The Innocence of Youth: Vol. 11 – Digital Sin

It’s definitely fun watching highly bangable young girls who look innocent and may even claim to be innocent (yeah, right), but are far from it; which is exactly what you get — times four! — in this electric eleventh volume of the ongoing hit Digital Sin anthology series.

James “Mr. Wonderful” Deen likes his women to wear white, which he thinks is a sign of purity, before he bones the livin’ hell out of ‘em, as is the case with the white-wearing-but-far-from-pure Emma Hix, in one superb opening scene. Emma might use a little too much hand/wrist when it comes to sucking cock, but she’s incredible to watch getting her pussy penis-probed in any position, with my own faves being spoon (which transpires, thankfully, twice!) and doggie, in that both stances allow us to fully appreciate Em’s killer ass cheeks, while her big head-givin’ lips ultimately take a major dumpin’ o’ Deeno dick paste in a way-horny fashion you won’t wanna miss. Prick-lovin’-Hix is the shit.

Next, Chad White portrays a kinky bastard who finds an equally kinky bitch, in the form of brunette babe-a-roo Judy Jolie, via the internet, with the two putting in one scorcher of a sequence themselves. After a thoroughly horny face-fucking, Jolie gets pounded mish style, then offers show-stopping cowgirl, with her juicy, shiny ass undulating all over the place as White salami-slams her silly. Reverse-cowgirl lets us really enjoy J.J.’s meaty fucking thighs, while doggie is out of this world in terms of Jolie’s butt bongos wailing like crazy. And what a totally cute face this sweet-/exotic-looking bitch has!

Delicious brunette Harmony Wonder finds a “stray” on the side of the road in the form of (not a dog or cat) but Lucas Frost, with her father (whom we never see) telling her that it’s okay if she wants to keep Luke once daddy sees photos of the fortuitous bastard in an email; with Harr really going to town here on lucky Luke — and vice versa! Check out how awesome lil’ slut Wonder sucks Frost’s boner to the base — after she unties him, that is — and with loud, wet, slurping suck-off noises, too! Doggie and cowgirl are terrific in terms of showcasing Harr’s succulent ass, while mish provides some primo shots of her moist twat; reverse-cowgirl showing what a devastatingly darling fuck she is, as she bounces like an excited little girl on that gnarly piece of man-gristle. Brilliant scene!

And, lastly, we have old dude Steve Holmes as (yet another!) bent bastard who likes to get all perverted on his young female subjects, in this case the voluptuous Cassidy Banks, who graces the DVD’s boxcover for damn good reason; this final scene being one barn-burner of a cunt-clusion. Check out Cassidy’s large, all-natural chest orbs (as in hooters!), which Steve more than happily sucks at the start of his ravishment of this extraordinary young piece of ass, who has a gag in her mouth while he sucks her twat, then whips it, before finally vibing it. Stevie boy then removes the gag and has Cass dutifully, deeply suck his trouser weasel throughout the scene, with Banks getting lots and lots of saliva all over that overworked veteran worm, while she has fun bags (as in large fucking breasts) big enough to actually fuck, which Stevie boy ever so ecstatically does. Doggie is amazing, what with Cassidy’s ultra-juicy butt cheeks. Ditto for cowgirl. And it’s not surprising that horndog Holmsie dumps dick snot all over those same priceless Banks boobies. Fantastic!

From start to finish, “Innocence of Youth 11” is one highly wankworthy quartet of stories, starring such totally porkable female cuties that it’s hard to figure out which one you’d wanna bang first. Recommended.

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My Sexy Little Sister 4 – Digital Sin

Director Paul Woodcrest presents a delicious quartet of fresh, easily excitable (in the good sense of the word) pussy in this X-cellent Digital Sin flick of four stories, each basically involving the, well, “involvement” — on a deeply intimate level — of “sexy little (step)sister(s)” with their, quite understandably, horny as hell stepbros.

20-year-old blonde pixie Chloe Cherry starts off the pro-seedings, as she and her step-dude, played by the ever-wondrous James Deen, get down and dirty in a flash. Seems the two pervs have been boinking each other for quite a while behind their parent’s backs — and loving every decadent minute of their sleaziness! Cherry is a great cock-choker, while I especially liked her in the doggie and cowgirl positions, as her bountiful butt cheeks roll and ripple with magical animation. Tasty!

