Cheer Practice – Pure Taboo

Two torrid tales from Pure Taboo involving psychologically and (even better) sexually crazed young women.

In “Cheer Practice,” a paroled sex offender, excellently played by Dick Chibbles, is experiencing reverse harassment in his neighborhood (which he tells his female counselor at the start of the tale), as he tries to lay low in his residential area; but this spicy chickie wearing a tantalizing cheerleader outfit and in cute-as-hell pigtails, in the form of sumptuous Jill Kassidy, keeps trying to meet him and, well, meat him, which she does, much to Dick — and our! — pleasure. Jill keeps knocking on Dicko’s door; so he, very cautiously lets her in, with Jill introducing herself as his new neighbor, telling him that she’s 18, and showing off her cheerleader moves for the nervous bastard, bending and stretching for him, sticking her white-pantied ass in his drooling face; at which point he starts beating off, with Jill then rubbing her butt crack against his throbbing penis and, shortly thereafter, sucking him off, telling him that she knows he’s a perv and that’s why she wanted to meet him. Jill is, in an engaging manner, somewhat imbalanced in her youthful exuberance, while she’s also magnificent at being the seductress! And Chibbles plays the jittery creep almost too, too well.

But the heated eroticism continues! Kassidy’s intense face-fucking is outstanding — and to the bone! — with lotsa offensive wet sounds and oodles of saliva. The girl is a total (yes!) whore! After Dicko chows down on her undoubtedly succulent cunt, he begins banging her missionary style. Such a sexy face on Jill, with the makeup being first-class. Reverse-cowgirl shows off her energy, while cowgirl fully displays her fully juicy butt. Man, can she ride that snake! Doggie is phenom, too, with her butt and tits wibblin’ and wobblin’ all over the place. Chibbles really lays that pipe into her — mercilessly! And the slut just can’t get enough! There’s also wonderful eye contact from Jill throughout. The mouth and muff banging is superlative!

In “The Grade”, sexy-as-fuck Kristen Scott is a cheating, somewhat nutso 18-year-old high school student who blackmails her English teacher, well-played by Danny Mountain, into not only giving her a passing grade but fucking her brains out, which certainly makes for some volcanic oral and vaginal porking. When a distraught Kristen first arrives at Mountain’s home, and they talk in private, “Teach” repeatedly tells her that the reason he failed her on this exam is that he knows — and can prove! — that she’s regularly cheating by copying other students’ work; consequently, he refuses to change her grade. In turn, she starts (pretty realistically) crying and rushes into the bathroom; at which point, once she closes the shithouse door, a transformation takes place, in the sense that she mentally loses it completely; with Kristen getting naked, messing up her hair and makeup, coming out into the room and throwing herself onto Mountain (who’s, again, is very realistic as an appalled, distraught teacher), with Scott telling him that she’ll accuse him of trying to rape her unless he changes her grade, knowing that his wife and 10-year-old child (both of whom we never seen) are in the next room. He (rightly!) calls her “sick” and changes the grade. But the bitch won’t leave.

Kristen then tells Mountain that, since he’s got her “all worked up now,” he needs him to bang her or else she’ll still lie about him sexually accosting her; at which point Mountain really ploughs into her tonsils and twat. Little Kristen is an excellent cocksucker, supplying tons of saliva and attention to that raging hard-on. Mountain face-fucks her good, too, with more dripping spit, at which point Teach really begins to get into it; Kristen supplying plenty of gnarly wet sucking noises. Cowgirl is great, as Scott dynamically bounces and squats on dick. Doggie is even better, letting us fully absorb that great Scott ass. And Mountain knows how to slam it, too, without getting his paws in the way, while expertly throwing in some passionate hair-pulling, choking and ass-spanking. The impromptu tryst is also handled quite believably, in that Mountain, when he’s hammering Scott spoon-style, has to keep covering her mouth, so as not to alert his wife and child in the next room. Reverse-cowgirl offers a superb view of Scott’s sweet pair of pert pierced tits. I also like the nice bit of bush capping her cunt. A repeat of the cowgirl position gives us more ass-spanking and another choice perspective of Kristen’s brown eye, as well as those sweat-covered, undulating butt cheeks. And a return to doggie is even more savage; Scott’s cute face literally smashed into the sofa. Then it’s missionary, with the wild whore groaning as she madly diddles her vadge; Mountain soon blasting wads of British boy-batter all over her tight belly and darling breasts. The ending, I shall not spoil.

