My First Interracial 13 – Blacked

Director Greg Lansky and the knowing pervs at have absolutely gone out of their way to get you off in this apocalyptically molten foursome of interracial stories, with extra high points going to ultra-babes Mia Melano, Brooke Benz and Paige Owens.

First up, we have the gorgeous, all-around-juicy Mia Melano, who plays a fiancée getting cold feet three days before her marriage, so the disloyal tramp decides to have a last-minute sizzler of a fling with a big-dicked dude, 2019 XBIZ Best Male Newcomer Jason Luv, she met at a club the other night. Lemme tell ya, Melano is one fine bitch, with a drop-dead pretty face, stupendous all-natural tits, a fantastic fanny and a perfectly dirty bedside manner (she can suck and fuck like a demoness!). To begin with, Mia’s an amazing little cocklicker/sucker/gagger; though sometimes she uses her hands a bit too much; still, if I had my dick inside that Melano mouth, I sure as hell wouldn’t complain about “too much wrist.” Her tits, by the way, are more than big enough to titty-fuck, which is exactly what lucky bastard Luv does. His huge hose is obviously a bit big for Mia during cowgirl, though she eventually starts gettin’ some traction, with jaw-dropping cheek-jiggling action resulting. Reverse-cowgirl (“Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!” she howls) lets us appreciate that delicious Melano face, as well as her perfect set o’ headlights (watch ‘em undulate), and amazing waistline; same applies to spoon, during which Mia starts actually quivering from getting so turned on. Doggie is out of this world, what with those out-of-this-world Melano butt cakes. And when the two bent motherfuckers switch to standing-doggie, watch Mia’s mams mesmerizingly twist and turn. Wow! Lover Luv really blasts quite a load into her face, too, with our girl eating a good portion of the paste. I love this chick, and most wanna see way more of her!

Now, talking about a phenomenal said of ass cheeks, blonde Brooke Benz will blow your mind — and your load — as the whore gets together for some fiery sucking and fucking with her favorite (fictional) basketball star, played by Louie Smalls, whose last name doesn’t quite do justice to his thick jungle vine. By the way, Brooke’s largish, all-natural boobies are also pretty incredible. First off, Brooke’s a superb deepthroater; though she, too, uses way more wrist than necessary; still, I love the eye contact this comely coquette frequently offers up. Benz also, like Melano, has boobies big enough to bang, which lucky Louie happily does. She then starts the dick-in-pussy proceedings by rubbing her fine backside against his blood-bursting boner (“You like my fat ass jumping down on your big, black cock?” she taunts him, which is even further dick-hardening!). It’s basically a naked lap dance. Whew! Cowgirl is truly crazed, with kinky little Brooke really riding that rod like the end of the world is just round the corner. Check out those revolving booty bongos. She offers up a nice bit o’ squatting on cock, too; and, with her ass further greased up, Brooke does doggy — and it’s nothing short of brilliant. Such an all-around juicy body! Reverse-cowgirl, which is shot as cowgirl (from Louie-Louie’s perspective) is another show-stopping segment. Again, you can’t help but be hypnotized by that beautiful Benz derriere. Louie (like Jason with Melano) smartly lets his bitch do all o’ the work, eventually ejecting spermatozoa all over her eyes, nose and mouth. Whew! Awesome stuff.

Another juicy Lucy is in the form of Lacey Lenix, who gets down with her sister’s fiancé, Rob Piper, while she’s visiting — and sis is out shopping; whadda scrumptious tramp that Lacey is; and it’s a blow-yer-wad-bigtime of a scene. She first deepthroats Rob by the pool (nice pool, by the way). And can Lace can really swim (suck!) on the deep end! Damn, girl! They soon move indoors to the bedroom, where Piper face-fucks her with his curved cock for a long friggin’ time; then it’s reverse-cowgirl, displaying Lacey’s dee-lish bod, with Pipe really laying down pipe. Doggy works quite well, too; Lacey’s slick slit thoroughly grabbing that gristle, as well as some good undulation action, care of her pronounced posterior-pillows. Glad this guy (like the other male performers here) knows how to fuck for camera, letting the chick work her magic without any interference. Then it’s way-penetrating missionary. Lace is a moaner! And if you thought doggy was awesome, wait till you view Lace riding that rod cowgirl style. Such a meaty ass! That butt is just rippling everywhere, ultimately causing the lucky prick to unload up her twat (yep, it’s creampie time), with Lace lappin’ up the gunk offa his stomach. Great whore. And Lacey’s sis? Well … guess that marriage is for the dumpster.

And we end with a truly torrid tete-a-tete, as the ever-delectable Paige Owens takes on the massive meat-puppet of Jason Luv. Visiting a friend at the latter’s parent’s home in L.A., Paige hooks up with a guy, Jace, whom she (you guessed it) met at a club the other night. The trollop even has the slutty nerve to invite the guy over her friend’s house when everyone’s gone. Now, that’s one horny wench. By the pool, Paige starts blowin’ him (another picturesque pool, for the record), and it’s a vision for sore eyes, seeing this beauty try to get all o’ that gnarly black branch into her gob. He eventually hoists her up and starts humping her missionary style. Fantastic! And he’s really hammerin’ her, lemme tell ya, her eyes firmly clamped/mouth helplessly agape from the pounding action.

