Hotwife Tales: Stags and Vixens Vol. 2 – New Sensations

Hot-wife stories from directors Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest, and we’re basically talking about tales wherein women’s hubbies don’t mind their wives getting banged by other dudes. Sounds pretty neighborly to me! And we have a quartet of truly amazing female talent here, all of whom give perfectly believable, passionate performances, with especially high points going to the lovely, lusty ladies bookending this smut anthology: namely, Gianna Dior and Alina Lopez.

Brunette Gianna Dior graces the DVD boxcover for good reason: She’s totally delicious looking, all-natural and sucks and fucks with magnificent gusto; here, with James Deen portraying a sexual expert enlisted by Gianna’s on-screen (but never seen) husband who thinks she comes too fast and needs to cunt-tain her cunt juices better, with nothing less than boner-bursting results. Under the I-must-be-in-control “guidance” of cunt-trol freak Deeno, Ms. Dior is made to cough on cock, while she’s delightful to watch, as her sweet twat is cum-pletely dominated in the cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, missionary and (yessir!) doggie positions. And, even after Deeno dick puts her through the suck/fuck paces, Gianna still looks absolutely priceless. Slurp!

Next, juicy Latina Luna Star gets a dick-pounding gift in the form of macho man Ramon Nomar, who’s a present from her out-of-the-house-and-traveling husband; while big-bootied bitch A.J. Applegate receives a mouth-and-muff-busting massage from paid-for masseur/pervert Damon Dice. As far as Luna goes, you can’t really put this olive-skinned sex goddess in a bad position, but my favorite — other than when she’s hacking on hose — is cowgirl (watch those tanned butt cheeks ripple) and, of course, doggie. Same for Ms. Applegate, who has one of the most round and meaty bottoms in the biz, which dirty Damon most certainly puts to good degenerate use, while she also knows how to deepthroat like a perverted champ.

And we most certainly end with a barnburner, as young Jane Fonda (circa 1962) lookalike Alina Lopez gets the her hungry mouth and moist vagina reamed silly by Euro codger Steve Holmes, playing the “stranger” approved by Alina’s fictional (again, never-seen) husband, in order to make this fetching fox see stars when she hits the sheets. Aside from having a dropdead gorgeous face, delicious all-natural boobies and one ridiculously meaty booty, Alina (quite visibly!) just loses herself when she’s getting down and dirty. She’s a terrific blowjob artiste, but one of the truly memorable moments here is when Holmes sits her down in a swivel chair, her succulent butt jammed out for the world to see/slam, with Stevie doggying the shit outta her, then swinging her around and having her thoroughly suck off her own cunt sauce which lubes Holmes’ hose. I definitely wanna see more of beauty Lopez. She’s the shit. Oh, and speaking of shit, I’d also like to see Alina do a lil’ o’ that ol’ anal thing, as well!

Yep, from start to finish, “Stags and Vixen 2” rocks the people’s cock, with nods (of the big and little heads) absolutely going to scrumptious beauties Gianna Dior and Alina Lopez. And, as you can well imagine, total tramps Luna Star and A.J. Applegate themselves provide extraordinarily slutty performances. Guaranteed to get you off.

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My Wife’s First Blowbang 2 – New Sensations

From the fine fornicators at New Sensations, this superlatively saliva-enriched second installment of “MWFB” has four different foxy young women doing individual multiple suck-offs — otherwise known as “blowbangs” — wherein the oral-minded sluts lick and (yah!) choke on the cocks of (in these carnal cases) five guys at the same time. And it’s a beautiful thing!

While orally servicing her nerdy male partner, redheaded hottie Maya Kendrick winds up, per a surprise from her beau, servicing the hoses of four other very lucky gents, and it’s definitely a pleasure to watch Maya in action, seeing as she rarely uses her hands (except when she’s trying to keep a guy, who’s waiting on the sidelines hard, good and hard; good girl, Maya!) and goes balls-deep for a good long time on separate snakes, choking on those bad-boy boners, making marvelously rude noises, and getting spittle all over the place. Check out, too, when they get Maya upside-down and she’s made to blow one penis after another, with the whore creating a veritable cocoon of spit upon her own pretty face. Nice tongue action, too, as she has a cock way down her gullet. Love this dirty little tramp!

Strikingly attractive Emily Willis, the DVD cover girl for a very good reason, is a wonderfully slinky spinner who’s own male partner first gets a nasty suck-off from Em, before four dudes walk into the bedroom and she goes to town with all five wrinkled saxes, for a true movie highlight, seeing as Willis is just so damn delicious-looking. Check out how she loves being almost savagely face-fucked by each guy. Wow! She sounds like a human vacuum cleaner, too, whorishly Hoovering those trouser weasels with her ever-ambitious mouth. The boys give her vibe in the vadge from time to time to get her even more aroused than the torrid trollop already is. “So fucking yummy! I wanna ‘nother load o’ cum!” she purrs as one guy after another blows dicksnot into her cute lil’ mug at the scene’s ‘climax’. Lil’ twat’s truly amazing.

Rosalyn Sphinx is next, with her on-screen lover (played by porn’s Peter Lorre, namely, Eric Masterson) getting a sweet and salacious suck-off from the tasty little pixie, before numerous slugs show up, making it a total of (you got it!) five waggin’ salami’s, which the randy bitch sucks everso dutifully. Like her predecessors, Rosa is highly easy on the eyes, making her gnarly blowbang all the hornier. I love, too, how this slim twaterola’s eyes occasionally roll into the back of her skull when’s she’s deep in the moment of seriously mouth-massaging male members. Yeah!