“Cheer Practice” offers a brace of marvelously perverted stories; with the horny, insane, believable performances from Jill Kassidy and Kristen Scott making the tales all the more provocative and whack-worthy.

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Almost Identical – Pure Taboo

Two smokin’ stories from Pure Taboo, featuring a brace o’ tasty twats — Quinn Wilde and Lena Paul — who each wind up fucking brothers, as in stepbrothers and twin brothers, respectively, with boner-raising results.

In the first anecdote (“Almost Identical”), after getting out of prison, Aaron, played by Seth Gamble, is dying to bang his sister, in the highly penetrable form of Quinn Wilde (she’s actually his stepsister, but he doesn’t know it, seeing as they were raised together since babies, i.e., he was adopted, she was the parent’s biological kid), with passion really going deep as Seth hammers Quinn’s quim — and her mouth. Playing the way-horny guy just outta the slams, Seth really slams it to sis. Missionary is great, seeing as Seth’s Longfellow goes all the way to the base of his prick, burying boner all the way inside moist honey hole. By the way, Quinn totally gags and hacks on willie when Seth jams said hose into her gob.

Cowgirl gives us a wondrous view of Quinn’s meaty butt cheeks, even better than doggie, which is pretty darn good in itself. Gamble ultimately creams all over sis-snatch, while she breathlessly rubs the gunk into her cunt. Hot stuff, with a plot twist at the end.

In the second tale, aptly dubbed “Sloppy Seconds,” we get a treat, indeed, with all-natural, big-boobed Lena Paul, who similarly has an all-around killer body. This story involves twin brothers, played by Robby Echo and Tyler Nixon, humping the same hottie, i.e. Lena, and the resulting cunt-fusion. We open with Robby powerfully ploughing into Paul, who’s worried about getting preggers, insisting that Robby be careful since the slob doesn’t wanna use a rubber. Cowgirl is a superb position to highlight Lena’s delectable derriere. Doggie is just as terrific, with Lena’s amazing headlights hanging down, swaying and swingin’ all around. Her delicious butt cakes are also marvelously animated during doggie, while some nice overhead shots of the back-bangin’ action make it all the more tantalizing.

In the heat of the moment, however, Robby blows into her cunt, with Lena getting so upset that she freaks out and breaks up with the jerk in a flash. Once he’s gone, however, she starts strangely scooping out the love juice from her slit and eating it like custard, after which she begins to masturbate on her bed. “I want more,” she mutters after climaxing, at which point she goes to her beau’s house, but he’s not home — however, his “almost identical” brother, played by Tyler Nixon, is.

And it ain’t long before the highly amorous Lena begins seducing Tyler on the sofa, with the two pervs getting naked, sweaty and way, way down in no time flat, resulting in an even nastier sequence. Lena gets a chance to really mouth-massage dick for a long time, gagging and getting stringers all over that wrinkled sax, while Nixon sucks like mad (don’t blame him!) on Paul’s bodacious ta-tas, soon inserting his one-eyed trouser-weasel into her sizzling slot, with missionary rocking (dig how Nixon chokes Paul and almost violently grabs hold of her tits), morphing into a bit of jackhammer action, then some cowgirl, and a little squatting, resulting in Nixon also splooging inside Paul. So … who’s the lucky daddy? … DNA test, anyone?

“Almost Identical” is a definitely a good title for couples, featuring some interesting storylines, attractive women (especially the ever-juicy Lena Paul) and solid acting.

