Blacked Raw: V13 – Blacked Raw

Director Greg Lansky rolls out his latest horny black-on-white in-your-face vignette series with this lucky thirteenth volume, which does not disappoint, from sizzling start to fiery finish.

And what better dame to begin this volume than big-boobied and downright gorgeous Kendra Sunderland as she whorishly takes on the massive black vines attached to bruthuhs Joss Lescaf and Jax Slayher. I just can’t get enough of Kenn’s beautiful breasts, they’re just so long and unique-looking. And check out how sweat and spit makes those fantastic fun bags glisten as she double-sucks Joss and Jax (sounds like a comedy team, dunnit?). It’s great when Joss really slams her hard and fast during doggie, as she tries her best to continue shucking down Slayher-slug. Then the lads switch pole positions, and it’s just as friggin’ horny. I also love how Kenn grunts during cowgirl with Jax, while sucking on Joss joint. She even eats Joss farts as Jax seriously mish-mangles her. Wow! There’s an inevitable return to both slammin’ doggie and bouncin’ cowgirl, with the boys blastin’ bro’ batter all over Kenn’s lips and shnazz. Yes!

Cute-as-fuck Kali Roses is next paired up with the big greasy black cock o’ Louie Smalls for some rousing ebony-ivory bangin’. I love how the little slut chows down on Louie’s link and Smalls’ balls. Man, does she choke on that black baseball bat. Doggie is absolutely incredible, seeing as Rose has such a scrumptious rump. Small yet juicy. That same choice ass is equally dick-bursting when she’s riding Smalls during cowgirl. What a great squatter! Reverse-cowgirl gives us a fantastic view of her meaty thighs and pert titties. And, of course, we have a return to rammin’ doggie (such a killer ass on Kali!), with Louie spraying seed all over her delectable mug.

Next, one of my all-time favorite new sluts, the amazingly juicy Rharri Rhound — who has one of the juiciest asses in the entire business, and knows how to fuckin’ use it — stars in this volcanic episode with lucky bastard Rob Piper, with this salacious scene being no X-ception to the regularly raunchy Rharri rule. After some dick-hardening standing-69 by poolside, the nasty couple moves inside, with Rob worshipping this amazing whore’s cunt and anus, before doggie drilling her. And, trust me, this doggie sequence is a movie highlight, seeing as Rhound’s name truly speaks for itself, with that outrageously voluptuous ass, which seems to have a mind of its own, as it bobs, undulates, jiggles and sways like mad. Whew! Rharri’s also an amazing cocksucker. Look at all o’ the saliva she gets on that throbbing gristle! The nasty slut also reams the son of a bitch for a good long time with lips and tongue. Dayim, girl! Cowgirl with Rharri is just as rockin’ as doggie. And the filthy bitch just can’t get enough o’ that deepthroatin’. Whore keeps on suckin’ dick any chance she can get! Rhound’s also amazing to watch during reverse-cowgirl, shot as cowgirl from Piper’s perv-spective; again, her marshmallowy muffins circulating like crazy. And wait until you see the dirty cream pie Piper leaves in her crazed cunt during reverse-cowgirl, the still-steamin’ semen drippin’ onto his stomach, with Rharri eating every gnarly drop of it. Love her! What a great sucking/fucking scene!

And we end with the very pretty Aften Opal getting seriously boned with her own night’s hook-up, in the form of thoroughly tatted, majorly hung Jason Luv, with the very best position here being spoon, as it allows us a full view of Opal’s tasty thighs and succulent snatch, as she hornily looks deeply into Jason’s eyes as he humps the living daylights outta her. Opal’s also rockin’ during cowgirl.

Definitely do not miss this amazing thirteenth entry of BlackRaw, with extra high sucking/fucking points absolutely going to juicy-as-hell sluts Kali Roses and (a fabulously freaky fave) Rharri Rhound. Get it!

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Blacked Raw V10 – Blacked Raw

Here’s one down-and-dirty interracial gonzo featuring scorching white chicks, some from England (Ella Hughes) and France (Clea Gaultier), with the latter taking it up the (ooh-la-la!) ass numerous times and ultimately offering up an apocalyptic double penetration.

