs to satisfy this trope before moving to the sex. I liked that bit of creativity. I really enjoy Jay Smooth as a performer. He always seems to relish the act of appreciating his co-star’s body with touching and kissing before he gets into the sex. I really wish the standing side missionary in this scene had lasted longer. It’s one of my favorite positions.

Linda (Taylor) is a voracious woman addicted to Tinder and she’ll go to any lengths to hook up with fuck a buddy. She recounts a story of infidelity in a park with Lucas Frost in what I felt was the most aesthetically pleasing location in the film. The babbling brook in the background was soothing and the rock wall provided a great backdrop to the performers. Again, Quasar resists the typical all sex jump right to the hardcore stuff by having Frost and Taylor fondle each other quite a bit in the early going. But once the fucking starts, Taylor puts her skills on display. At one point she mounts Frost like a stallion and rides him with literally no support other than the strength of her quads and she looks delicious doing it. The woman must have quads of steel.

Rachel (Summer) offers a more reserved story that really fits her character and it’s a nice change of pace storywise. I need to take a moment to just say how absolutely elegant India Summer is. I love her with blonde hair and the way she carries herself reminds me of the Renaissance French elite. I also love to watch her have sex because she always seems completely engulfed by her passion and the pleasure she’s feeling in the moment. Watch the way she grabs Small Hands’s hair and throws her head back when he’s eating her pussy or the way she locks his gaze and begs him with her eyes to keep fucking her. Hands was a perfect choice to pair with India to further her character’s narrative and the piledriver near the end is a thing of absolute beauty. It was like watching a well choreographed wrestling match that told a great story (if you’re into professional wrestling you’ll understand exactly what I mean). Rachel starts out with a certain demeanor but by the end she has changed into a completely different participant due Nile’s (Hands) subtle encouragement and measured escalation. This movie wins on this scene.

Theresa’s torrid tale involves a great pool with a view and a client (Pierce) who shows her a fabulous time. Awesome blowjob, loved the stockings, loved the fact that Amber kept her necklace on, and utterly adored the moment when the lovers stopped fucking to get each other off with their hands. Things like this add so much eroticism to sex scenes and I wish we saw more of it. What a great bit of variety that was.

Karma Rx takes a ride with real estate agent Seth Gamble who is gentle and steady with her. It was awesome that Rx kept her undergarments on. It was such a hot visual to see it pulled to the side as Gamble slid in and out of her. Sometimes it really works to have the performers nude, sometimes clothing enhances the arousal. In this case it was a perfect choice by Quasar to have Karma keep that lacy bodysuit on.

We get a pretty good twist that brings the story to a satisfying close, which is one of the things I appreciate most about Mike Quasar. Oftentimes I’ll watch a porn feature and it ends abruptly as if the writer didn’t really know how to cap off the story. That is rarely a problem with Quasar. The light plot of this movie was bolstered by a solid ending. With that said, sometimes even a feature doesn’t need much story when the sex is of such high quality and that’s definitely the case with India Summer and Small Hands. The movie is literally worth the price of admission just to see them together. I watched this movie on Wicked.com, so I was not able to view any of the special features.

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Fallen II: Angels & Demons – Wicked Pictures

10 years after the events of the first movie, “Fallen II” finds Angel (Drake) and Keith (Armstrong) together on Earth, trapped between the realms of mortals and immortals. One night they rescue a young hooker named Max (Raven) from the clutches of her abusive pimp only to discover that she is the key to something much larger and the agents of both God and Satan want her on their side for the coming storm.

This movie is an incredible sequel to one of the best feature porn films I’ve ever seen. The stakes are higher, the twists are more shocking and the performances are more vibrant. Jessica Drake is fantastic as she always is and she expands her character from the first movie in a subtle yet impactful way. For instance, the way she uses her facial expressions and baleful smile to exude an eager malice when confronting Kenny Kilroy (Nat Turnher) lets the audience know that this version of Angel can be much more vengeful than when we last saw her, but we also get to see her compassion when she insists they take Max in. Drake walks this line between her sense of duty, her fiery rage and her nonchalant indifference with ease, proving why she is an award-winning actress.

