Colombian Teens 5 – Evil Angel

“Colombian Teens 5” stars 18-year-old Kat Licioux, Andreina Dlux, Anastasia Rey, and X-Lady, including three anal scenes and lotsa POV gonzo action that rocks the people’s cocks.

We start off with an X-plosion, indeed, with the truly gorgeous — and nasty! — Andreina Dlux, along with her picture-perfect face and wildly juicy, round pooper. By the way, Andreina’s the only girl in “Colombian Teens 5” who is not Colombian. She’s, in fact, Venezuelan. No matter. And check out her phenomenal posterior! Nacho wastes no time, by the way, burying his bone into her doggie style while she’s sitting the wrong way (butt the right way!) in a chair. I love her maid’s outfit, which she slowly sheds, oh so sexily. Her wondrous little tits deliciously cunt-trast with her bountiful butt cheeks. And check out how she gets spit all over Vidal’s prick during her initial sucking session, before riding her vadge on him cowgirl style. She likes to kiss, too! Doggie is amazing, though it’s shot via a tripod and not a roving cameraman, which would have been preferred with such a first-rate female fanny. Spoon vadge is terrific, quickly shifting into spoon anal; though Nacho’s prick keeps slippin’ out o’ that shitter for some reason, but he does finally settle into her sphincter.

Cowgirl vadge is truly amazing, too, with Andreina knowing how to rock her rump right. Yeowza! Look at those paddy cakes fly! A movie highlight. For the record, I could watch this beauty Andreina suck cock for hours. Vidal cums pretty fast while doing her doggie, and we only see the action from the side, while she’s on her stomach. The camera’s also not too close. Still, Andreina is so gorgeous, that it’s a scene you gotta catch; though I’d like to see her in more titles (preferably with, as I said before, a roving cameraman in addition to the lucky bastard banging her).

Anastasia Rey is the first Colombian to get it from Nacho, and she gets it up the ass, as well. She’s a beauty in her own way, really loving that Spanish sword with her lips and tongue. Nacho’s prick is not so long that it’s a chore for these whores to deepthroat, but it’s still nice to see ‘em do it, and Anastasia is super at it. Nice tits and ass, too. I love Rey’s intensity as her puffy pussy is penetrated missionary style, followed by her dunghole getting duly drilled. Spoon anal is fun to watch, with a few sweet gapes. There’s also reverse-cowgirl and doggie anal, followed by cowgirl vadge, which shows off Rey’s, literally, rockin’ butt cakes. Reverse-cowgirl vadge is shot as cowgirl so it’s a joy to behold, with Ana’s ass cakes continuing to rock and roll all over the place.

Redheaded Ms. Monroy is next, and she has one helluva chunky (a good thing!) booty, with Nacho really utilizing it to the max (sans anal), while she’s a fantastic cocksucker; hell, just look at those full, head-givin’ lips! Umphh! I like her smallish titties, too. And Monroy has such passionate expressions when she’s getting fingered or straight-out fucked. Doggie is awesome. Whoa! Look at those big butt bongos bouncy-bouncin’! Cowgirl is equally awesome, though a bit short; spoon is way steamier, with Rey actually shivering from the potent pounding she receives; then we get a bit more doggie, with Notch spraying his Spanish seed all over those succulent cakes, and Rey slowly scooping up the sperm with her fingers and cunt-suming it. Yes!

X-Lady might be 34 but she looks 18, and it’s marvelous seeing this Colombian non-teen getting her cunt and culo destroyed by Nacho’s nob. Aside from a beautiful butt, X-Lady has similarly beautiful breasts, while giving a beautiful BJ that’s deep, nasty and passionate. Reverse cowgirl gives us a thumbs-up view of her tits, while Nacho does a good job o’ filming her jiggling butt cakes during this same scene. I also love the mug on this vixen. So sexy! Look at those choice lips. Cowgirl is well shot, giving us a fine view of that fine fanny on X-Lady, and she knows how to shake those cans o’ paint, lemme tell ya. Doggie is definitely worth waiting for, with some far-out overhead shots of that far-out X-Lady backside. And it’s a treat finally seeing Notch penetrate her keister during spoon, then mish, which gives us marvy view of X-Lady’s delightfully liquid eyes; while doggie anal gives us a killer gape of her crud cave. Love this bitch! Next to Andreina, she’s my fave here.

