Teens vs. MILFs 8 – Evil Angel

This Euro title from Evil Angel and director/performer Rocco Siffredi has plenty of choice foreign (English, Romanian, French, Serbian, Czech) female bodies (even a Colombian), being way, way nasty; so it’s most definitely a win-win wank situation yer gonna positively adore.

We start off with Czech sweetie Anie Darling and 39-year-old Brit/MILF/hottie Amber Jayne getting hellaciously humped by marvelously perverted Rocco. First, delicious Anie gets the Rocco reamin’. She’s great at choking on Italian salami and what a vision Anie is getting it doggie. Amber’s a blonde slut who really knows how to deepthroat, showing the younger Darling how it’s done. And seeing Jayne taking it doggie is equally fantastic. She also eats Rock’s farts (yikes!) with grand gusto. And when these two sluts form a threesome with the Rock, you’re gonna love seeing Anie eat Amber anus, Jayne slurpin’ up Anie twaterola, both ladies double sucking Siffredi sword, Anie licking Rocco rectum (gasp!), both tramps getting their cunts blasted a la Rock, and our lovely ladies sharing a blast o’ Siffredi sperm between one another. Ah, so romantic.

Next, delectable 21-year-old Romanian Delia and awesome 29-year-old Russian Hazel Dew get the royal dick treatment from some lucky bastard named Lutro. Brunette Delia is an amazing spinner with a simply perfect, svelte body and gorgeous face. She’s also quite the little cocksuckette. She wriggles in heat when bent over, dying to get plugged doggie style, which she eventually does, and it’s certainly a movie highlight, with her pink then stink both getting pounded, while our naughty girl hardly shies away from ATMs. Yes! Hazel, herself quite the spinner, shows up while Delia is getting dung-holee-oed during cowgirl anal, with Lutro popping onto Delia’s mouth. What? So soon? It’s okay, ‘cause the Loot can and does Dew-doo it again. Foxy Dew sucks him back to hardness, gets her ass licked, is doggied (by the way, what an ass on Haze!), with Haze soon doing reverse-cowgirl, followed by cowgirl anal (whew!), a choice ATM deepthroat, standing doggie anal (double whew! — and I positively love the garter belt action on Haze), mish anal, Delia doin’ some sweet ATOGMin’ and Dew sharing Lutro sperm with Delia. Yeah!

Our third scene is also a scorcher, with amazing Serb slut Haley Hill, 20, and equally awesome French tart Anissa Kate, 31, getting licked and sticked by some bastard named Vinny, who’s himself mightily licked by both babes, who are equally good at deepthroating, lemme tell ya. I don’t know which of these babes I like better. Check out Anissa’s luscious big tits, which Haley likes to suck on and which look good going bouncy-bouncy during reverse-cowgirl anal, with Hail doing the ATOGM doo-doo duties. Hill is the shit, as well, during cowgirl anal, such a juicy fucking ass, while she manages to actually beat Kate in terms of an ATM here. Next it’s mish anal for Kate, more ATOGMin’, doggie anal for Haley, a healthy ATOGM or two, three or four for Kate, and both ladies sharing a wallopin’ dollop o’ Vinny gametes.

And, lastly, we have a rockin’ foursome between 26-year-old Colombian Canela Skin, 33-year-old Romanian Megan Inky, bald Mike Angelo and bespectacled John Price, which is a damn good fiery and (better still) filthy finale. Canela has great big jiggly ass cheeks, which I could watch wobble for hours. She’s also a terrific hose inhaler, while she looks amazing in the cowgirl position, with both ladies first taking on bald Mikey. Check out how Canela grinds her cunt down onto Mikey during reverse cowgirl. Damn! Skin soon starts suckin’ Johnny’s skinny puppy, while Angelo is hammering Megan’s anus, with both boys eventually giving Meg a doggie DP, which includes double-vadge and double-anal. These Romanian whores really give you yer money’s worth! We soon get the same hole stuffings with Meg via reverse-cowgirl DP, after which the lads train her ass doggie style, with plenty o’ gapes. Canela is soon riding Pricey prick cowgirl style, and showing off her amazingly gyrating bongo cheeks yet again. Meg gets Mikey off, after which Pricey pud blasts batter into both bitches’ faces, which they happily lick off each other’s mugs. Charming.