Brad Armstrong also evolves the character of Keith nicely. Gone is the kind-hearted naive soul from the first film. In his place is a cynical being who kills the guilty with satisfaction and cares little for redemption. At the same time, Keith is obviously conflicted about his current purpose and his chess games with Manny (played to perfection by Rick Bailey) are a clear representation of his inner struggle. Again, it’s a great evolution of the character.

I thought Isiah Maxwell and Misty Stone were really wonderful in their roles and they look fantastic in their costumes. Maxwell plays the Angel of Death Azrael while Stone plays Gabriel, the messenger of God. This was the most dialogue I’d ever seen Maxwell deliver and he handled himself quite well. Misty Stone sets the table for the heavenly side of the conflict nicely with her message and her conviction is not only evident, but believable. She drips with disdain for humanity but the audience can feel through her performance that Gabriel truly sees nothing wrong with her point of view. She and Azrael believe they’re doing the right thing and they have no problem doing what they feel must be done for the greater good.

Tommy Pistol is truly captivating and many who watch this movie will feel he steals the show. I’ve long thought that Pistol is one of the great male talents working today and his acting ability makes every sex role he has more impactful. His performance as Pharzuph is honestly some of his best work. The way he ebbed and flowed between maniacal and desperate was really something. He should win a Best Supporting Actor award for the breadth of emotion he shows during his conversation with Angel near the end of the movie. I found it really awesome that Armstrong chose Pharzuph as an antagonist for Keith seeing as how Pharzuph is the fallen angel of lust and fornication. It makes Keith’s encounter with Astaroth (Taylor) and Naamah (Hexxx) even more sensible if you know Pharzuph’s lore. That’s the kind of attention to detail that makes Armstrong such a masterful storyteller.

While everyone else does a wonderful job with their roles, I have to say the best performance came from Leigh Raven. She is the center of the entire conflict and her portrayal of the innocent victim caught in the middle was spot on. She was a perfect mixture of fear, awe and acceptance and she really centered the movie for me. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, she should win Best Supporting Actress from someone this awards season.

“Fallen II” also pays perfect homage to its predecessor with plenty of cameos (including a particularly ingenious one that takes place in a graveyard) and the bombshell return of Drake lends a massive amount of emotional weight and stakes to the story. In addition to returning characters, we get a second sequence (one of my favorite parts of the first film), a brilliant bit of subconscious exposition with the 11:11 concept (Google it and then watch the film again; it’ll make certain scenes take on a whole new meaning) and an appearance by Satan herself that is quite awesome.

The sex in this movie is also pretty darn hot. Group sex, anal, DPs, this movie has something for everyone. We get a big opening orgy featuring Jessica Drake and Casey Calvert wearing stockings that put their beautiful asses on display while Luna Star sports a corset that places her ample bosom front and center. A highlight of the scene was Jessica sitting on Casey’s face, blowing Driller, while Luna ate Jessica’s ass, while getting her own pussy fucked by Masterson, while Casey was getting plowed by Pierce.

There’s a solid three-way between Drake, Maxwell and Stone that Drake seems to really enjoy (watch her face throughout, she is into it) and the contrast of colors in the scene was awesome. Seeing Jessica entwined between two angels in the throes of passion was a site to behold.

There’s a pretty intense gangbang from Leigh Raven which is something you don’t see often in Wicked features. This is really a showcase scene for Raven and she nails, it never neglecting any of the cocks in front of her and keeping everyone engaged. The roving spotlight was a cool touch and the muted sharp gray tone of the scene itself was a stark contrast to the warm, soft nature of the angelic scene from the first movie. Another good bit of storytelling between the films.

We also get to see Raven take a hot anal piledriver in a scene with Armstrong and I have to say, fans of inked girls are really going to want to watch that one. We get an awesome squirt moment and we also get a very cool moment where he’s fucking her while fingering her asshole.

If you’re into big tits you’ll absolutely love the threeway featuring Jenevieve Hexxx and August Taylor. Brad gives both ladies and good pounding and there’s a nice face-down-ass-up sequence that is a joy to look at.

If it’s fresh pairings you want, you’re in for a treat because this movie features the first scene between Tommy Pistol and Jessica Drake and it is well worth the wait. There’s an aggressive vibe between the two of them that fits the story perfectly. She’s got a great ass and it’s on beautiful display during the cowgirl while the look on her face during missionary is enough to melt ice.

