Naturally Racked – NSFW Films

The girls in “Naturally Racked” do, indeed, have tasty, all-natch boobies, while their faces and butts are pretty damn awesome, too.

And we start with the little but oh-so-suckable titties, big ass and pretty face of the highly fuckable Mia Malkova, here getting righteously boned by Danny Mountain. After a nice blowjob (with a bit of hands action in the mix) Mia and her butt are a joy to behold during doggie, while the position also displays her modest but far-from-tiny boobs swayin’ away as she’s being banged, with The Mountain That Rides ultimately spurting onto her stomach during missionary.

The incredibly delicious Ariana Marie gives an even better blowjob that’s frequently slow, deep and luxurious, and, with her wonderful attitude, she’s also terrific in the porking department. After hacking on cock (you blow, girl!), Ariana is truly amazing in cowgirl, doggie and reverse-cowgirl, while I like how she continues to suck cock whenever she can, with the dude lucky enough to ravage here ultimately blowin’ dick snot onto her chin.

A true movie highlight is the extremely energetic, cute-as-a-button and juicy-as-hell Latina Gina Valentina, here paired with another boner, who gets the ride of his life. She’s probably the nastiest of cocksuckers in the movie, as well as the most vigorous vixen, grinding and bouncing and squirming as she’s getting bonked. Again, cowgirl and doggie reign, but she’s superb to view during spoon, seeing as her butt is so round and succulent. Our mysterious meat puppet eventually blows pud-paste onto her cunt and tummy after some heated missionary, with our girl scooping it up and eating the stuff. Gina is such a magnificent slut! Love her!

Lastly, Honey Gold is paired with super freak Small Hands for another energetic romp, which includes choking, with doggie and cowgirl again being the best positions, though she does take the best pop shot in the face, the gunk going pretty much all over her pretty black mug. And like all of the girls — especially Ariana — she’s got a fantastic overall attitude in the sack.

All of these girls have killer bods (including unaugmented ta-tas), fine face, as well as delectable derrieres, while they know how to suck and fuck.

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Blacked Raw V6 – Blacked Raw

Four white babes get bored by five (Lena Paul takes on two) black cocks in this relatively new series from director Greg Lansky, wherein he expertly shoots scenes (as usual, not missing a twat hair) in more darkened, shadowy rooms, as opposed to the typically brightly lit on-location settings against which he’s used to capturing molten-hot cock-to-cunt sequences; with high points in “V6” especially going to ultra-babe, wildly luscious Kylie Page and equally voluptuous, big all-natch-chested Lena Paul, both of whom sluttily bookend this terrifically tasty gonzo.

In some room (might be a house, might be a hotel room — but who really cares?), massive-black-dicked Davin King sticks his King-sized snake into the mouth and muff of the always-amazing Kylie Page, in one of the movie’s most volcanic sequences. Don’t you just adore Kylie trying her damndest to suck that black behemoth all the way to the base? — and the sweetie comes damn close, too! Kylie’s got a perfect rack (buxom enough to fuck), as well as a first-class ass. And even without makeup, she’s drop-dead delicious, while also not putting in a bad boink position, be it missionary, doggie (a real treat, seeing as King doesn’t get his paws all over that delectable Page posterior, but, smartly, lets us imbibe of it fully), cowgirl (ditto in terms of King’s m-ass-terful handling — or, more accurately, non-handling! — of Page girl’s jiggling butt cheeks), it’s all fantastic. Kylie rocks, but Davin knows how to fuck! Kudos to ‘em both!

Second to (black) bat is lush-assed Abella Danger, getting down with Mr. Blaccwood (yes, that is how you spell his last name), resulting in some seriously heated white-on-black porking. Abella, as always, goes for the gold (and gets it!) when it comes to deepthroating. She’s one of the best BJ artistes in the biz. Standing doggie is pretty damn arousing, as is cowgirl (check out them bouncing bongos on Danger!) and doggie (she likes to get spanked) totally rules, while mish shows how passionate the kissing tramp can be; with plenty more lovely balls-deep cocksucking along the way; and, after Mr. B. blows plenty o’ C (as in cum) all over Ms. D’s ever-hungry mouth ’n’ cute lil’ titties, the two degenerates go for a midnight swim, with a tad bit of additional bonin’ taking place beneath the atmospherically purple-colored water.

