Swinging Couples 2 – Private Media Group

Euro and English sluts get pounded silly in this volcanic entry from Private, featuring five girls in five scenes, as opposed to your usual four boink sequences.

In scene one, one of my favorite foreign floozies, 28-year-old French fox Clea Gaultier, gets hammered by some fortuitous bastard named Marc Rose; with Clea giving her usual luxurious blowjob, while she offers not one bad position, with even missionary being awesome in that she loves getting penis-pummeled by Rose; although I have to say that doggie and cowgirl are damn good angles as well, seeing as they highlight Clea’s amazing pair of brilliant ass cheeks.

Next, blue-haired (!) and luscious English whore Misha Mayfair double-sucks and then double-fucks — as in a major DP! — Alberto Blanco and Ben Kelly, with this bitch having one big, pillowy backside that you’ll love to whack to, trust me, particularly during doggie and doggie DP; and check out how one guy sprays boy paste all over her eyes, while the other guy (doing her doggie) squirts his jizz across her cunt and anus. Sweet.

Beautiful 21-year-old French doll Luna Rival gets heatedly penetrated by Scottish goober Ryan Ryder, with Rye really wrecking her rectum during standing doggie; and check out those perfect titties on Luna, which you get a load of during reverse-cowgirl anal, which lasts a good long time, before Ry slimes up her cunt for a marvelously (aren’t the best ones always) sloppy creampie. Romantic!

Lucky bastard Luke Hotrod hooks up with tasty 36-year-old Brazilian babe Francys Belle, who not only sucks a mean prick, but is a natural for taking it deep up the shithole, rubbing her cunt wildly as her anus is jampacked with Hotrod’s rod; with cowgirl anal being just as horny; ditto for doggie anal, offering us a magnificent view of Belle’s beautiful booty; leading up to Luke’s depositing semen into Belle’s hungry mouth, with the outrageous degenerate (love her!) sucking it all down whole, with a large, trampish grin. Marry me, Francys!

Lastly, pink-haired (!), all-around meaty Limey slut Victoria Summers gets slammed in her bathtub by Alberto Blanco, with Vicky giving her dicky quite a treat, indeed; highlights include Vick’s long, deep, observant, filthy blowjob, as well as seeing her way succulent butt getting humped during doggie (two times!), and the vixen gluttonously taking a pop o’ paste directly into her gob. Golden!

This Private gonzo does not disappoint, with five molten scenes starring the same amount of insatiable trollops; high points especially going to anal filth mongers Misha Mayfair, Luna Rival, and Francys Belle.

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Pool Party Girls – Private Media Group

Even though there’s no anal in this Private gonzo, there are still plenty of choice foreign female figures (from Russia, Serbia, Hungary and Spain) who delight in sucking and fucking to make things steamy in not four but five saucy scenes, all shot poolside.

And we begin with awesome Apolonia Lapiedra from Spain getting her perfect body slammed silly a la Potro de Bilbao, with this first sequence being a movie highlight, indeed. Wow, talk about a magnificent cocksucker … Apolonia, not Potro. The bitch chokes on Potro penis! There’s also some nice overhead shots of her looking directly into the camera as she blows Bilbao. Love this broad! You’re gonna love her tight little ass bouncing up and down on Potro-prick during cowgirl. Love those pert titties on her, too. We get to appreciate more of her spinner’s physique during reverse-cowgirl. Ditto for spoon, which also spotlight’s Apolonia’s killer booty. And doggie? Out of this world. We get it for a good long time, too (yah!), until the lucky fuck inevitably blows his load all over that heavenly-sent pair o’ butt cakes.

Potro returns to bang some another juicy little sweetie from Spain named Aysha for more sizzling outdoor lickin’ and stickin’. Aysha gives a long and luxurious BJ. I find it cute how she gets cross-eyed while suckin’ dick. Cowgirl is choice. Yes, like Apolonia, she has a succulent set o’ butt bongos. Reverse-cowgirl allows us to watch Aysha’s long-hanging, biggish boobies bounce and sway. Check out those majorly sized areolas, too. Damn, girl! We get more titty tustling during spoon, with Aysha looking whorishly at the camera. Doggie is particularly superlative, what with that plentiful posterior wobbling oh so arousingly, and it ain’t long (understandably!) before ol’ Potro deposits dick snot all over Aysha’s cute lil’ tummy during mish. Aysha’s yet another little doll with whom it’s easy to fall in love.

