Icons No. 1 – Vixen

From Vixen.com, this new series looks at porn icons. I’ll agree with that particular summation regarding veteran vixen Tori Black! The other ladies in this series’ first volume have been in the biz for a shorter period of time, but they’re well on their way, and this title — from start to (happy!) finish — has some sizzling female talent, particularly Ms. Black, gorgeous Ariana Marie and luscious Ella Hughes — who know their way ‘round a rod, making “Icons” definitely worth your whacking dollars.

After an acting interlude from Tori Black and Kayden Kross (in a non-sex role, though you do get to see her nude), Black burns up the sheets with Johnny Sins. There ain’t a bad position here from Welles. Good to see, too, that she’s deepthroating, choking and gagging on cock like most of the other younger ladies in porn today. And you’ll be rewarded with that fine Black booty during cowgirl, doggie, standing doggie and standing mish (with the camera in the latter two stances looking up — from below the action — at that bootyful Black bottom).

Next, Abella Danger accidentally locks herself out of her house, goes to an unknown neighbor, Ricky Johnson, to use his phone, and winds up getting seriously poked by Ricky’s johnson. Highlights include a deep and slow BJ and lotsa shots of that big, Danger-ously jiggling ass.

Then, brunette babes Alina Lopez and the scrumptious Ariana Marie are roommates who “visit” the home/pool of Ariana’s “friend,” played by the returning Johnny Sins, who turns out to be Marie’s married beau (what a marvelous slut), with Ariana sharing her man’s boner with Alina, leading to one helluva ménage a trois. And there are just so many horny positions/moments here with each fox, including standing doggie with Ariana, cowgirl with Alina, mish with Marie, doggie with Lopez, lots of cocksucking, some female-to-female ass-eating, reverse-cowgirl with Ariana, many lesbo cunt-eating interlewds, and it’s especially neat when Sins stacks up both ladies killer asses on the back of a sofa and doggies ‘em in tandem. Let’s not, of course, forget the cum-sharing between our tasty tarts at the cunt-clusion.

And, lastly, red-headed Brit Ella Hughes is so delicious-looking and has such an elegant tone of voice, you just want to see her get the living shit fucked out of her, which is precisely what Markus Dupree does in this kinky “Icons” episode, which is right up there with the fantastic Tori Black opener. Ella plays an anal-retentive art gallery owner, while Marky portrays a money-hungry “oligarch” who wants to sell her art pieces, but whom she also finds attractive. In other words, the kinky minx craves for him to dominate her. And he does. Anyhow, after getting nicely face-fucked, Ella gets her wonderfully meaty ass well-spanked (it remains pretty red throughout all of the remaining sex), with that same perfectly fuckable derriere superbly spotlighted via cowgirl and doggie (and there’s lots and lots of the latter, lemme tell ya), while missionary gives us a beautiful view of Elle’s tastily puffy twat. And there’s plenty of intense eye contact between these two pervs, making their pairing all the more horny and passionate

From start to finish, “Icons” gives you delicious-looking gals who, quite obviously, love to suck and fuck; with the bookending scenes, care of hotties Tori Black and Ella Hughes, being nothing less than outstanding. And, of course, you can never go wrong with the amazing Ariana Maria.

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Natural Beauties, Vol. 9 – Vixen

Delicious porn starlets with no breast or ass-cheek implants are spotlighted in this Vixen.com title, with each “natural beauty” putting in a saucy performance definitely worth whacking to, with the last threesome — between Rosalyn Sphinx, Johnny Sins and the always incredible Ivy Wolfe — being one salacious sequence you especially don’t wanna miss.

Up first, Angela White portrays an author and she’s pining over her absent on-screen hubby, played by Manuel Ferrara, with our Aussie uber slut having a fantasy about getting porked by Manny, until he finally returns home to slam our tasty down-undah ham, making for one spicy opening for NB9. Before retiring to the boudoir with Manny’s uncut weasel, Angela offers some nice shower shots of her big titties pressed against the glass, as Ferrara doggie humps her. In the bedroom, she eats his ass and lets him pump her every which way, with one of the best positions being cowgirl, as she rides that rod like it’s the last one she’ll ever have on this earth.