Totally cute blonde bimbette Giselle Palmer is paired with the dark beastie attached to black bruiser Jason Luv in yet another boner-busting/-blasting ebony-ivory pairing. Giselle’s a pretty gosh-darn good cock hacker. She even eats (yechhhh!) Jason’s farts! What a filthy bitch (love her)! And Jace himself goes right for the doggie stuff. And it’s killer, with loverboy Luv really hammerin’ away at Palmer’s plaster-worthy (as in blatt! blatt! blatt!) posterior. Dig how Giselle’s tits hang down and wobble as Luv pumps her silly. I also like how she spreads her legs eagle-style while he’s penetrating her during doggie. Mish is deep and arousing, as the randy bitch groans and groans and groans … and, of course, there’s the always-welcome cowgirl stance (with Jace doing a wee bit o’ grab-assing — and, thus, obscuring our vision — but not too much) — and it’s wonderful when Giz squats down on the lucky bastard’s one-eyed barracuda. I wouldn’t kiss her with a mouth full o’ cum as Jace eventually does, but, hey, two each (gasp! choke! arghhh!) his own.

And lastly, we have the scrumptious Lena Paul, here portraying a drunken whore, who, quite marvelously, lets both Joss Lescaf and Nat Turnher turn her over and over as their raging black hard-ons hammer Lena’s cake and honey holes in, next to Kylie, another one of the movie’s true show-stopping episodes. After a brief flashback in which we get glimpses of a very inebriated Lena sucking some black dick and getting fucked by same in the back seat of a limo, she gets home (somewhere) and really sucks and fucks the two brothahs until they’re all greasy, sweaty, whatever. Doggie with such a round juicy ass on Lena is key here. And I love how her eyes roll into the back of her skull as Lescaf bones her from behind. You gotta love those all-natural chest orbs on Lena, as well. For the raunch record, Nat and Josh know how to fuck, thoroughly slammin’ those luscious butt pillows during doggie. And Lena, being the good trollop that she is, never stops utilizing her mouth, always sucking a waggin’ prick while she’s getting drilled. It’s magnificent watching her own tits crazily gyrate during Nat’s dynamic doggying of her. Those same full breasts memorably bounce (all wet ’n’ slick by now) during reverse-cowgirl and missionary. And, no, she doesn’t stop sucking dick during each of these positions, either! And, yes, cowgirl a la Lena is just as hypnotic to witness. Actually, it almost looks like the lads are gonna DP her for a second during cowgirl. But, alas, we still have to wait for that magical LP moment further on down the XXX road. And for a positively sloppy climax, Lena just loves taking two big blasts o’ cum into her mouth. LP kicks ass! — and I wanna see the fetching slut take it straight up the ass soon, too!

Yep, it’s yet another must-see volume of the “V” series, with all four girls sperm-forming with flying colors (’n’ cum); and definitely don’t miss all-around juicy Lucys Kylie Page and Lena Paul getting seriously slammed via black salami!

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He Loves Me in Collars and Cuffs – Wicked Pictures

Mike Quasar explores the world of BDSM in this all-sex adventure, which has plenty of erotic practices and roleplaying to fit that kinky acronym’s many delights.

Aaliyah Love and Seth Gamble:

The scene opens with Aaliyah on her knees looking up at her dominant male partner with timid anticipation. She is clad in a black bra and matching panties with thigh high strapped black heels. I really love the song Quasar picked for this scene. Not only is it pleasing to the ear in my opinion, but also it includes a very subtle, quiet female gasp that fits the theme of the movie. It’s a perfect audio accompaniment to the tone of the scene itself as well as a superb auditory opening to the movie.

Aaliyah has a black collar with a strap around her throat and her hands are bound by pink leather cuffs. She is fully submitted to Gamble and he circles her slowly like a predator stalking its prey. He wraps her eyes with a black blindfold and Aaliyah’s breath begins to catch as she can no longer see what Seth is doing. It builds the anticipation effectively. Seth eventually leads her to the couch by her collar and begins to spank her with a whip. He really gives it to her, sometimes striking her six to seven times in rapid succession as she squirms in pleasure. He constantly demands that she thank him for everything he’s doing and she obliges willingly.