And we end with the end attached to highly tattooed teen Kat Licioux, who’s also worth the wait, even if she doesn’t get her doo-doo doggied. Reverse-cowgirl POV style allows us a terrif view of her superior posterior, but doggie’s not too bad, neither, with Kat delivering one incredible cunt gap. Wow! You can actually hear the ocean during that gape-a-roo!

All five of these bitches are 100 percent awesome; especially anal beauties Andreina and X-Lady.

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I Am Angela – Evil Angel

A gonzo highlighting the life and times of 33-year-old Aussie ultra star Angela White — with director Evil Chris putting the documentary footage together, all around the four featured scenes of White directed by Jonni Darkko, Dana Vespoli, Joey Silvera and John Stagliano, respectively — during the X-panse of which Angie partakes of anal, double penetrations, a double-pussy penetration, double anal, a triple penetration (!), girl-girl and even sex with 2018 XBIZ Trans Performer of the Year Chanel Santini, all from the fine pervs of Evil Angel.

The first scene is a scorcher, indeed, during which Angie, under the direction of Jonni Darkko, goes bonkers during a mini gangbang with the foreign dicks of Steve Holmes, Markus Dupree and Mick Blue. After an intense blowbang (and boob-bang, what with Angie’s fantastic all-natural tits), our girl gets double penetrated doggie style, while continually sucking on a slug, followed by a reverse-cowgirl DP, a triple doggie DP — where the minx has two dicks in her cunt and one in her ass — some double-anal via reverse-cowgirl, many gapes, double-vadge doggie and a triple splatter upon her face. Whew! Talk about high fucking energy!

Scene two, from Dana Vespoli, is a triple lady scene with Angie, Joanna Angel and Dana herself, shot as a POV scene, with Dana donning a strap-on and ass-fucking Joanna, then Angie; as well as both White and Angel sucking each other’s ass and pussy, and sticking vibes in every possible hole, all with necessary (expected!) Evil Angel voraciousness.

Scene two, directed by trans trailblazer Joey Silvera making a rare appearance as the maestro of ceremonies, has White getting down and dirty with Santini, as Angie deepthroats her member oh so well; eating that anus; getting her vadge plugged via reverse-cowgirl, mish doggie (a real showstopper, with Angie’s meaty, juicy ass jiggling like mad as it gets heartily pounded); more rimming from filthy White; and Chanel blowing her wad into White’s cakehole, with the latter slurping up every bit of the splatter and sharing said gunk with Santini.

And, lastly, we have the wild man himself, Italiano Rocco Siffredi, crazily cramming his cock into White’s various holes, all expertly directed by Evil Angel founder — and all-around legendary director — John Stagliano. After titty-fucking Ang, Rocco then fucks her cunt missionary, then doggie (while standing), after which she eats butthole, he eats hers, followed by cowgirl/reverse-cowgirl/doggie anal, deepthroat ATMs and plenty of choking and ass-spanking thrown in for good dirty measure. Pretty phenomenal stuff, that’s even higher energy than scene one with three cocks slamming insatiable Ms. White.

If you’re a big fan of Angela White’s and — aside from seeing her do incredible things with cocks and cunts — you wanna know more about her private and professional life, then “I Am Angela” is a must-see, thoroughly volcanic performer showcase.

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Sometimes I Share – Evil Angel

46-year-old porn vet Lisa Ann (who started sucking and fucking on camera way back in ’94) is back, and, while she’s not doing anal here, there are no condoms and you’re treated in each scene to a tasty relative newcomer, with high points especially going to Brett Rossi and Gina Valentina, all care of the good pervs at Evil Angel.

And we start off with Lisa “sharing” Ryan Driller with babe-a-roo Brett Rossi in the outdoors (all of the scenes are shot outdoors) for some heated sex in what looks like a ranch. Ms. Ann looks tight and wet. Seriously, she looks like she’s got one helluva well-clamped cunt, too. And Lisa’s damn smart having younger pieces of female ass in the mix. That stated, it’s awesome seeing Brett take it doggie. She’s just so cute-looking. And it’s also marvelous seeing Brett do Ryan cowgirl, with those big ass cheeks cascading every which way, as Lisa spanks those bad boys herself. He slams Lisa pretty good during doggie, too, with LA ultimately taking it all over her (facial) cheek and, like a good whore, generously sharing it with Rossi.