And, finally, we get blonde fireball Candace Dare doing her own freaky dick-lickin’ fest, with this juicy-assed bitch (probably my favorite of the four floozies) actually/initially getting fucked by her old man (literally and figuratively), with her bounteous butt cheeks jiggling every which way during standing doggie; after which she sucks his dick, followed by the four one-eyed rats of his motley crew of friends, which is yet another movie highlight. She goes deep and nasty with each dick, be it when she’s on her knees or bent over upside-down. Definitely one of my favorite new whores — period!

Fans of cocksucking movies will adore this new series, with this second volume filled with one bawdy boner-bobbin’ babe after another; extra high points definitely going to Maya, Emily and Candace. It’s slime worth viewing!

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Love in the Digital Age – New Sensations

Sometimes the simple ways are best. Without social media, that is. One-on-one interaction — and that includes sucking and fucking — without technology. And that’s pretty much the message from director/writer Jacky St. James in this entertaining, horny New Sensations feature, including two scenes with Gia Paige for you fans of the big-assed and nicely-breasted Miss GP.

After two social media junkies literally shut down their iPhones, Tyler Nixon and Gia Paige then figuratively get down, as mankind’s been doing for centuries, even before (believe it or not) the invention of electricity. I like how she sucks cock deep, slow and attentively. Lucky bastard Tyler also gets to slam those Gia boobies with his raging hard-on. Standing doggie is amazing, with Gia’s bountiful booty gigglin’ all over the place. Ditto for cowgirl. Missionary allows you to see our girl’s well-augmented tits wigglin’ and wagglin’ up, down and sideways, before Tile spews goo all over her twat and tummy.

After an engaging montage where we see idiots at a bar taking pictures of their food for posting, a bartender pouring out drinks without taking his eyes off of his phone and pervs taking photos of unsuspecting girls at said cantina, Jacky shows Kenna James and Small Hands meeting on the patio of the same joint and later hooking up at his place for some real meating — and damn arousing, too! — sans technology. And I love the way Kenna, a stone fox, sucks Small Hands gland without using her hands. One of favorite positions is spoon in that it allows us to get a good look at all of Kenna’s killer bod — from face, to tits, to tush, to twat — while doggie is way, way hard. Yeah! And what a phenomenal ass on Kenna, upon which Smally (inevitably!) blows his load.

Gia and Logan Pierce actually communicate via hand-written letters before their loins get properly tangled in the flesh, with some beatworthy results. Hey, if you liked that voluptuous Paige posterior in scene one, you get another whack at it as Logan lays some Pierce pipe on this tasty piece of ass. Lots of foreplay in scene three before Paige sits her slit on Log’s log, with some highly provocative (as in whacka-whacka-whacka!) cowgirl ensuing, which is the best position here, before we get spoon and mish, the latter including splatter from Pierce’s pent-up penis.

Finally, we get older(-but-no-less-bolder) broad Mona Wales getting wailed on by the veteran vine attached to Marcus London. And, lemme tell ya, Mona can suck a mean prick, indeed, while Marky Mark porks Mona mama pretty damn hard in every friggin’ position. Good stuff(ings) here!

New Sensations’ “Love in the Digital Age” is not only loaded with four steamy boink scenes (though I wish there were four instead of three chicks featured), but it similarly has a potent message regarding the cons, not just the pros, of the internet and how it’s more than okay for guys and gals to totally shut things down in order really get down. And dirty!

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He Came Inside My Hotwife 4 – New Sensations

The hotwife theme is mostly incidental to this collection of creampie scenes, all hot and well mounted by director Paul Woodcrest.

Luscious Vienna Black, a relative newcomer, is dressing for a date with Logan Pierce. He tells her he gets to have her whenever her husband allows it. They do a fast fuck before dinner because hubby wants her “to show up at the restaurant with cum dripping out of your pussy.” There’s lots of passion between these two before he shoots what must be quite a load inside her.

Steve Holmes squeezes Katrina Jade’s tits and tells her he wants to see “that sweet cunt full of cum.” His own, of course. Katrina gives a great blowjob then moans orgasmically as he skillfully eats her pussy. Best position: reverse cowgirl with her feet on his knees. Finally: creampie.

“You’re mine for the whole week,” Andi Rye tells Chad White, who’s been on the phone getting permission from her husband. “Omigod that’s so good,” she moans as the big dick slides into her pussy. He holds her head and fucks her face, then makes her beg for “the surprise” — a gooey internal.

Ashlynn Taylor has her wrists bound, waiting for her master, Toni Ribas. “You are mine to do whatever I want.” He is very stern and she loves being obedient. He pounds her hard, pinning her hands behind her back. Then he’s the one to scream “Omigod!” as he leaves his semen in her.

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MILF Stories: Still Sexy – New Sensations

Dee Williams, mature but really cute, gets paired not with a younger man but with an older one, Steve Holmes. He can’t resist when she pulls out her huge boobs. He squeezes and kneads them and tit-fucks her. Rubbing her pussy, he makes her squirt big time. He fingers her butthole and makes her moan, ”Please fuck me.” He practically destroys her: many screaming Os.

Cherie DeVille, going on vacation, asks housesitter Lucas Frost, “Ever fucked a married woman before?” Cherie is terrific when she gets to be aggressive, as she is here, practically devouring the guy. “Fill up my holes,” she orders. He has to put his fingers in her mouth to make her stop talking. She loves that dick. “Please put it in me!”

Mercedes Carrera invites new neighbor Chad White in for coffee. She comes on to him with her tits. The reaction is explosive. Chad is crazy about the way she sucks his dick. Mercedes makes sure she swallows every last drop of his cum.

Reagan Foxx gets more than a hand from neighbor guy Jessy Jones. He can’t wait to get his tongue into her pussy, which she loves. She also loves his big dick in her mouth. She slams his cock on her big jugs. Reagan really seems to enjoy getting fucked. Her reverse cowgirl is second to none.

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