I’ve been watching Wicked movies for a long time and I must say, this is by far the most aggressive-sounding blowjob I’ve ever seen in one of their movies. Seth really chokes Aaliyah pretty hard with his cock and she is willing and hungry for it. More than once you can hear that Aaliyah is nearly at her limit as far as not being able to breathe with Seth’s cock in her mouth and each time the performers consensually push it just a tad further before stopping. That is something that is really going to appeal to those who enjoy the rush of being pushed to the limit of danger during sex. Every position looks great and honestly it’s just so easy to watch Aaliyah have sex. She’s got such a cute butt and her smile is very sexy.

Casey Calvert and Tommy Pistol:

This scene opens with Calvert already blindfolded with a sleep mask and restrained with black and red leather cuffs. Her collar is very similar to Aaliyah’s but the buckle is more pronounced. She’s wearing a black lacy one-piece that is backless and sheer black stockings capped with lace. Her black heels complete her ensemble. Pistol uses his whip to spank Casey’s ass and back, then he switches to using his hands in an open palm technique. He exposes Casey’s breasts and pinches her nipples hard and you can tell that she’s experiencing a pleasurable pain. When Pistol flogs her chest he’s very careful never to miss his target and even instructs Casey to lift her chin so her face is clear. He actually gives her lots of instruction as if she is someone who is a bit of a novice trying something new with him who is clearly well practiced.

He keeps her safe, but he also dominates her by giving her commands like “keep your eyes forward” when he’s spanking her from behind. There’s a definite submissive dynamic in play. I think probably the most arousing part of the entire sequence was when Pistol ordered her to crawl in a circle on the bed while he held her collar leash and spanked her with the whip as she turned. It was very hot. Tommy licks Casey from behind a lot in this scene and I love that visual. There’s something about a face full of ass that is incredibly arousing. The finish is great with Casey on her back, knees up to her ears urging Tommy on as he thrusts into her desperately building to a climax of him unloading on her pussy. It’s very steamy stuff.

Bridgette B. and Derrick Pierce:

The first thing I noticed in this scene was again, the music. It had a very sinister vibe to it and I could immediately imagine this scene being part of a dramatic feature. There are two flogs on the bed and Bridgette is sitting in a chair wearing fishnet stockings, leather gloves that go up to her elbows and a black lace lace bra. Her collar is a silver metal with a black strap attached by a large metal ring. Her cuffs are black leather with pronounced straps. Pierce enters and regards her expectantly. He slowly forces her to the floor by her collar and pulls her breasts out.

The next thing we see is Pierce whipping her breasts rapidly while Bridgette rolls her head back and smiles. He also uses a paddle on her ass, again utilizing rapid strikes. I have to say I was a bit shocked when Derrick put Bridgette on all fours on the bed and flogged her with the other whip. He really hits her quite hard and it’s not something I’m accustomed to seeing in Wicked movies. Daring! Bridgette is clearly enjoying it and Derrick is clearly well-versed in balancing the pain with the pleasure as he alternates the speed and intensity of his strikes often. Derrick takes her doggy style bent over the bed, Bridgette rides him in cowgirl and by the time the finish rolls around her tits are free and bouncing all over the place. It’s all awesome.

Maddy O’Reilly and Ryan Mclane:

Maddy is standing in a dimly lit room wearing a red sleeping mask, a matching red leather collar with a chain connecting the leash and the same pink cuffs Aaliyah Love wore in the first scene. Her lingerie is open all the way down her torso and barely covers her breasts. After admiring her a bit, Mclane puts the leather leash for the collar in Maddy’s mouth and attaches nipple clamps to her tits. From there he grabs his whip and spanks her about the ass, but alternates between whip strikes and rubbing her softly with his hands and kissing her where he’s striking her. He also drags the whip across her buttocks and back gently in between strikes. We get some really good shots of Maddy’s ass and the viewer can really see how red her cheeks are from Mclane’s strikes and by the time he removes the clamps, Maddy’s nipples are engorged and pink. Mclane slams her pretty hard in spoon and doggy and he finishes all over her ass.

Romi Rain and Small Hands:

This scene opens with cover girl Romi on her hands and knees being walked across a room via her collar’s leash by her handler. She is blindfolded and bound with oversized black-strapped cuffs. The dominant/submissive dynamic is established right away when Small Hands commands her to stop and stand. When he asks her if she can see, she shakes her head no. He then commands her to speak and she does. This is a new development not seen in the other scenes. Hands asks Rain lots of questions like whether or not she can hear him spinning the whip behind her and whether or not she can feel it when he spanks her.