It’s deliriously dynamic, delightfully decadent drilling with a host of attractive young and older babes from Europe — and one big-assed sweetie from South America — all of whom are sure to get you off. As a matter of fact, if this volcanic Evil Angel title doesn’t make you blow into yer fist big league, then you, your cock or both just ain’t functioning, Bubby.

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Aubrey Kate Plus 8 – Evil Angel

A-lister Aubrey Kate — an XBIZ Awards winner for Trans Performer of the Year — is given a deliciously lusty showcase that highlights her erotic mojo even when the blonde bombshell is in the middle of a multi-cock orgy.

Fellow trans girls Kayleigh Coxx, Lena Kelly and Casey Kisses share the spotlight together for a ladies-only group encounter before a quintet of dudes show up. Their comfort and familiarity lends itself to a friendly chemistry; however, the sexplay has a frenzied edge that carries over through the film.

A haphazard hotel room gang-bang features a variety of stalwart male performers tagging off on the ladies, with some demonstrating their sensual nature and others show off their piston-fucking talent. It’s an anal-heavy affair (Kelly submits to a rough double-penetration) flavored with deep-throat oral action. By the end, Kate and her girlfriends are soaked and spent.

A strong installment for fans hungry for more frenzied, filthy sexplay.

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Interracial Gangbang Tryouts – Evil Angel

Two cute white chicks — 23-year-old California babe Keira Croft and 25-year-old Ohio chickadee Nikki Hearts — are gangbanged, in separate scenes, by the same four black fellas in an apocalyptically scorching new series from the good pervs at Evil Angel.

Keira Croft, the more luscious of the two young ladies, gets the balling rolling, and it’s definitely my favorite of the two erotic episodes, seeing as Croft is just so scrumptiously juicy — and totally nasty. After some silly “tryouts” for an amateur football team, Keira, like Nikki, winds up in a room getting slammed to the hilt by a small army of horny BBC-wielding men. First she undergoes a rather gnarly blowbang, after which sweet and pretty (and pretty nasty!) Keira rides greasy black cocks cowgirl style (great pair of ass cheeks on this hottie), reverse-cowgirl, missionary, doggie and spoon — with all of the bros standing in an off-/on-camera line, taking turns training the foxy bitch — with our girl always trying to keep her mouth busy with a cock.

Eventually, during spoon vadge, Croft starts taking it up the wazoo — and lovin’ it all even more! Each position is repeated, with the focus now being on Croft’s kah-kah cave, while we’re similarly treated to molten doggie, reverse-cowgirl and standing double penetrations (yeah!), with the ebony lads taking turns in Keira cunt/Croft crapper; our darling pig-tailed pixie eventually/gladly accepting multiple sperm splats across her kisser from same four black gentleman. Love this bitch!

The more alt-looking, but very svelte and pliable, Nikki Hearts next takes on the same dark dudes with fairly fiery results, as well. The heavily tattooed Hearts is quite the cocksucker, really chokin’ on those meat puppets; after which she rides cock cowgirl style, then mish, which includes an anal train (she takes it up the shitter way sooner than Croft!), while (like Keira) she does her best (and succeeds!) at sucking seed any chance she can get; and we’re also soon treated to a doggie DP, another blowbang, some reverse-cowgirl/spoon vadge, more mish anal (Hearts gets cuter-looking as she gets sweatier!), spoon anal (one of my favorites), followed by a spoon DP (another one of my faves, as Nikki has such a perfect body for such a necessarily flexible position), reverse-cowgirl anal, some RCG DP, numerous pussy and pooper trains, along with a few darling lil’ (though not so little!) gape-a-roos, and, finally, quite the cocooning of Nikki’s puss care of our four over-sexed black swordsmen. Hoo-ray!

Cunt-grats to both Keira and Nikki on their X-tremely whorish talents, and we (meaning I and you!) can’t wait to see more installments of this way-way-filthy interracial series.

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Rocco: Sex Analyst 4 – Evil Angel

Russian, Hungarian and Italian babes, ranging from 19 to (get ready) 69 (!) get probed and plastered by lucky Euro pricks in this volcanic in-and-outing from Italian porn vet Rocco Siffredi, who directs while also portraying one of the “sex anal-ysts”, because, as(s) you’d X-pect in an Evil Angel pud-uction shot somewhere in Europe, this one’s chockfull of crapper crammin’.

