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Kayden Kross nails it with “Who’s Becky?” — an amazing scene with two scorching adult stars. Angela White checks out the phone of lover Markus Dupree as he dozes, still in evening wear. She doesn’t like what she finds. “Who’s Becky?” she screams, jolting him awake. It’s the start of an epic lovers quarrel, a battle royal. Angela is truly obsessed. “You’re mine, you’re mine!” she cries. Markus, in full powerfuck mode, slides from her pussy into her ass, gapes her anus, and it’s still not enough for Angela. Exceptionally well staged and performed, with a feeling of real intimacy and passion. Beyond volcanic.

The other three vignettes are also stellar affairs, rivaling that first scene for passionate chemistry. Ashley Lane gets teased by Tyler Nixon and figures, “Two can play at this game.” She ties his hands behind his back and he seems powerless, able only to accept pleasure. Finally he’s free to eat and penetrate her and it’s her turn to moan.

Valentine Nappi checks into a hotel room with Manuel Ferrara (non-sex cameo) but really wants the young waiter, Nixon again. She gets him as hubby Manuel spies from behind a curtain — he’s fine with it. She pulls off Tyler’s pants and rides him cowgirl, looking gorgeous. When he fucks her anally she loves it even more.

Dupree returns as a math professor seduced by student Alexa Grace. He tells her he’s married, that he could lose his job, but he can’t resist. Alexa is pretty much irresistible. He fucks her from behind, leaning against the board, then on her back on his desk. Another intense scene, convincingly mounted and edited.

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Classic Porn – TrenchcoatX

Director Kayden Kross pays homage to the seductive scenarios of yesteryear in the sex anthology “Classic Porn,” featuring a menagerie of greatest hits such as “the plumber” and “the pizza guy” (in this case, the pizza gal) getting laid while on the job. As usual, her attention to detail is stellar, including some real throwbacks like a typewriter, a newspaper (glad to see some young folks still read those things) and some kitschy ‘50s furniture spread throughout one scenario. But, getting right to business, of the four stories, the best scenes are the ones packed right in the middle of this porn-manteau featuring Bree Daniels and (the always-welcome!) Gina Valentina, respectively.

While the lesbo tryst between Evelyn Claire and Kenna James (and a mirror!) is touching, and the sweaty hammering of Kissa Sins by her on-screen physical trainer (played by Manuel Ferrara) is energetic, Bree and Gina steal the show. Yes, Bree is the one who seduces the plumber, Jessy Jones, in her very ‘50s-decorated kitchen, with Bree delivering a slow and boner-bursting blowjob, followed by the fair-skinned, buxom, big-assed bitch getting heavily aroused as she lets Jess pretty much do anything her steamy, sopping-wet cunt. Yes!

And, yep, Gina Valentina plays the pizza gal who wants to meet her favorite author, played by rod-ski Markus Dupree (glasses, suspenders, typewriter, et al), with our scribe proving that the sword is mightier than the pen, as he (understandably!) humps this outrageously delicious young piece of Latina ass silly, with one helluva deep and nasty face-fucking and plenty of doggie-pounding moments making this one showstopper of a sequence.

I’m happy that director Kayden Kross had the good taste to include Bree and (yes! yes! yes!) Gina in her movie, which is absolutely worth watching for these two — very different, but no less slutty — women. I wonder if the next “Classic Porn” will see Kross enlisting a female cast endowed with wildly hairy pussies and assholes; guys flaunting sideburns, bellbottoms and hairy balls; and sex scenes that last less than a minute before the pop shot! I jest, but that would certainly be amusing. Thank goodness porn movie these days are a thousand times better than the so-called “Golden Age.”

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Control Freak – TrenchcoatX

While Control Freak is mostly a group of interracial stories — as in, black dicks porking white chicks — it’s the white-on-white teaming/meating of foxy Ivy Wolfe with/by white stud Michael Vegas which is the wanking winner here, in my humble view.

The three other scenes, however, all have plenty to jerk off to, that’s for sure. The stories do involve gender control, be it a female or male calling the shots. But it’s ultimately the males who really slam the salami home. Perhaps the most atmospheric scene as far as subdued lighting, the pairing of the always-welcome Janice Griffith (wearing a short wig here) and the eccentric Mickey Mod in a darkened, empty school room is a steamy one, with a highlight definitely being Janice riding his thick prick cowgirl style, with Griffith really getting deep into the rhythm.

Eliza Ibarra shows that she’s the best BJ artiste — if I don’t say so myself — in the entire movie, frequently sucking Isiah Maxwell’s monstrous missile to the very base, as they get it on in a shower; while she’s also excellent in both the reverse-cowgirl and cowgirl position, as Eliza really knows how to grind her hips on that huge radiator hose; and it’s fun, too, seeing her fine white (and wet!) ass wildly jiggle.

Giselle Palmer is an incredibly meaty specimen, with her own best position being doggie, seeing as it marvelously shows off her equally marvelous booty, as Ricky Johnson mercilessly slams into it.