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Future Darkly – Pure Taboo

In this engaging Pure Taboo anthology series, we have “The White Room” and “Artifamily,” both dealing with sci-fi storylines set in the future; the first tale featuring five scrumptious bitches caught in a world of virtual reality and Michael Vegas’ dick; the second involving Tommy Pistol getting it on with an android in the image of his dead stepdaughter, played by the tasty Jill Kassidy, with both stories providing maximum eroticism.

In “White Room,” a creepy school bus driver, played by Michael Vegas, captures the DNA of the sexiest girls on his bus, and puts their simulated bodies/personalities in a virtual reality program (which amounts to their materializing in, basically, a large, seemingly endless “white room”), allowing him to, in turn, gluttonously imbibe of their carnal charms, including Carolina Sweets giving a nasty blowjob and getting fucked silly on a barstool in both the doggie and missionary positions; as well as Whitney Wright, Alison Rey, Nina North, Gracie May Green and Carolina later doing a reverse blowbang on the lucky bastard; Gracie getting pumped silly missionary style; Nina North and her big-but-not-overly-so boobies revolving hornily as Vegas bangs her mish; Alison seriously getting doggied; and Whitney bouncing on his dick with her jiggling ass via cowgirl. Great stuff!

Next, in “Artifamily,” Tommy Pistol plays a stepfather in the future whose dead stepdaughter is cloned, allowing him to take her home, live with her once again, and, since we’re in the midst of a porn movie here, do the nasty with the fetching android, and it’s highly whackworthy material, indeed. Kassidy delivers a world-class blowjob, deep with plenty of saliva and gagging noises, including a section where she’s upside-down on the arm of a sofa as Pistol positively ravages her tonsils. She’s also incredible in every position, be it doggie, missionary, reverse-cowgirl, and (one of my faves) cowgirl, where she really works and grinds and bounces that delectable moneymaker of hers. The ending, by the way, is way eerie and worth sticking around for.

It’s good solid licking and sticking in these two tales set in the future, with “White Room” being an amazing collection of first-rate pussy (as in five babes!) getting wildly ramrodded, in turn, making it not too be missed smut, while Jill Kassidy puts in a magnificently filthy performance herself. For hardcore viewers and couples alike.

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Anne: A Taboo Parody – Pure Taboo

In “Anne: A Porn Parody” (from Pure Taboo), we basically see the shenanigans that go on behind — and outside! — the doors of a home for wayward girls, with the head of the place, Mr. Hands (effectively played with grand sleaziness by a very oily Tommy Pistol), regularly taking advantage of the fair, fine young ladies; with Eliza Jane doing a credible job in the sympathetic title role as a tortured orphan who believes she’s going to eventually be put back together with her real family — but not before she gets put through the perverted paces a la Monsieur Hands and other degenerates.

The first actual sex scene has Hands, high on coke, crashing into the ladies’ sleeping quarters — while they’re still awake, of course — and engaging in a threesome wherein he humps and gets sucked by Whitney Wright and Ashley Adams, who both first do a deep double-suck on the lucky bastard, with a definite highlight being Wright riding the prick’s prick reverse-cowgirl style while he eats Adams’ dripping pussy, as well as Adams riding him cowgirl style (nice big butt on Ash) after which he delivers some way hard doggie to Ash, who gets so turned on that she sprays all over the place before she rims the creep; all while the other girls, most of ‘em hardened and bent, masturbate while ogling the horndogs at play/spray.

Next, Anne succumbs to having sex with the rotten-to-the-core Hands, with doggie and deepthroating being two highly memorable moments, before getting downright filthy when he’s banging her mish and she blasts out fluid (which apparently seems to be an ongoing theme here).

One of my favorite scenes has the ever-amazing Casey Calvert, playing a, we soon find out, twisted sort of social worker, who has Anne come to her luxurious home, where she seduces Anne into having sex with her, Elena Koshka, Seth Gamble and Mick Blue in one blistering fucking orgy, including lots of scorchingly horny cock-choking, cunt eating and salami slammin’.