The next scene features luscious Avery Stone (about whom I know very little in terms o’ personal stats — other than the bitch with superb all-natural tits, amazing ass cheeks and pretty face is incredibly slammable); her scene with Tyler Nixon, playing the stepbrother who has the hots for sis (whom he doesn’t, however, want to look too whorish in front of his friends, but has no problem whatsoever, using her as a total fucking slut in private), totally rocks.

Boy, can Avery fuck! Wow! Every single position with this scorching tramp is choice, particularly (as you’d X-pect with such a killer ass) doggie and cowgirl, while she sucks a mean, deep, saliva-drenched prick. Great scene. Great trollop! Love ya, Av!

Another rewind-worthy scene is with DVD cover girl Carolina Sweets, who’s definitely one scrumptious, passionate lil’ firecracker during her heated tryst with her own on-screen step-sibling, Damon Dice, who really drills the sweetie. Carolina is just so marvelously into her scene with Damon, really rising to the occasion in terms of simply clicking with the big lug, including plenty of submissive compliance during Dice’s powerful penile thrusts into Carolina’s mouth and vaginal, while she’s also quite the delightful kisser. A fine little floozie, indeed!

And, lastly, we have Kendra Lynn, who totally gets into her scene with on-screen stepbro Lucas Frost, with Lynn positively dying to get her tonsils and twat humped silly by this dude. I like how the sex takes flight after Lynn models some of her scanty clothing for her somewhat nervous and uncomfortable “brother,” who’s quickly (and gladly!) seduced by Lynn. Like Avery, she ab-so-fucking-lutely knows how to work that moneymaker of hers. Keep it up, girl!

A sincere congrats to Herr Director Woodcrest, who’s really put together one wanking winner of a group o’ randy young bitches, all of whom rise to the naughty occasion; with, again, and extra kudos going to the truly amazing Avery Stone, who fucks like a fiend.

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Teens Like It Rough 5 – Digital Sin

The girls in “Teens Like It Rough 5” (TLIT5) are definitely old enough to know that rough sex is taboo and a total turn-on to pervs like me. In other words, TILT5 fuckin’-A rocks from start to finish, with all four featured tasty twats proving themselves as marvelously kinky sluts.

Jenna Reid, phenomenal here, plays a way cute teen who says she’s addicted to watching rough-sex porn, so her on-camera boyfriend, Xander Corvus, wanting to please her (and himself) engages in some hard-hitting ham-in-bonin’. Reid is both pretty and sexy, and she deepthroats Corvus cock to such a degree that, at one gnarly point, she actually burps when coming up for air. Right on, Jen! Xander slaps her tits, slams his salami into her during doggie like there’s no tomorrow (she loves it! — whining like a little kitten!); he then steps on her head, yanks her hair, smacks her cunt with open-handed blows, gags and chokes her, fucks her face (lotsa rude noises and oodles o’ saliva), jackhammers her, hits Reid’s ass during cowgirl (an amazing position with jiggly-butt Jenna; which also leaves her with a pair of candy-apple-red butt cheeks), pinches her tits, and finally splooges spunk across her face. “Thank you,” the smokin’ little bitch purrs. Love her!

Emma Hix is a blonde, slinky spinner with whom Damon Dice has his very rough way — and it’s a killer scene. Dice sneaks up on Emma in her house like a home invader, choking her from behind and grabbing at her tits and twat, with Hix hyperventilating in a nervous, real manner. Dice gets cunt-trol of her when he starts fingering her snatch, licking her anus and doggie-fucking her, standing, in the hallway. He soon brings her to the bedroom and doggie drills her there, followed by some spoon pounding, very deep blowjobin’ (I mean, to the bone!), reverse-cowgirl porking (her fantastically taut body is beautifully displayed in this position), more spoon, some ass-spanking while she’s bent over, additional doggie drilling (one of the best positions, as all hands are, off of her bodacious booty, making it all the more a work of (t)art for us to fully view), leading to Damon’s depositing o’ dick snot all over her eye, nose and tongue. Emma is a terrific rough roll in the hay!