But the piece-of-ass de resistance (or non-resistance, seeing as how Ivy Wolfe is such a terrific submissive) is when Michael Vegas drills the hell outta Ms. Wolfe. The scene is also the most brightly lit, with Ivy playing a bimbo who breaks a fluted champagne glass to get busy businessman Michael Vegas’ attention; after which he certainly gives her the business. Wolfe is just such a delicious young thing, with a taut, fair-skinned body, killer ass, pert tits and gorgeous face. I wish more time had been spent on her sucking some cock, but honestly Wolfe simply can’t fuck in a bad position. The best ones for my masturbatory money are most definitely doggie and cowgirl, both brilliantly showcasing Ivy’s superior posterior; while missionary is great just because we get to see more of Wolfe’s fantastic, unique-looking kisser. Love this bitch! — and so, quite obviously, does Vegas, who truly puts the tasty tart through the paces.

With plenty of poetic artistry at play, “Control Freak” is a solid entry that’s not too kinky for couples, while it has enough good-looking young women and animated sex to keep veteran pervs fully occupied — and, of course, it features the outstanding Ms. Wolfe, whom you never wanna miss, no matter what the porn title. “Control Freak” is definitely another X-cellent X-hibition of her fine wares and wanton ways.

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Gamer Girls – TrenchcoatX

Katrina Jade appears in an awesome-looking cosplay of Tomb Raider sex icon Lara Croft, scoring the DVD box cover, guns drawn and all, in this gamer-centric XXX title, which includes two girl-girl scenes and two quite horny boy-girl sequences, with both Carmen Caliente and Jade reaching a tie as far as arousing sperm-formances with the hired hoses.

Tasty female morsel Jenna Sativa — who looks so, so scrumptious bent over with black fishnets framing her awesomely juicy booty — gets down with Asian cutie Ayumi Anime, and then Jiz Lee, as a badass video game soldier-come-to-life gets it on with April O’Neil. Each of the ladies show off how adept they are at chowing down on muff, with fiery results.

But the more X-hilarating “gamer” episodes are definitely the two featuring girls who suck and fuck c-o-c-k. For starters, I can never get enough o’ Latina babe Carmen Caliente, here flaunting short hair and her amazingly taut spinner’s body as she gets down with Manuel Ferrara. I loved every single position in which she and MF engaged, particularly doggie. And isn’t it marvelous when our Mannish boy sticks his finger up Caliente’s tight (and, surely, muy caliente!) lil’ culo? I wanna see more o’ cute ’n’ carnal Carmen!

The other wankin’ winner of a scene has the always welcome Katrina Jade, who seduces her black boyfriend, in the form of Stallion Strong, to bang the brains outta her, which he successfully does. Highlights with Katrina including an as-usual rockin’ deepthroat (to the base/bone!), nice gyrating action with her delicious all-natural boobies, and some incredible cowgirl, during which her scrumptiously firm but gelatin-like butt cheeks circulate like mad, as this scorching ho’ knows how to ride rod!

“Gamer Girls” is absolutely worth checking out for the slutty antics (oral and vaginal!) of both Carmen and Katrina, with whom you (and yer prick-a-roo!) will not be disappointed, not to mention the nerd-gasmic themes in play.

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The Female of the Species – TrenchcoatX

Kayden Kross knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to creating a mise en scène. She couples deliberate soft focus shots with an innate sense of composition, making “The Female of the Species” feel like a series of scenes from a mainstream movie. She showcases a number of clever filmmaking tricks, playing with everything from color to sound design: reversing shots of a woman smoking, for example, and blurring vocals when the main character is bored. Kross’ affinity for playing with light is clear in every scene, from a hazily lit noir with Evelyn Clair to a room flooding Nicole Aniston with a bright morning glow. It made watching the title an exciting aesthetic experience in addition to a fucking hot one.

The film opens with glamor shots of Abigail Mac in a stunning red dress, her leg peeking out of the thigh-high slit. She walks down a hallway with Stallion Strong to dramatic, swelling music and pulls him to the side to run her fingers up and down his suited body. He picks her up and buries himself in her chest as light dances across her face. They undress each other at a romantic pace, Mac meticulously undoing Strong’s tie before getting to her knees.

His big cock springs out and Mac slips it into her mouth, having to use both hands to cover its entirety. After gingerly undoing her dress and rubbing himself against her, Strong slips himself inside of Mac. He takes a quick interlude to flip Mac around and eat her out, enthusiastically rubbing his face into her before once again putting his hard cock inside of her. The camera pulls in on their faces, contorting and moaning with pleasure. He flips her over and chokes her lightly as she whispers, “Fuck me” and jerks him off. Mac bucks as Strong stands up and lifts her up and onto his cock, bracing her with his strong arms. After coming on her chest Strong goes in for more, fucking Mac from behind as come streams down her chest. The scene culminates with Strong coming again, this time on Mac’s face and into her open mouth.

The next scene opens with Nicole Aniston lounging in bed, reading and casually holding a glass of champagne as a half-lit cigarette fumes in the foreground. She sweeps her silk dress to the side before taking a long drink from the flute and readjusting herself amongst the sheets. A man, Bambino, stands guard in the corner as someone else brings her a pile of papers to sign. Bored, Aniston completes the task before eyeing Bambino and brushing aside her dress.

