TS Playground 28 – Evil Angel

Four cheerful, brightly lit and well-shot hookups (and one terrific solo) anchored by top TS girls that include a healthy helping of kink. As usual, Natalie Mars and Lena Kelly deftly steal the show.

Mars displays her gift for maintaining a classy, friendly demeanor despite engaging in all manner of filthy kinkplay. She and Lianna Lawson costar in an upbeat, multicolored session with rainbow onesies and dildos as they employ increasingly huge toys — Mars fires a giant plug out of her rectum like a cannon — and employ sounding rods into their cocks, even sharing a rod between their dicks at one point. They also titter and smile as they fuck each other. It’s wholesomely kinky fun.

Lithe, raven-haired Melissa Pozzi is a seductive beauty with an ample rack and a gigantic cock. She holds up a water bottle for comparison and her cock is slightly bigger. She twists and bends her tight body as she works herself to climax and waves goodbye to the camera as she struts away.

Tall, athletic brunette Jonelle Brooks projects a sexy, confident style. She maintains steady eye contact with hunky, compliant Gabriel D’Alessandro. He is happily submissive as she helps herself to his cock and ass for a vigorous flip-fuck and she blasts a splattery load onto his face and tongue.

Brazilian beauty Juliana Soares is an alluring sight in white lingerie as she giggles and flirts through her tease, oiling up her tits, fingering herself and cooing. She gags and chokes on the plus-sized boner belonging to youthful stud Bruce Ball. She twerks on his cock, which he appears to quite enjoy, gasping and whining cutely as he stuffs her sizable booty with meat and coats her belly with hot seed.

Platinum blonde powerhouse Lena Kelly and compact cutie Khloe Kay sport virginal white bra-and-panty sets as they tease and pleasure each other. Kelly is a wanton kinkster and she is loudly vocal as Fox fucks her. She gapes widely and sucks two cocks at once, encourages Kay and Fox with an unrelenting stream of dirty talk and more. Kay eagerly keeps pace, particularly as they pull a train, while Fox is happily compliant servicing both women.

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Love Song – Wicked Pictures

Ricky (Small Hands) is a songwriter and the lead of an up-and-coming rock band. When an incredible opportunity presents itself, he must decide if he’s willing to pay the price of success. knowing that whatever decision he makes will change the course of his life and the lives of those closest to him, including his girlfriend and his bandmates.

If you follow director Mike Quasar on Twitter, you are probably aware that he is himself in a band, meaning this project strikes very close to home for him. The movie has a realistic feel to it and I’m certain Quasar’s personal experience went a long way towards creating that sense of realism. Plus, the cast is superb. 2018 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year Small Hands is — in my opinion — one of the top male talents working in the U.S. today and this role seems like it was made for him. This movie also stars industry icon Joanna Angel in her first Wicked film since “Rendezvous” back in 2006. Aiden Ashley and Whitney Wright both turn in superb performances that should be recognized for their emotional depth (especially Aiden), while Chad Alva’s performance in his supporting role is one of the best I’ve ever seen from him.

The movie opens introducing us to Ricky and his girlfriend (and band manager) Jennifer (Ashley) discussing the future of the band. We learn that Jennifer has made some serious financial contributions to the project, but she’s more concerned with Ricky keeping his head straight and not getting discouraged by the struggles of the music industry as a whole as well as the struggles of the band to make its mark. The two lovers express their dedication not only to the band’s success, but more importantly to each other in a very heartwarming scene.

We also meet bassist Tommy (Alva) and his girlfriend Allison (Wright) in a scene that presents their perspective. They are young, in love, and incredibly excited about the band, although Allison feels that Tommy doesn’t necessarily get the attention he deserves because the band doesn’t play his songs even though she considers them to be just as good as Ricky’s. Tommy seems almost desperately dependent on Ricky to keep the band afloat by continuing to write hit songs even as he continues to write his own ballads.