We start off with Rocco (sporting specs and a shaved head) getting down and dirty in his plush X-amination room with two Russian beauties: 22-year-old Stefanie Moon and 26-year-old Arwen Gold (the latter on the DVD boxcover for damn good reason!). Arwen complains to doc Rock that her anus is too big so (what does he do?) he does everything to make her shitter bigger. First, Stef and Rock stick a huge glass dildo up Arwen’s heinie, during which they both worship said shit pit on the deeply moaning/groaning Arwen. They also stick metal balls up her pooper, which she pops out, each being doo-tifully cleaned by Stef’s talented tongue. And, by the way, what great bods on these two young tarts. Wow! Both ladies choke on Rock’s cock, after which he (finally!) jams it up Arwen’s anus doggy style, with Stef licking off the still-steaming-with-crap love-stick.

Next, a myriad of wondrously nasty antics unfolds: both ladies double suck Rock cock; he anally doggies Arwen while standing; Stef provides sizzling ATOGM action before taking Rock up her cunt while she’s bent over a steel-looking table, after which he stuffs it up her patooti, with Arwen revealing her own special ATOGM cleaning techniques. Stef does cowgirl anal; there’s more ATOGMs from Arwen who soon does cowgirl vadge, then mish vadge and even a lil’ Rock (phew!) rimmin’, before Squire Siffredi blasts Italiano dressing all over Arwen’s way-cute face, with both ladies ultimately share the murky mixture ‘tween their whorish selves. Yes!

19-year-old Anie Darling next does a threesome with freaky Chad Rockwell and 69-year-old (you read right) Hungarian Zsu, who only sucks dick, but provides quite a kinky vision to behold along with such a tasty young filly as Anie. Ms. Darling first sucks a mean prick, before Chad returns the flavor by sucking her cunt good and proper. Her anus, too. He then plugs her twaterola fulla wrinkled sax mish style, then via cowgirl, with Darling’s delectable pear-shaped derriere rockin’ and rollin’ every which way. A beautiful thing. Chad then lifts her up and bones her while she’s got her legs wrapped around his arms; another amazing carnal vision. Doggy is next, and it’s no less awesome, with more cheeky gyrations, as Chad yanks Anie’s ponytail. Granny finally sucks some dick (are her chompers in or out?), after which Chad cunt-tinues to pound Anie’s pussy a la doggay, followed by our senior citizen sucking some Darling cunt-a-roo, with Chad soon exploding gametes all across our May-to-December mugs.

Next we have a threesome ‘tween 27-year-old Russian Sasha Rose, 25-year-old Hungarian Shona River and Rocco, with Sash taking it up the stinker and Shona providing a secondary mouth/muff. After Sash and Rock do some standing 69, he fingers her shitter, sucks her toes, before Shona shows up and masturbates whilst ogling Rock as he does Sash’s slit reverse-cowgirl. They soon both double-suck Rock’s rog, with each taking a turn eating his anus (arghhh!), while the other bitch sucks slug. And they go back and forth, back and forth, back and… Hell, I’m surprise Rock doesn’t have a heart attack — or a (ka-boom!) fart attack, at the very least. Rock then doggies Shona while standing; humps her reverse-cowgirl while standing, then sitting; does some crazy cowgirl anal with Sash, as Shona provides some lovin’ ATOGMs; then, still with Sasha, engages in some heated reverse-cowgirl anal, spoon anal and doggie anal. Whew, baby! Shona sluttily sits on Sasha’s face, while Rock (his balls hangin’ right above the lapping Sasha) doggies Shona, then anal doggies Sash (still with me?), with Shona cleaning the shit-streaked sword, after which Rock coats their faces with (splat! splat! splat!) Florentine frosting.

Finally we get to what I think is the very best scene, with Hungarian hottie Monique Woods (no age supplied on this hussy) teamed up with 35-year-old Italian vixen Malena (one of my Euro faves), and some bearded tool named Vinny, with way volcanic results, as both ladies revel in getting reamed rectally on a big red shiny sofa — and upon a big, red, shiny prick! Lusciously curvaceous Malena does a fantastic suck-off to start the balling rolling, with Monique providing some oral action soon enough, as well, initially sucking Vin’s vine, then Malena’s behind. It’s not long before Vin is slamming away at Malena’s slit mish style, followed by a double-suck o’ boy beef, then Malena doing reverse-cowgirl vadge followed by cowgirl anal, with ATOGM ass-istance from Woods, followed by more horny cowgirl buttfucking from Malena, then reverse-cowgirl anal from Monique herself, with Malena sucking and licking anything that’s available, be it cunt or asshole, male or female. Such a grand whore! — and with a perfectly juicy booty, too! Spoon and doggie anal with Malena is a movie highlight, while doggie anal with Monique ain’t so bad, neither! Soon (and I don’t blame the bastard) Vinnie erupts like a gusher into the sexy faces o’ both trollops, who share the warm cheese whiz. Fab, baby!