We’re next treated to killer babe Gina Valentina, with whom Lisa shares Russian rod-ster Markus Dupree for more outdoor volcanic sucking and fucking fun. First off, Lisa eats Gina’s cunt while she gets doggied by Marky Mark. Love Gina’s whorishly pink make-up, with Valentina really sucking a mean prick, i.e., choking and gagging and smiling on man-meat. It’s nice, too, seeing Lisa in the mish posish in that we can really appreciate her taut vintage figure. A movie highlight, though, is viewing Gina get it doggie. Whew. What a perfect ass. I like, too, how Marky baby stacks the sluts on top of one another in the doggie position and goes back and forth ‘tween their twats. Yes! Cowgirl with Gina is damn good, too. And check out how Markus screams (seriously, dude?) when he spouts sperm all over the bitches.

In our third scene, we have Lisa and Raven Hart goin’ koo-koo over Ricky’s johnson in a good, energetic bit o’ threesome pumpin’. Raven’s a busty, chunky little brunette for you guys who like ‘em Rubenesque, and we begin here with Ricky getting a terrific double-suck from the ladies. Rave is definitely a pro at suckin’ shaft, while she also looks grand during cowgirl, what with that great big ass on the chunky whore. And check out Lisa’s puckered poop pit during doggie. Too bad we’re not treat to any anal a la Ms. LA here. Oh well, next slime… doggie with Raven, though, is a horny moment for sure, and Ricky looks like he’s in some kinda heaven doing Lisa during spoon. He can’t help but return to humping Hart via doggie, though, and for a good long time, too, before Ricky’s pricky spouts milky onto Lisa’s gob, with the ladies once again sharing the gunk.

Lastly, we have black babe Honey Gold getting down with Lisa and Prince Yahshua for one helluva ending. A great double suck begins the balling rolling, with both bitches trying to out-BJ the other. Cum-petition is a good thing, indeed! I love seeing Honey in any position, even a traditional one like mish; she’s got such a tasty little bod on her; but Honey’s definitely best during doggie, really moaning, as is Lisa, particularly when Princey double-stacks ‘em. Lisa also puts in a good bouncy performance during cowgirl, as does Honey, with Princey getting all two sets o’ cheeks really rolling. I think Princey, actually, comes a little inside Honey during this posish, seeing as how he’s already spurtin’ by the time Lisa yanks that raging black hard-on outta Gold’s velvety cunt. Yeah!

All in all, it’s a terrific idea for veteran vadge Lisa Ann to share the spotlight in each scene with hot, current bitches, making “Sometimes I Share” one helluva molten gonzo.

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TS Mega Cocks 2 – Evil Angel

This title features exactly what it promises: Tgirls and mega cocks. Lots of mega cocks. Nothing else really matters in this DVD — even the language the performers are speaking. Who needs talk when there’s so much action?

The title opens with Giselly Soares lying down on the bed, her soft, round ass exposed above two pink bow tattoos lined up perfectly on each thigh. She spreads herself and rolls over to reveal a thick cock peeking out of her blue lace panties. She pulls it out, covering it modestly with her short skirt as she plays with her nipples. Alex Victor leans over to suck her dick, licking the sides of it and going down hard on the entire shaft. He eats her tiny asshole, fingering it as she jerks off with finely manicured hands. He sticks all of his fingers inside of her ass as he plays with her boner, Soares laughing and squirming all the way. After some facefucking, Soares jerks off and comes as Victor eats her rosebud of an ass out.

