Tales of Psycho Sluts 2 – Depraved Life

The women in these stories are as slutty (yes!) as they are psychotic in this Depraved Life series, with the second volume involving heated threesomes; way high points, by the way, going to volcanic MILF Kendra Lust and her molten boy-boy-girl-a-thon.

The other three tales are nothing to scoff at, however. One of the better scenarios is, in fact, the opener, with a stressed-out-from-too-many-bills Penny Pax resorting to whoring herself to make ends meet (a la cock-meat) by becoming the sex slave to none other than James Deen and his (on-camera) wife Chanel Preston, who definitely exudes strangeness. The build-up to the sex itself in this first episode climaxes with raunchy results, with Penny putting in a fantastic ass-fuck performance. Both Preston and Jimbo like doling out the rough stuff to the very submissive Pax, who looks fantastic, with her luscious booty and full, hangin’, all-natural tits. They make her choke on Deen dick, with Preston happy as hell to do the same with Jim bone.

Preston fucks Pax pussy with a strap-on, while Jimbo fucks Chanel in the cunt (both ladies are bent over and stacked). He then sticks the real thing up Penny’s poop pit, doggie style, while Pax eats bent-over Preston’s farts. Whew! Fiery mish anal with Penny is next. Then Deen and Preston DP Pax doggie style, with Preston, below, jamming the artificial joint into Penn’s puss, while Deen drills the real thing into her dung ditch. And it’s not long before Deen blows boner batter into Paxton’s mouth. Pax fully proves herself as a damn good actress, reacting realistically when, after the threesome, she breaks down, realizing that she’s ruined her relationship with her decent boyfriend. Good stuff.

The threesome featuring Briana Banks and Abby Lee Brazil — along with the ever-talented Tommy Pistol — stand out because Abby is such a tasty Latina morsel, while Briana is a marvelous deepthroater. Brazil plays an exchange student seduced by the bizarre married couple with whom she’s staying (Pistol and Banks), further validating, in the case of Banks, the “psycho” angle. A high point here is when Pistol doggies Abby while she eats Briana. What a vision Abby is to behold bent over! That deliciously pear-shaped, olive-skinned ass. Mama! Juicy yet muscular. Umphh! Cowgirl with Abby is another showstopper, with Bri simultane-ass-ly sucking Abby’s anus. Wowie!

Delicious MILF Bianca Breeze finds her on-screen husband’s (Mick Blue) porn magazines under their bed and wants revenge (a little extreme, making her also, I suppose, a bit unstable, if not an outright psycho), so she hires a call girl, in the form of Rachel James disguised as a babysitter to catch her husband in the act of porking lil’ slut James when wifey’s back is turned. I love how Breeze sucks Rachel’s pussy juice offa McDick, as well as when Bianca gets it doggie style while James sucks Breeze’s bush, and Bianca — again simultane-ass-ly — returns the flavor in one awesome bit o’ girl-girl 69.

But the most scorching scene has gorgeous, ridiculously sexy MILF Kendra Lust playing a bimbo who over-exceeds her credit card limits but gladly works out a “deal” with two boner-wagging repo men, in the form of Johnny Castle and Jean Valjean. Lucky bastards! Kendra is good at playing exasperated and, in terms of nastiness, she starts off by giving the lads an amazing double BJ. And don’t you adore how Lust’s big augmented boobies have a beautiful spring to ‘em?! I also dig it when she starts gagging on man-gristle. Castle doggies her well, making those ass cheeks fly while she deepthroats Valjean. Good job, Johnny! The boys switch pole positions. A few times. Valjean (hallelujah!) doesn’t grab-ass too much, allowing us to more fully appreciate Kendra’s killer booty cheeks. Cowgirl has Valjean slapping those choice cheekies while Ken gets her throat mangled by Castle cock. Awesome, as well, when she squats on Jean’s joint. Castle then slams her mish, her tits revolving around. The boys, wonderfully, keep switching pole positions (be it doggie, cowgirl, spoon, mish), while Kendra never stops sucking a free (as in inactive not the unpaid-for sucking of a) boner. There’s plenty of ass cheek slapping throughout, too. Ken loves it! Valjean ultimately spurts onto Lust’s chin, followed by a burst o’ Castle cum. And after all o that suckin’ and fuckin’, Lust still looks phenomenal. She’s the best.

Yep, definitely check out Ms. Lust in this quartet of psycho slut tales, with Penny Pax doing a damn good job herself o’ taking it up the poo-poo. Overall, this choice second volume offers some seriously horny lickin’ and stickin’!

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Chapter Two – Depraved Life

Four slightly to rather twisted tales, all featuring very fuckable young women, with (one of my favorite porn starlets) Jessa Rhodes in two (yes!) of ‘em.

Jessa wants one last fling with someone, who turns out to be her married friend Derrick (Pierce), in a blistering opener. While Jessa may have augmented tits, they look fab. As does her ass. As does her face. As does every fucking thing about her! Her fucking and sucking are pretty damn good, too. After Pierce worships her pussy, Jessa does a great job o’ sucking his prick to the bone while getting face-fucked (plenty of marvelously disgusting sounds and oodles of spit); followed by reverse-cowgirl, more cocksucking, cowgirl (some terrific cheek action care of Rhodes’ killer ass), missionary, doggie (a movie high point with such an incredibly juicy butt on Rhodes), and a generous donation of Derrick dick-snot upon Jessa’s pretty face. By the way, the scene does have a slight twist ending, thus working into the whole Depraved Life theme, so there ya go.