Despite the appearance of our 69-year-old Granny gobblin’ some goose (which jaded viewers might actually enjoy), this gonzo is packed with potent pussy/posterior poundings care of some truly delectable/decadent Russian, Hungarian and Italian tramps. Worth checkin’ out? Fuckin’-A right!

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Bigger, Blacker, Cockier – Evil Angel

A boatload of fine-looking sluts ravenously slurp down greasy black cocks with their mouths, vaginas and (in most cases) anuses. And there ain’t a bad interracial scene here, with the lucky viewer getting not four, not five, but six awesome Evil Angel erotic sequences. Yeah!

A.J. Applegate starts off the pro-seedings getting fucked in the ass by her horny on-screen boyfriend, handsome Rico Strong. Then Angel Smalls gets her own tight asshole fucked to oblivion by a freaky preacher, played by Isiah Maxwell.

In one of my favorite installments, Italian sweetheart Valentina Nappi’s own mouth, cunt and crapper are all seriously rootered out by lucky bastard Jon Jon. Check out how Nappi dilates both her anus and twat simultaneously, while it’s a joy to behold her bountiful butt bongos jiggle like mad throughout her salacious scene.

Next, Lea Lexis gets dynamically DP’d by Jason Brown and Nat Turnher; with the latter bro’ returning in the following scenario wherein he’s double-sucked by Kristina Rose and legendary Belladonna, with a highlight here being when both ultra-sluts take turns deepthroating Nat’s knob. Whew!

And lastly we have the cute and succulent Madelyn Monroe shaking her juicy ass while —once again returning! — Nat Turnher/Returner gets his dick wet in her sopping twat and bottomless mouth. She’s a keeper, alright!

“Bigger, Blacker, Cockier” is one of the very best interracial romps I’ve seen this year, thanks, of course, to a marvelously whorish cast of one truly delectable white tramp after another. Nasty.

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Rocco Siffredi: Hard Academy Part 3 – Evil Angel

In the lucky third installment of director Rocco Siffredi’s “Hard Academy” (for the raunch record, he doesn’t perform in any of the scenes), Euro dudes (there’s a million of ‘em, and I have ab-so-fuck-ing-lutely no idea who’s who) are shown by sizzlingly delectable, ultra-slutty international porn starlets themselves how to keep it hard and get off in front of the camera, with some truly scorching sequences, most of ‘em blowbangs and gangbangs, again, with a shitload of sausages banging the cakeholes, cunts and crappers of some fine-ass foreign female bodies.

In scene one, we have English blonde Kelly Stafford and Romanian brunette Megan Inky sucking/getting fucked by a whole classroom of horny slobs, with Thai sensation Kim Triple X (also known as Kim XXX) eventually jumping in on some of the cum fun. Yes, there are blowbangs with lotsa deepthroating and gagging. Megan gets assfucked repeatedly (as in anal trains!) with Kelly providing some gnarly ATOGMs (even some man-ass eating, yeuchhh!), Meg is also DP’d with all of her holes being stuffed (I think they call that airtight, right?); Kell also sucks some Megan cunt and anus, as well as takes pop after pop into her face, which she oh so generously shares with Meg; after which some lucky bastard (this could be scene two but it’s sorta still scene one, I guess) takes the gorgeous/luscious Kim XXX outside and has her choke on his prick with her mouth, slit and shit. She’s a tasty cunt whom I definitely wanna see more of.

Kelly soon joins the outdoor degenerates, as do the other class o’ pervs, with Kell doing plenty of ATOGMs and man-ass eating of the lucky guy teamed with Kim, who happily takes a mouthful of squirt from Kell, with the two ladies soon suckin’ off all of the guys (yep, it’s another blowbang). Boy, that Kelly just can’t suck enough boner (I’d like to see her cunt get crammed full of said slug someday, though). After everyone pops and the marvelously trampy ladies swap sperm, we’re soon off to our next raunch romp at the Academy.