First, 23-year-old Hime Marie, a scrumptious Latina from Florida, passionately takes on two bros, Louie Smalls and Jason Luv. Well-shot in dark hotel rooms — adding to the overall sleazy (a good thing!) atmosphere — the “V” series from (created by director Greg Lansky) has scenes which start off with the girls chatting into their cell phones then filming both themselves and the start of their sexual encounters in various hotel rooms, before we cut to actual professional videography, marvelously capturing the heated carnal activity.

In terms of Hime’s hammering, Hime-lights include Marie sloppily deepthroating the boys with lotsa saliva and nasty sounds; getting her cunt doggied by both guys separately, her ass cheeks wiggling oh-so-hornily; bouncing on boner during cowgirl and giving us more choice views of her tight but gelatinous butt cakes; Louie blasting his semen all over her cute Hispanic face; and Jace ejecting his gametes into her succulent snatch. A randy little tramp, Hime totally rocks!

Next, offering up a true movie showstopper, incredible French slut Clea Gaultier, 28, takes on both the returning Jason Luv as well as Joss Lescaf for some sizzling anal, leading up to a molten double penetration. And it’s positively terrific seeing Clea, one of my favorite foreign floozies, here in the States, getting righteously boned before heading back to her stomping grounds in Europe; and she begins by giving some amazing head to the boys; Clea trying her damndest to get those massive jungle vines inside her gob. Soon, both guys are taking a crack at her cunt doggie style, while she continues to blow the other lucky bastard; then both guys separately doggie-fuck her quivering anus. A doggie DP soon ensues, and it’s out-fucking-rageous, with Clea just going nuts with those big boners simultaneously probing her cunt and crapper. Then we get some choice missionary anal that’s deep and pounding, complete with some amazing gapes, leading to one dude coming in her anus via mish, with Clea whorishly pushing it out with a broad smile, as well as scooping up some and gorging on it for her necessary slut’s nourishment. Then the other brothah, again via mish, blows into her twat. Wel-cum to America, Clea!

Hugely endowed Mandingo is the next bro’ to plough a white babe; namely, red-headed 23-year-old, direct-from-England wench Ella Hughes, with some way arousing results. Ella just doesn’t put in a bad position. And she spends tons of time — and slime! — sucking on Manny’s massive member. It’s ultra-horny watching her ride that humongous hose during cowgirl, with Ella’s ass cheeks cascading in a hypnotic rhythmic fashion. But seeing her get jackhammered during missionary is equally boner-bursting; ditto for doggie and reverse-cowgirl, the latter letting us really soak up Ella’s killer spinner’s bod. I love, too, how she always maintains slutty eye contact; while it’s grand seeing her take Manny’s gob of cum into her mouth. Love this bitch.

And we end with a scorcher, as American tramps Karlee Grey, 24, and Abigail Mac, 30, take on returning brothah lovahs Joss Lescaf and Jason Luv for some more scalding action. The happy girls get their mouths and muffs passed back and forth between the lads, with highlights including Abigail wildly bouncing on Joss’s joint during cowgirl (watch those Mac cakes fly!); the girls giving some of the most crazed blowjobs in the entire gonzo; Karlee sucking Lescaf’s cock and simultaneously getting doggied by Jace, as Mac rims (blechh!) the very lucky Mister Luv; the girls getting doggied in tandem whilst standing; ditto while they’re bent over, with their asses way high up in the air for the world to see (sluts!); Karlee’s big boobies jiggling all over the place as she rides Jace reverse-cowgirl, while she also occasionally squirts like a geyser; and both dudes separately releasing their gunk onto the ladies faces, with the hussies filthily sharing the semen with one another. Yes!

This tenth volume of Blacked Raw is one of the best ever, with one dirty white vamp after another shucking down greasy black cock with their cake and honey holes; a marvelous highlight definitely being the DP of gorgeous and nasty Euro babe Clea Gaultier.

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Blacked Raw V7 – Blacked Raw

While blondes Piper Perri and Samantha Saint take big black boner in their gobs and twats quite well, it’s the babes bookending this interracial flick — the gorgeous Brett Rossi and the delicious Marley Brinx (the latter who also happens to take it up the ass) — who really make the Tucker Eli-directed title worth checking out.