He tells her where he wants her to go, what he wants her to say and what he wants her to do throughout. There’s a clear anticipation that he builds by twirling the whip before striking her with it. When Romi lays on her back with her legs spread and Hands whips her along the inner thighs, I thought she might explode with ecstasy. Hands really gets into her during the sex too; mounting her from behind while she’s face down, ass up and thrusting deep into her. We get to see a lot of Romi’s ass and she constantly reminds us that in this scene, Small Hands is in control as she repeatedly calls him “master” and asks if she’s pleasing him.

For someone like me who hasn’t seen a lot of movies in this genre, this was a very entertaining watch. It really is something to witness performers that trust each other push each other to physical limits that you’re not used to seeing. Never once was I, the viewer, worried about the well-being of the performers involved and it was very plain to me that the level of pleasure they were sharing was real and welcomed. For anyone who is intrigued by the BDSM genre or even those who are well familiar with it, this is a great movie to watch. I watched this movie on, so I was not able to view any of the special features.

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Interracial Threesomes 7 – Blacked

Four scalding black-dick-on-white-chick scenes from, as two gents each mightily tag-team a tasty, torrid babe, with not a bad bonin’ in the house.

And we begin with a doozie directed by Laurent Sky, as porn icon Tori Black gets the black-vine treatment times two from Jason Luv and Louie Smalls. Ms. Black plays a broadcast personality assigned to interview the most famous boxer in the world, here portrayed by Jason Luv, with his sparring bro’ Louie Smalls gettin’ down and dirty with Tori after one of Luv’s workouts, with the raunchy result being an even better workout. Tor’s double-suck is amazing, with Jace soon doggie humping her while they’re standing, as she sucks Louie; the lads soon switching places. I especially loved seeing Jace pick up Tor off her feet and hammer the shit outta her mish style. Damn does this woman have one juicy butt on her! Cowgirl is awesome, as Tor bounces her gelatinous booty cheeks on raging hard-ons. Doggie is even better. Actually, Tori is one of those ladies who simply can’t put in a bad position. And you can’t beat seeing that pretty face inhaling big, gnarly chocolate eclairs. There’s lots more doggie drillings and dick lickings, with our girl ultimately taking massive loads o’ choad into her mouth and swallowing it whole. Yes! Tor’s quite the whore! Love her!

Next, gorgeous Ariana Marie gets a dynamic double-dark-dick drillin’ from Jos Lescaf and Nat Turnher in a scene directed by Kayden Kross, as Marie’s bent hubby turns the choice twat out as a “hot wife,” in other words, he’s a decadent dick who likes seeing his woman getting hammered by (hooray!) strange hose. Marie’s face-fucking alone by the boys is worth checking out here, trust me. They even pick her up off her feet, turn her upside-down and make her choke/hack/heave on pud. I don’t know which position I like better with Ariana. They’re all fantastic! Spoon is definitely one of my faves, seeing as her butt is so round, smooth and perfect. Doggie is, of course, awesome, again due to her possessing such a killer set o’ cheeks. And I just can’t get enough o’ watching that pretty face gag on gristle. The boys eventually really coat her kisser and cunt with cum, too. Such a wondrous slut. Like Tori, Ariana is always viewing worth spewing … or is it the other way around?

Now Lily Love? Mama! Talk about a super scrumptious piece o’ snatch, here getting her trap and twat slammed by black salami, care of deli-dick dudes Jax Slayher and (the returning) Louie Smalls, with Lil simply playing a randy cunt who wants to experience a little dark meat, cum-pliments of director Laurent Sky. Doggie with Lil is one of the movie high points, as her big butt bongos just quiver like mad; ditto for cowgirl, which is, actually, even more boner-inducing. Watch those greased-up patty cakes fly! She’s a pretty damn good cock-socket with her cake hole, too. And the slut just loves ultimately having her lips and tongue frosted with spermatozoa. Whew! What an amazingly succulent slice o’ heaven, that Lil!