Casey is a particularly incredible slut, always giving her all, be it in the arena of sucking or fucking, and she’s magnificent as the decadent bitch who orchestrates the entire group porking; though Elena and Eliza do a highly capable job of juggling dicks with their mouths and muffs. Anne next gets the hard treatment from a hard case in the mansion, in the form of Derrick “Daddy” Pierce, who makes her really gag on his dick, before pumping her silly — especially during doggie and reverse-cowgirl — with the freak creaming into her cunt during mish.

Next, after a freaky sex session at the orphanage between a sick couple — played with great cunt-viction by Steve Holmes and Sarah Vandella — and handicapped Kristen Scott, including some great pussy sucking between Sarah and Kristen and a tasty spoon session with Scott a la Stevie boy, we get another volcanic orgy back at the mansion with Eliza, Pierce, Calvert, Koshka, Gamble and Scott; highlights here including Eliza riding Pierce cowgirl; juicy Elena Koshka getting her ass seriously spanked while being doggie drilled by Pierce then later riding him cowgirl; Casey deepthroating Pierce; and (yes!) Eliza getting butt-fucked by Pierce as puppet mistress Calvert looks ever-whorishly on while seductively egging Eliza to do one base act after another.

This two-disc set turns the porn parody genre upside down, as the subject matter is serious and sinister, but then so is the sex, with high points going to Eliza Jane for putting in strong emotional and erotic performances, while Elena Koshka and Casey Calvert add palpable heat to the mix. Oh, and let’s not forget Tommy Pistol (does he get what he deserves in the end?), who delivers a colorfully decadent role as Hands. Worth a place of honor on your DVD or digital shelves!

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A Trailer Park Taboo – Pure Taboo

The sexual magnetism and acting chops of starlet Kenzie Reeves and 2018 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year Small Hands are explored in equal measure in this superb vehicle penned and directed by Joanna Angel, who also takes on a meaty role.

“Tell me,” Hands asks, desperately. “Do our actions define us? Do they have to?” He delivers the lines with genuine pathos as a lost, down-on-his-luck guy struggling to liberate himself from a disaffected mindset and a twisted family dynamic. Reeves is a constant temptation, deftly manipulating her stepbrother into one sexual assignation after another, tempting and teasing him, sucking his cock with almost frantic intensity and urging him to fuck her harder, pound her, until he comes inside her. Later, when Reeves realizes she has failed, again, to achieve a particular goal, she shakes with anger and frustration. It’s a disturbing scene, and Reeves delivers.

Hands and Angel meet as classmates and realize they share a pained, existential angst about the plan and purpose of their lives. Both of them struggle against the pull of the circumstances they were born into, and the seemingly dead-end path laid out before them, versus the deeply felt aspiration to somehow better themselves. This lends a tender, melancholic undercurrent to their lovemaking, even as it turns toward aggression. Their characters have managed to connect; however, Reeves has concocted her own plan to hold onto her brother and she will not be deterred.

Tommy Pistol and India Summer are ruthlessly pragmatic parents whose rough, aggressive sexplay and constant jabs of dark humor underline their lack of genuine affection, while Abella Danger anchors a threesome orchestrated by Angel for the benefit of her new lover, in the hopes that he might relax and reveal more of his true self. It’s deliciously kinky sex, powered by Danger’s sly sexual aggression. But Hands’ character is still too self-centered and caught up in his own angst; Angel’s decision sets in motion a destructive chain of events that leads Hands and Angel back to the trailer park, where Reeves awaits them. It wouldn’t be fair to spoil the lengths to which Reeves’ character has gone to manipulate her stepbrother and eliminate his new lover from their lives; he and Reeves share another sex scene near the end of the film that is viciously aggressive and sadistic.

Kudos to the entire production team — hat tip to producer Bree Mills and her golden touch — for their commitment to exploring seriously dark ideas. Fauxcest and trailer trash themes are not uncommon, shall we say, in adult filmmaking; virtually of the time, they’re played for comedy. This film aims to go deeper and tease out the fears and insecurities — as well as a desperate need for connection, particularly to someone, like a sibling, who can never really leave you — that underlies and fuels them. This can easily tip into camp, but Angel, Mills and their team successfully walk that very thin line.