Within the first five minutes of the movie, multiple plot threads are established. There’s a possible rivalry between lead singer/songwriter Ricky and bassist/songwriter Tommy, Jennifer’s fear that Ricky might lose himself to the dark road of fame the way her uncle did, and Allison’s desire to see Tommy’s creative ability acknowledged. Hands, Alva, Ashley and Wright all play these critical first five minutes effectively and it really sets the tone for the entire story. Kudos to Quasar for such succinct yet impactful writing.

Karen Osborne (Angel) enters the story as the fiery manager with all the necessary connections to make bands hit it big. She is aggressive and confident and Joanna makes us hate the character right off the bat. Her facial expressions and even the way she carries herself paint Karen as a corrosive evil that the audience immediately wants Ricky and Tommy to avoid. But of course, because she has the connections the band needs, Ricky decides to work with her. It’s a classic case of the hero taking a risk that they know is caustic just for the chance to reap a larger reward. Ricky and Jennifer’s trepidation of working with Karen is palpable, as is their belief that this is their last chance at major success. Again, really great character work by everyone involved. Joanna is abrasive and vile as she exerts her dominance, identifies and attacks potential threats to her plans and sows seeds of doubt and mistrust amongst the bandmates and their significant others in a ferocious whirlwind of manipulation that catches everyone off guard.

Things begin to take off for Ricky and the band at breakneck speed and the audience can feel him getting swept up in the wonder of apparent success. While Jennifer’s concerns reach fever pitch and Allison begins to worry herself, Ricky feels like a passenger on a ride instead of the one driving the car. Hands plays the vulnerability that comes with not being in control to perfection. He’s awed, concerned and inexperienced all at the same time. When Karen orchestrates a fateful confrontation, the band is forever changed and everyone (Ricky especially) bears the scars. Too late, Ricky tries to reassert himself to regain a measure of control which leads Karen to play her ace in the hole, completely decimating Ricky on a professional and emotional level while simultaneously ensnaring a new victim in her web of deceit.

This leads us to what is by far, the best sequence Mike Quasar has ever shot for Wicked Pictures. The song is melancholy and fits the scene perfectly, the shots project an intense despair upon the audience, and Small Hands uses his eyes to masterfully create a dark cloud of pain that completely engulfs the story. This is followed by a second musical sequence showing the callous way that Karen consumes, destroys and moves on, leaving a path of devastation in her wake. The quick shot of Whitney Wright looking at her phone during this sequence is an impressive piece of silent acting from her. There’s a satisfying resolution to the story that will undoubtedly have the audience cheering, but it’s definitely not a complete happy ending. The story is emotionally draining yet hurts so good and I can’t say enough great things about it.

The sex in this movie is great. This is a Wicked Passions movie so there’s an emphasis on character connection, which is always a plus for me. Chad Alva and Whitney Wright share a scene that is brightly lit and full of warmth. They kiss and caress each other for nearly seven minutes and while it sounds like a long time to wait for the more hardcore stuff, it really flies by because the performers build such an incredible connection during that time. The missionary is hot. Whitney’s legs look incredible as she lays on her back, knees around her face while Chad thrusts into her and the way they keep eye contact throughout is such a turn on.

Small Hands and Aiden Ashley are paired in a scene that starts out slow and sensual but escalates into sexual fervor. I loved the lighting and the shadows it created across the performers’ bodies and I thought Aiden absolutely shined. Her body shook with intensity and I was certain she was on the verge of death-by-orgasm more than once. The way she cradled his neck while whimpering in ecstasy as they spooned was extremely sexy.

Marcus London and Kenzie Taylor cap off their evening with a sexy nightcap that includes Marcus burying his face in Kenzie’s ass from behind (a position that I find visually stimulating) and an extended tongue-lashing on Kenzie’s pussy from Marcus. So often the blowjob gets a ton of screen time and the cunnilingus is treated as somewhat of an afterthought, but here Quasar and both performers give it its due. Kenzie’s bush also gets a ton of screen time and there’s even some toe-sucking so fans of that should find themselves quite satisfied.