Remy Lacroix’s male neighbor, Seth Gamble, helps her get into the whole anal thing (per his wife’s suggestion; what a lucky bastard!), more or less prepping Lacroix for her own husband (who apparently has a huge cock), in one of the movie’s nastier sequences. Remy is another bitch with a rather juicy body, while also giving a fairly deep BJ. She and Gamble avoid her cunt and go right for the anus, with cowgirl being the first position, and Remy not at all shy about ATMs. Spoon anal is next, followed by doggie anal, followed by Seth blasting Gamble goo all over her butt-a-roo. Way ta go, Seth!

Jessy Jones psychologically tortures his girlfriend, Penny Pax, in a non-sex role (at least, initially I thought it was), after he catches her cheating on him, by tying her up and turning the crying wench into a cuckold before her eyes as he slams the hell outta Jaclyn Taylor, making for one strange yet delightfully salacious scene, seeing as Taylor is such a choice-looking tramp. Jaclyn is wonderful at getting her tonsils blasted out during an animated BJ, after which she climbs aboard Jessy’s joint and vigorously rides him cowgirl style (love the fact that she keeps her garters on), followed by reverse-cowgirl, missionary, (standing) doggie, with Jess ultimately coming upon Penny’s face, so I guess Pax does, actually, do a bit o’ sex here.

Lastly, Steven St. Croix’s on-screen daughter invites a homeless chick, played by (the returning) Jessa Rhodes (who hardly looks homeless, trust me, but seems to have ulterior motives, indeed), with the two eventually burning up the sheets. There really isn’t a bad pole position with Rhodes, though my faves are spoon (giving us a nice view of Rhodes’ especially nice fucking bod), doggie (can’t get enough o’ that rockin’ Rhodes rear), and, of course, her amazing deepthroat talents.

These four stories work well thanks to the good acting, absolutely good looks and delightfully depraved antics of its three starring women, particularly the always-welcome, always-awesome Ms. Rhodes, whom you definitely don’t wanna miss.

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Tales of Psycho Sluts – Depraved Life

Actually, it’s the guys in two of these four stories who go psycho on us, while the four girls featured range from opportunistic vixens (Jillian Janson & Charlotte Cross), to totally submissive tramps (Ashley Adams & Kenzie Taylor, respectively). In fact, the title of this terrific anthology from Depraved Life Productions could have easily been “Tales of Hot-Lookin’ Slut Bitches” and you wouldn’t have lost a beat — of yer meat.

To start things off, Ashley Adams plays a self-involved airhead — albeit, a very fuckable one, willing to do anything — who has her Lyft driver, Michael Vegas, take her all over the Valley to the point where (after he finds out that her credit card is rejected) he grudge-fucks the livin’ daylights outta her. I mean, Vegas truly goes nuts on her (in more ways than one!), ravaging her in the back of his SUV, at night and up in the hills; with our boy banging the tonsils out of Ash’s mouth, while boring her cunt undoubtedly to a point of soreness (for his dick and her twat). The best position is, in my view, missionary, as you get to see plenty of Adams’ choice body, with her fine tits swirling around.

Next, the gorgeous, scrumptiously curvaceous Jillian Janson plays the pissed off girlfriend of a loser who’d rather watch football than fuck this amazing piece of ass, with Janson ultimately burning up the sheets with her boyfriend’s way smarter bud Damon Dice. This scene is surely the most scorching in the movie, with Janson never appearing in a bad position, though my faves include cowgirl (awesome butt-revolving action) and doggie. Jill also gives, like all the girls in this flick, a killer deepthroat of a blowjob. Repeatedly!

Seth Gamble plays a police detective who, foolishly, releases a babe, Kenzie Taylor, who he feels was wrongly arrested; not long afterwards, however, Taylor starts, supposedly (we’re never quite sure) stalking him by letter and phone, to the point where Gamble goes bananas and, like Vegas with Adams earlier, throws a righteous grudge-fuck into the fetching twat. Gotta say that I love Kenzie’s big augmented boobs and 1950s-looking glam hotness. She’s also a luscious whore who likes getting it hard and rough, with Gamble more than willing to ass-ist her in this cunt-text. Cowgirl and doggie totally rock, with Taylor giving truly filthy, to-the-bone suck-offs to our boy Seth. Lucky bastard.

Finally, Ryan Driller plays the son of a mobster who’s blackmailed into heatedly fucking his pop’s younger trophy wife, Charlotte Cross, or else she threatens to blow the whistle on whistle-blower-to-the-Feds Ryan himself. Cross is another thoroughly juicy babe, and she’s flaunting a magnificent set of all-natural boobies. Her equally tasty ass is best viewed, in all of its fleshy roundness, jiggling like mad during doggie, while her spongy but equally firm breasts are best viewed doing the same during rotating action during missionary and spoon. Additionally, she’s quite the cock-gagger. Wonderful whore!

“Tales of Psycho Sluts” is c(h)ockfull of intensely filthy, sexy-looking slatterns who burn up the small screen in engaging stories of raunchy revenge. One helluva nasty quartet o’ vibrantly vice-laden vignettes!

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