Next, blonde Sicilia from Hungary (not Sicily) takes on Emilio Ardana, with doggie being the best position as he slams that ham on home. Such a tight little derriere on Siss. And, while she’s not one of my faves in this lot o’ slots, she’s still one tasty piece o’ tush, ultimately jerking Emil off so that his paste goes deep into her mouth, and it does look like she swallows all o’ that there gunk, whilst looking dreamily at the camera.

Dirty blonde Serbian slut Haley Hill, one of my all-time faves, gets it on with Alberto Blanco, starting off with a rousing suck-off, which is more like a serious face-fucking, leading to him eating her cunt good and proper, after which he humps her doggie while the two are standing (she also has a sweet pair o’ breasts), with cowgirl not being bad at all, either; but reverse-cowgirl may be one of the best, seeing as Al baby gets to fully imbibe of Haley’s heavenly twat, tits, and face; same for spoon, during which Al slaps those amazing boobs around, when, that is, he’s not choking her or yanking her hair. Yep, Haley’s definitely one of my favorite Euro whores. We also eventually get some traditional doggie, with Al really wailing home. Bitch loves it. Even missionary kills it with Hill. What a perfectly fuckable babe. Love those big head-givin’ lips on her, too. Eventually, Al spurts his load during mish, with the stream o’ spermatozoa flying her cunt all the way to her face, she’s that big (again, understandably!) of a turn-on to this lucky bastard. One beautiful and bawdy bitch.

And we end with brunette Russian Verona Sky gettin’ porked by the dark-meated Jesus Reyes, partially inside a pool, with Vera sucking that black rod good and slow, before JR eats her cunt as she’s bent over, after which he humps her silly during some energized doggie (she’s also got a nice set of blinkers on her, with ever-erect nipples it seems); with mish giving us (yet again) a fantastic view of Vera’s choice body; ditto for reverse-cowgirl, with the bitch jerking JR off to eruption, the paste dripping down onto her ready tongue.

If you like gorgeous young foreign women who are truly trashy, then “Pool Party Girls” is your ticket to whack heaven. Recommended.

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Mountain Crush 2: Snowbunnies – Private Media Group

Even though this Private Gold entry (#210, no less!) is packaged as a feature, there’s really far more sucking and screwing than story. Basically, amidst picturesque winter snowscapes — and in plenty of warm and cozy bedrooms — great-looking Euro babes chow down (with mouths, cunts and, in some randy cases, anuses) on cocks. And on this fresh meat menu, you get two Russians (Katrin Tequila and Verona Sky, both 27), a Brit (Ella Hughes, a Southhampton native of 22 years), a Frenchie (Clea Gaultier, also 27), and even a Serbian (the scrumptious Haley Hill, the youngest featured whore at the tender age o’ 22), so it’s quite a tasty smorgasbord o’ sexy lookin’, salacious foreign bods.

We start off with a lil’ interracial action, as the fair-skinned and juicy Ella Hughes filthily takes on the black boner of Antonio (very clever last name) Black. Miss Hughes definitely knows how to choke on this fellas well-ripened man-sicle. It’s truly a vision, too, watching Ella stick her luscious butt up in the air as Tony first sucks cunt then slams his sword deep into her clam — doggie style! — with Ella’s patty cakes wondrously jigglin’. He doggies her for a good long time, too. I also dig how Tone hoists Ella up and fucks her mish style above the ground. Tony then drives bologna via reverse cowgirl (lotsa female-ass-upon-male-pelvis smackin’ here), followed by some 69, deepthroating, spoon (showing off, as does reverse-cowgirl, Ella’s choice little titties), some gushing a la Hughes, and (spuh-lattt!) a pop shot right in the kisser. Ella rocks.

Next, two porn stars with the last name of Gaultier (they must be married, as I’m sure — darn! — they’re not brother and sister) get down in the same toasty warm abode in the frosty woods; and while French babe Clea Gaultier might not be classically beautiful, she’s extremely fuckable, a cunt-clusion with which her hubby (yet another) Anthony quite obviously agrees. In front of a crackling, popping, flamin’ fireplace, Tony boy gets sucked off briefly, before Clea sticks it up her soppin’ slit cowgirl style — really ridin’ that pump-puppy — soon taking it doggie, with Anthony definitely hammerin’ home, followed by reverse-cowgirl anal (yep, she takes the shit-chute plunge!), spoon anal, cowgirl anal (with some memorable Clea cheek gyrating), and a pop upon the ol’ chin-er-oo. Yeah!