Vienna Black’s on-camera boyfriend Lucas Frost is skeptical about havin’ hard sex with Black, afraid that he may hurt the little thang, but Black is dying for it, so we get her wanted tumultuous tryst via a Black fantasy — and it kicks ass, in more ways than one. Black is another cutie who likes getting her tonsils blasted out during oral. Numerous times! Lots of eye contact makes it even better. Hard missionary gives us a fine view of Vienna’s luscious little bod. Doggie is also a winner, her tasty figure all sweaty and all the more tantalizing by now. I also like viewing her little anus (which is quite prominent, actually) as Lucas doggie damages the damsel, who’s lovin’ every long, hard inch o’ that pork roll. She’s good at bouncing on boner during cowgirl, begging to have her hair pulled, which Frost most assuredly does. The blowjobs are fairly cunt-tinuous, too (in-between hump positions, that is). Reverse-cowgirl, like mish, gives us a fine view of her fine anatomy, while spoon lends us a good look at her velvety, wet snatch. I positively wanna see more of this choice, submissive cunt.

And our faithful director, Eddie Powell, shrewdly saves one of the best scenes for last, as we finally have baby-faced Shae Celestine, a darling-looking honey, letting James “Mr. Wonderful” Deen get fast and furious with her. After slapping Shae’s tits, as well as choking and spanking her, Deen doggie bangs her on a sofa, before choking her throat with his meat puppet a la one nasty BJ. Cowgirl gives us a superlative view of Shae’s award-winning ass cheeks (so soft and jellowy), while missionary is simple but revealing angle in terms of displaying Celestine’s sweet-looking mug. For the record, her little tits were meant to be harshly squeezed, which is precisely what Deen does. It, indeed, appears as if she’s in seventh heaven during reverse-cowgirl and spoon, with Deen telling her to talk to him while he chokes her in the latter position. And dontcha love how she gapes during jackhammer? It’s a beautiful thing. Jimbo soon blows his load onto her chin.

Each of these no-nonsense episodes is worth catching because the action is absolutely arousing, while the girls are both delicious- and succulent-looking (even a sleek chickie like Emma); but the most potent, the most powerful segment is absolutely the opener with Jenna Reid and Xander Corvus, getting us fully acclimated for further wild rides with three more young, attractive, adventurous tramps, while the boner, er, bonus scenes with sizzling whores Mandy Muse and Haley Reed (giving you six as opposed to the regular four scenes!) makes it an even better deal for your raging hard-on.

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Sex With My Younger Sister 3 – Digital Sin

Stepdaughters and stepsons get it on behind their parent’s backs, with each sequence in this excellently directed porn from Eddie Powell being arousing for various reasons — or, more specifically, various positions — thanks to all four featured female foxes.

DVD cover model Athena Faris begins the pork proceedings, in a one truly sizzling blast-off. Faris plays a fetching little twat who uses her more-than-willing stepbro, played by James Deen, to give her a little practice for a porn website on which she wants to be a model, with the horny couple winding up doing the nasty on a regular clandestine basis. Actually, Faris is a much more ordinary-looking girl than her impressive cover photo, which is better, in my opinion, because it makes her more overall accessible. Still, her body is positively superlative, and director Powell brilliantly highlights that succulent figure during the cowgirl and spoon positions, while I like how Deen pulls her legs together during missionary to further spotlight the meaty ass on Faris.

Judy Jolie is a true cutie, really hoping to get down with her stepbrother Damon Dice after she hasn’t seen the lug in four years (since he’s been off at college, spending most of his time, apparently, lifting weights), with Jolie ultimately fantasizing (or is it all for real?) about getting slammed silly by the big brute, with the best pole position here definitely being missionary, seeing how Dice-dick goes so deep into the moist cunt of the seemingly ever-horny Jolie.

In one of the more humorous scenes, Emily Willis winds up succumbing to stepbro Chad White’s big-dicked charms after she accidentally sends him a photo of her nude body, to which he replies with a shot of his raging hard-on; with the best arrangements in this spirited slamming being reverse cowgirl, seeing as Emily has a wonderful spinner’s body and knows how to use it; while doggie is also great, fanny-tastically showing off Emm’s tasty tight tukus, with Chad really slammin’ it good and hard.

I also liked Khloe Kapri’s sequence, given her cute face and all-around luscious figure, with Logan Pierce; she’s always a treat to watch in action, with reverse-cowgirl really being her best pumping position, while she absolutely proves herself the best cocksuckette in the entire movie (in my view), going deep, loud, wet and nasty with Logan-log. Love ya, Kapp!