The next scene opens right onto a cock hanging out from under a striped tutu. As it gets hard the camera pans up to Fernanda Cristine and blonde Gisele Bittencourt playing with themselves, touching their bouncing breasts and stroking their hard dicks. The two wave their swords around, moving their hands fast and staring straight into the camera. Tony Lee shows up to suck some dick and the two girls kiss and play with one another as Lee deepthroats Bittencourt’s mega cock. He does the same favor for Cristine before the girls move to play with one another. Cristine eventually fucks Bittencourt in the ass while Bittencourt sucks Lee’s dick, all three of them moaning and grinding against one another. The three roll around before Bittencourt, impaled on Lee’s hard cock, comes all over the screen. Lee and Cristine jerk off onto Bittencourt’s face simultaneously, giving her a chance to show the camera her cum-eating skills.

The screen cuts to Bianca Hills, who walks down the street in fishnets and a leatherette dress so short that her ass can be seen in the shot — something the camera angle makes clear. She makes her way up the stairs in high heels and into the room where Victor sits. The two speak in Portuguese, arguing until the anger turns into sex. Victor gets down onto Hills’ dick after surveying the goods through a glass tabletop. She grabs his face and makes him suck on her giant cock, barely letting him stop to play with her tits before forcing him back on. He gives careful attention to her balls and then pulls her dress down to reveal her tight body. He dives into her ass face first and then with his dick. Hills jerks herself off as he fucks her, looking sensuously into the camera as her hand begins to move faster and faster. Finally, she comes, strings of jizz dripping down onto the floor. They don’t stop, though, Victor grabbing Hills by the neck and fucking her hard. Hill pulls Victor by the dick and makes him come hard — right onto her face.

Next up is Jenna Tales, who has an appropriate name for someone whose scene starts out with a straight shot of balls. Her shining tits hang over the edge of a gold skirt and she smiles into the camera, showing off. It’s clear her cock is huge when it slips out from under her skirt, and Gabriel takes the hint, jumping right onto it with his wet mouth. Tales’ sizable prick goes deep into his mouth, deep enough to make him choke. Tales moves to suck his dick dutifully, cupping his balls and putting them into her mouth. She lowers herself onto Gabriel and into his tight, waiting ass doggy style as he jerks himself off. They fuck and then Gabriel goes down onto her cock as Tales tells the camera her husband is not home. Gabriel slips into Tales’ asshole, fucking her so hard that the tassel around her neck bounces against her breasts. Eventually he pulls out and Tales strokes her dick until she comes all over his face. He comes hard onto her tits and Tales licks him clean.

The next scene opens with redheaded bio girl Rococo Royalle touching Nina Lawless’ throbbing cock, kissing her and cupping her breasts. Royalle rubs Lawless’ dick against her, gyrating and grasping Lawless’ hips. Royalle slips down to Lawless’ cock, licking up and down her shaft and then sliding over Lawless’ swollen head. She deepthroats, spitting messily on Lawless’ dick before flipping over and offering her pussy and ass to Lawless’ mouth. Lawless eats her hairy cunt out and then puts her big cock inside of Royalle, grasping for ass she thrusts in and out of the tight pussy. Royalle jumps onto Lawless’ lap, Lawless maneuvering her red twat onto the giant cock. Dirty girl Lawless licks Royalle’s hairy armpit as she squirms and moans, bringing out a toy to play with her clit. She gasps as Lawless fucks her and moves the toy around her clit, coming hard. She moves the toy to Lawless’ balls, maneuvering it around her shaft and taint. Royalle sucks Lawless’ cock until Lawless comes all over her tight stomach — right into her belly button.

A muscular Nathany Gomes opens up the next scene, pulling off her bikini to reveal tan-lined breasts that she rubs together. Victor enters to play with her clothed ass and spread it wide to show the camera. He licks into her denim panties, trying to get at her cock. It’s not difficult to do, of course, as Gomes pulls her uncut dick out for Victor to put in his mouth. He undresses her and tries his best to get his mouth on her cock as Gomes enthusiastically shoves it in. She takes out a big dildo and licks it with her pierced tongue, Victor rubbing her ass with lube to get her ready. He assfucks her with the dildo while she pulls herself off. Once the dildo is out, he slips a hand into her asshole and makes her lick the toy. She jerks off and comes hard onto her tattooed torso.