We start with Brett hooking up with the heavily tatted Jason Luv, with the episode being a scorcher from sizzling start to sloppy finish. Aside from having exceptionally pretty looks, Brett possesses a wondrously luscious bod. She’s a terrific deepthroater, too, going down real slow ’n’ steady, right to the base of Jason’s fat joint. This seventh V entry, in keeping with BlackedRaw series originator Greg Lansky’s engaging style, is shot in semi-darkened rooms to lend an atmospheric, hornily moody effect. And Rossi is perfect in that kind of seductively sleazy setting, lemme tell ya. Doggie with the fetching bitch is great, as is missionary (she loves slurping down cock in-between positions), with Rossi’s chipper attitude adding to the scene’s overall effectiveness. I also like how she plays with her obviously sopping cunt during another session o’ mish, while a brief return to doggie leads soon enough to Luv’s liquid love eruption into Brett’s hungry cake hole. Nice.

Even though Piper Perri is a cute little spinner who’s fun to watch trying to get all of Cash’s long and greasy dark dicky into her mouth and twat (check how she rides that huge ramrod so expertly during reverse-cowgirl and takes it way deep — and for a good long sweaty time! — during doggie, while she also offers up a lovely cunt creampie), and big-/augmented-boobed Samantha Saint is enjoyable to view taking on a returning Cash during a slamming session of mish, a grinding one of cowgirl and a drilling one of doggie, the next show-stopping sequence after the Rossi reaming is definitely the final scene with tasty-as-ever Marley Brinx.

A slinky, very Euro-looking babe, Brinx sucks that Jason joint (yes, Mr. Luv is back) as far down as she can — her upside-down face-fuck, including some rimming (yechhh!), is awesome — while, like Rossi, all her pole positions are kick-ass. I love how Brinx gives plenty of eye cunt-act during missionary vadge; during doggie vadge she likes either her or Jason’s finger up that Marley murk pit (what a tight little butt on Marley, too!), until Jace gives her the real thing up her undoubtedly sweet sphincter, with Brinx not shying away from a sprouting ATM; leading to cowgirl anal, with Luv’s link really going way, way up her dung ditch and Marley, once again, not hesitating in the least to clean up all of her crap offa his soiled slug; reverse-cowgirl anal is equally amazing, seeing Marley take it so damn far up her cute shithole, with a few gapes to keep things ultra-nasty; even mish-anal is killer, as we have more gapes and Marley playing with her dripping cunt, while not at all minding offering up plenty of passionate kisses; and there’s even a bit more doggie anal and ensuing gape-a-roos, ending with a marvelously dirty asshole creampie. Wow! What a cunt-clusion!

All of the black-on-white episodes in “V7” are worth wanking to; yes, they totally rock; but you’ll definitely wanna pick this one up (and a handy jar o’ Vaseline at the 99-Cents Store) for the impressive mattress antics — and scrumptious looks! — of Brett Rossi and (classic anal princess in the making!) Marley Brinx.

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Blacked Raw V6 – Blacked Raw

Four white babes get bored by five (Lena Paul takes on two) black cocks in this relatively new series from director Greg Lansky, wherein he expertly shoots scenes (as usual, not missing a twat hair) in more darkened, shadowy rooms, as opposed to the typically brightly lit on-location settings against which he’s used to capturing molten-hot cock-to-cunt sequences; with high points in “V6” especially going to ultra-babe, wildly luscious Kylie Page and equally voluptuous, big all-natch-chested Lena Paul, both of whom sluttily bookend this terrifically tasty gonzo.

In some room (might be a house, might be a hotel room — but who really cares?), massive-black-dicked Davin King sticks his King-sized snake into the mouth and muff of the always-amazing Kylie Page, in one of the movie’s most volcanic sequences. Don’t you just adore Kylie trying her damndest to suck that black behemoth all the way to the base? — and the sweetie comes damn close, too! Kylie’s got a perfect rack (buxom enough to fuck), as well as a first-class ass. And even without makeup, she’s drop-dead delicious, while also not putting in a bad boink position, be it missionary, doggie (a real treat, seeing as King doesn’t get his paws all over that delectable Page posterior, but, smartly, lets us imbibe of it fully), cowgirl (ditto in terms of King’s m-ass-terful handling — or, more accurately, non-handling! — of Page girl’s jiggling butt cheeks), it’s all fantastic. Kylie rocks, but Davin knows how to fuck! Kudos to ‘em both!

