Bounce Vol. 2 – Jules Jordan Video

Boobs bounce. Buns bounce. Bitches bounce. And all for your boner — and the uncut French cock attached to Manuel Ferrara, since he slays all four o’ these fun-filled (soon-to-be-cum-filled) floozies to bounce on his member. And from Romi, to Angela (who takes it up the Aussie oz-hole!), to Athena and Lena, the sluts will get yer nuts off — just like they did Manny’s.

After peeping tom Manuel watches a bunch o’ hot babes exercising/jazzercising/whatever-sizing with their hangin’ hooters hangin’ out (while he devours a slice o’ pizza), he brings rockin’ Romi Rain into his abode to worship his knob, with some va-va-voom results. And, hey, I could watch Romi dancing naked in slo-mo for hours, that’s how delectable this little fuck-me fire hydrant is. Ferrara first starts off by sucking Rain’s slit, after which she deepthroats his uncut centipede, followed by Rain ridin’ cowgirl style, before he slips it in spoon, bangs her doggie (lotsa bun bouncin’ here!), lets her ride him reverse-cowgirl (with more butt cheek jigglin’), smothers his face with cunt, at which point we’ve got more rockin’ (big league!) doggie action, and, finally, a huge wad o’ paste splattered onto Rain’s pretty lil’ mug.

Next up for some bouncin’ bawdiness is none other than Aussie slut (love ya!) Angela White, who also offers her dung ditch for some smokin’ salami slammin’. Angela gives an amazing deepthroat, even going for some man-ass (yechhh!) eating, before she get her sweet vadge doggie drilled. Lots of great Angela positions follow, including those with anal (she just adores getting her crapper crammed fulla cockmeat!), with doggie definitely being one of the positions where her ever-juicy ass jiggles like fucking mad (gapes, too!), while cowgirl anal is certainly worth a spew view or two. Also, don’t miss her sucking (along with Manuel) her own swingin’ all-natural tits (yes, that’s how big those suckers are!).

Then we have luscious peroxide-blonde cutie Athena Palomino, who is absolutely gorgeous, with Athena giving a passionate performance, indeed. Oral-wise, it’s best when Manuel face-fucks her, as she goes down deeper on his dunk-or-die dick. Cowgirl is awesome, as we witness Athena’s naturally gyrating butt cakes goin’ wild. She gets better at cocksucking as the scene progresses (good whore!), and it gets rather scorching during doggie, as Athena’s ultra-fine ass is up in the air and getting pounded silly. Her perfect 100-percent real tits are a joy to watch in all of their bouncy glory, as well.

Lastly, we have large mammaried, round-rumped Lena Paul who really turns Manny’s train around. She totally possesses a terrific pair o’ ta-ta’s, as well as a succulent ass, which winds up smothering freaky Ferrara’s face, as does Paul’s ample bosom, which our French fiend humps (several times, even!). Lena ain’t a bad cocksucker and she even eats man farts (phew!). I love how she bends all the way over, her face smashed against the mattress, ass way up in the air during doggie. Cowgirl gives us a lot of posterior spring action (with that stance later repeated and involving some amazing squatting sex-ercising), ditto for her boobies, which especially shake, rattle and roll during reverse-cowgirl. And you gotta love how Paul takes Manuel’s copious cum coating oh so bravely in the kisser. Right on, Lena baby!

From salacious start to frothy finish, these bootyful babes bounce their boobs ’n’ buns off like there’s no tomorrow, while simultanee-ass-ly letting Ferrara penetrate their twats and tonsils to a raw red. Worth checking out!

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Bare – Jules Jordan Video

This girl/girl outing from vignette master and performer-turned-director Kayden Kross artistically showcases a great variety of ladies, all young ‘uns, as they get down and dirty, boisterously chowing down on salmon/snapper/tuna/twat.

While studying together, Chloe Cherry (she’s the blonde) and Alyce Anderson (the brown-haired babe with the cute nose) eventually put down the books and take out their tits ’n’ cunts for some serious probing. I like how Alyce really sucks on Chloe’s little breasts, while I really dig how Chloe just sits her slit upon Alyce’s face, with Chloe eventually licking Anderson’s anus during a fiery bit o’ 69. And, Alyce sticks a machinated love tube up Chloe’s colon — twice, in fact!

The next tale o’ tails involves dramatic cinematography, with two young gals having an argument, amidst slow-motion elements, after which we witness Sadie Blake (the brunette) and Shyla Jennings’ face — and cunt. You can hear a plane blasting overhead as Shyla sinks her lips/tongue into Sadie’s undoubtedly sopping slit. Blake returns the favor, and it’s arousing, to say the least. I must say, Shyla truly does clamp down hard on Blake’s bush.

Sexy Latina Alina Lopez plays a maid who’s caught trying on the tasty lingerie of her boss, another luscious Hispanic in the form of professional labia lapper Jenna Sativa, with some heated results. Aside from both ladies being quite pretty, they also have killer bods. Jenna services the bent over Alina well, sticking her snout up her stinker (yum!), with Lopez soon goin’ down mish on Sativa. Then we have some horny pussy on pussy action, with Sativa ultimately really sopping up Lopez love juice during missionary, after which we have more lip-smacking good times. Yep, it’s definitely one of the hornier segments of “Bare.”