Jace then brings the little tramp inside to a bedroom for tons o’ fun, starting off with Paige continuing to blow beef-stick — and not blow the chunks — while Luv-ah boy Luv seriously face-fucks her. Check out the amazing eye contact here with Paige! Reverse-cowgirl (“So fucking big!” she coos) shows off Owens’ wiry-but-not-too-muscular bod. Love how she grinds her fine fanny down during cowgirl. Again, Jace smartly lets her do what she wants, with her tight tukus eventually looking like a can of electronically shaken paint. Missionary is way deep. Paige is yet another groaner! Then there’s doggie, (her taut behind being a brilliant contrast with the round and juicy ones on Lacey and Brooke), which is outrageous. “Oh yes,” she groans. “Don’t ever take it out.” What a great line! I sure as hell would never (ever!) take it out after I heard that one. Jace continues to slam her, with some terrific close-ups of Paige snapper and (quivering) crapper. Jace eventually doggies Owens while she’s flat upon her flat tummy, her ass sticking up. “Your cock is so fucking … deep!” And it is. A beautiful thing, indeed. Cowgirl gives us more horny lines from perverted Paige: “Oh, nice and deep like that … Oh, I want you to come inside of me… I want you to put every drop of your cum inside of my tight little pussy.” Whew! And he do just dat! Though Jace does grab-ass a bit much in this last position, still, it’s horny as hell; with Luv eventually erupting his jizz up inside o’ Paige-puss, then slowly pulling his worn-out weasel while she’s still over him; Owen’s slowly scooping out the semen and cum-chowin’ down. Filthy slattern! Love her!

This lucky thirteenth volume of “My First Interracial” is nothing short of awesome, with a marvelously well-chosen group of nasty, tasty, young white sluts making it all truly shine — specifically thanks to va-va-voom! vixens Mia, Brooke, and Paige. Yeowza!

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Blacked Raw: V4 – Blacked

Interracial slammin’ from Blacked Raw, as narcissistic white bitches film a little o’ themselves (via their ever-present iPhones) yapping about getting reamed (at least on that particular night) by a big black boner (Daisy Stone even films some of her Jax Slayher suckoff in their limo), with the sluts eventually hunkering down with their ebony hunks in hotel rooms, as Lansky gives us a nice cunt-trast here against his X-ceedingly solar movies, as the V/Blacked Raw series is shot with subdued, atmospherically sleazy but no less effective lighting while the whores get bored by black swords.

Jessa Rhodes, and her great ass cheeks and unique-looking augmented boobies, is always wonderful to view, here getting skewered by some sweaty black dude named Cash. Jessa’s large, thick lips were made for givin’ head, and they’re not wasted, as she sucks, sucks, sucks that Cash gristle, till it’s all slick and wet and ready to plunge inside her sopping cunt missionary style, giving us a magnificent view of that killer Rhodes bod. Doggie’s pretty rad, too, with Cash going deep, for a good long time, his thumb jammed up Rhodes’ rectum for a portion of his plunging. Jessa also rocks during cowgirl, with some seriously sizzling squatting action.

Daisy Stone next takes on the bone of Jax Slayher with some arousing moments. She’s got a delish bod, her bootyful booty beautifully shown off during cowgirl and doggie. And yer gonna dig the creampie wad Jax blows inside Daze during mish. Good sloppy job there, Slay-man.

Pigtailed blonde trollop Tasha Reign hooks up with heavily tattooed Jason Luv for some hotel luvin’, with Reign herself being especially animated during a sweaty doggie pounding and a thoroughly nasty, seemingly spontanee-ass black-man-ass rimming (brave tramp!).

And we end with, next to Jessa, my favorite floozie of the lot, Skyla Novea, with our big-boobed brunette excelling at deep blowjobs, passionate doggie drillings (she can’t miss with that protuberant posterior of hers!), bouncy-bouncy reverse-cowgirl, as well as ass-vibrating cowgirl.

Moody lighting and fine-ass white tarts getting ham-boned by greasy black cocks make this “V4” entry a true winner — with particular wank-thanks to the slutty charms of killer coquette Jessa Rhodes.

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Interracial Icon 9 – Blacked

Some of the finest-looking starlets in the biz — and classic cooze queen Tori Black! — marvelously make up (and insanely suck and fuck during the course of) this horny interracial porn marvel from XXX master Greg Lansky.