And that one features Hungarian hottie Linda Leclair taking on eight guys by poolside, first blowin’ all of ‘em, after which they take her to an outdoor sofa and first take turns rimming her as she blows one guy after another while bent over, with the guys soon banging her cunt (great ass on this bitch!) one after another (yes, it’s a twat train), while she cunt-tinues to shuck slug, non-stop. And many horny positions are taken with this ever-compliant tart before the lads all blow boy batter into her kisser. Good girl, Lyn!

Scene three is a major orgy featuring lotsa girls and (once again) lotsa guys, with fairly nuclear results. The ladies who get fucked include the Ortega sisters (Kesha and Sheila) from Venezuela, Italian Melena, Hungarians Lyen Parker and Tiffany Tatem, Limey Sienna Day, and returning Romanian Megan Inky. The girls are paired off with guys who switch places (lucky SOBs), with lotsa anal-yzing, plenty o’ boy gristle gagging (one and ones and groups), ATMin’; Sienna, Megan and Melena getting DP’d, and Melena even getting double-analed, while all of the lusty ladies eventually take plenty o’ pops in the puss, as well as share their semen spoils with one another.

Lastly, we have Lithuanian Baby Swabery (how’s that for a name, hmm?) and returning hungry Hungarian Tiffany Tatem taking on (yet again!) a buncha boners with their mouths, muffs, and, in the case of Swabery, manure-hole. Both bitches, by the way, are way pretty (they almost look like sisters), ultimately getting totally cocooned with cum. Yeah! It’s also a joy to watch Swabery not only get seriously DP’d, but get fucked in the ass cowgirl style, while she simultaneously blows two guys off. Amazing.

As a matter of fact, this entire movie is amazing, definitely one of the best so far this year, with not a bad scene/not a bad hoe in the house. Get it! You won’t regret it!

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My Curvy Girlfriends – Evil Angel

If you like women built like brick houses (as in, curvy in all the right places, with big, juicy asses and, in some cases, hangin’ hooters), then you’re gonna love the latest from that madcap Spaniard Nacho Vidal, the lucky pudinsky who gets to pork five different luscious Latinas (as in, three Venezuelans, a Colombian and a fellow Spaniard), with high points going to Venezuelan vixen Paola Guerra and Colombian coquette Amaranta Hank.

Supposedly, Kesha (29) and Sheila Ortega (24) are sisters (they do look quite similar), with each Venezuelan hottie offering something worth whackin’ to. Kesha has that large ass that’s so marvelously highlighted when Notch is getting humped by her in both the cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl styles, with the latter position (throughout the whole movie, actually) shot, at times, from Vidal’s perv-spective, giving us plenty of booty jiggling action. And Sheila is by far the best cocksucker in the entire movie, going deep, getting oodles upon oodles of spit on that over-worked Spanish sword, and, at times, gagging on same.

Marta La Croft (28) is, once again, from Spain, highly thick (a good thing!), quite the moaner, and, yes, she’s absolutely worth checking out; but it’s Paola and Amaranta whom you wanna save yer wad for. Paolo, amazingly, is the oldest chica of the lot, at a whopping 30 years of age, though she looks like she’s 24, and is incredible to watch shaking her own gelatinous (another good thing!) butt during doggie, cowgirl, and reverse-cowgirl. She’s also just a true beauty. Yer definitely one fortuitous fucker, Notch.

But, even sexier, is 25-year-old, ultra-luscious Amaranta Hank, who sucks a mean penis and just cannot give the camera a bad position; in turn, there’s an obvious reason why Notch saved this sizzling slut for last. I even like it when she pulls her legs up (and almost behind her noggin’) to let Vidal feast upon her undoubtedly sopping cunt. Doggie, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl really show off Amaranta’s amazing pair of meaty, oh so tasty butt cheeks. And she also has a truly unique face (as in fucking-A gorgeous!), complete with huge, liquid eyes that are almost constantly fixed upon Vidal; in other words, lots of always welcome eye cunt-tact during Amaranta’s slam session. I wanna see everything this bitch has starred in! Love her! And that includes her punkette haircut and wonderfully sloppy (yet another good thing!) boobies.

“My Curvy Girlfriends” is a perfect example of a great movie from the fine porn purveyors over at Evil Angel, complete with plenty of tantalizing foreign tarts, all adorned with large, succulent asses — especially Paola and (mama!) Amaranta.