In the last scene, Leticia Castro and Victor lie down on the bed, Victor rubbing Castro’s cock through black lace panties. He pulls out Castro’s girthy staff, caressing it softly with his hands. Castro moves to suck on Victor’s dick as she strokes her own cock, her high-heeled boots hanging off of the bed. Victor dives into Castro’s asshole with his face while jerking her off with her dick pointed behind her. He fingers her asshole and slips off his clothes, the camera showing come dripping from Castro’s cock. He thrusts inside of her, pounding against her ass and slipping his whole dick into her tight little hole before slamming it deep. They roll around, fucking, before separating to jerk themselves off. Victor points his dick at her round tits, angling it towards the collar that Castro wears around her neck. She puts herself back onto his dick, rubbing her own cock hard until she comes onto the camera lens and floor. Victor finishes up by coming on Castro’s hard tits, and the scene fades to black.

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Katrina Jade: Addicted to Black – Evil Angel

Luscious, exotic-looking, perfectly assed, perfectly breasted, 27-year-old California native Katrina Jade takes it up the ass — as well as getting seriously fucked by numerous black gentlemen — in this apocalyptically scorching gonzo showcase from Evil Angel and Jonni Darkko.

While Katrina held off on the anal thing for a long time, damn, she takes to it like a fuckin’ duck to water, particularly in the first scene with Isiah Maxwell, who goes straight to the A doggie style, really pounding home, with some great overhead angles of the backside action, nice gape-a-roos, some lovely ATMs with plenty of stringers (remember that term?), mish anal, reverse-cowgirl anal (shot as cowgirl, allowing Katrina’s awesome ass cheeks plenty o’ bouncing room), spoon anal (such a phenomenal booty on this bitch!), all ending in a terrific ATM/BJ, with Maxwell coming all over KJ’s tongue. Yeah!

Our wondrous whore next takes on four greasy black dicks in a crazed blowjob, which sees tons of balls-deep sucking, Kat’s own saliva-drenching of her own amazing tits, and the boys splooging all over her face and mouth. Wow!

Next, Kat takes it up the ass from another bro, with all possible positions and activities included: doggie, reverse-cowgirl, standing doggie, ATMs, ass-slapping, cowgirl (watch those butt cheeks fly!), mish, pussy sucking and cum-eating. She really does live up to the “Slut” tat on the side of her right ass cheek. Umphh!

And we end with a volcanic double-dippin’ scene, with Kat taking on two bros, with the ultra-tramp getting her ass blasted doggie (lots and lots of fanny-tastic ass-cheek jigglin’ action here) and reverse-cowgirl, while pleading to be choked, when, that is, she’s not gagging on big, black barracuda with her ever-famished gob, leading to the boys taking turn dunkin’ dicks into her shitter during reverse-cowgirl. Too bad there’s no actual DP. Guess we’ll just have to wait for that one (and a hellacious gangbang!) in the next volume, eh, Jonni?

“Katrina Jade: Addicted to Black” is an incredible porn starlet showcase from salacious start to slimy finish, with not a bad scene, not a bad position, not a bad moment from this very, very bad girl (love her!) named Katrina. Don’t miss it!

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Ariana Marie: A Little Bit Harder – Evil Angel

While gorgeous, 25-year-old Texas native (with delectable German, Irish, Puerto Rican and Belgian roots) Ariana Marie is no stranger to partaking of anal sex on camera, with over 300 titles under her belt after being in porn for five years, she does perform her first-ever double penetration (DP) in this excellent Chris Streams-directed gonzo, spotlighting the beauty, sexiness and nastiness — during the wonderfully coarse course of four scenes — of this true porn legend in the making.

Now, while the girl-girl between Ariana and Jill Cassidy is quite arousing, particularly thanks to plenty of anus eating on behalf of both lovely ladies, and the interracial inter-lewd ‘tween Ari and Ricky Johnson is nuthin’ to scoff at, it’s the opening DP and the closing hard-hitting sequence with the gland attached to Small Hands which really make this gonzo buzz with electricity.

Let’s not, of course, forget the brilliant glamour sequences care of director Streams preceding each sex scene, which truly highlight Marie’s natural beauty, either. But, boy, lemme tell ya, there isn’t one position that foreign pervs Markus Dupree and Steve Holmes miss during their opening DP of lil’ Ms. Marie, which includes plenty of cock-gagging, ATMs, doggie anal, doggie and reverse-cowgirl DPs, amongst sundry other salacious stances, with Ariana being quite visibly aroused during the entire flesh-sizzling barbecue of her tasty bod.