Up first is porn’s Phoebe Cates lookalike (circa 1982), Spanish bombshell Apolonia Lapiedra, playing a drop-dead gorgeous chick on Spring break who meats up with low-hanging Joss Lescaf; with the two boinking at poolside, and scrumptious Apolonia not putting in a bad scene. I love how she sucks that huge prick with so many different variations of her lips, tongue and even her wrist (the latter typically inhibiting limb in no way taking away from the scene’s always-glowering heat); while you’re gonna love Apolonia’s wiry figure bouncing on Joss joint during reverse-cowgirl, though she looks as if she’s just barely taking all of that massive vine, what with her guttural and arousing groans/moans; that’s followed by her juicy little ass cakes going the distance during a long and (wonderfully!) drawn-out session of doggie; her cunt really getting quite a probing (up close and personal!) during a penetrating round of missionary; with lovely Lapiedra eventually, gladly, whorishly taking all of that Lescaf dick-snot onto her tongue. Damn, girl!

We next get big-boobed Kendra Sunderland, blonde Alexa Grace, and brown-haired Tali Dova taking on the black beef-sticks of the very fortuitous Jason Luv and Jax Slayer; with highlights including (meat-)puppet mistress Kendra sharing both huge hoses with Alexa and Tali, as Kendra sluttily orchestrates the nasty five-some action; Sunderland’s off-the-scale boobies bouncing like mad while she bobs her cunt up and down on dick during reverse-cowgirl; cuties Alexa and Tali taking it deep via doggie in tandem; Kenn herself get almost savagely hammered during doggie; Alexa hypnotically shaking her meaty bottom during cowgirl — ditto for Kenn; and, finally, Alexa taking both bro’ loads o’ jizz onto her face and then sharing the still-steaming sperm with her filthy gal pals. Whew!

Tori Black, now 30, still looks amazing after all of these years, with our girl doing a brilliant job of sucking and fucking Joss Lescaf (that SOB gets the very best of the bitches in this one!); Black first getting seriously face-fucked by the bro, then showing off her killer ass cheeks during a powerful session of cowgirl, after which she sweats buckets while humping and grinding down on Joss joint during reverse-cowgirl, followed by our babe Black getting banged silly during doggie (still got that tasty tukus, Tori!) and missionary (Joss really smacks away at her cunt), before the still-delightful-looking bitch takes quite a pop onto the famished tongue. You go, Tori!

Lastly, lush-titted redhead Bree Daniels gets down and dirty with Jason Luv, with the best positions being reverse-cowgirl (allowing us to fully appreciate Bree’s fantastic headlights, undulating and circling like crazy) and doggie (which Luv gives to her twice, the second session being even harder, faster, deeper, nastier), letting us gorge on Daniels’ dynamite derriere.

Even though there’s very little by way of storyline in these four tales, there’s plenty in terms of foxy-looking women getting thoroughly lost — via their cake holes and cunts — in greasy black cock.

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My First Interracial 11 – Blacked

Talk about apocalyptic interracial sex! — featuring, no less, four of the industry’s tastiest-looking, horniest-acting (that’s not acting!) white bitches!

Evelyn Clair looks amazing and can suck and fuck like there’s no tomorrow, here gettin’ her scene partner’s dick good, slick and (ba-LATTT!) off! The little blue-eyed brunette bimbette is incredibly pretty, with a delicious body (she’s on the DVD’s cover for a damn good reason), and I gotta give this pixie credit for trying her best to jam that joint down her throat. It’s great, too, when he face-fucks the floozie and she nearly goes cross-eyed. Doggie is absolutely the best position here, with the fella really workin’ that booty, for a good long time, too. What a pink pussy on this babe! And I love the added horniness of a red handprint on her ass while she’s getting doggied. Killer.

Lily Love plays an entertainment reporter who interviews a well-hung sports dude that really fills up the scrumptious-looking Caucasian cunt, who reminds me of Catherine (“Dukes of Hazzard”) Bach during her heyday back in the ‘70s, though Lily has a much rounder, juicier (mama!) ass! Check out how the torrid tramp tries her best to shuck down that slug. Damn, girl! Her greased-up ass cheeks rock and roll during cowgirl, in one of the movie’s best sequences. Whew! How the guy refrains from bustin’ his nut beats the shit outta me. Reverse-cowgirl gives us a fantastic view of Lily’s amazing body. And talk about a great (not too big, not too small) pair o’ headlights! Doggie is another highlight in the movie, as she gets slammed silly. I’d eventually love to see this whore do some anal! Director Lansky returns to the reverse-cowgirl position, but shoots it from the male perv-spective, giving us more awesome jiggly-jiggly ass-cheek action. Terrific!

Whorish waif Haley Reed gets down and dirty with her/her boyfriend’s temporary roommate, making for another scorcher of a sequence. Haley really knows how to deepthroat a cock, totally choking on veiny gristle, in a way memorable mouthmassage-manmeat scene. During doggie, he really buries his bone(r) in the bitch — and she keeps sucking that huge hose whenever her gob is given a chance! It’s hilarious, too, when her beau (sporting a fey man-bun, no less) walks in on ‘em during a round of energetic reverse-cowgirl, with our cuckold quickly gettin’ all steamed up and angrily stompin’ away with a scowl. Ha! Oh yeah, you’re also gonna love how the BBC-wielding fella blows dick-snot all over Reed’s mouth and chin. Yeah!

