My First Interracial 11 – Blacked

Talk about apocalyptic interracial sex! — featuring, no less, four of the industry’s tastiest-looking, horniest-acting (that’s not acting!) white bitches!

Evelyn Clair looks amazing and can suck and fuck like there’s no tomorrow, here gettin’ her scene partner’s dick good, slick and (ba-LATTT!) off! The little blue-eyed brunette bimbette is incredibly pretty, with a delicious body (she’s on the DVD’s cover for a damn good reason), and I gotta give this pixie credit for trying her best to jam that joint down her throat. It’s great, too, when he face-fucks the floozie and she nearly goes cross-eyed. Doggie is absolutely the best position here, with the fella really workin’ that booty, for a good long time, too. What a pink pussy on this babe! And I love the added horniness of a red handprint on her ass while she’s getting doggied. Killer.

Lily Love plays an entertainment reporter who interviews a well-hung sports dude that really fills up the scrumptious-looking Caucasian cunt, who reminds me of Catherine (“Dukes of Hazzard”) Bach during her heyday back in the ‘70s, though Lily has a much rounder, juicier (mama!) ass! Check out how the torrid tramp tries her best to shuck down that slug. Damn, girl! Her greased-up ass cheeks rock and roll during cowgirl, in one of the movie’s best sequences. Whew! How the guy refrains from bustin’ his nut beats the shit outta me. Reverse-cowgirl gives us a fantastic view of Lily’s amazing body. And talk about a great (not too big, not too small) pair o’ headlights! Doggie is another highlight in the movie, as she gets slammed silly. I’d eventually love to see this whore do some anal! Director Lansky returns to the reverse-cowgirl position, but shoots it from the male perv-spective, giving us more awesome jiggly-jiggly ass-cheek action. Terrific!

Whorish waif Haley Reed gets down and dirty with her/her boyfriend’s temporary roommate, making for another scorcher of a sequence. Haley really knows how to deepthroat a cock, totally choking on veiny gristle, in a way memorable mouthmassage-manmeat scene. During doggie, he really buries his bone(r) in the bitch — and she keeps sucking that huge hose whenever her gob is given a chance! It’s hilarious, too, when her beau (sporting a fey man-bun, no less) walks in on ‘em during a round of energetic reverse-cowgirl, with our cuckold quickly gettin’ all steamed up and angrily stompin’ away with a scowl. Ha! Oh yeah, you’re also gonna love how the BBC-wielding fella blows dick-snot all over Reed’s mouth and chin. Yeah!

Luscious Daisy Stone next takes on a boner for one nuclear ending to this all-around fiery fucking porn-manteau. I like how he makes Daisy choke on his chicken, big time. Some nice saliva-drippin’ action there, too, just before she sucks down his greasy black balls. Stone’s gorgeous butt cheeks are booty-fully well-displayed during cowgirl (once he stops grab-assin’ ‘em, that is). I also like how she squats down upon/bounces all over his dick during cowgirl. Doggie is wonderful, with Daisy providing plenty of always-welcome eye contact, as well as dick-hardening whore-moaning/–groaning. Missionary is deep and horny, with plenty more arousing eye contact, followed by a good dollop o’ jam plopping onto Stone’s chin. And don’t you just love this cutie’s ever-cheery attitude?

Director Greg Lansky has done it again, delivering a totally searing quartet of interracial stories, with high points going to all of the lusty young ladies; though I do have a soft (make that hard!) spot for (slurp!) lascivious Lily.

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Interracial Threesomes 6 – Blacked

Sometimes it’s two bros and a bitch. Sometimes it’s two chicks and a dick. Either way, you get six bangable babes spread out (in more ways than one!) in four screamin’ (also, in more ways than one!) interracial scenes, care of the fine pervs at and raunch auteur Greg Lansky.