Second to (black) bat is lush-assed Abella Danger, getting down with Mr. Blaccwood (yes, that is how you spell his last name), resulting in some seriously heated white-on-black porking. Abella, as always, goes for the gold (and gets it!) when it comes to deepthroating. She’s one of the best BJ artistes in the biz. Standing doggie is pretty damn arousing, as is cowgirl (check out them bouncing bongos on Danger!) and doggie (she likes to get spanked) totally rules, while mish shows how passionate the kissing tramp can be; with plenty more lovely balls-deep cocksucking along the way; and, after Mr. B. blows plenty o’ C (as in cum) all over Ms. D’s ever-hungry mouth ’n’ cute lil’ titties, the two degenerates go for a midnight swim, with a tad bit of additional bonin’ taking place beneath the atmospherically purple-colored water.

Totally cute blonde bimbette Giselle Palmer is paired with the dark beastie attached to black bruiser Jason Luv in yet another boner-busting/-blasting ebony-ivory pairing. Giselle’s a pretty gosh-darn good cock hacker. She even eats (yechhhh!) Jason’s farts! What a filthy bitch (love her)! And Jace himself goes right for the doggie stuff. And it’s killer, with loverboy Luv really hammerin’ away at Palmer’s plaster-worthy (as in blatt! blatt! blatt!) posterior. Dig how Giselle’s tits hang down and wobble as Luv pumps her silly. I also like how she spreads her legs eagle-style while he’s penetrating her during doggie. Mish is deep and arousing, as the randy bitch groans and groans and groans … and, of course, there’s the always-welcome cowgirl stance (with Jace doing a wee bit o’ grab-assing — and, thus, obscuring our vision — but not too much) — and it’s wonderful when Giz squats down on the lucky bastard’s one-eyed barracuda. I wouldn’t kiss her with a mouth full o’ cum as Jace eventually does, but, hey, two each (gasp! choke! arghhh!) his own.

And lastly, we have the scrumptious Lena Paul, here portraying a drunken whore, who, quite marvelously, lets both Joss Lescaf and Nat Turnher turn her over and over as their raging black hard-ons hammer Lena’s cake and honey holes in, next to Kylie, another one of the movie’s true show-stopping episodes. After a brief flashback in which we get glimpses of a very inebriated Lena sucking some black dick and getting fucked by same in the back seat of a limo, she gets home (somewhere) and really sucks and fucks the two brothahs until they’re all greasy, sweaty, whatever. Doggie with such a round juicy ass on Lena is key here. And I love how her eyes roll into the back of her skull as Lescaf bones her from behind. You gotta love those all-natural chest orbs on Lena, as well. For the raunch record, Nat and Josh know how to fuck, thoroughly slammin’ those luscious butt pillows during doggie. And Lena, being the good trollop that she is, never stops utilizing her mouth, always sucking a waggin’ prick while she’s getting drilled. It’s magnificent watching her own tits crazily gyrate during Nat’s dynamic doggying of her. Those same full breasts memorably bounce (all wet ’n’ slick by now) during reverse-cowgirl and missionary. And, no, she doesn’t stop sucking dick during each of these positions, either! And, yes, cowgirl a la Lena is just as hypnotic to witness. Actually, it almost looks like the lads are gonna DP her for a second during cowgirl. But, alas, we still have to wait for that magical LP moment further on down the XXX road. And for a positively sloppy climax, Lena just loves taking two big blasts o’ cum into her mouth. LP kicks ass! — and I wanna see the fetching slut take it straight up the ass soon, too!

Yep, it’s yet another must-see volume of the “V” series, with all four girls sperm-forming with flying colors (’n’ cum); and definitely don’t miss all-around juicy Lucys Kylie Page and Lena Paul getting seriously slammed via black salami!

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