Fair-skinned and tattooed Evelyn Claire hooks up with a horny swinging couple — red-haired Bree Daniels and no-haired Johnny Sins — with a fiery ménage a trois soon erupting. It’s great watching both ladies share Johnny’s joint with their curious and hungry gobs; while reverse-cowgirl with slinky little Evie is terrific, as is the same position with busty whore Bree, who’s also superb to view during cowgirl, with her luscious butt bongos just a sight for sore eyes (and stiff cocks!); ditto for Bree during doggie. Hey, I love little Ms. Éclair, but Daniels simply just has that way-juicy ass which I just can’t resist.

Russian-born babe-a-roo Mary Kalisy (love her) plays a babysitter who gets way friendly — and downright raunchy — with the father, Christian Clay, of the brat (with hopes, perhaps — on Mary’s end — of producing another brat?). After Clay eats Mary and she returns the oral favor at poolside, he really face-fucks her oh so well. After which they do numerous positions; and Mary’s such a moaner that they’re all good, with standing doggie being particularly boner-bursting (with a nice shot of the ocean in the background to add a little flavor to the pork pro-seedings); while Mary’s squatting upon Clay-cock and bouncing like one crazed bitch is yet another X-tremely arousing segment.

Lastly, Ivy Wolfe, returning from a previous Greg Lansky segment (wherein she, quite appropriately, plays a freaky nymphomaniac), meets strange meat through Club VXN, ultimately getting it on with, like episode two of this volume, another swinging couple, Johnny Sins and Rosalyn Sphinx — and it’s a barnburner, for sure. To start with, the ladies give Sins one helluva double deepthroat. Sphinx, by the way, has a superior posterior, just like Ivy, and it’s marvy seeing Rosa get wildly doggie-slammed by Johnny boy, with Ivy playing the dominant slut, cunt-trolling the pounding action. Ivy’s doggie hammering is amazing in itself, seeing as she just goes bonkers from getting humped, while it’s a nice touch seeing Rosa eat Ivy-anus, which Ivy and Rosa do to each other when each is doing Johnny cowgirl style. And just check out what a natural cunt-sumer o’ twat Wolfe is, as she eats Johnny’s jizz outta (whew!) Rosa’s sperm-soppin’ slit—yes, we get a fun, fun, fun cream pie in this episode.

All of these natural beauties live up to their names, with all of ‘em suckin’ and fuckin’ quite impressively; but it’s absolutely the threesome featuring Ivy and Rosalyn — turning Johnny Sins’ love-slug to ash — which shows that these young ladies are not only natural beauts, but also natural S-L-U-T-S. Hoor-ray!

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Natural Beauties Vol. 8 – Vixen

Four stories with five vixens — as the title states, each of them being “natural beauties” — with each girl performing marvelously, while my faves include the scenes with slutty Sofi Ryan and Karlee Grey and the penultimate episode with delicious Evelin Stone.

Sofi and Karlee play gal pals who win some cunt-test, get flown to L.A. for the weekend, and, by chance, wind up hooking up with some bald-headed celeb, in the form of Johnny Sins, who really gets his dick wet from both of these tasty morsels’ wet and highly available throats and twats. I don’t know how that bastard Sins doesn’t blow his load during the amazing double BJ he receives from the ladies, but he miraculously maintains. And it’s a true vision to behold luscious Karlee bounce up and down (along with her amazing titties) on Johnny’s joint during reverse-cowgirl. I like how Sofi licks Karlee’s stinkhole when Grey’s getting doggied (shoulda returned the flavor, Karlee). And mish is excellent with both ladies, in that they get so incredibly passionate when getting pounded by baldie, whom they don’t at all mind kissing. Brave girls.

Red Fox is a red-headed babe who plays the secretary of an author, played by Christian Clay, another baldie, with Red courageously helping her boss get through some writer’s block by sucking and fucking the writer’s cock. Red gives a somewhat more traditional BJ than we typically see today, which is fine (although she perhaps uses a bit too much wrist); her spinner’s body looking superb during spoon; her ass cheeks ridiculously delectable during doggie; and her sweet tits thoroughly astounding during missionary, during which our boy CC pops his weasel. Okay, time to get back to writing!