Special plaudits are due to the dark, jittery, eye-level cinematography that conveys an unsettling, you-are-here feeling. Art direction, costuming and other tech credits are top-of-the-line. Danger, Summer and Pistol are terrific, but Angel, Hands and the mesmerizing Reeves earn MVP honors.

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The Countdown – Pure Taboo

Two devious tales involving captivity from Pure Taboo, with the featured ladies — Eliza Jane, Adriana Chechik and Sadie Pop — all putting in passionate, crankworthy performances.

The first story reminded me a bit of a “Saw” installment, with Ryan Driller and Eliza waking up in a cell together, in some desolate basement, and being viewed by a camera (operated by … someone); with our captives incrementally given food, blankets, water, but only when they touch one another, leading the pair to think that the freaky phantom viewing them will release both prisoners, but only when they break down and fuck one another, which they do, and it’s pretty fiery.

There’s additional tension here, too, as Ryan has a wife in the outside world to whom he’s loyal, and he, actually, does not want to pork Jane — but he does, thankfully. Jane is petite, but she’s got a rather juicy rump and definitely rises to the horny occasion, with some rather arousing positions. So, do they escape? Does the unseen voyeur reveal him/herself? Are they spared? No spoilers here, babe.

Our second story concerning incarceration reminded me more of a “Texas Chainsaw” vibe, with Seth Gamble as a country bumpkin freakazoid kidnapping two hot-looking bitches, Adriana Chechik and Sadie Pop, keeping them in a barred semi-indoor corral, and, when he chooses to do so, making them suck and fuck him; with Chechik, as usual, being a pure porn pleasure to view as her throat and slit are righteously slammed (surprised this anal queen doesn’t take it up the ass, though), while Pop is a brunette waif who can really pack a lotta cock and take one helluva licking and sticking. The sex rocks, seeing as we have not one but two women in the mix, with both of ‘em not only hungrily sucking and humping dick but imbibing of pussy, as well.

This title appeals to darkly-inclined couples, given the twisted subject matter, and traditional porn fans, with all three ladies definitely sucking/fucking with enthusiasm.

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Fuck Me First Daddy – Pure Taboo

Two twisted tales of torrid tail-gunning, featuring blonde spinner Piper Perri and classical beauty Jaye Summers in “Fuck Me First Daddy” and “Bad Uncle,” respectively, with both ladies brilliantly showing what arousing little tarts they are.

“Fuck Me First Daddy” involves Piper’s obsession with her black stepfather, Tyler Knight, leading to, you got it, one helluva humping. Both Tyler and Piper play their parts convincingly, with Knight being sincerely appalled by Perri’s whorish advances towards him behind his wife’s/her mother’s back. “Haven’t you always wondered what it would be like to be balls deep in your stepdaughter’s 18-year-old pussy? Don’t you wonder how tight it is?” she asks Tyler once she begins to blackmail him (seeing as he lost his job and didn’t tell his wife), and they’re alone, and they’re naked. A good build up to what amounts to somewhat of a grudge fuck on Tyler’s part.

When we get to the porking, Knight makes Piper choke on his black trouser weasel, with lotsa saliva, engages in a little standing 69 with the randy hussy, with her tight pussy clamping onto his prick during cowgirl, while he ties her hands behind her back when he’s doggie pounding her, which is most definitely one of the movie’s best moments, what with Piper’s ass looking so delectable when it’s fully bent over; while missionary gives us a tantalizing view of her ultra-taut figure before he comes inside her cunt. “Look, it’s like daycare down there,” she wickedly tells him before we ultimately see what a fucked-up wench she really is.