“Sex With My Younger Sister 3” never stops moving, with, for the most part, simple but engaging stories featuring cute and sexy young women who, quite obviously, like the work they’re doing, making it seem as if it’s anything but work. Worth checking out!

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She Likes It Rough 2 – Digital Sin

Every scene rocks in this high-octane celebration of hands-on sex, but when Andi Rye submits to James Deen, the intensity is off the charts. “I love to be dominated, held down and fucked hard,” Andi coos. She gets all that and more from Deen. He starts with tit-slapping, then chokes and finger-fucks her, pounds her in doggie, drags her by the hair. “I can’t get enough,” she screams. The harder he slams her the more orgasmic her response. He sticks his foot in her mouth. “You come again for me,” he commands, and she does.

Willowy Elena Koshka loves that Xander Corvus “tests my boundaries.” He finger-fucks her hard then face-fucks her until she drools. He makes her squirt as she screams her head off, then finishes her in piledriver. Beautiful Maya Kendrick can’t wait to get it on with Ramon Nomar. He pounds her while choking her. “You’re so fucking wet,” he pants. Her eyes roll back in her head so all you can see is the whites — that’s how much she loves it.

Davina Davis starts off quietly with Mick Blue, very sensual. Then he starts choking and slapping her and pulling her tits. He spanks and finger-fucks her pussy as she yells and goes crazy. This is more of a good old-fashioned pounding than really rough sex. But it’s rough enough.

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I’m My Stepdad’s Favorite – Digital Sin

Four horny cuties get royally humped by bent step-papas, with high points going to Kenzie Reeves and Skylar Snow (who bookend the movie) in this zesty title from director Paul Woodcrest and Digital Sin.

After catching his stepdaughter, ultra-cute spinner Kenzie Reeves, masturbating in her bedroom, Roman Nomar slaps his prick against her soaking twat and buries that raging hard-on into her deep and gluttonous gob — yes, she’s a 21st Century cock-suckette (can you hear Jim Morrison singin’ it?). Oh yeah! And dig Ken’s perfectly puffy pussy.

Umphh! The mish posish gives us a delicious view of Ken’s scrumptious tight little bod, as does reverse-cowgirl, while standing mish is shot from below to highlight Reeves’ heavenly butt cakes. Doggie with Kenz is, of course, one of the movie’s high points; such a tight tukus (and she doesn’t mind Roman’s belly slappin’ up against it, neither — what a gal!).

Actually, cowgirl might be the best stance of the lot, seeing as (and I do hand it to Ro-No here) our stud has the presence of prick not to manhandle those fine ass cheeks, but instead let us viewers thoroughly imbibe of their all-natural splendor.

Next up is fellow Spaniard Toni Ribas, as he roughly hooks up (for a second time, it would seem-en) with his own tasty little twat of a stepdaughter, in the form of slutty, slinky Anastasia Rose. After having Rose choke on his hose, Ribas ravages her cunt mish style, grabbing savagely at her breasts (the heated bitch loves it!). I dig when she rides Toni’s rat cowgirl style, letting her butt cakes wibble and wobble, while Ribas occasionally pulls ‘em apart to fully expose her twitchin’ anus. Doggie is pretty gosh darn good, too, with Ribas yanking at Rose’s hair as he wails away. Ribas literally chokes Rose a little during spoon, cunt-stantly trying to make her squirt, before blowing off some steam (in the form of cream) upon her tits. But it’s ultimately dick sucking at which Anastasia really X-cels, going to the bone every friggin’ time. Good whore!

In a similar stepdad/daughter scenario, Tommy Gunn becomes fully aware of the masturbatory X-cercises practiced by his own on-screen faux-mily, in the form of very fetching redhead Jewels Vega, eventually cunt-fronting her with it and grabbin’ some quality slime with this easily aroused young hussy. Gunn is, actually, a good actor, giving the scenario the touch of reality it needs to make his seduction of Jewels believable and, in turn, all the more erotic. Jewels gives a solid BJ, but catch her doing cowgirl (she really gets a good rhythm goin’ riding Tommy’s torpedo), while her juicy ass and hangin’ all-natural tits are fantastically spotlighted during doggie; though missionary and spoon are great in that we get a terrific view of Jewel’s all-around killer tummy and (a further view of those tantalizing) titties, with the latter magically gyrating in these far-from-static positions.