Luscious Daisy Stone next takes on a boner for one nuclear ending to this all-around fiery fucking porn-manteau. I like how he makes Daisy choke on his chicken, big time. Some nice saliva-drippin’ action there, too, just before she sucks down his greasy black balls. Stone’s gorgeous butt cheeks are booty-fully well-displayed during cowgirl (once he stops grab-assin’ ‘em, that is). I also like how she squats down upon/bounces all over his dick during cowgirl. Doggie is wonderful, with Daisy providing plenty of always-welcome eye contact, as well as dick-hardening whore-moaning/–groaning. Missionary is deep and horny, with plenty more arousing eye contact, followed by a good dollop o’ jam plopping onto Stone’s chin. And don’t you just love this cutie’s ever-cheery attitude?

Director Greg Lansky has done it again, delivering a totally searing quartet of interracial stories, with high points going to all of the lusty young ladies; though I do have a soft (make that hard!) spot for (slurp!) lascivious Lily.

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Interracial Threesomes 6 – Blacked

Sometimes it’s two bros and a bitch. Sometimes it’s two chicks and a dick. Either way, you get six bangable babes spread out (in more ways than one!) in four screamin’ (also, in more ways than one!) interracial scenes, care of the fine pervs at and raunch auteur Greg Lansky.

In a very simple storyline, college roommates — and total whores — Josephine Kelly and Lily Rader have too much time on their hands and feel they need more slime on/in their glands, so they ever so trampishly take on the raging black behemoth attached to big bald Flash Brown. I love the eye contact blonde Kelly dons during her deepthroating (or attempted deepthroating) of Brown’s gigantic boner. Ditto for Rader (who, if you don’t know who’s who, has the darker hair between the two lascivious ladies). And dig all o’ the spit Josephine gets on that prick. You go, bitch! Kelly really rides that rod during cowgirl. I love seeing her choice cheeks in action, too. Such a passionate pixie, groaning and moaning, screaming and creaming throughout her Flash fucking. Rader definitely rocks, but Kelly is such a voracious cock inhaler, be it via gob or gash, that I just can’t get enough of this super slut.

And check out how Flash doggies ‘em side-by-side. Gotta say that Kelly also has one of the juiciest butts in this entire flick. Brown, by the way, totally slams it home during Kelly’s doggie dunking. “Thank you so much,” she tells Brown as he blows bro batter onto both o’ their mugs, with each girl sharing the spunk back and forth. Killer!

On-screen stepsisters Anya Olsen and Sydney Cole like to lap up each other’s labia, before they gluttonously feed up on Isiah Maxwell’s huge hose. Both Anya and Syd totally choke on Maxwell’s gristle (it’s a beautiful thing!), before Maxwell slips his maximum man meat into their separate sweet slits during cowgirl (with Anya licking pud-plugged pixie Cole’s poop pit), reverse-cowgirl (with Olsen riding rod) and doggie (Anya, yet again, licking dick-drilled Cole’s free culo, before Olsen gets doggied herself, with Anya presenting yet another wildly succulent pair o’ butt cheeks); Max man ultimately going back and forth between the bent-over booties o’ both bawdy bitches), with mad Max delivering a creampie inside Cole’s cunt, and awesome Anya sucking as much of that spunk outta Syd’s splooged snatch as possible. Whew!

Next, Polish pud-whore Natalia Starr gets her tonsils and twat deeply double dipped (yeah!) by the returning Isiah Maxwell and his buddy. After some pussy sucking and double dick licking in the shallow end of a pool, our three degenerates move inside, so that the boys can really “move inside.” Natalia is great when she’s choking on cock, though I think she uses too much hand action during her double-jointed suck-off. I love how she bounces on cock with her lush, smooth ass during cowgirl, while also occasionally sucking bro beef. Next, we get to fully appreciate Starr’s star body during reverse-cowgirl (boy, can she bounce on boner!), while you definitely don’t wanna miss her fine butt getting doggied by the lads, her scrumptious big (but not too big) boobies deliciously hanging down, while it’s also a treat seeing her honey hole get seriously rootered during missionary, with the boys really lathering her pretty mug with pop paste. Whoa, mama!

Lastly, we have a torrid threesome with black and beautiful Chanell Heart, the returning hottie Sydney Cole, and “that’s-what-I’m-talkin’-‘bout” Prince Yahshua. Cole plays the babysitter for Heart and Yahshua, both of whom seduce her (and sweetening the deal with money doesn’t hurt splatter matters!), with both ladies really gagging deep on that princely prick, cum-plete with plenty of always-welcome eye contact. In terms of pussy penetration, Syd first rides Yahshua cowgirl style (marvelous ass-gyrating action), followed by more deepthroating from both ladies, Heart taking her turn riding cowgirl style (what a pair of wondrous wobblers on Chanell!), more deepthroating, doggie a la Cole, more cock-choking, doggie a la Heart (damn, what a full booty!), a bit more dick licking, mish for Syd, the same for Heart, and a good splat o’ seed going into Syd’s gob, with both tarts sharing the gunk ever so happily. Rockin’!