My favorite sexual moment in the movie comes in the final scene where Drake is riding Armstrong in cowgirl anally. The way she has one leg raised causes her ass to practically coil around Armstrong’s cock as he pounds away and it looks absolutely fantastic.

It’s not often in today’s porn climate that filmmakers take the time to craft a great story, offer beautiful visuals and create multiple characters that could be found in the script of a Hollywood film. This is one of those movies and it comes from one of the few directors in the industry still willing to produce content like this. It’s well worth whatever money your brick and mortar store is charging for it or whatever the subscription cost of your favorite website is to view it. If you are a fan of high-end feature porn, this movie is a rare find that is sure to satisfy you. I watched this movie on Wicked.com so I was unable to view the extra features.

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The Set Up – Wicked Pictures

When she wasn’t making global headlines with “The Donald,” former Wicked Pictures contract girl Stormy Daniels actually wrote and directed movies for said porn company. This Daniels ditty is a comedy involving the dating game via the internet with lust, crime, revenge and (can you believe?) love resulting, as well as some pretty gosh darn sizzling sex (five scenes in all, cunt-sisting of four boy-girls and one twat-to-twater).

Tattooed vamp Lily Lane starts the balling rolling, playing a femme fatale who, while boffing her blind date Michael Vegas at his pad, also robs the bastard blind (with the help of her sleazy boyfriend, played by Tommy Pistol). Lily gives one of the gnarliest BJs in the entire movie, complete with deepthroating and filthy wet noises, before Vegas screws the luscious, big-bottomed/-boobied babe spoon style, cowgirl (watch those incredible Lily butt cheeks gyrate like crazy!), doggie (more awesome rippling and rolling ass cake action), at which juncture Vegas spews goo all over Lane’s prime patooti.

Meantime, over at Seth Gamble’s joint … blonde Tasha Reign is drinking red wine with the lug (who, apparently, is her beau, for the moment), before she soon gets sausage skewered by Monsieur Gamble on the ol’ XXX (don’t mind the slime stains) sofa. Reign is a good cocksuckette, while I really enjoyed viewing her sleek, smooth slit getting doggied by Seth sword, with cowgirl and spoon ensuing (seeing those finely augmented breasts bouncy-bouncy is a pleasure), with Gamble eventually gushing gametes all over Reign’s tummy during mish — after which his on-screen wife walks in on the couple, much to the shock/disgust of poor, double-crossed Ms. Reign.

Next, after counting a stack o’ cash from his latest home robbery with Lily Lane, Tommy Pistol gets some o’ that Lane gash, but not before a rousing BJ, followed by some choice spoon sliding (nice vibrating boob action), some sweaty doggie busting (“whatever you want,” Lane tells him, as he gets those juicy cheeks undulating), before he switches to her shitter for some deep anal probing (and some oh so romantic rectum dilating, as in gaping), after which he fucks her crapper in the reverse-cowgirl posish, followed by a full-on creaming of her mouth and mams. Yeah!

As our story cunt-tinues … Vegas and Reign, by chance, hookup and do seem like the perfect couple, soon spotting a coveted wrist watch which Pistol stole from Vegas’ pad, after which Vegas and Reign plot some revenge against the Lane and Pistol, at which point (if you’re still with me) a fairly heated pussy-on-pussy fest unfolds between Reign’s very fuckable roommates, Jenna Sativa and Olive Glass, both of whom look great while they’re either sucking or getting sucked, while I also enjoyed Sativa’s big cheeks pumping on a strap-on in the cowgirl position, just before Glass plugs Jen with the same device in the missionary position.

Moving forward … after a bit o’ storyline involving some kinda weird app (I’m not too tech savvy, but I know good fucking when I see it), Vegas and Reign set the cops on Pistol and Lane, with Vegas retrieving his beloved watch (an heirloom from his pop, apparently), before he gets to (finally!) pop his nut with Reign (on an honest-to-goodness bed, even!), with a high point in their home-humping being cowgirl, shrewdly shot from both the front and the back, and fantastically spotlighting Reign’s choice bod.

“The Set Up” is an entertaining comedy with enough good penile inhalation (be it in mouth or muff) from Reign and Lane (hey, that rhymes) to keep couples X-tremely interested/engaged/aroused/horny — and … the movie’s even got three bonus scenes from a few other Wicked features. Worth a look.