And lastly, curvy Puerto Rican Skylar Snow is precisely what her on-screen stepfreak of a father Steve Holmes desires, as he pounds Snow’s tonsils and twat silly. It’s the stepdaughter who does the seduction here, and she’s such a delightfully voluptuous thing! I mean, check Snow out when she’s bent over and gagging on Steve-stick. Whoa! What a pair of butt cakes on this petite morsel! Snow also doesn’t mind eating Stevie boy’s farts (dayim, girl). Additionally, Sky has a choice pair o’ hooters. And I like the fact that she keeps her glasses on during her tryst with twisted Stevie. She rides cock well during cowgirl (her bountiful butt bongos a-flowin’), ditto for reverse-cowgirl (which is shot from Stevie’s perv-spective); while you’re gonna love her incredibly succulent butt get pummeled from behind during doggie. And watch how Snow’s own pair o’ bodacious boobs bounce during reverse-cowgirl. Wow! And for the pop shot, Stevie baby does a fine job, indeed, o’ fully frosting Snow’s specs.

The sex in “I’m My Dad’s Favorite” is absolutely dynamic and totally worth a wank; with all four young floozies showing what good up-and-cumming lil’ sluts they are; my faves definitely being classically foxy spinner Kenzie and (on the opposite end of the XXX spectrum) off-kilter, carnally charming, delectably juicy Skylar.

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I Love My Sister’s Big Tits 8 – Digital Sin

This dirty Digital Sin series from solid smut auteurs Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Power is a rocks-off porn programmer for both the illusive couples crowd and yer more hardcore porn connoisseurs (“raincoaters,” if you will). All four busty babes featured in ILMSBT8 (wow, we’re really up to volume eight?!) are thoroughly slammable in their own unique ways. But it’s 24-year-old Latina/California native Ella Knox who’s the true boob superstar in this all-around horny whacka-whackanthology.

And, hey, the other three busty broads are, again, most assuredly quite bang-a-licious. Skyla Novea and Stacy Jay may have augmented orbs, but the lassies still know how to do the groin grind. Skyla gets a literal rubdown from her masseur stepbro Chad Alva, before the latter splatters her with bro’ batter, with the best pre-pop position definitely being doggie, with Novea’s choice cheeks gyrating like friggin’ mad. Bruce Venture gives his annoying stepsis, Ms. Jay, a grudge fuck, with the hope of shutting her ever-whining mouth (for a few peaceful moments, at least). For the record, Stacy’s most notable stance is cowgirl, while she offers one super sleazy (a good thing!) suck-off session.

Next to Ella Knox, Skylar Snow has the only pair of all-naturals; and it’s sexy SS who’s caught masturbating by her curious stepbro’ Jessy Jones, with JJ soon getting himself some downhome strange. Skylar’s best position, like that of Skyla (please don’t cunt-fuse the two), being doggie, with those bodacious butt bongos roll-roll-rollin’ along with the utmost in raunch rhythm.

But let’s get down to cases: the scrumptious Ms. Ella Knox. I am positively nuts about her appearance and attitude, both of which kick ass. Knox basically seduces her stepbrother, in the form of the very fucking lucky Lucas Frost, who’s visiting their home during a college break. And there just isn’t a bad position with curvaceous cutie Knox. In fact, with her voracious appetite for dick, as well as her marvelously big ’n’ sloppy boobs and bounteous bush, Ella reminds me of some kinda ‘70s porn starlet throwback, which is refreshing, to spray the least. I also love how her breasts-ta-sez get all shiny with sweat, and how they oh so offensively (yes!) jiggle ’n’ gyrate during every position she assumes, with reverse-cowgirl and doggie (see how those fun-bags hypnotically sway while the scorching bitch is bent over!) both taking the cake. And check out what a far-out deepthroat session she offers lucky Luke. Dayim! I just can’t get enough o’ naughty Knox, including her tasty tukus and, natch, noteworthy knockers. Ella? — will ya marry me, ya beautiful ’n’ bawdy bitch? Thought so.

Well, before my future ex-wife and I tie the knot, witness for yourself awesome Ella burning up the small screen in this scorching big tits on stepsis series — along with (you are far from forgotten, ladies!) fetching busty B girls (the saucy S’s!) Skyla, Stacy ’n’ Skylar. Wank on!

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