We’re soon in a ski lift high above the snow, with lucky fuck Porto De Bilbao (sounds like a portable outhouse, dunnit?) getting briefly sucked by Serb babe Haley Hill and Russian hottie Katrin Tequila, after which they do a little skiing on the slopes, leading to Porto getting a double scoop o’ snatch in yet another comfy, private lodge (this time in front of a huge window, with the trees and snow impressively in the distance). Both Haley and Katrin take turns sucking dick and man ass (told you that fucker Porto was lucky!), before both of their whorish cake holes descend upon Porto prick.

Each girl also eats the other’s holes while one of ‘em is getting fucked, so mouths are ass-iduously utilized/cunt-stantly busy. Reverse cowgirl shows off Haley’s hellacious hooters (talk about a near-perfect pair o’ boobies!), before Porto moves from her cunt to her crapper, then back and forth, crack and forth. Kat doesn’t mind doing a little ATOGMin’, neither. We get an awesome view of Kat’s equally awesome backside during cowgirl. And you don’t wanna miss Haley taking it up the ass during doggie and spoon, with Porto blowin’ dick snot all over her ass during the latter (ultimately splatter) position.

After Katrin Tequila sucks the black dick of Antonio Black in another ski lift, the blessed bastard takes her inside one of those very habitable locales and really face-fucks the tattooed Russian tramp, soon slamming her clam doggie style (really hard!), then scraping her sphincter spoon style, flipping his prick back and forth between snapper and crapper, after which she sits shit and clit reverse cowgirl, followed by cowgirl vadge, then cowgirl anal, the latter position really showing off Kat’s fine booty (with Tony, again, regularly switching holes), before splooging upon Ms. Tequila’s pretty puss.

Verona Sky and Haley Hill next suck and get humped by white Anthony and the similarly returning Porto in the great snowy (and surely cold!) outdoors, soon heading their heads (big and small) indoors for one truly choice foursome. You can’t keep your eyes off of Haley because she’s so gorgeous and her body is so luscious; but you also can’t stop looking at Verona because she’s so damn horny, making devilish eye contact whenever she can, and sincerely loving it up the culo. Sadly, Haley doesn’t take it up the hemorrhoid hamlet, letting Anthony fuck her for the majority of the time, while Porto gets to fuck the living shit, literally, outta Verona for the most fart, er, part. My favorite moments — other than Porto hammering va-va-voom Vera’s anus doggie style — is when Porto is banging Haley doggie style, while Tony is humping Vera’s fudge factory in the spoon position, with Vera quite visibly lovin’ every filthy inch of her stinkhole invasion. These two foreign sluts make one helluva good pork pairing!

Aside from the excellent second unit work (merely a fancy expression for outdoor/landscape videography; in this case, superb shots of skiing, snowmobile riding and various wintry expanses), “Mountain Crush 2” is a joy to view — for both experimenting couples and hardcore pervs — for its marvelous selection of Euro vixens. And (yah!) there ain’t a condom in sight, neither!

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Home Nurses – Private Media Group

Private nurses satisfy their clients in London. Alessandra Jane, from Moscow, helps Marc Rose get over a sore thigh with a warm massage. Her hand moves over to his crotch and she make him feel even better when she sucks his big dick. He fucks her pussy from behind.

Amirah Adara massages Alberto Bianco. She can’t resist going right for the dick and he loves it. Right after a nice 69 he plunges his cock into her butthole, gaping her hugely.

Clea Gaultier gets called to the home of Anthony Gaultier (her offscreen partner). Beneath her nurse uniform she’s decked out in red lingerie and looks incredibly hot. After a brief pussy insertion he goes right into her ass. She rides him anally in reverse cowgirl. He jerks off into her mouth.

Barbie Sins, an English blonde, gets a call from patient Marc Rose. Her big tits practically pop out of her nurse costume. He fucks her hard from behind, followed by a big juicy facial.

Sienna Day has a special relationship with Alberto. She plays with his cock and licks it through his jockey shorts — very sexy. He face-fucks her, then goes right into her ass for a fierce butt-fucking and a heavy duty facial. Probably the hottest scene.

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