The final scene with AM and Small Hands is also a grand X-cursion in that it’s even rougher than the DP, with Marie succumbing to Smallie’s every mouth, cunt and anus command, with cowgirl and doggie anal being true highlights, though it’s fantastic seeing her choke oh so passionately whilst deepthroating Small’s love slug.

While Ariana Marie might not yet be a full-fledged porn icon, she’s quickly moving to that position, with Evil Angel/Chris Streams’ no-holes-barred “A Little Bit Harder” definitely helping her pave the road to XXX infamy and suck-cess.

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Aubrey Kate: TS Superstar – Evil Angel

One of the hottest TS stars gets her very own showcase, stylishly directed by Aiden Starr. She says she likes her men like her cars, “fast and powerful,” and has sex in a black convertible with one to prove her point. She gets buttfucked in several positions and seems to love every stroke. They trade places and she fucks him, then begs him to come on her face.

Students Aubrey and Lance Hart overcome busty professor Phoenix Marie, much to her delight. She’s especially delighted to discover Aubrey’s dick, sucking it as Lance fucks her. Phoenix begs for a DP and finally gets one, briefly.

“I want two dicks in my ass at the same time,” Aubrey sighs seductively, and she gets her wish as two eager boys pile on. One goes into her ass first as she sucks on the other. She leans back in reverse with one dick in her ass, while the other guy climbs on and inserts his cock too. The double anal is an acrobatic feat but also hot.

Aubrey craves even more dick. When her boyfriend just wants to watch a game on TV, she moans “I wish those TV jocks would come and fuck me, very fucking rough.” Six scruffy dudes grant her wish, filling her ass and mouth with cock in many combinations. Each one pounds her ass. She tells them to “fucking cum all over my face,” and they do, some with more effort than others.

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Double Anal Sluts – Evil Angel

Wildly attractive (as in Belle Claire, Ria Sunn and Kristy Black) and whorishly sexy (Brittany Bardot) Czech chicks get seriously, sloppily, sleazily (yeah!) double penetrated — including their anuses, hence this Euro gonzo’s title — with all of the volcanic action being shot by a highly bangable bitch herself, American porn star Proxy Paige, here awesomely directing, I believe, one of her first movie’s (next to “Bite Size Anal Beauties”) for the equally X-ceptional Evil Angel.

After Proxy does a seductive interview (Paige is obviously a total whore herself), Belle gets the hell penetrated outta her. While Claire looks X-quisite in each and every position, I especially loved her getting DP’d and DAP’d doggie style. She’s a fine gaper, as well, and she delights in lickin’ her own shit off a recently soiled, still steamin’ meat stick. Reverse-cowgirl DP and DAP give us a better view of belle’s bella boobs. Again, isn’t it grand that such stunning women do such stunningly filthy acts? Gotta love it. And after one dude cream pies Claire cunt during cowgirl (cum from which she scoops out and eats), the other Euro slob drops spermatozoa directly into her upside-down mouth. I wanna see more of this bodacious bitch!

Ria Sunn is a sleepy-eyed beauty who’s another one of my personal faves in general, here getting double-schtuped by Neeo and Ian Scott. Ria, by the way, is a fabulous deepthroater, never keeping her mouth empty, if only one of her nether holes is filled; but they’re soon both filled to the brim, and it’s a vision, indeed; first it’s a reverse-cowgirl DP, then the same position with DAP; next just doggie anal while she shucks veiny sword, with the boys soon switching pole positions. We soon have doggie DP, doggie DAP (with some lovely gapes) for a good and nasty long time (!), reverse-cowgirl DP and DAP, an awesome double deepthroat, doggie anal with more deepthroating, more doggie DAP (how does this little waif get alla that dick inside her poo-poo pit); some spoon DP which is one of my favorite pole positions here, with the boys ultimately blasting batter into her ravenous mouth; Ria swallowing all of the cum immediately after the pop, though only one guy erupts. What happened to the other prick-er-rooni? Hmmm … still, this scene is non-stop, high-energy raunch.