Bambino takes the hint and walks over, sliding his hands over Aniston’s face and taut nipples. She turns to him and undoes his belt, sliding a well-manicured hand over the bulge in his pants. He grabs her ass and the camera gives us a glimpse of Aniston’s swollen pussy. A master of multitasking, she bends down and sucks his thick dick while taking off her sparkly heels. She slips a hand around his balls, cupping them gently as she plays with the tip of his cock’s head. The camera focuses on her pussy as she gyrates up and down on the bed, her hips begging for Bambino. And he delivers, slipping himself in and out of Aniston until she can’t help but moan into the pillows.

After a brief dick-sucking and — fucking interlude, Aniston flips herself over and onto Bambino’s face, spitting on his dick and sliding her pretty mouth onto his big, uncut cock. He fucks her until he explodes, dripping come onto her pussy as she grabs her tits. They kiss and hold one another until the scene fades.

The scene shifts to a brightly lit breakfast table where Manuel Ferrara and Evelyn Claire are seated. She’s divine in ‘20s makeup, pearls running down her alabaster décolletage. The scene cuts back and forth from Claire stripping down to her flapper fineries and her dancing and gyrating in a fringed dress. Ferrara is clearly distracted by thoughts of Claire rubbing his chest and feeling her clit while filled up with a toy. The entire thing is filmed like a hectic, hazy memory where it’s unclear what’s real and what’s Ferrara’s imagination. (It plays almost like an erotic version of “The Neon Demon,” though with less murder.) Claire’s pussy is silhouetted against a color-changing background as she dances back and forth.

The image jumps to Ferrara and Claire kissing, with him jerking her off in a dimly lit car, pushing against her black corset and gartered panties. He dives down into her pussy as she whimpers and presses her legs into his face. Her lipstick smeared across her face, Claire comes and slides down onto Ferrara’s uncircumcised cock. She takes it into her mouth, licking the sides and swallowing inches like a champion. Then she hops on top of him as the camera focuses on her lit thigh pressing into his, her hips grinding against his dick. They watch each other play with themselves, Claire slowly slipping a finger — and then two — inside of her wet opening. They fuck until Claire slips off and slides her mouth onto him, sucking up his come and licking the rest off of his balls.

The last scene of the bunch opens with Kayden Kross, Riley Steele and Jesse Jane on set. They’re quickly joined by Manuel Ferrara playing Steele’s excitable fiancé who grabs her and swoops her into a leaning kiss. The second Steele leaves, Ferrara jumps on Kross instead, kissing her passionately. The two stare into one another’s eyes, a passionate moment before the big show really begins. Outside two men try to make their way into the shoot, but the camera quickly cuts back to Ferrara, who is busy coming into Kross’s pretty little mouth. She stares up at him while slipping his throbbing, uncut cock between her lips. The shoot ends when the power goes off, and Jane laments that she’s “not ready for it to be over.”

Steele isn’t having it; she’s going to perform no matter what the circumstances are — after all, she’s a professional. “Light it with a flashlight! If this is our last show, we’re going out on our own terms,” the feisty blonde insists. After flashlights are handed out, the girls get to it: Kross and Jane kiss on the couch while Steele rubs her pussy from the floor. She takes off Kross’ panties and the three strip while moaning and rubbing one another’s wet cunts. Steele puts her fingers inside of Jane, who moans and bucks against her hand. The girls roll around, stroking each others’ pussies and assholes while the men on the crew watch and masturbate. Kross gets on her knees and puts her face against Jane’s crotch, licking up and down her lips and torso. The three line up, eating one another’s pussies as a crewmember comes hard in the background and the camera fades to black.

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Cheater, Cheater – TrenchcoatX

More great porn from Kayden Kross, this time on the theme of cheating. Every scene sizzles but the standout is Bridgette B. in a two-parter that’s almost a mini-feature.

The Spanish bombshell is wrapping things up with lover Stallion Strong, but has to get home in time so husband Manuel Ferrara won’t miss her. She gives Stallion a blowjob cum handjob that is one for the ages and gets back just in time to confront Manuel, who knows exactly what she’s been up to. “Did he fuck you like this?” The whole scene, from oral to vaginal to anal sex, is played standing up in a kitchen. The orgasmic intensity is off the charts. Terrifically erotic.

Arie Faye, an incredibly delectable newcomer, plays a personal assistant to rich guy Tyler Nixon. Part of her job is to wake him up every morning and one day she falls into bed with him. He fucks her with slow-burning passion and she responds in kind. The scene is all about a man turning on a woman and how to do it — conceived and directed by a woman.

Kayden herself comes on strong, swinging a baseball bat, to have it out with Ana Foxxx, who’s been screwing her boyfriend. After some fisticuffs they jump into each other’s arms, getting into it with passion. The way they look at each other after their mutual orgasm says it all.

Finally, Alexa Grace and Ricky Johnson play co-workers who consummate their mutual lust on a business trip. Their coupling is slow and sensual with much attention to the woman’s arousal. Ricky drives her to ecstasy and Alexa’s reactions are enthusiastic.

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