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Lisa Ann, Back 4 More – Evil Angel

Yep. She’s back. This marvelous brunette babe started in 1994, and after doing anal, gangbangs, white guys, black guys, sucking pussy, you name it, as well as augmenting her looks here and there, the 46-year-old from Pennsylvania proves in this Evil Angel production that “you can’t keep a good slut down,” with four boink scenes (hence the “4” in the title) included, wherein she screws two white dudes (separately) and two black bros (also separately), with Lisa Ann (LA) ultimately suck-seed-ing in working up my appetite — with her randy mouth ’n’ moist-muff antics here — for more accelerated decadence, like deep DPs and nasty gangbangs.

The quartet of scenes is pretty much straightforward gonzo, each with a dick hammering and hosing down of our spotlighted slit. The best position in her fling with Johnny Sins is definitely cowgirl, meaning that we get some nice shots of LA’s big Italian-American ass cheeks jig-jig-jigglin’ everywhere, and some horny moments with her squatting up and down on Johnny’s joint. I, actually, think the best position with Prince Yahshua is reverse-cowgirl, as it gives us a sexy view of LA’s pint-sized, well-packed firecracker of a bod.

Next, lascivious Lisa sucks and fucks Markus Dupree plus Isiah Maxwell, with some wank-worthy hoe moments. A really memorable position with Markus is missionary, giving us a terrif view of Lisa’s impressive abs and suckworthy tits. I also like the image of her ass cheeks shot from below as these two horndogs screw missionary style while standing. And when huge-hosed Isiah Maxwell moves in on LA, she’s wearing sexy black garter-belt gear, with the best piston-posish being the pounding Maxy gives our booty bitch during a standing-doggie sesh at the bottom of an indoor stairwell, with the payoff being a choice, sloppy pop shot onto her chin and well-made-up face. Yeah!

This Evil Angel-puduction is absolutely one for Lisa Ann fans, who will enjoy each and every scene.

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Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes 3 – Evil Angel

Performer/director Bryan Gozzling (along with his Grizzly Adams beard and surfeit o’ tats) slams the living hell outta some choice young female pieces of San Fernando Valley ass, with tasty slut Amari Romani taking it (not surprisingly) straight up the sphincter.

And we, indeed, start off with none other than pretty, whorish (and pretty damn whorish!) Amara getting her shit hit, along with her tonsils getting blasted out. Keep in mind that when you watch a Bryan Gozzling gonzo, it’s hard to decide which act he likes better: ravaging the young tarts’ throats with his over-used prick or banging their twats and/or turd tunnels with said busy boner. I think it’s a tie. By the way, it’s magic seeing Amara Romani choke so passionately on prick, while it’s similarly a joy to see her bend that delicious derriere over and take it deep up the dung hole, with plenty of gapes and some ever-so-romantic ATMs.

Rope Baby might not take it up the ass, but (wow!) check out how she sucks that Gozzling gland to the bone, and with a sincere smile on her puss, too!; though it’s also a kick seeing her get salami-slammed doggie style.

Little blonde pixie Anastasia Knight (and her darling braces) has one killer ass, and such marvelously big, liquid eyes, that her episode with Gozzling is pure porn ambrosia, with Knight (like all of the girls) dutifully hacking up the saliva during her cum-mendable deepthroat efforts, so the ample spit slides down to her pussy and, in turn, naturally moisten her honey hole before Bryan hammers it silly. And, yes, it’s great watching her large, fair-skinned buns bounce with such animation during doggie.

Lastly, we have yet another beauty/cutie (possibly my favorite of the slot lot), Athena Raye, complete with a perfect set of not-so-small/not-so-big boobies, a fanny-tastic butt, and one helluva chipper disposition towards filth. I love it when she looks at Bryan oh-so-obediently when she’s gagging on his wrinkled sax, and it’s even better when he puts a real gag in her mouth and tells her to “say something” (you’re kiddin’, right Bryan?) while he’s doggie banging her booty, with her choice cheeks bouncing every which way. Awesome!

Yep, it’s another winner from freaky Bryan, who definitely has a knack for picking out darling little degenerates you‘d love to take home to properly meat, especially juicy fucking Athena!

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Colombian Teens 5 – Evil Angel

“Colombian Teens 5” stars 18-year-old Kat Licioux, Andreina Dlux, Anastasia Rey, and X-Lady, including three anal scenes and lotsa POV gonzo action that rocks the people’s cocks.