Lastly, director Greg Lanksy wows us as blonde babe Naomi Woods gets heatedly hammered by the raging ham-boners on Jason Luv and Isiah Maxwell, with Woods playing a filthy businesswoman who does all she must to close a cunt-tract with this pair o’ lucky fuckers (for her bitchy female boss, that is), with absolutely nuclear results. It’s great seeing Woods try to get all of that black pipe down her gullet; after which the boys start taking turns slowly, greasily filling her cunt with their black behemoths. A sight for sore eyes, indeed, with missionary being just as intensely arousing as cowgirl and doggie. And, man, can this little tramp take an impressive length of cockmeat up her vadge, with Isiah’s cream pie during cowgirl being absolutely apocalyptic; while it’s wonderful seeing Naomi’s chin and lips get cocooned with Luv liquid. Check out, too, how she laps up the sperm deposited onto Maxwell’s belly. Woods is another scrumptious slut that’s a total keeper!

Yep, from start to finish, these four fiery tales of interracial rammings truly rock the people’s cock; with especially high points going to juicy, magically whorish vixens Black, Marie and Love. These tasty, talented tarts know how to brilliantly, gluttonously suck/fuck till the cows come home, baby!

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Rancho Erotica – Penthouse

Porn comes to the telenovela, the soap opera genre that’s a staple of Mexican television. This four-scene feature is set at the “largest pig farm in Mexico.” It’s a Mexican “Dynasty.”

Everyone in the all-Latin cast speaks with a Mexican accent, whether real or put-on. The acting is deliberately exaggerated and over the top. The women, all terrific, get most of the lines and all the drama; the men are mostly just dicks.

Carmen Caliente plays Carmelita, who has her eyes on Antonio (Tony Martinez), half of the sibling pair that own the ranch. She is a very energetic cocksucker.

Antonio’s daughter, played by Gina Valentina, is in search of a father figure. She finds one in Blake Bersin and has no problem seducing him. He leaves her face slathered with semen. Luna Star, glamorously blonde, is the ranch’s co-owner. She has an eye on the gardener, Romeo Price, and fucks him with energy and passion.

Bridgette B. brings her considerable star power to the role of Tony’s wife who goes after hired hand Miguel, played by Kale. Her huge tits jiggle as she bounces on his dick in reverse cowgirl. After he shoots on her face, she tells him, in Spanish, “One day we’re gonna own this place.” Sounds like this story is going to be continued.

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Unfolding – Adam & Eve Pictures

From Adam & Eve, this feature really showcases the awesome talents of MILF (one of my all-time faves!) Cherie DeVille, 40, who does anal throughout and gets DP’d twice, making it highly watchable/whackable, while she’s featured (hooray!) in just about every scene. “Unfolding” also stars Abella Danger and India Summer, with all three featured ladies putting in X-cellent sperm-formances, especially (again!) the redoubtable Ms. DeVille!

And we open with one helluva scene, as DeVille is dying to get fucked up the ass by her younger husband, Seth Gamble, who really slams it to her good in the stink during missionary and doggie, ultimately blowing his load (understandably!) during the latter stance, seeing as DeVille’s derriere is so friggin’ perfect!

The two lovers, Seth wanting to “explore all of (his wife’s) fantasies,” are also in the second scene, this time focusing on DeVille’s incredible oral talents, really workin’ Gamble’s rod to the bone, with lots of saliva, deepthroating and marvelously rude noises from CD.

DeVille royally reams her rectum with a dildo in scene three, after which the couple go to a swinger party where they witness a rockin’ threesome between India Summer (now a blonde), Small Hands and Codey Steele, with India herself being a choice MILF, at age 43, and having an equally choice bod. Though I’m totally partial to DeVille, Summer is pretty damn tantalizing, here getting wildly double penetrated — in the doggie and reverse-cowgirl positions — by the lads in one of the movie’s volcanic highlights.

Next, DeVille and Gamble enjoy a threesome with the younger Abella Danger, 23, after some yoga instruction, with both ladies doing a terrific double-suck on Gamble, Seth hammering away at DeVille’s gash, while he finds time (who wouldn’t?!) to ream Danger up her rectum. Good show! But two even more scorching sequences are just around the corner.

That’s right, because the next scene has the adventurous DeVille taking on both Gamble and Small Hands in a blistering DP, with Cherie going bonkers as she lays double the usual length of pipe, sucking a mean dick (times two!), with lucky Hands man taking over her shithole during the doggie and reverse-cowgirl DP positions. And I just love how DeVille’s luscious, wonderfully sculpted bod gets all wet, slick and shiny during this sweaty inter-lewd.