Yep, it’s another wanking winner from director Greg Lansky, with these incredibly intense interracial threesomes erupting (like your hard-on) off the small screen. Volcanic stuff!

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Black & White, Vol. 13 – Blacked

While not directed by the originator — director Greg Lansky — of this fantastic interracial series, “Black & White 13” is a way-erotic collection of four salacious black-on-white stories from director Kayden Kross.

Wanting a taste of dark meat, horny-for-ebony-sausage Chloe Foster invites a former college professor, played by Joss Lescaf, to her digs and, well, lets him dig on her for a good long time, with some scorching porkin’ ensuin’. Chloe and Joss start getting it on while watching a porn movie in the dark, with the projector light spotlighting their action, including a deep, saliva-drenched BJ from slutty Foster; as well as Joss worshiping Chloe cunt with his busy tongue and some cowgirl, followed by missionary (some heavy probing with that big, long Lescaf link), additional deepthroating (with some nasty stingers), doggie (at times, up close and — yes! — gnarly), spoon, all augmented with plenty of kissing, before Lescaf drops his brother load upon Foster’s awaiting tongue.

Next, Evelyn Claire gets dirty with two bros, Jax Slayher and Jason Luv, for some volcanic big-black-dick lovin’. Her parents gone, Claire has mom and dad’s place all to herself, letting Jax and Jason (the two J’s) fill her mouth and hole, frequently simultaneously. Evelyn is damn good at getting her cakehole seriously fucked, by both black lads, separately of course (those black behemoths are just too damn huge to fit into her gob at the same time!). A very attentive cocksucker she is, too. Claire, by the way, truly has a perfect little body, fair-skinned and fuckworthy, with small titties and a slight but, nonetheless, juicy ass. Jax slams her doggie first while she sucks Jason, with the boys soon switching pole positions, after which Jax really hammers the moanin’ bitch missionary; she soon rides Jax cowgirl while choking on Jace joint, with Jace soon hoisting up Claire and letting him ride his greasy black cock while she’s up in the air mish style; and the dudes eventually share time on the bed bangin’ her mish, with Jace soon bustin’ his nut on her pretty face, as Jax follows (slime) suit. Damn!

Then, Rharri Rhound prefers dating sexually frustrated, married men, with RR’s story focusing on her cheating dalliances with big-dicked, illustrated man Jason Luv, including some scorching black-salami slammin’. What a marvelously meaty ass on Rharri. Yum! She’s a fine dick-licker, but when Rharri is bent over and taking it doggie, look out! That luscious ass is jiggling like mad! Same goes for cowgirl. Wow! This girl knows how to shake it. Definitely a movie highlight. Rharri is wonderful in the squatting-on-piston-position, too! Missionary even rocks, with Jace goin’ extremely deep, and Rharri offering plenty of sex-crazed eye contact. After a fun return to doggie — with Rharri flat on her stomach this time, but her wet-from-sweat butt cheeks looking no less delectable — Jace gives it to RR spoon style, her firm but equally marshmallow booty (a great combo!) appearing delish as ever. And, not long after another rousing session of squatting/ cowgirl with rockin’ Rharri, lucky SOB Jace soon blasts boy batter into her happy face. Yeah!

The very cute, extremely humpable Bailey Brooke winds up screwing her roommate’s black boyfriend, Jason Luv, when the poor cuckold is outta the house, with BB really providing some smokin’ suckin’ and fuckin’ in another movie showstopper. After a brief BJ in the pool, our degenerates move indoors, with the best positions being cowgirl and doggie. Just like Rharri, Bailey has an amazing booty, which looks even better when it’s wet from oil, sweat, whatever. I’d kill to get both Rharri and Bailey in the same bed — and probably would have a heart attack from the explosive erotic experience. Whew! I also love watching Bailey bounce on black boner during reverse-cowgirl, with our girl’s fine tits really looking oh so suckable. After some wonderful standing doggie and some penetrating missionary, BB let JL get her face good and sloppy with a whitewashin’ o’ spermatozoa. Way ta go, Bail!

Yep, it’s still a lucky 13th installment, adeptly helmed by director Kayden Kross, with not a bad babe, not a bad scene; though both Rharri Rhound and Bailey Brooke earn way, way high points from this perv.

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My First Interracial, Vol. 12 – Blacked

A “first interracial” scene? Yep. Apparently, it is the first white-on-black encounter (at least on-screen) for these four fuckable white chicks, while we also get a yummy black babe, Kira Noir, in the horny mix, a la director Greg Lansky and the delightfully nasty folks at

We begin with delicious DVD cover girl, Sinderella, playing a whorish stewardess — guess they call ‘em “flight attendants” now — who attends, indeed, to Jason Luv’s big black jungle vine in-between take-offs. And speaking of take-offs, Sin quickly takes it all off when she meats up with Jace at poolside, getting nude then down on her knees and sucking a little (a big, actually) dick, before moving into the bedroom, at which point Bruthah Luv really moves into Sin. I like her eye contact, and we’re soon rewarded with her very horny pumping movements during cowgirl. What an ass on this bitch! We soon also get a nice view of Sin’s superlative tits during reverse-cowgirl. And then there’s a rockin’ view of her singularly super pooper during doggie, a scene highlight, with Jace goin’ deep and, thankfully, not grab-assin’ too much, so that we, thusly, get a good view o’ those killer Sinderella butt bongos. She even lets the lucky bastard spurt inside of her velvety cunt during a second scalding round o’ cowgirl, with the gunk dripping outta that hot twat and Sin lapping it up offa Jace’s stomach. Yep, one lucky SOB.