Fetching Evelin Stone plays a party girl who has a shindig at her pad, passes out sometime during the evening, wakes up the next morning trying to figure out how to clean up the trashed place, until her dad’s best friend, in the form of Mick Blue (man-bun and all), comes to check up on her, but the perv winds up, well, cumming with the foxy bitch — and I don’t blame the prick one bit. Stone’s a good cock-gagger, and it’s fun seeing Blue fuck her face until he surely knocks her tonsils down into her stomach. I also dig Stone’s constant eye contact while she shows off her oral skills. What a scrumptious sleek body on Evelin, too! Check out how the filthy thing spits down onto McDick while he’s fucking her reverse-cowgirl. You’ll love how her juicy ass is magnificently displayed during both cowgirl and doggie (when, that is, Blue isn’t grab-assing those fine cheeks and criminally obscuring our view of such tart art); in fact, watching those patty cakes fly during cowgirl is otherworldly. All in all, a fantastic scene, thanks to the carnal charisma, extreme horniness and downright incredible looks of Ms. Stone.

Lastly, delicious Alina Lopez finds out that her boyfriend’s sister’s fiancé (still with me?), played by Xander Corvus, is the dude she cheated with (supposedly just for a one-night stand); and she doesn’t at all mind doing the same thing with the lucky bastard while sis and bro (totally oblivious to the sluttiness of their partners) are out doing an errand — leading to yet another scorcher of a pork sequence. And what a tasty tukus on Alina! I love watching her (and her undulating ass cheeks) fuck Corvus during cowgirl — and for a good long time, too! — while doggie isn’t so gosh-darn bad, either (loud pussy-farts and all!). Alina’s also a kick to view in the reverse-cowgirl position, what with that marvelous spinner’s body crazily riding Corvus cock. Hell, her face itself is just so pretty, you can’t help but fixate on it during every position. Hope to see a lot more of Alina in the future.

From beginning to end (with lots of fine female ends, from start to finish), “Natural Beauties 8” is definitely worth catching; and especially don’t miss Sofi, Karlee, and Evelin in action. Deliciously dirty, all-natural dames!

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Natural Beauties 6 – Vixen

Greg Lansky delivers four sexy scenes involving five of the industry’s most natural beauties. Featuring Abigail Mac, Ariana Marie, Bree Daniels, Cadey Mercury and Tori Black in her first boy/girl scene after 6 years (!!!) … “Natural Beauties 6” meshes storyline and dirty, filthy fucking quite naturally.

Doing yet another rendition of a Hollywood favorite, Tori Black starts off the title by taking on the role of Catherine Tramell in “Basic Instinct.” Channeling her inner Sharon Stone, she kills the scene where Catherine is being interrogated by the police, and flashes her vagina while crossing her legs to distract them. “Do you still have what it takes, Miss Black?” One of the officers questions. Tori leans in, looking sexier than ever in the white, sleeveless turtleneck dress. “I’d be pretty stupid to plan a comeback if I didn’t think I had what it takes. I know I have what it takes. I’m not stupid.” Fucking brilliant! And, Tori really hits the mark acting wise.

As it goes, Tori and Jean Val Jean make it back home. Tori pins him up against the wall immediately, pressing a rough kiss on his mouth. They tumble back and forth until they make it on to the bed. The white sheets and pristine background really accentuate Tori’s dark hair, dark eyes and killer cheekbones. The duo have an easy chemistry, and look sexy together. The scene is sensual, too. Jean lies on top of Tori and fucks her from behind with real passion, it’s amazing. Tori Black has what it takes to make a comeback y’all.

Up next, Ariana Marie explains to the viewer that she’s moved in with her boyfriend, and it isn’t working out. When her boyfriend’s cousin Chris Diamond moves in, Ariana finds herself spending more time with him than her boyfriend … and things get a little raunchy. Going with a classic, Ariana plans to seduce Chris by asking for his help with spreading lotion on her body. Wearing nothing but a towel, Ariana lets it slip right off for Chris to see. Oh my god is her body amazing!