Small Hands and Kissa Sins have a cool scene in a moving limo that caters to the public “reality” sex trend. As the performers dive into each other with abandon, the audience can clearly see trees, homes and other cars passing by through the windows. Scenes like this can’t be easy to shoot and Quasar deserves credit for producing such a good looking scene with such limited space and stability. The color of Kissa’s dress complimented her skin tone perfectly and honestly she looks great throughout. The cowgirl was particularly arousing and the way Kissa’s skin glistened with sweat was pretty sexy.

Joanna Angel and Chad Alva join the sexual festivities in a scene that sees Joanna brilliantly incorporate her character’s demeanor into her sexual performance. She’s loud and aggressive and in control. Joanna is one of those performers that I know of, but I haven’t seen much of her work. After watching this movie it’s easy to see how she became so popular. There’s just an animal magnetism to her sex that compels the viewer to stay engaged and her acting ability is top notch. Everything she does is stirring and keeps the viewer glued to her eyes, body and voice. Watch her when Chad is sucking her tits, her reactions are mesmerizing.

I can say without a doubt that “Love Song” is my favorite Wicked movie that Mike Quasar has ever done. It’s has a great visual look, the cast delivers in spades and the musical accompaniment is outstanding. Whomever wrote the songs for this film should be recognized for their superb work and Wicked Pictures should keep hiring Mike Quasar as often as possible. I watched this movie on Wicked.com, so I was not able to view any of the special features.

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Tushy Raw: V1 – Tushy

A new volcanic gonzo series from the folks at Tushy.com, Blacked.com, BlackedRaw.com and other great Greg Lansky-inspired movies/lines/sites, with “TushyRaw V1” having in-your-face sex exploding in darkened, but always well-lit, bedrooms and/or hotel rooms, and starring the choicest females and their posteriors, with the latter getting heavily gaped. Yes!

We start with an unseen dude (but I can tell it’s Mick Blue from the distinctive way he yelps) slamming the hell outta Riley Reid in an atmospherically lit bedroom, with highlights including Riley choking on McDick, getting hammered doggie-vadge, squirting during mish-vadge, moaning during mish-anal, spoon-anal (awesome how her juicy butt is all shiny from oil!), and (while reverse-cowgirl anal rocks) reverse-cowgirl anal, the latter shot as cowgirl and really kicking ass, what with that underrated, animated booty attached to the amazing Ms. Reid.

You can never go wrong with luscious XXX icon Tori Black, here getting her backside blasted out by another unseen male in a moody semi-dark setting, with rewindworthy moments including, well, all of her positions (!), which (for the raunch record) include doggie anal (which starts the scene itself), followed by a deep and gnarly ATM and facefucking (no cheating from ultra-slut Tori!), missionary anal, spoon anal (one of my favorites here), reverse-cowgirl anal (check out that succulent snatch on Tor!), more deep and nasty ATMs, doggie anal (which is a movie high point amongst all of this scene’s numerous highlights) with some romantic gapes, reverse-cowgirl anal shot as cowgirl, and another ATM which leads to our phantom stud blowin’ his ball batter into Black’s mouth and torrid Tor swallowing it all right down her gullet with a naughty smirk. Love her!

After a fully freaky deepthroat and titty fuck, Aussie big-bosomed/big-bottomed lust bunny Angela White, gets hammered in her cunt mish style, followed by her anus (“You can do whatever you want to it … it’s yours,” she coos to her unseen ass-sailant), after which we have a darling ATM with some distinctive face-fucking, doggie anal which shows off that wild White booty (all greasy and bent over and gaping and fanny-tastic), reverse-cowgirl anal (during which she’s turned into a human pretzel!), cowgirl anal (“Look at that pink asshole,” she moans as she gapes her stinker), after which we see that her bungholeo invader is Markus Dupree, ultimately releasing his Russian rod sauce onto the slut’s hungry tongue. Whew!