Polish sex pot Misha Cross gets slammed at an Ibiza get-away by the even-luckier Joss Lescaf (nearly a foot shorter than tall and rangy Cross), in yet another one of this porn’s highlights. You can never go wrong with Misha Cross. Simple as that. She’s gorgeous and nasty, providing one of the movie’s very best deepthroat sessions. I also love how she mouth-lathers either side of Lescaf’s cock with her tongue. Then, after a rousing bit of reverse-cowgirl, we get some scalding cowgirl, with Misha’s butt cheeks jiggling oh so crazily. Wow! Love her squatting action, too. And we’re finally given yet another scene’s showstopper, with some hammerin’ doggie action; for a good long time, too! Yeah! Shots of Misha’s amazing face only add to the extreme horniness of this sequence, which ends with some pounding missionary, followed by an upside-down BJ and Misha’s mouth getting filled up with (blatt! blatt! blatt!) pud paste. Yeah!

Eliza Ibarra has some truly tasty off-kilter good looks and a scrumptious body, providing quite a memorable scene herself, as the returning Jason Luv supplies plenty o’ luv for slim, sleek, scintillating spinner Ibarra. In a simple and almost non-existent storyline, Jace starts off by worshiping Parker’s no doubt sopping cunt, followed by an energetic Eliza mouth-fucking, then smokin’ reverse-cowgirl, some even more fiery cowgirl (yep, she also has a delish derriere, which Jace enjoys smacking now and again), some insane doggie, with our thin fox really getting probed deeply, before Jace delivers penetrating missionary, a return to scalding cowgirl, and yet another creampie. I said it before, and I’ll say it again … lucky SOB!

Lastly, pretty Ava Parker can’t help but notice that her boss, who operates out of his home, is slamming one bitch after another behind closed doors during working hours, until another assistant, the bangable black Kira Noir, has Ava join her boss man, played by none other than Mandingo, for one volcanic ménage a trois. It’s quite fun watching both Ava and Kira try to wrap their mouths around the huge hose attached to our man Mandingo, with the sluts ultimately focusing on the tip of the massive black iceberg. Nice eye contact from Kira during this double BJ. Fuck-wise, we start off with Ava doing some reverse-cowgirl (as Kira sucks Parker’s nipples and noodles Ava’s clit), followed by Noir doin’ some spirited cowgirl (butt cheeks rollin’ all over the place, with Ava fingering Noir’s anus and adding plenty o’ spit to Manny-meat when it’s outta that sizzling Kira hole), then it’s some memorable doggie for Kira (with Ava, again, lubing up Manny-member with her hungry mouth), before Parker follows suit, with Kira ultimately taking Mandingo’s blast o’ batter into her mouth, only to share it with the famished-for-guy-goo Parker. Choice!

From nuclear start to apocalyptic finish, “My First Interracial 12” is a keeper — as are all five of these phenomenally slammable sirens.

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Interracial Icon Vol. 8 – Blacked

Juicy white chicks — yes, all four of the ladies featured have big, luscious asses — take on huge black pricks, with gorgeous Lana Rhoades takin’ ebony snake oh so whorishly up ye ol’ fudge factory.

And butts really don’t get much thicker than the winner on curvy, randy Jada Stevens, who performs X-quisitely here. Playing an actress (or something to that effect) who meets some black dude, a guy named Cash, at an outdoor evening industry party, she decides to take him up on his personal invite to the horny bastard’s home one day. Jada, however, only means business, in the purely physical sense. It’s great seeing JS do her best to shuck down that greasy black vine. She also takes the one-eyed beast deep during missionary, while it’s amazing watching those grand butt pillows jiggle around like mad during cowgirl, even surpassing the awesomeness of the much-awaited Jada doggie position.

Lana Rhoades never really puts in a bad performance, and this “Interracial Icon 8” entry is no X-ception, with Rhoades playing a sexually ignored and, in turn, highly horny wife who sluttily cheats on her hubby by balling a black electrician, Jason Luv, working on their home. Our girl first enjoys being face fucked, with her tonsils probably winding up in her anus — and that latter hole is filled soon enough, too! I love how Lana’s ass is all greased up, making it look all the more incredible, which is precisely how I’d describe that shiny booty bouncing all over Jace-cock during cowgirl — and for a good long time, too. She’s also a screamer who likes getting seriously spanked. Doggie with Lana is similarly outta this world. She finally takes it up the stink during missionary, purring such sweet nothings (which are definitely somethings!) as, “I like the way it stretches out my asshole.” What a tramp. Love her. She gapes her crap hole frequently, as well, while always retaining eye contact with butt-buster Jace. We, thankfully, return to cowgirl, this time with that black behemoth up Lana’s beautiful bung-hole-eo. She really rides it, by the way, before taking a generous pop o’ Jace juice right in her delectable kisser. Who loves ya, baby? We all fucking do!