But my favorite episode has my two favorite starlets in the movie — Ivy Wolfe and Elena Koshka, both equally gorgeous — getting slutty when Elena is giving Ivy a “professional” massage, which includes a very happy ending. Meanwhile, there is some atmospheric New Age music playing in the background, and I’m crazy about the way Wolfe’s body looks when Koshka has it all oiled up. Some great tease here, as Koshka slowly, gradually, deeply rubs the oil into Wolfe’s soft and juicy ass, with Ivy eventually turning over, Elena massaging her erect nipples, then soaking cunt, before descending upon Ivy’s vadge with her hungry mouth. Ivy does the same to Elena, and you really believe these bitches are going wild for each other. Elena then gets to suck Ivy doggie style. Lucky bitch! After which Ivy sits her delicious derriere upon Elena’s famished face, while the former cunt-tinues to finger Koshka. Great stuff

Yes, this feline fornication is light enough for couples, but hardcore pervs will also enjoy it simply because of the excellent choice of ladies featured, while the last episode with Wolfe and Koshka is absolutely a barn-burner. Wonderful visuals as always from Kayden Kross.

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DP Masters 5? – Jules Jordan Video

Not a bad DP in the whore house, with equally high points going to all of the lusty, filled-to-the-brim ladies, though I (and my hard-on) do tend to lean towards the superlatively slutty — and slutty-looking! (a good thing! … a good thing!) — August Taylor.

The most classically beautiful girl in the batch is most ass-uredly Alex Grey, providing an X-cellent start to these filthy pro-seedings. Yes, Alex does provide a fine bit of double blowjobbin’, but one of the true showstopping moments is when she’s getting double plugged (in crapper and snapper) by Jules Jordan and Chris Strokes in the spoon position. Actually, including Alex, the other two girls who get jammed in this arousing position — and seem to adore it! — are August Taylor and Anya Olsen. But watching Grey’s oh-so-pretty face schuck down nasty cock with those full head-givin’ lips is a joy, indeed, to behold. She’s also a fine gaper girl. The boys additionally have this weird method of DPing doggie style, whereby all three parties are aimed in the same direction, with one dude in her ass and the other in her twat. Boy, that makes for some tricky action, as the guy slammin’ her crapper might get some balls slapped against his own ass, while the fella humping her vadge is bound to be smellin’ more of his buddy’s crack than that attached to awesome Alex. Yikes! And Jules and Chris do this posish (each of ‘em taking control of ass and cunt in separate moments) with both August and Anya, as well. Mama!

As I mentioned earlier, August Taylor is perhaps my fave of the four lassies in that she’s just such a horny fucking tramp, who seems to love sucking cock as much as she digs (perhaps even more so than) getting her nethermost holes double dipped. I also deeply appreciate her big, augmented tits which have a nice wobble to ‘em, that is, in the correct position, like missionary for instance. Taylor looks amazing, too, in the doggie position, not only getting porked in the pussy and poo-poo simultaneously, but similarly sitting on a swivel chair, her amazing butt jutting out as her steamy anus is passed back and forth between Jordan and Strokes. And don’t miss how Strokes can’t help but blow his wad while banging Augustan cunt in the mish posish, with Taylor’s tantalizing ta-tas just swivelin’ all around the fuckin’ place. Awesome!

Chloe Amour gives us the movie’s only interracial sequence — and it’s a damn good one! — as she plays a Jules Jordan production assistant interviewing Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong, before the fellas show her what they’ve got, i.e., by nearly splitting the thin but, nonetheless, luscious thing in half. One of the high points here is when the bros do a standing DP (the only one in the entire movie) with Chloe, while her reverse-cowgirl DP is way, way deep (and long!), and it’s wonderful seeing the bruthahs taking turns pounding her poop pit in the spoon posish. By the way, kudos to Amour, who has such a chipper attitude throughout the entirety of her intense double schtuping. Chloe rocks!

And we end on a distinctly blistering note, as the incredibly alluring Anya Olsen takes on Jordan and Strokes, with Olsen definitely being the most aggressive of the lot of slots featured here; one of the most volcanic moments being — aside from Olsen’s spoon DP — her doggie double-pen (the traditional style, not the one where all three are in the same direction; though that’s truly gnarly, as well), with the boys going long and steady and really gettin’ that DP rhythm goin’ as they doggie the bitch; ditto during Anya’s reverse-cowgirl DP. And, like Alex and August, the wench just goes bonkers over the spoon DP. Umphh!

While I have a soft (and hard) spot for August Taylor’s double boinking, all four ladies perform X-quisitely, each quite obviously loving her own special double dosage o’ decadence. Ab-so-fuckin’-lutely worth checking out!

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Ultimate Fuck Toy: Jill Kassidy – Jules Jordan Video

Starlet sensation Jill Kassidy gets a good workout in this excellent Jules Jordan showcase. Jill is the personification of the California princess, sunny, smiling, with beautiful blue eyes and a nubile quotient that is off the charts.

The big selling is her first interracial (Prince Yahshua is the chosen stud) but the strongest scene is really a classic teacher-student encounter with Steve Holmes. He disciplines Jill for taking selfies of her pussy in class and spanks her with a ruler. He feels her pussy (“Why is it so wet there?”) and devours her, pinching her nipples as he tongue-fucks her. Then he bones her hard in several positions, including piledriver. It’s a sly, sexy buildup to a volcanic payoff.

There’s plenty of heat in the other scenes, too. Prince Yahshua pounds her hard, as expected, and she seems to love it, moaning and screaming. She needs both hands to massage his big black dick. In the opening scene, after teasing prettily, she gets manhandled by Jessy Jones and director Jordan. She grins as she takes the double facial.

In a second threeway, Jill fools around with petite blonde Bella Rose before they submit to the mighty dick of Markus Dupree. He stacks one girl on top of the other and slams them both until they moan with delight. The final scene is all POV sex with an unidentified male, starting off in a car and winding up in a house.

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