Lastly, we have cute blonde Kenzie Reeves getting her own anus stretched out (her words) by another (for the most part) faceless fucker, with memorable moments being a passionate facefucking of the darling damsel, some long mish anal-yzing, a horny ATMin’/facefuckin’, doggie/spoon anal that’s out of this world, reverse-cowgirl butt-fucking showing off Kenz’s wildly pink and puffy (and slick!) pussy, and cowgirl anal that’s energetic as hell, with our stud (sporty another heavy accent) ejecting his sperm into her anus, the gunk spilling back out, with kinky Kenz licking the soiled and spent dick clean. Kenzie’s another trollop I’m totally in love with. You will be, too!

This new gonzo series is not to be missed, seeing as how each and every tart is worth awesome in her own way, with these same super strumpets riding cock with their rowdy rectums like there’s now tomorrow. Brilliant stuff!

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Gangbang Me 3 – Hard X

While the five-man gangbang of lil’ Californian, 29-year-old black beauty Ana Foxxx is definitely something to write home about, it’s the four-pud multiple suck-fuck of gorgeous ’n’ nasty 21-year-old Chicagoan (of delicious Slovenian-Czech roots) Lana Rhoades which is the real barnburner here.

And don’t get me wrong, the Ana Foxxx group sex pluggin’ is absolutely worth wanking to! After a chokingly impressive blowbang, Ana is immediately ass reamed doggie style, while still sucking two cocks. Whoa! The dudes go back and forth between her cunt and crapper before she’s DP’d doggie style, with the lads (five of ‘em, don’t ya know) taking turns with her turd bin. Love that flawless-looking ebony skin on foxy Foxxx. Next is a reverse-cowgirl DP, with the boys taking turns in her honey hole. Ana doesn’t mind a little choking, neither. More doggie DPin’ ensues along with plenty o’ simultaneous cocksuckin’, followed by mish anal, more doggie DPin’ (dayim, girl!), standing DPs, another blowbang, more reverse-cowgirl DPin’, a doggie-anal train (love seein’ those!), and, before Ana finally takes all five pop shots in the kisser, I’m glad some of the boys actually utilize her vadge for its own lovely sake. Hey, it’s a beautiful thing.

The Lana Rhoades four-man gangbang (which, in fact, begins this amazing Mason-directed gonzo, and you’re gonna like our director’s fun interviews with the ladies before the schtuping begins) is off-the-scale, with Ms. Rhoades (and her killer bod!) not putting in a bad position as she’s oh-so-very bad (in the best way possible!). After some terrify glam footage, Lana jumps right into her tank o’ four sharks, getting heavily hammered by her quartet o’ cocks in a loft/warehouse/one of those fucking cool-looking places (perfect for filming gangbangs). I like that Lana doesn’t mind kissing — at least before all of the sucking and fucking begins.

After her own way gnarly blowbang, Lana (she especially loves being seriously face-fucked!) gets ass-fucked doggie style (and what a magnificent ass on this all-around magnificent female specimen), during which she continually schucks down cock with her gob. She whorishly performs an anal train, before it’s doggie DP time, with cocks taking turns up her crap-house (can’t get enough of those stupend-ass ass cheeks on Lana!), after which it’s missionary anal, during which a DP materializes and shifts into a reverse-cowgirl DP (by the way, I adore watching Lana’s perfect tits gyrate oh so hornily here). She likes her ATMs, too! Next, it’s another doggie DP, during which we get another brilliant anal train, more ATMs, mish anal, sweet and charming choking, delightful gapes, some standing DPs, another blowbang (with a fifth wheel showing up … where the hell was that pud all this slime-time?), more reverse-cowgirl DPin’, some spoon anal (it’s romantic), more doggie DPin’ (very romantic), and finally (blatt! blatt! blatt! blatt!… blatt!) five blasts o’ boy batter in the fab face (that mystery cock came from … somewhere?!). Lana even has time to do another doggie DP before we fade to black. And it’s great how our girl always keeps smiling throughout her multiple-dick-pluggin’ scene. She rocks!