“Bad Uncle” features Charles Dera as the bent Uncle Joe who’s obsessed with his best friend’s daughter, namely the amazingly gorgeous/suckable/fuckable Jaye Summers, whom he gets alone in his pad and winds up (yeah!) slamming the living hell outta. Dera is perfectly cast in this part because he plays the weird and scary uncle (especially with his ‘70s male porn star moustache) so realistically, so believably. They’re at his house, planning on going on a hiking trip, when Dera tells her that, since she’s 18, there’s no problem in their sleeping — just sleeping — in the same big double bed together. Yeah, right buddy. Consequently, later that night, Dera is awake on his back, looking at Jaye’s back and stroking his dick, until he moves closer and closer, hugs the nervous but curious babe, against whom he finally rubs his cock, at which point she begins stroking the wrinkled sax. Total turn-on! “I’m gonna put it inside you now, princess. Is that okay?” he tells her, to which she hesitatingly responds, “Yes.” Major turn-on!

Dera first humps Summers spoon style while cupping her mouth, and it’s a great angle, with Jaye seeming quite tight down there, what with her panting and wincing and all; he then French kisses her, sucks her succulent snatch, and sticks it into that perfectly shaped pussy missionary style, with Summers moaning oh so hornily; that’s followed by, finally, a deep and gagging blowjob with lots and lots o’ spit; while afterwards it’s high time for doggie and then more spoon, some reverse-cowgirl, part of which is even done standing; back to missionary, giving us a delicious view of Jaye’s delicious body; more deepthroating, more spoon, more doggie, with the latter being slow and deep, while at times hard and fast; then we’re treated to cowgirl, where we get a full view of Summer’s sweet little anus, while her juicy butt cakes undulating all over the place. Lucky bastard Dera!

Standing missionary also gives us a naughty view of Jaye’s butthole. She then delivers another excellent round of deepthroating, with even more spit, before Dera has her lay down on her back, at which point he fingers her asshole, sticks his prick in her quivering cunt missionary, bangs her like there’s no tomorrow, eventually pulling out and blowing dick snot all over her luscious belly.

All in all, this title from PureTaboo is a good one for couples, seeing as it’s not too heavy, while it’s also good for pervs, simply because both Piper and Jaye are so believable in their respective raunch roles as teens dying to get slammed by some veteran sausage.

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The Jealous Brother – Pure Taboo

Here’s yet another pair of perverted tales involving stepbrother/stepsister love from Pure Taboo, with the first piece featuring luscious little Gia Paige as she gets sluttily porked, separately, by Ricky Johnson and Michael Vegas; while the awesome, marvelously juicy Uma Jolie puts in her usual whorish performance in the second salacious story.

Gia Paige get schtuped twice in her torrid tale, involving her stepbro, played by a scary Michael Vegas, who doesn’t like her getting nailed on a regular basis by a high school sweetheart, played by Ricky Johnson; with the story providing a double treat, in that (for those hopeless romantics out there) Ricky provides her with some warm, amorous play, while the “jealous brother” delivers her (for those hardcore pervs out there) a grudge fuck; while both dicks also dole out creampies a la Paige pussy (yeah!), so it’s the best of all marvelously messy porn worlds; and Gia has one yummy petite bod on her, well worth checking out. Prepare yourself for a dark ending, though!

The second story features the always-welcome, always-amazing Uma Jolie, playing a tomboy, who admits to her stepbrother — played by Chad White, who secretly has the hots for his stepsis — that she’s a lesbian; but Chad puts lil’ sister to the test, challenging her to see if she truly is a fish-eater, by letting him fuck the shit outta her, with one helluva scorching tryst ensuing. And not only does Uma give her usual gnarly BJ, but she’s (again, per usual) awesome in every position, particularly doggie and cowgirl, which brilliantly show off her delectably juicy derriere. I, actually, didn’t even recognize Uma at first, seeing as they made her look so boyish. But it’s still amazing Uma, any way you slice/slam/splooge the incredible bitch.

While both stories are engaging in this Pure Taboo porn-manteau, it’s the horniness and looks of the two performing ladies — particularly the fan-fucking-tastic Uma Jolie! — which make these lusty anecdotes really work. Worth a look.