He’d be stupid to say no! (And he isn’t stupid!) Chris definitely has one of the biggest dicks in porn, and he and Ariana know certainly how to use it. She drops to her knees, and gets his beer can thick cock right down to the base of her throat. Ariana gets to ride the disco stick first — Chris pumps furiously inside her, making her moan loudly. Eventually, she gets fucked in doggie roughly, and gets a big splat of jizz right on her face. Yummy!

The next scene features some hot girl/girl action. Cadey Mercury plays Bree Daniels and Jean Val Jean’s babysitter, who gets involved in a threesome with the couple. I love Bree’s blue ensemble, as it’s a nice contrast from her fiery red hair. Mercury does a fine job and really leaves an impression.

Jean is always a superstar. His body is amazing — rock hard abs and an even harder dick, which both girls are eager to please. Bree helps lead the young Cadey; undoing Jean’s pants and then pushing him back onto the bed. Bree lets Cadey mount him, and holds her hand while she rides his dick. There’s some A2M, but a lot of lapping up pussy juices. While Jean fucks Cadey in reverse cowgirl, Bree eagerly sucks up the wet juices coming out of her. Hot scene.

Last, but definitely not least is my favorite girl, Abigail Mac, who is paired with handsome bugger Christian Clay. Abigail plays a model (she’s totally got the look), who’s decided to stay in L.A. permanently. Christian plays a photographer, who eventually gets lucky with Abigail. She proves to be an amazing dick sucker by completely taking the length of him; he’s sweet with her, too. He pushes back her hair and keeps eye contact the whole time. When he finally gets to fuck her, he’s exceptionally eager. (I don’t blame him!) Abigail backs up into his dick, and really controls the scene. She rides him cowgirl style, then lays back and gets her pussy eaten. She looks particularly hot on her back, with her tits out on full view.

Lansky always manages to make dirty, rough sex look pretty. I love it. These natural beauties really shine! Get this one ASAP.

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Natural Beauties 7 – Vixen

They’re definitely natural beauties, and you’d wanna fuck each of ‘em all night long, seven days a week. Make that all morning long, too! And that’s precisely the kind of honest passion director Greg Lansky captures with these photogenic sluts in his lucky seventh volume of his hit slit series.

Ivy Wolfe, in all of her 10-rated glory, plays a nymphomaniac (porn imitating life, perhaps?), who sets her sights (at least for one afternoon) on an old (figuratively and literally) beau in the form of highly fortuitous Austrian pudster Mick Blue, with Ivy putting in one of the movie’s very best, most intense sequences. She really plays the part of a sex-crazed whore to perfection, sucking cock to the bone like it’s filled with some kinda life-giving force; rolling her eyes into the back of her skull and gutturally groaning with ultra whorishness during what looks like multiple orgasms; appearing as if she’s ready to collapse from the incredible energy she’s exuding/the potent pleasure she’s absorbing while getting porked in each and every position, all of which are incredible, be it standing doggie, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, doggie (with her deliciously pert nipples standing at attention). This babe rules! Gorgeous and trampish, she’s a performer of whom I absolutely wanna see more!

Next, wholesome-looking and rather pretty Scarlett Sage wants her bald stepdad, played by Sean Lawless, to bang her silly, which he more than willingly does — and we don’t blame the bastard! Scarlett sucks cock well, but is a grand submissive, really letting Lawless be kinda, well, lawless in his domination of her tasty body, with doggie being a high point, as he yanks her hair and slams his skinny puppy into her no doubt soaking twaterola. I also like how he grabs her ankles during missionary, just jammin’ that man-meat into her honey hole, over and over again.