We next have scrumptious Aussie tart Angela White, way big in all o’ the right places, cunt-fronting her noisy neighbor, played by another Jason Brown, with a fairly heated in-and-outcome. White’s another dirty thing who loves getting hellaciously face-fucked, with plenty o’ rude sounds and oodles of spit. Angela’s all-natural boobs are also so large and hefty that you can really fuck ‘em, which is exactly what lucky Jace does here. I dig how her marvelously sloppy tits flop and sway during doggie, which goes on for a wonderfully extended (yes!) time. White’s butt is oh-so-delish, too, and looking even better when it’s oiled up. Cowgirl is similarly arousing (check out how red Angie’s butt cheeks get from all o’ the spanking goin’ on), while missionary is way deep. Angela serves it up with flying colors (and, eventually, sperm)! As usual.

Kagney Linn Karter is looking as scrumptious as ever these days, and her killer bod is superbly displayed in all of its voluptuous glory as she gets pounded silly by her on-screen boss, Jax Slayher, behind his wife and her husband’s backs. That makes ‘em both sluts, right? But it’s Karter’s whorishness that we’re much more interested in. She’s a phenomenal dick sucker, taking it long and slow and filthily down her gullet. She even rims (yikes!) very fortuitous son of a bitch Jax. “You like that? Gettin’ that asshole eaten,” she coos to him. Charming. Kag grinds down on dick wildly during cowgirl. The bitch knows how to work it. Kag is also great during doggie, but that killer ass is even more eye- and boner-popping during reverse-cowgirl, which is smartly shot from Slayher’s perv-spective, with Karter’s fantastic ass cheeks billowing every which way. Definitely a movie highlight. And before blowin’ all over Kag, Jax totally buries his bone way deep down the trollop’s twat during mish, in some highly spirited ball-slappin’-‘gainst-twat hammerin’. Damn!

“Interracial Icon 8” has one tasty babe after another taking dark dick to the max via mouth and muff. It’s not-to-be-missed smut.

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Black & White 12 – Blacked

Director Greg Lansky has done it again with choice white bitches getting banged by big, black boner in four scalding scenes of interracial salaciousness, featuring girls who love every greasy inch of BBC!

Tall drink o’ water Alexa Grace plays a groupie who hooks up with an onscreen celeb, Julio Gomez, possessing the biggest black cock I’ve seen, with Alexa showing what a wondrous whore she is, as she takes that ebony monster as best she can in mouth ’n’ muff. Alexis, for the record, not only has a delicious body, but is also quite pretty, making it all the nastier seeing her act in such a lewd manner (think: what do real-life fashion-runway models actually do behind the scenes?). Julio does, indeed, stick at least half of his third arm in Alexa’s sopping snatch during missionary, ditto for cowgirl, the latter position giving us a nice peek at Alexa’s sweet anus. And I love the fact that, while most girls might, literally, push back to avoid such a huge hose drilling ‘em too deeply during doggie, Alexa just lets it happen. Love this filthy fox!

Dredd, an older black dude with dreadlocks and a massive slab o’ dark meat, plays an on-screen sugar daddy who porks the livin’ hell outta cutie Kimberly Brix. I dig how luscious lil’ Kim is, and how she does her damndest to shuck down Dredd’s donkey-sized dong. Cowgirl gives a steamy shot of Kim’s culo, while her gelatinous butt cheeks jiggle (yeah!) like mad, and Dredd drills her like this for a (double yeah!) good long time! Doggie is just as blindingly brilliant, with Kim enjoying a few smacks across her righteously round rump, while mish gives us an all-around better shot of Brix’s soft and scrumptious bod. She eventually takes Dredd’s splash o’ sperm on the chin like a true champ of a tramp, too. Good girl!

Blonde pixie Elsa Jean is one of the cutest things in porn today, and seeing her take on a BBC like Jason Luv is totally awesome. I just love viewing Jean in a pair o’ tight blue jeans. She doesn’t even need to be wearing high heels, that’s how killer her body is. Anyway, after a handyman at Elsa’s parent’s home spills paint all over himself and helps himself to their shower (her parents aren’t home, by the way), Elsa walks in on the bastard washing himself off, can’t help but notice massive black stick dangling from his body, and soon is on her knees sucking said long, thick prick. She’s a damn good oral cock-socket, too! Magnificent eye contact from Else, as well. And watch how Jace at one point starts face-fucking her. Whew! I like how Jean simply takes her time sucking and fucking. No hurry for her. Cowgirl is amazing, with Jean’s lovely fucking ass cheeks shimmering from sweat, lube, whatever. Reverse-cowgirl lets us fully view that outrageously tight and slinky Jean bod; and her butt cakes are even greasier during doggie, with Jace really slammin’ it on home. Elsa likes to kiss, too, which adds to the erotic heat of the scene, particularly during missionary, after which we have a welcome return to doggie, followed by a hefty splat o’ sperm to Jean’s pretty face, Jace suck-cessfully cocooning her right eye. Here’s lookin’ at ya, Else, ya drop-dead pretty bitch ya!