We start off with an X-plosion, indeed, with the truly gorgeous — and nasty! — Andreina Dlux, along with her picture-perfect face and wildly juicy, round pooper. By the way, Andreina’s the only girl in “Colombian Teens 5” who is not Colombian. She’s, in fact, Venezuelan. No matter. And check out her phenomenal posterior! Nacho wastes no time, by the way, burying his bone into her doggie style while she’s sitting the wrong way (butt the right way!) in a chair. I love her maid’s outfit, which she slowly sheds, oh so sexily. Her wondrous little tits deliciously cunt-trast with her bountiful butt cheeks. And check out how she gets spit all over Vidal’s prick during her initial sucking session, before riding her vadge on him cowgirl style. She likes to kiss, too! Doggie is amazing, though it’s shot via a tripod and not a roving cameraman, which would have been preferred with such a first-rate female fanny. Spoon vadge is terrific, quickly shifting into spoon anal; though Nacho’s prick keeps slippin’ out o’ that shitter for some reason, but he does finally settle into her sphincter.

Cowgirl vadge is truly amazing, too, with Andreina knowing how to rock her rump right. Yeowza! Look at those paddy cakes fly! A movie highlight. For the record, I could watch this beauty Andreina suck cock for hours. Vidal cums pretty fast while doing her doggie, and we only see the action from the side, while she’s on her stomach. The camera’s also not too close. Still, Andreina is so gorgeous, that it’s a scene you gotta catch; though I’d like to see her in more titles (preferably with, as I said before, a roving cameraman in addition to the lucky bastard banging her).

Anastasia Rey is the first Colombian to get it from Nacho, and she gets it up the ass, as well. She’s a beauty in her own way, really loving that Spanish sword with her lips and tongue. Nacho’s prick is not so long that it’s a chore for these whores to deepthroat, but it’s still nice to see ‘em do it, and Anastasia is super at it. Nice tits and ass, too. I love Rey’s intensity as her puffy pussy is penetrated missionary style, followed by her dunghole getting duly drilled. Spoon anal is fun to watch, with a few sweet gapes. There’s also reverse-cowgirl and doggie anal, followed by cowgirl vadge, which shows off Rey’s, literally, rockin’ butt cakes. Reverse-cowgirl vadge is shot as cowgirl so it’s a joy to behold, with Ana’s ass cakes continuing to rock and roll all over the place.

Redheaded Ms. Monroy is next, and she has one helluva chunky (a good thing!) booty, with Nacho really utilizing it to the max (sans anal), while she’s a fantastic cocksucker; hell, just look at those full, head-givin’ lips! Umphh! I like her smallish titties, too. And Monroy has such passionate expressions when she’s getting fingered or straight-out fucked. Doggie is awesome. Whoa! Look at those big butt bongos bouncy-bouncin’! Cowgirl is equally awesome, though a bit short; spoon is way steamier, with Rey actually shivering from the potent pounding she receives; then we get a bit more doggie, with Notch spraying his Spanish seed all over those succulent cakes, and Rey slowly scooping up the sperm with her fingers and cunt-suming it. Yes!

X-Lady might be 34 but she looks 18, and it’s marvelous seeing this Colombian non-teen getting her cunt and culo destroyed by Nacho’s nob. Aside from a beautiful butt, X-Lady has similarly beautiful breasts, while giving a beautiful BJ that’s deep, nasty and passionate. Reverse cowgirl gives us a thumbs-up view of her tits, while Nacho does a good job o’ filming her jiggling butt cakes during this same scene. I also love the mug on this vixen. So sexy! Look at those choice lips. Cowgirl is well shot, giving us a fine view of that fine fanny on X-Lady, and she knows how to shake those cans o’ paint, lemme tell ya. Doggie is definitely worth waiting for, with some far-out overhead shots of that far-out X-Lady backside. And it’s a treat finally seeing Notch penetrate her keister during spoon, then mish, which gives us marvy view of X-Lady’s delightfully liquid eyes; while doggie anal gives us a killer gape of her crud cave. Love this bitch! Next to Andreina, she’s my fave here.

And we end with the end attached to highly tattooed teen Kat Licioux, who’s also worth the wait, even if she doesn’t get her doo-doo doggied. Reverse-cowgirl POV style allows us a terrif view of her superior posterior, but doggie’s not too bad, neither, with Kat delivering one incredible cunt gap. Wow! You can actually hear the ocean during that gape-a-roo!

All five of these bitches are 100 percent awesome; especially anal beauties Andreina and X-Lady.

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