Yes, the Ana Foxxx gangbang also rocks (and fans of that little firecracker will adore it), but you especially wanna get “Gangbang Me 3” for the four-man pluggin’ (in all conceivable holes) of lovely, lusty, lascivious Lana Rhoades. Who loves ya, Lana? We all do!

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The Daughter Disaster – Pure Taboo

Steve Holmes plays a bent stepfather who screws his “daughters” in two separate, unrelated stories from Pure Taboo, with all eyes/dicks most definitely on the ever-scrumptious-and-fuckable Eastern-Euro-looking Elena Koshka and exotic, juicy-as-hell brunette (whom you just have to pork!) Emily Willis.

“The Daughter Disaster” is a follow-up story to a previous Pure Taboo movie/story called “The Daughter Deal” — in which the character of Elena Koshka fucks her stepdad’s boss and then bangs her stepdad, the latter played by Steve Holmes — Elena confesses to her shocked, angry stepmom, Sarah Vandella, about her dad’s boss and her dad both penetrating her, with Holmes secretly telling/lying to his way pissed-off wife, in private, that it was all Elena’s fault, before the two try to make up via some passionate sex, with the best position being doggie, featuring Vandella’s big, wide butt.

Yet afterwards, insincere weasel Holmes says it’s all his fault to impressionable stepdaughter Elena, before the two seriously hump in her room, with the best position here being reverse-cowgirl, as Holmes really slams his salami into the hottie (“Oh, that’s so deep,” Elena groans), while missionary is also pretty damn amazing, seeing as it shows off (as does reverse-cowgirl) Koshka’s first-rate bod. Holmes, however, is ultimately discovered for the worm that he is by both ladies, with the freaky stepdad receiving quite a surprise, indeed, from his little stepchild.

Next, in “Daughter Slut-Shaming”, delicious-looking brunette Emily Willis tells her stepdad, the returning Holmes, that she needs the morning-after pill as a result of some random sex with different guys her age, with her dad going berserk and telling her that he’s going to “treat (his) stepdaughter like the slut that she is”; in turn, after spanking the hottie, Holmes tells Emily to blow him, which is a movie highlight in itself (so loud, long and deep), while doggie (of which we, thankfully, get two doses) is amazing as it features the Em’s fantastic fanny, while you’re gonna love Em’s intense facial expressions as Holmes eats her sweet cunt.

Missionary and reverse-cowgirl are also wonderful with such a horny, sultry babe like Willis; pop ultimately poppin’ during mish. And, yes, we get a twisted little twist of an ending in this anecdote, too. Heh, heh.

Thanks to the engaging storylines in both of these stepdaughter tales, as well as the tasty looks and excellent fucking talents of Elena Koshka and Emily Willis, “The Daughter Disaster” is absolutely worth checking out, for both couples and hardcore pervs alike.

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Interracial Trans Action 2: Sean Michaels – Trans500 Studios

Sean Michaels anchors three solid, meat-and-potatoes hookups, while Castro Supreme is featured in one scene. All four trans starlets are sexy and engaging with MVP honors going to Janelle Fennec’s wholesomely slutty vibe and Ryder Monroe’s wanton sexual hunger.

Michaels and pretty Janelle Fennec play a pair of traveling co-workers forced to share a hotel room; the inevitable occurs. They share an amusing, flirty chemistry. Fennec is a lovely girl-next-door type with alabaster skin and long sandy blonde tresses. She slobbers over Michaels’ boner, gives him a footjob with her stocking-clad feet and gasps in shocked surprise when she first slides onto his cock. Michaels jacks out a splattery load that splashes across her belly and tits.