Playing sorority sisters, the ever-juicy Kylie Page (who also happens to be absolutely gorgeous) and Hadley Viscara hornily take on Jax Slayher and Nat Turnher, playing two college jocks — along with their enormous cocks — in the movie’s grand filthy finale. Kylie starts off nastily sucking off Jax, before Had and Nat join in on the freaky fun. Had sucks on Nat, Kylie on Jax (witness the girls’ eyes water as they try to stuff these boner-beasts into their cake holes), before the two girls switch places, and we get some amazing cowgirl humping, during which Kylie and Hadley’s award-winning butt cheeks are highlighted. Doggie is just as awesome! Delish tits on both gals, by the way, which we see all the better (bouncy! bouncy!) during reverse-cowgirl. For some reason the young lassies keep going back to cowgirl, and, hey, I’m not complaining. It’s the shit! Jax ultimately creampies Had during cowgirl (nass-tay!), while Nat sprays splooge all over Kylie’s cute-as-a-button kisser. Fantastic!

Yep, there ain’t a bad scene/slut in this quartet o’ volcanic interracial reaming and creaming; it’s just hard to choose which girl you wanna blast off to: Alexa, Kimberly, Elsa, Kylie, Hadley … what a smorgasbord o’ sweet white meat! Yum!

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Blacked Raw V5 – Blacked

More bawdy interracial bonin’ from Blacked Raw, as fine white bitches get bored by big black boners, with director Lansky successfully X-ploring the dark side with all-around horny results, thanks to the winning quartet of lust-hungry cuties he has shrewdly chosen — with two of the featured floozies getting their slick slits creamed with still-steaming jizz. Yeah!

Like all of the other Caucasian cunts jonesin’ for black joints in this gonzo, Riley Reid hooks up with a lovah/bruthah (at her pad, his pad, some pad), in this case the heavily tattooed Jason Luv, who really lays some serious lovin’ (a la thick ebony prick) on Ms. Reid. And lil’ Riley, as usual, does a fantastic job o’ blowjobbin’ cock, really hacking away at that dark slug o’ Jason’s as she tries to get it all the way into her mouth. She also rims (phew!) the lucky bastard, and for a good, nasty long time, too! I also like the way she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand afterwards. We soon get a good view of Riley’s puffy pussy during mish, while we’re treated to some o’ that fine, tight lil’ Riley rear during cowgirl and (natch!) doggy. And it’s funny how Jason’s dick just keeps poppin’ outta Reid’s snatch during reverse-cowgirl (hell, you’ll get tired o’ counting how any times). And dig the way he creampies the cunt during mish — and how she sluttily rubs it deep into her slit.

Jade Nile is a very healthy young lady who really turns my train around (I wanna see more of her!), totally servicing a dude named Cash (lucky SOB). It’s, indeed, a pleasure watching this all-American-looking babe get boned in any position. She’s a fine cocksucker, and loves every second of her hose-hammering. A passionate, upbeat babe, Jade is way awesome to view even in a typically more standard position like missionary. She gets thoroughly excited bouncing on black bone during reverse-cowgirl, taking every little opportunity to suck that dick just a bit more. Doggie is great, too, as Jade bends way over to give us a wondrous view of her priceless pooper, before Cash slams her gash in the mish posish, before depositing man-paste all over her cute lil’ titties.

In scene three, we’re treated to sleek yet no less juicy little blonde Arya Fae, who gets her tonsils and twat blasted out by some dude named Davin King. He really face-fucks the bitch good (and for a long time!), before she sits on his blood-swollen dark salami, with cowgirl being one of the absolute best positions here, as Arya just gets so damn turned on, while we get a terrific taste of her topnotch tush. Doggie is no less amazing, with Arya getting her face as far down as possible for maximum meat mangling of her moist muff. And check out how King cums inside her cunt during mish, with both of ‘em jamming the jam further inside with their probing digits. Nice.

And lastly, we’re treated to (an appreciated cunt-trast with blonde Arya) exotic brunette Gina Valentina, one of my all-time favorite current porn starlets, here getting her fine self humped silly by the black behemoth of Jax Slayher. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, petite Gina is a perfectly nasty blowjob artiste, going deep, loud, gooey. She never offers up a bad position, either. But especially don’t miss her cute butt up in the air while getting pounded like there’s no tomorrow during doggie. Gina, by the way is the only babe to take her pop in the face, but that’s okay; I love seeing that oh-so-beautiful mug get sloppily splattered with sperm.

Oh yeah! It’s yet another wanking interracial winner from Monsieur Lansky in the always arousing “V” series, with high points going to all four filthy femmes. These slammin’ sluts’ll bust yer nuts!

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