In a very simple storyline, college roommates — and total whores — Josephine Kelly and Lily Rader have too much time on their hands and feel they need more slime on/in their glands, so they ever so trampishly take on the raging black behemoth attached to big bald Flash Brown. I love the eye contact blonde Kelly dons during her deepthroating (or attempted deepthroating) of Brown’s gigantic boner. Ditto for Rader (who, if you don’t know who’s who, has the darker hair between the two lascivious ladies). And dig all o’ the spit Josephine gets on that prick. You go, bitch! Kelly really rides that rod during cowgirl. I love seeing her choice cheeks in action, too. Such a passionate pixie, groaning and moaning, screaming and creaming throughout her Flash fucking. Rader definitely rocks, but Kelly is such a voracious cock inhaler, be it via gob or gash, that I just can’t get enough of this super slut.

And check out how Flash doggies ‘em side-by-side. Gotta say that Kelly also has one of the juiciest butts in this entire flick. Brown, by the way, totally slams it home during Kelly’s doggie dunking. “Thank you so much,” she tells Brown as he blows bro batter onto both o’ their mugs, with each girl sharing the spunk back and forth. Killer!

On-screen stepsisters Anya Olsen and Sydney Cole like to lap up each other’s labia, before they gluttonously feed up on Isiah Maxwell’s huge hose. Both Anya and Syd totally choke on Maxwell’s gristle (it’s a beautiful thing!), before Maxwell slips his maximum man meat into their separate sweet slits during cowgirl (with Anya licking pud-plugged pixie Cole’s poop pit), reverse-cowgirl (with Olsen riding rod) and doggie (Anya, yet again, licking dick-drilled Cole’s free culo, before Olsen gets doggied herself, with Anya presenting yet another wildly succulent pair o’ butt cheeks); Max man ultimately going back and forth between the bent-over booties o’ both bawdy bitches), with mad Max delivering a creampie inside Cole’s cunt, and awesome Anya sucking as much of that spunk outta Syd’s splooged snatch as possible. Whew!

Next, Polish pud-whore Natalia Starr gets her tonsils and twat deeply double dipped (yeah!) by the returning Isiah Maxwell and his buddy. After some pussy sucking and double dick licking in the shallow end of a pool, our three degenerates move inside, so that the boys can really “move inside.” Natalia is great when she’s choking on cock, though I think she uses too much hand action during her double-jointed suck-off. I love how she bounces on cock with her lush, smooth ass during cowgirl, while also occasionally sucking bro beef. Next, we get to fully appreciate Starr’s star body during reverse-cowgirl (boy, can she bounce on boner!), while you definitely don’t wanna miss her fine butt getting doggied by the lads, her scrumptious big (but not too big) boobies deliciously hanging down, while it’s also a treat seeing her honey hole get seriously rootered during missionary, with the boys really lathering her pretty mug with pop paste. Whoa, mama!

Lastly, we have a torrid threesome with black and beautiful Chanell Heart, the returning hottie Sydney Cole, and “that’s-what-I’m-talkin’-‘bout” Prince Yahshua. Cole plays the babysitter for Heart and Yahshua, both of whom seduce her (and sweetening the deal with money doesn’t hurt splatter matters!), with both ladies really gagging deep on that princely prick, cum-plete with plenty of always-welcome eye contact. In terms of pussy penetration, Syd first rides Yahshua cowgirl style (marvelous ass-gyrating action), followed by more deepthroating from both ladies, Heart taking her turn riding cowgirl style (what a pair of wondrous wobblers on Chanell!), more deepthroating, doggie a la Cole, more cock-choking, doggie a la Heart (damn, what a full booty!), a bit more dick licking, mish for Syd, the same for Heart, and a good splat o’ seed going into Syd’s gob, with both tarts sharing the gunk ever so happily. Rockin’!

Yep, it’s another wanking winner from director Greg Lansky, with these incredibly intense interracial threesomes erupting (like your hard-on) off the small screen. Volcanic stuff!

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