Korra Del Rio is a seductive pleasure in a lacy black bodysuit as she performs a tease and then lounges on the couch for an interview. She is paired with Castro Supreme and is genuinely startled by the size of the veteran cocksman’s infamously thick, curving boner. (“This is humungous. This is the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen,” she gasps.) Del Rio does her level best to service him, taking about a third of it down her throat, then gasping, whining and groaning as he methodically fucks her in a variety of positions, culminating in a sticky facial that coats her wholesomely pretty features. As the camera pans away, Del Rio is still clearly agog over the experience.

Professor Michaels has arranged for a session of private tutoring with Ryder Monroe, bursting out of her schoolgirl outfit. She claims to be unfamiliar with multiplication tables (“Um, that’s pretty basic, but that’s okay…”) but Monroe does grasp the basics of blackmail as she uses a risqué photo of Michaels and Fennec to get some action of her own. Michaels isn’t terribly bothered by the attempt at blackmail; he confidently takes charge, stripping Monroe, exploring her lithe body and firmly ordering her to service his dick properly. She is eagerly compliant and impressively deep-throats every inch of it without gagging. He bangs her across the table and in a variety of other positions and Monroe takes the pounding with accomplished ease. He jacks out a climax onto her coquettish features.

Sarina Valentina – seen on the box cover with Michaels – is a va-va-voom sex doll with long blonde hair, DSL and ample booty and boobs. She and Michaels share a sensual chemistry as they tease their way into sex. Valentina’s boyfriend is in the next room, but she can’t resist a taste – and a lot more – of Michaels’ thick python. She sucks on it like a lollipop and rides the beast with continuous moans and groans of pleasure. Michaels, for his part, seems to quite enjoy the slavish attention.

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Anal Beauty, Vol. 8 – Tushy

Greg Lansky directs yet another outstanding volume of four anal sex scenes, starring the industry’s most fuckable — and nastiest! — starlets.

In a simple story, the smokin’ Nicole Aniston, playing one fetching fucking beach lifeguard, gets down and (doo-doo) dirty with a lucky boob, Mick Blue, whom she met at a party the other night. After a, literally/figuratively, smooth BJ (nothing crazy, that is), Nicky bounces on McDick cowgirl style, with Mick sticking prick up her shit; and it’s great seeing such a pretty girl lick her own shit offa a crap-soaked stick. Reverse-cowgirl anal is horny, as(s) well, giving us a tasty view of Aniston’s succulent snatch, while we also get a neat gaper. But there’s more where that came from during doggie anal. And mish anal, actually, shows off plenty more of Nicky’s amazingly taut body, with several additional delish gapes ensuing.

Megan Rain has the hots for a famous DJ, here played by Chris Diamond, with the anal princess (Megan, not Chris) showing what she’s got down below — and, boy, does she have talent down under. Her saliva-drenched deepthroating of Diamond is nothing short of brilliant, with Megan making a point of not using her hands. In turn, it clearly looks as if her entire universe is that cock in her mouth. Nothing else exists to her. Great whore.

Aside from Diamond’s occasional grab-assin’, cowgirl with Rain is mesmerizing; followed, eventually, with reverse-cowgirl anal — letting us fully view Rain’s killer, all-natural body — with ATMs close by; while doggie anal is ass-tounding, as Diamond dick looks like a small arm going in and out of that exit hole. Mish anal, like reverse-cowgirl, lets us fully absorb Megan’s incredible body, with Rain’s (hard to believe) tight anus (after all o’ those buttfuck flicks!) doing its best to quickly close after a gape; her elastic craphole snapping shut ever so quickly. And, soon enough, Diamond does an anal cream pie. Raunchy Rain, of course, lives for this crazy shit, scooping the gunk from her stinker and eating it. Super whore!