Next — my favorite babe of the lot, even before Belle Claire — is tasty, pig-tailed brunette Kristy Black (with the words “I Love Anal Sex” tattooed over her ass, so you know she’s a topnotch buttfuck whore), taking on black-boned Michael Chapman and white Ennio Guardi for some more nasty Prague pokin’. First, Kristy sucks a little black dick in the outdoors on a desolate walking trail, followed by some black-salami doggie style slit slammin’. Boy, does Kristy have one of the juiciest butts! Great pair of little titties, too. Chapman does a little doo-doo dunking, but not much, before they head over to Ennio’s pad for the DP works. I also love Kristy’s little waist, which is such a delightful contrast against her voluptuous butt cakes. We start off at Guardi’s digs with a double BJ, that’s deep and passionate. She loves to kiss, too, which is always a plus.

The pud positions themselves with babe-a-licious Black include (get ready for a cavalcade of scorching whackin’ material!) doggie vadge then doggie anal from Chapman with one choice gape; cowgirl vadge from Ennio (one of the best positions to showcase Kristy’s ample ass cakes), which morphs into doggie DP, as Chapman takes over her anus; leading to reverse-cowgirl anal with Ennio, morphing into a reverse-cowgirl DP then double-anal DP, with Kristy cheerily smiling nearly the entire time (love her coquettish grin!); then more doggie DP, some gapin’, doggie double-anal (more great undulating action from Kristy’s phenomenal butt cheeks), cowgirl anal, some ATMin’, doggie anal (whilst deepthroating), some doggie double-anal, then doggie DPin’ with all three participating parties aiming in the same direction (and babe Black visibly feeling the raging heat/pounding penetration from the intense X-pressions on her face), doggie and then spoon anal with Ennio (while she sucks down Chapman’s black behemoth), and, finally (spuh-latt!-latt!-latt), both tools spewing gruel into her cute-as-hell face. Next to the Belle Claire double ravaging, this one’s one of my favorite scenes of the entire year. Kristy rocks! Actually, at times (particularly when she smiles), she reminds me of a very young Jane Seymour. Do yourself (and yer willie) a flavor and check out this marvelously delicious wench!

Lastly, while she may not be as classically gorgeous as the previous three Czech sweeties, Brittany Bardot is still one potent piece of ass who’d absolutely wear you down in bed — here wearing down the dicks of Thomas Lee and the returning Ennio — with both her pink and/or (frequently rosebuddin’) stink. After jamming dildos up her butthole and winking at us with said junk-hole, Britt does a double deepthroater with Tom and Ennio, gets doggie analyzed by each guy while she’s standing (the dudes passing her back and forth, with plenty of ATMs), followed by a doggie DP, with Britt then getting doggie double-analyzed, doing some reverse-cowgirl DPing and double-anal (and, boy, is Britt a screamer!), gapin’ and rosebuddin’, lovin’ a few ATMs, equally relishing missionary anal, but truly adoring doggie double-anal, and then (ker-pow!) truly taking a powerful double blast right into her kisser, before eating every last drop o’ gunk. Nass-tay!

Kudos to performer/directrix Proxy Paige, who presents here, I think, one of the very best gonzos of 2018, with the wondrous double prongings of scrumptious Belle Claire and Kristy Black being true screw highlights.

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Rocco Siffredi Hard Academy Part 4 . . . Goes Live – Evil Angel

Okay, so this fourth volume of Rocco’s “Hard Academy” was broadcast live to a world audience o’ pervs. Great. But yours truly? Hey, I didn’t see it live. So, with this amazing DVD, I’m getting the next best fucking thing! That is, over the course of two discs, you get three mammoth scenes of ultra-decadence filmed with foxy foreign female figures, expertly shot somewhere in Europe. In fact, the third scene — and, to me, the best of the lot — has its own disc. But, aside from young babes, sizzling cougars and delicious MILFs from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic and Italy, “HA4” gives you orgies, blowbangs, anal, double penetration, girl-girl, ATOGMs and cum baths aplenty! It’s Evil Angel a la Europe/a la Rocco/a la nastiness which you do not wanna miss!