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Cursed – Wicked Pictures

Ryan (Mclane) is a playboy full of cheesy pickup lines who spends his time banging as many hot chicks as he can. Unfortunately, his callous exploits cause him to run afoul of the vindictive Morgan (Amber) who casts a spell that turns him into a woman (Wright) in order to teach him a lesson. I love the premise behind this movie. Body switching and gender swapping creates so many opportunities for comedy and it’s something I’ve always been a fan of. This movie had an interesting way of getting the swap into play and I thought it was a great idea.

The movie gets us started with Ryan and Morgan ravishing each other at Ryan’s place after she picks him up at the bar. Amber is loud and energetic and she wears stockings which is nice. There’s a pretty cool shot from an elevated and angled position that gives the viewer a really nice view of the action at one point. There’s a moment where Amber is looking over her shoulder with a smile of satisfaction on her face and you can tell she’s doing something awesome, but by the time the camera switches to a more complete view, she’s done doing whatever it was she was doing. I felt it was a missed opportunity.

When Ryan tries to unceremoniously send Morgan on her way after the sex is over, she turns the tables on him and casts her spell. I thought Amber really turned up her intensity for this scene. There’s a lot of special effects going on that contort Mclane’s face and when he wakes up the next day in Whitney Wright’s body, she has a great reaction that really matched the tone of the moment.

Morgan gets a second fun scene where she takes advantage of Jay Smooth and the audience gets some really great cowgirl and reverse cowgirl visuals, the latter being particularly nice with a bit of a POV feel to it. I thought it showed some good variety while also appealing to a broader audience.

When Alexa and Whitney decide to go out for a girls night, they engage in a conversation that I feel was very well executed. It gave them a ton of opportunity to establish the story being told and Whitney really got the chance to shine big. I think she deserves a lot of credit because her character was positioned to carry that scene and she played it perfectly. I really liked the way Whitney approached her sex scene with Alexa as well. She displayed the perfect amount surprise, trepidation and lustful abandon as Alexa worked her magic on her. It was exactly the way her character should have behaved having found herself in that position.

Jonathan Morgan follows up the expertly done sequence with the ladies by letting them carry the film further forward with another conversation (this time in a bar) where we get to see Ryan growing as a person through Wright’s interactions with sleazy men like him. Alexa is radiant and Wright ends up forlorn and abandoned when Alexa finds an opportunity for fun in the bathroom with Lucas Frost. We get three beautiful shots of Alexa squatting in front of Frost as she blows him which are quite lovely. Her slender body looks great from behind and I love the fact that she was fully nude.

The final sex scene carries a great twist and both Mclane and Wright nail the mood. Bush fans will love this scene as Wright makes sure to keep her well-groomed mons pubis on display through much of the action. At one point Wright is riding Mclane and they are looking into each other’s eyes intently. The camera pans back to give us a more complete view but it stops just short of showing us Wright’s ass as she grinds herself into a frenzy on Mclane’s cock which I thought was maybe a missed opportunity. It would have really been nice to see Wright’s whole body right at that moment as she was connecting with Mclane with such intensity.

The film ends with a revelation that contradicted the specific culmination I felt the movie was setting me up for, turning all that expectation on its head. Sometimes that can be a good thing, but here it just didn’t work for me personally. Alexa experienced a nice resolution, but Morgan’s motivations made her repeated torment of Ryan confusing and the impact of Ryan’s journey was lessened. Still, Whitney Wright is a standout in this film and deserves to be recognized while it’s always a joy to watch Alexa Grace perform.

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Carnal – Wicked Pictures

An anthology with five sex scenes from Wicked Pictures; that is, five sequences of “Carnal” eye candy with no plot to them, just lush, picturesque erotic episodes wherein women get it on with men and/or other women, with 44-year-old Jessica Drake — in not one, two, but three scorcher sequences — looking ab fab after all these years … and all those cocks!