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The Sting – Pure Taboo

Gina Valentina and Abella Danger star in two separate PureTaboo stories — “The Sting” and “Mr. Nice Guy,” respectively — with gorgeous and tasty Gina, indeed, being the true showstopper.

But, hey, Abella is always great in her own way, with her performance here being no exception. Danger stars as a horny chick whom Seth Gamble has picked up and taken to his pad for a one-night stand. Gamble at first seems like, well, Mr. Nice Guy, before he gets into some rough sex with Abella, which the latter loves to no end. We sense, however, that something’s definitely amiss with Gamble when he shows Abella some life-sized Day of the Dead skeletons in his home. Hmmm … aside from being a superb cocksucker (deepthroating, choking, gagging, near rolfing), Abella is best in the doggie position, with that superior posterior stuck up way in the air as it gets Seth-slammed. The ending is kinda creepy, too, making for a complete story a la smut.

But it’s Gina Valentina (also from the Sunshine State) who’s the true highlight here, whorishly taking on both Charles Dera and Michael Vegas (though separately) in the eponymous twisted tale. Gina plays a prostitute whom Dera picks up and takes to a no-tell motel, with Michael Vegas as the suspicious concierge, eventually turning out to be a cop who’s looking to bust Gina (hence the story’s title). Valentina is just amazing to look at even when she’s not sucking or screwing. She’s just so charismatic, luscious, pretty and just downright friggin’ sexy! Though we like her even more when the tart is getting down and dirty. And a true turn-on moment is when Dera makes Valentina clean her anus and pussy with a HandiWipe, which she does ever so slow and sluttily. Umpphh! Her all-natural body is just amazing, with cute-as-hell face, bite-sized tits and one juicy-as-fuck butt.

Valentina’s best positions — aside from her awesome oral skills, during which she hacks on cocks and coats ‘em with cocoons o’ spit — is reverse-cowgirl, spoon and missionary (the latter especially, particularly when Dera’s jackhammerin’ her. She’s truly a smut phenomenon, taking on two separate creampies in her scene, with a dollop from Dera. By the way, this story, actually, has several twists and turns in the equally twisted tale, making it provocative, plot-wise, from beginning to end — and what an end on Gina!

You definitely wanna catch this one for the trampish antics of the ever-delicious Ms. Valentina, though darling Danger girl never disappoints.

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Right To Refuse – Pure Taboo

A brace of strange but, nonetheless, scintillating — as in horny! — stories from directors Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead.

In “Right to Refuse,” party girls Adria Rae (the brunette) and Tiffany Watson (the blonde) get pulled over in their car at night by a cop, played by the creepy Dick Chibbles, the weirdo peace (of ass) officer takes ‘em to his pad and bangs the hell out of ‘em, much to the shock of our fetching “kidnapped” ladies, who always maintain visible fear, making the scene all the more provocative. I like how Chibbles majorly face-fucks each of them, with the girls gagging and choking on his prick. It’s also a turn-on when he makes Adria eat Tiffany’s pussy alongside him. Doggie with spinner Watson is a movie highlight, while cowgirl with Rae truly rocks, as Tiff keeps Dick’s dick wet with constant blowjobs.

In tale #2, “One Day at a Time,” Madison Heart plays a passed-out junkie who is, literally, driven to some halfway house, where she wakes up and is heatedly “serviced” in a bedroom by a worker there, played by the perverted Alex Legend. With some wrist action during her blowjob, Heart sucks a cock fairly well. She also knows how to ride said prick equally impressively during cowgirl. I like how freakazoid Legend lubes her twat for some doggie, during which he steps on her head with his undoubtedly stinky foot while pounding away at pussy. Nice guy. After a rousing second helping of cowgirl, Alex ultimately blasts boy batter all over Madison’s ass cheeks. The story even has a satisfying twist ending.

“Right to Refuse” is a solid entry from the bent folks over at, with all three ladies — Adria, Tiffany and Madison — doing a fine job of sucking and fucking, while suck-cessfully maintaining (along with directors Mills and Moorehead) an intriguing atmosphere of danger.

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