Scene one itself is pretty much a double penetration showcase, as downright sizzling blonde Polish porn slut Joanna Bujoli (but I’ve no age on this extraordinary tramp, who’s obviously a wee bit older than many of the young fillies featured), Hungarian hottie Lyen Parker (26, along with her marvelously big ass) and tattooed choice Czech chick Silvia Dellai (25), each suck numerous cocks and get double-pronged by an equal number of wildly horny gents (I’ve no idea who most some of these puds in Rocco’s porn academy are, but they sure know how to handle major Euro pussy and ass in front of the camera!). Each woman is totally ravenous for dickmeat and, basically, gets sloppily gangbanged in all of her holes.

The highlights in scene two are seeing tasty Serbian sweetie Alisha Rage (25) get greasily cornholed by BBC, tattooed Romanian dragoness Megan Inky (34) getting DPd/gangbanged (check out how red her right ass cheek gets after one Euro fucker slaps the hell out of it!), and cute brunette Czech Lady Dee (21, and taking on cock after cock in her mouth ’n’ muff). Primo whackin’ for ya!

But it’s scene three (on disc two, and, again, filling the entirety of disc two!) which is what I call scorched-earth porn, pretty much leaving no hole unplugged and getting everything so damn slick and slimy, the crew probably had to wear galoshes while filming this amazing orgy/gangbang, with Italian super slut Malena (35) and the returning Joanna Bujoli taking most of the dicks any which way they can; while it’s also a total turn-on seeing incredibly figured Hungarian MILF Blue Angy (47) get her fair fill o’ boy beef in cakehole and cunt.

Malena, of course, does everything imaginable, from sucking truckloads of boner, to doing DP after DP (her doggie double stuffings are particularly off the scale), eating man-ass, chomping down on pussy, performing ATMs and ATOGMs, and devouring a bucket’s worth o’ sperm. This hellacious ho’s one of my all-time favorite porn stars. And the fiery bitch shows ab-so-fucking-lutely no signs o’ slowing down at age 35. Also, I gotta give due credit to blonde Joanna Bujoli, who sucks and fucks a fair amount of penis herself, while also doing numerous DPs. And, once again, I wish there were more footage of 47-year-old Hungarian pepper pot Blue Angy, whose body is out of this world for her age, and who, quite obviously, is in some kind o’ smut heaven when getting seriously snaked by two guys at a time!

Nope, there isn’t a bad babe or a bad scene in this entire epic gonzo from the still-powerful purveyors of fantastic filth, Evil Angel, with eXXXtra high points going to the always-outrageous Malena (love you, bitch!) and the underrated Joanna Bujoli. Trust me, “HA4” will make you blow yer wad slime and slime again!

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Cam Girls: The Movie – Evil Angel

Docu-porn about two cam girls who visit Porn Valley to shoot their first professional hardcore scenes as content for their websites and possibly become porn talent regulars.

Red-haired Jenny Blighe is from Arkansas (and has won several XBIZ Awards), Ginger Blanks (also an XBIZ Award winner) is a blonde from Arizona. They are both pretty, lively, ambitious and love to fuck.

Porn fans can enjoy this as a documentary as well as a sexflick. It includes cameos by such adult community icons as superstar Angela White and super-agent Mark Spiegler, who both weigh in with encouragement.

After getting their required blood tests, they meet John Stagliano who puts them through their paces in their first girl-girl scene, a classic Buttman-esque encounter. In addition to the girl-girl, each gets a boy-girl scene and they wrap things up in a threeway with Manuel Ferrara.

Jenny’s one-on-one with Jessy Jones — directed by Aiden Starr — is very hot (she sucks a really good dick). Ginger asks how the scene went and says, “The cum in your hair indicates it went well.” Ginger gets her turn when Jonni Darkko shoots her in energetic action with Mick Blue, who comments, “I love her smile.”

Kayden Kross preps them for the threeway with Manuel. (“Kayden was very welcoming — after we had fucked her husband.”) It’s a typical Ferrara scene, sensual and rough, with high energy from the girls too. Manuel also has some words of wisdom for the two beginners: “If you’re creative, if you’re focused, you can have a really great life with this.”

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