In her own vice vignette, drop-dead beautiful Elena Koshka always gets what she wants, and that includes her sister’s boyfriend, Jean Val Jean, with everyone ultimately getting their way here — that is, Val Jean is lucky enough to get to fuck this ultra-babe, while Elena, being the spoiled brat that she is, gets her brains hammered out by the guy of her choice and we get to witness the torrid tryst in all of its horniness, including a few hellacious face-fucking sessions with plenty of spittle and marvelously offensive gagging sounds as Elena swallows that knob to the bone; her big juicy booty energetically bounding on Parisian pud during cowgirl; some rousing reverse cowgirl action showing off Koshka’s scrumptious figure, ditto with missionary; and let’s not forget a terrific session of doggy where we get to view that luscious, big, thoroughly jiggly Koshka ass getting seriously hammered.

Arya Fae, another way porkable babe, gladly lets her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, played by nice guy Chad White, bang her brains out, and it’s a pleasure to view, indeed. She’s a good cock-gagger (love her eye contact whilst shucking one-eyed slug), and I like how she crazily rub-rub-rubs her clit during missionary, while she grinds her choice butt cheeks well during both cowgirl and doggie, the latter position lasting a good long time and totally being a movie highlight, accented with some savage hair-pulling towards the end, and climaxing with Arya taking a big pop o’ plaster right into the right eye! And with pleasure, too! Damn! Arya is the shit! Like Ivy, I wanna see more of this blisteringly bodacious, bawdy babe.

Filled with wildly pretty, marvelously fuckable vixens, “Natural Beauties 7” is another fist-pumping winner from director Greg Lansky, with high points going to bookending babes Ivy Wolfe and Arya Faye.

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Young Fantasies 3 – Vixen

While there isn’t a bad scene amongst the four slut stories in this Greg Lansky/Vixen.com/Jules Jordan Video release, high points especially go to stunning DVD cover model Kenna James and German-born fox Chloe Scott.

That’s not to say that Jaye Summers and Charity Crawford don’t put in passionate performances, as the babes most certainly do! 22-year-old Jaye plays a horny chick who seduces her parent’s rent-a-chef, in the form of Jean Val Jean. And if it weren’t for Val Jean’s constant grab-assing and obscuring of Summers’ choice butt cheeks, each position would be topnotch.

But, still, I found myself totally mesmerized (as did my dick!) with missionary a la Summers, as her tanned, tight little bod is so beautifully displayed in this particular stance. In terms of 19-year-old Charity Crawford, she plays a model who wants to push the envelope of success by whoring herself out to a famous photographer, played by Austrian hose man Mick Blue, with Crawford’s magnificently tight little ass shining during doggie, while her entire amazingly sleek and sexy figure is beautifully displayed during reverse cowgirl.

As you can guess, 23-year-old Hoosier Kenna James is on the cover of this DVD for a reason; not only for her wildly gorgeous looks, but (natch!) her skill at handling cock with both mouth and muff (though, as yet, not simultaneously). Here she plays (yet another!) up-and-cumming model, who sluts out to the editor-in-chief of a snooty L.A. fashion magazine, played by (yet again!) Mick Blue. There isn’t a bad position with Kenna, but my faves include doggie and cowgirl, which both perfectly display her equally perfect (as in way juicy!) butt cheeks. Additionally, I love the slight sheen (either oil or sweat) on her rump and thighs during her heated humping, which fuckin’-A works! And check out how this doll’s eyes ever so hornily roll into the back of her skull as she’s getting seriously skewered by McDick.

And, lastly, we come to 19-year-old German-born Chloe Scott, who trampishly takes on an ex-boyfriend, 2017 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year Xander Corvus (behind her current beau’s back) with molten results. I love how Chloe just jams that thick dick o’ Xander’s down her mouth any chance she gets. Corvus is also a smart enough performer that he never obscures the view of her choice butt cheeks with his hands; with those same intensely fuckable butt muffins looking outstanding, as they jiggle away, in the cowgirl, doggie and (also shot as doggie) reverse-cowgirl positions. And don’t miss how she scoops Xander’s toxic toothpaste outta her twat and devours it after he deposits the gunk during a rousing round o’ reverse cowgirl. Yeowza!

Absolutely do not miss this lucky third installment of “Young Fantasies” for all four featured fab floozies, and, in particular (just can’t keep a good slut down!), Kenna and Chloe. Finger-lickin’ good bitches!

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