Scene one has Jessica getting sucked and fucked by/as well as sucking Tommy Gunn and Ryan Driller, as she looks like some kind of siren upon an isolated iceberg, with the two lads playing bent pirates ravishing the delicious-looking creature, ultimately leading to a volcanic double penetration. The set itself and the videography are superb, helping to, natch, augment the horny sex. Originally a 20th century fox, Drake really has embraced the 21st century, sucking cock deep, long and nastily; oral flavors which alone provide a movie highlight. And even though the sex is rubberized (with condoms), it’s still way horny porn, particularly when Gunn is drilling Jess doggie style while the fetching damsel is equally aggressively sucking Ryan’s rod. Spoon and cowgirl are just as potent. And I’m so, so glad Jess gets DP’d, with that moment being another movie highlight, as her fine ass cheeks cascade while the minx is seriously double-dipped doggie style, with the boys finishing off the scene by spurting into this marvelous woman’s hungrily awaiting gob, after which she licks one still-throbbing bone as if it were an ice cream cone. Awesome!

Next, leather-rubber-latex(-whatever)-clad ultra-sluts Karma Rx and Lily Lane take on 2018 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year Small Hands, initially in a large cage, within an atmospherically lit dungeon, with director Armstrong delivering another smokin’ tryst. First, the bitches deepthroat the lucky prick’s prick — with loud, offensive sounds — through the bars. Then, once the bastard is released from his mini prison, he descends upon Lily’s lush twat, trying his best (don’t blame him!) to suck that slit dry. He then bangs her box mish style. Check out those greased-up big boobies on Lily (hell, you can’t miss ‘em!). Karma then gets it doggie style while she and Smally are standing, with Karm simultaneously lapping up Lil’s labia. Then Karm gets it mish; followed by Smally slamming Lil’s shitter spoon style, which is one damn fiery position/moment, lemme tell ya, what with Lil’s voluptuous ass cheeks gyrating all over the friggin’ place, and it goes on for a damn long (yes!) time, too; with all o’ this incendiary intercourse cunt-cluding with Smally pulling out (as well as pulling off his condom), then popping his nut all over Lil’s killer butt cakes and Kar’s face, with Rx licking it all off those fine Lil patty cakes and sharing the gunk with Ms. Lane. Fantastic!

Scene three is a molten steampunk (in-and-)outing, with Mercedes Carrera, Angela White and Jessica Drake sharing the dicks of elder porn statesmen Brad Armstrong and Eric Masterson. Some highlights include bad Braddy sharing his pud between the mouths of Jess and Angie, while Masterson gets his own meatloaf worshipped by the decidedly whorish Ms. Carrera. It’s fun seeing Angie rock her marvelously large ass on Masterson meat during cowgirl, while Brad is bangin’ Carrera doggie and really workin’ up some ass-jigglin’ steam. Actually, Brad seems to slip it in both of Carrera’s nether holes at one point, and the lass doesn’t mind at all. Masterson then is (as are we!) treated to doggie with Jessica, while it’s a joy to simply see Angie get it via mish, what with her pussy getting pounded while her huge breasts undulate madly; ditto for reverse-cowgirl regarding Angie’s boobies. Way cool, too, when Carrera sits her culo on Eric’s joint and just grind, grind, grinds away. And the lads definitely deliver the goo to these sluts, blasting away into their faces. Yeah!

Now, if you like Asian women, then you’re gonna love this next apocalyptic sequence, with not one, two, three, but five (count ‘em, five!) pearls of the Orient licking each other dry. Whew! Marica Hase, Tia Kai and former Wicked contract girl Kaylani Lei are among the beauties, with the ladies starting off by sucking each other’s tits, then their individual pussies and anuses. It’s one incredible girl-girl-times-five interlewd, with some of the ladies getting nastily fucked in the ass by strap-ons.

Lastly, Jess gets some o’ that massive vine attached to veteran porker Sean Michaels, while black trans star Natassia Dreams also humps her, on occasion, in an Arabian Nights-type setting for one helluvan ending. Doggie with both cocks is pretty filthy. And it’s kind of interesting how Armstrong cuts between Jess getting boned by Michaels and Dreams, whom we don’t really see cum, but we do see Sean the mon spurt upon drake’s tits, with the wondrous slut sucking his dripping dong clean, the extra sperm falling from her lips. You go, Jess baby!

Gotta hand it to director Brad Armstrong: “Carnal” is a blistering pump anthology from start to finish, with Jessica Drake putting in several perfectly perverted (love it!) spermformances. Good girl! But I similarly have to give kudos to Mercedes Carrera, Karma Rx, Lily Lane and all of those tasty Asian bitches in scene four. Highly recommended!

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