And, believe it or not, DeVille gets DP’d by Gamble and Hands yet again during an orgy with all of the featured cast members (three women and three “members”), with all of our decadent lot sharing partners, while DeVille just loves taking it up the ass as much as she can, and never looking bad in each and every position.

Based on a book by Selena Kitt, all you need to know about “Unfolding” is that it’s star, the amazing Cherie DeVille, is magnificently spotlighted, as her delicious looks, extreme energy and total filthiness are brilliantly channeled from the movie’s start to finish; while, hey, the double penetration of India Summer, as well as the anal-yzation of Abella Danger are also worth catching. Recommended for exploring couples and hardcore pervs alike!

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Proud Stag of a Sexy Vixen – New Sensations

Perverted dudes are more than happy to loan out their hot wives to lucky bastards, who fuck the living shit out of ‘em, in these four scenarios from New Sensations and directors Woodcrest and Powell, with each anecdote being sizzling in its own right.

Filthy Rich is an older exec who likes to see his cute young wife, Kate Kennedy, get slammed silly by Chad White, with this opener being quite a rousing start, indeed. I particularly like the fact that Kate, who has a choice and all-natural body, seems so turned on by getting humped by White in Rich’s office. I also dig how she keeps including her hubby in the dirty event by looking at him so longingly and occasionally sucking his dick. Cowgirl, doggie and missionary are my favorite positions with luscious Kate as Chad really hammers the hell outta her during those same positions, her ass cheeks gyrating like mad, even during missionary!

I’ve always liked the ever-luscious, whorish Mandy Muse in that she never disappoints, and her scene with James Deen here is no X-ception to the Mandy rule, her hubby, played by Victor Von, looking on as the fine bitch is seriously skewered by Deeno dick. Mandy has one of the juiciest butts in porn, and it’s marvelously showcased here (like Kate’s scene) during doggie, cowgirl and missionary, as it undulates like mad (even more so than Kate’s pooper!). It’s marvy, too, how she hacks on cock throughout, even blowing Von a few slimes. Check out too how James “Mr. Wonderful” Deen ultimately erupts his wad all over Mandy’s candy ass cheeks. Yeowza, baby!

Samantha Hayes is a delicious hottie who is such a slut that she lets old codger Steve Holmes bone her in front of her much younger partner, Robby Echo; and it’s a wanking good time for all. Stevie-boy first eats Sammy in the kitchen, after which she gives an incredibly sloppy, deep blowjob. Whoa! Just look at alla that saliva dripping down of Holmes’ bone! Best BJ in the movie! The lil’ tramp get so turned on, too, when Holmes begins penetrating her on the kitchen counter missionary style. Sam’s got a choice slim and wiry bod, and frequently looks like she’s, actually, crying from being so turned on — again, even from the vintage vine attached to ancient Stevie. Sammy, Stevie, and Robby soon move into the living room, with Sam getting slammed doggie style, as she blows Robby-rod. Cowgirl is similarly horny, as she bounces her delectable derriere on Stevie’s slug, while choking on hubby-hose. Again, this girl is a superb cock-suckette! And, finally, moving into the bedroom, we get some even better doggie drilling, with Sam’s fine tits hanging down as she gets hammered by Holmsie, while sucking Echo-boner, before Steve jacks off into her mouth. Good stuff!

Lastly, the very scrumptious Ashley Lane lets Spaniard Ramon Nomar bang her tonsils and twat as Lane’s on-screen husband, played by Eric Masterson (porn’s Peter Lorre), films the arousing proceedings with his iPhone. All the positions are terrific here, simply because Ash is such an animated piece of ass, while Ramon is more than willing to put her through the paces, though I wish she sucked Masterson’s meat puppet a bit more. Still, Eric does impressively coat her face with a substantial amount of sperm after Nomar deposits his own nut spread.

From start to finish, “Proud Stag of a Sexy Vixen” will rock your roll, with high points, per this perv, definitely going to juicy-fuck-babes Kate Kennedy and (especially!) Mandy Muse, as well as suck-crazed Samantha Hayes.

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She Likes It Rough 2 – Digital Sin

Every scene rocks in this high-octane celebration of hands-on sex, but when Andi Rye submits to James Deen, the intensity is off the charts. “I love to be dominated, held down and fucked hard,” Andi coos. She gets all that and more from Deen. He starts with tit-slapping, then chokes and finger-fucks her, pounds her in doggie, drags her by the hair. “I can’t get enough,” she screams. The harder he slams her the more orgasmic her response. He sticks his foot in her mouth. “You come again for me,” he commands, and she does.

Willowy Elena Koshka loves that Xander Corvus “tests my boundaries.” He finger-fucks her hard then face-fucks her until she drools. He makes her squirt as she screams her head off, then finishes her in piledriver. Beautiful Maya Kendrick can’t wait to get it on with Ramon Nomar. He pounds her while choking her. “You’re so fucking wet,” he pants. Her eyes roll back in her head so all you can see is the whites — that’s how much she loves it.

Davina Davis starts off quietly with Mick Blue, very sensual. Then he starts choking and slapping her and pulling her tits. He spanks and finger-fucks her pussy as she yells and goes crazy. This is more of a good old-fashioned pounding than really rough sex. But it’s rough enough.

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Anal Models Vol. 4 – Tushy

A foursome of the best-looking young foxes in porn get pounded up their tushies, care of excellent in-your-face direction, with the final episode featuring incredibly luscious and nasty Ella Nova being a true barnburner.

Actually, you can’t get any better than ultra-babe Nancy Ace, here getting her ass destroyed by the very fortuitous Martin X. Seriously, Nancy looks like a mainstream supermodel. She’s that fucking fuckable; in turn, it’s a distinct pleasure seeing her suck dick so passionately on-camera, while one of my favorite positions with Nance is doggie anal, what with her tight shithole gaping oh-so-well, while I also like how she rides Martin-meat with her arse during cowgirl, as it’s so slow, luxurious, dreamy and cunt-sequently, downright horny!

Russian fella Markus Dupree totally obliterates cutie Kenzie Reeves’ rectum, as well as her tonsils. I like how he really jams his boner down this cute blonde’s throat throughout his coupling with the comely coquette. Dupree totally hammers her while the two are standing against a large window in the living room, with doggie giving us plenty of gapes, after which they move to a sofa and then to the bedroom, with Marky Mark ceaselessly ravaging that brown eye on cute-as-a-button Kenz, with our girl offering not a bad position, though it’s marvy when she gapes during doggie, as well as when she looks so passionately at him during anal-mish, at which point he shoots his jizz up her asshole. Wow! I wanna see more o’ Kenzie! And what a wonderfully puffy pussy on this princess! Yeowza!

Eveline Dellai is an awesome babe-a-roo who doesn’t mind big Christian Clay slammin’ his salami in her sphincter, while she also doesn’t mind totally licking her juices offa his dick in a number of choice ATMs as he anal-yzes this luscious, wiry lassie; and it’s a total turn-on seeing her killer body in action as her booty bounces on Chris-dick during reverse-cowgirl; Chris seriously spears her during spoon. I just wish Clay would stop grab-assing the delightful slut so much and let us enjoy some hands-free booty. And don’t miss the climax’ as she gets sperm all over her chin, while never ceasing to suck, and suck, and suck Clay’s wrinkled sax.

And we end on an apocalyptic note, with Markus Dupree getting kinky with the very submissive, exceptionally juicy Ella Nova, who gets majorly face-fucked while blindfolded (talk about oodles and oodles of saliva!), with each and every one of her positions being superlative; she’s just so pretty, while her ass is big and wonderfully marshmallowy, and man can this whore gape! I love how her little (but not minute) tits jiggle like crazy as Markus pounds her derriere during missionary. Her big (but not huge), round, jiggly, perfect ass is also showcased during reverse-cowgirl (as Dupree pulls Ella back to him and juts out her anus), cowgirl and, of course, doggie anal. Great, too, seeing Ella’s picture-perfect face get soiled with a wad fulla nasty cum. And she adores ATMs, never, ever cheating, while also deepthroating that big prick every chance she can get. Love this chick! Marry me, Ella!

From start to finish, “Anal Models 4” delivers the goods and you’ll positively love watching Ella Nova’s ass-blasting, ATM-choking inter-lewd, perfectly placed at the end of this scorcher of an anal flick.

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My DP Vol. 4 – Tushy

It’s one in the pink and one in the stink (in other words, a DP, or double penetration) for each of these four foxy ladies, and you’re gonna absolutely love these four filthy forays into the annals of double schtuping.

Polish starlet Natalia Starr starts things off getting seriously double drilled, playing a cheating housewife, whose husband, Jean Val Jean, catches her in the act and decides to share Starr with her secret lover, MickBlue, with horny results. First, the lads spank the hell out of Starr’s star ass cheeks, after which she double sucks their raging hard-ons, with a high point being her deep face-fucking by both sticks. I love how she grinds her hips during reverse-cowgirl with Jean-joint.

It’s then cowgirl for McDick, which quickly shifts to reverse-cowgirl anal, a lovely ATM, reverse-cowgirl anal with Jean, ensuing butthole gapes, back to McDick in the same position, missionary anal with both puds pulling a train on Nat’s puckered starfish (dig how her scrumptious body gets all sweaty by this point) and for a good long time, then it’s finally a doggie DP — with Jean Val Jean and McDick doing their usual grab-assing and, in turn, criminally covering Ms. Starr’s fine-ass wares — with both boys taking a crack at her crack, followed by reverse-cowgirl DP, a joyous ATM, back to RCG DP, and (spurt! spurt! spurt! times two) our foreign pricks blowing dick snot all over the bitch’s mug. Yeah!

Janice Griffith has a fantasy about having “two hot guys at the same time,” with Jean Val Jean at least making half of that wish cum true by having her get hornily double-porked by two guys — Jean and the returning Mick Blue — with slutty, slinky Janice being the hot commodity here. We start off with some cunt-sucking, followed by a BJ times two, with Janice really going deep (as in, to the base of each bone), as well as getting face-fucked by each pudinsky, with plenty of over-flowing saliva and lotsa much-appreciated eye cunt-tact; with all that good stuffing followed by cowgirl vadge while she sucks a dick, with both bros switching positions; reverse-cowgirl anal times two; ATMin’; doggie DP times two; ditto for reverse-cowgirl double penny; and a standing DP, before (spllllllllllllllatttttt!) Griffith’s pretty face gets cum-cocooned by our duo o’ dicks.

Next, it’s svelte Haley Reed repeating the same DP fantasy as we viewed in the previous scene, and with the same DP drillers, even — Val Jean and McDick — spermforming our double-dunking doo-doo-duties; Reed doing a magnificent job as a tasty slab o’ sandwich meat. After an amazing slow, deep, passionate double dose o’ dick-sucking, Haley offers up some cowgirl (such an awesome pair o’ butt cheeks on this fresh piece of ass!), followed by reverse-cowgirl anal, highly attractive gaping, a romantic ATM, more RCG anal and butthole dilation, a lil’ bit o’ doggie mixed in with some asshole-on-dick cleaning; after which the boys pull an anal train on Hail during mish, with some back-and-forth/cunt-to-crapper (nasty!) hole plunging (I love how Haley’s heinie twitches uncontrollably!); and (finally!) we’re treated to a Haley doggie DP (which is truly amazing when these ass-grabbers keep their paws to themselves), with the pricks switching positions, and plenty of shithole gapes erupting; then it’s an RCG DP, with Haley ultimately cleaning off vadge and vapor stains off both dicks, and putting both soiled swords simultaneously into her gob (yeah!); followed by more RCG DPing and then (blatt! blatt! blatt!) an eruption of semen upon her pretty mug. Haley’s a rockin’ tramp!

Then, Avi Love has apparently started her own clothing business, but the main thing to witness here is sexy Avi getting heatedly boned simultane-ass-ly by Blue and (finally, another pud!) Markus Dupree. By the way, Ms. Love is most definitely a fine cock-suckette, letting the lads truly ravage her tonsils, with Avi producing tons o’ saliva and gnarly sounds; after which she’s doggied vaginally while standing, with both dicks taking turns; then we get some doggie while she’s bent over, followed by always-worth-viewing cowgirl (with Avi always having a boner in her cake hole, unless she’s getting double-plugged), reverse-cowgirl anal, augmented by some nice gaping; back to RCG anal during which we get a butthole train; a missionary anal train; some squirting (from Avi, not our resident cocks); a doggie DP; a lil’ double-anal lovin’; RCG DPin’; some laudable ATMin’; back to an RCG DP; and, finally, our girl getting her puss splattered with penis plaster. Like Haley, Avi’s a passionate, filthy fucking pixie!

“My DP 4” does not disappoint, with this impressive quartet of some of the very best-looking bitches in XXX getting their twats and turdholes simultaneously/totally destroyed. It’s a beautiful thing!

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