Alex Grey, one foxy/filthy blonde, takes on Jean Valjean, whose house she’s sitting in the story, with our gal soon sitting her shitter on the French pudster’s over-worked baguette, after he catches her taking a shower in his home in his, supposed, absence. Alex gives a fine BJ, with good eye contact, especially when the Jean genie face fucks her. As usual with Valjean, he grab-asses way too much during cowgirl and doggie, getting his dabs all over that work of art, although there are some moments where he lets up and allows us (as it should be!) to imbibe of this babe’s babe-a-licious booty. And, no, she has no prob whatsoever with ATMs. We get quite a few fine gapes during reverse-cowgirl anal, followed by some cute ATMs, while you really get a terrif view of her Grey’s incredible ass (and gaping anus!) during doggie; and even more gapes arise during mish anal, with Frenchie ultimately (like Diamond in the previous scene) jettisoning jizz up Grey’s shitter. Wow!

The always-welcome Jillian Janson, playing a slutty flight attendant who likes hooking up with her more hunky passengers, hooks up with (another!) “famous” DJ, this time played by the returning Chris Diamond, who barely speak English in the story but knows the international language, as does (as we well know!) naughty ass-fuck princess Janson. After giving Chris a deep ’n’ dirty poolside BJ, Janson moves inside with her well-hung tool, really kicking up some sparks with both twat ’n’ tukus. Highlights include spoon anal (what a great voluptuous ass on Jill, who also gapes marvelously!), saliva-drenched ATMs, hypnotic cowgirl vadge, crazy reverse-cowgirl anal (morphing into a strange sorta jackhammer session), and (but of course!) doggie anal which shows off Janson’s gorgeous pooper. And check out that rosebud action during mish anal (which also morphs into another jackhammer session), with our boy Diamond blowing gametes all over Jill’s open and greedy (yeah!) gob. Love this girl!

Each one of these tasty turd-bin-minded tarts fully rocks the people’s cock, with director Lansky (as usual) laudably capturing the in-your-face action with clear, crisp videography, allowing you to fully fall in lust with butt-bangin’ babes Nicole, Megan, Alex and Jillian.

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Gazongas 2 – Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures contract director Rikki Braun is back with another all-sex offering for those who love women with massive mammaries. Most of us probably remember trying to describe women we knew with tits that seemed to be larger than life. Huge, enormous, gigantic? None of those words seemed to properly convey the sheer enormity of what we were seeing. We needed something else to describe them. Something ridiculous, because those tits were ridiculous. Gazongas! That sounds right! Well, these ladies certainly fit the bill.

Autumn Falls and Seth Gamble:

Autumn’s rack is everything “gazongas” is meant to describe. Enormous, floppy udders that hang deliciously when she leans forward and whirl like helicopter blades when she sways her torso. She gives Seth a very sloppy blowjob complete with huge spit bubbles, lots of deepthroating. Seth gets into Autumn pretty aggressively in doggie and the camera gives us a quite a few close-ups of Autumn’s ass. The reverse cowgirl and spoon really put Autumn’s massive tits on display and set this breast fest rolling at top speed.

Ella Knox and Alex Legend:

This scene takes place in a billiard room (with a kickass motorcycle parked behind one of the chairs) and Rikki introduces Ella to the audience with an eye-popping slow-motion tease in which Ella flops her insane bust out of her lingerie with an almost audible flop. My goodness Ella has got a rack from heaven and it’s too bad there was such heavy lens flare, as I thought it obscured a little too much of Ella’s smoking figure. That said, when Alex is slurping on her nipples, her breast literally covers half his face! The BJ is also a lot more sensual than the opening scene, as Ella uses a lot of tongue and sucks on Alex’s balls quite a bit. Ella then mounts Alex in the roomy leather chair and rides him slowly, setting the tone for the scene. The final two positions are showcases for Ella’s massive tits and Alex finishes all over them in satisfying fashion.

Katy Jane and Tyler Nixon:

Katy’s tease opens with a beat-heavy hip hop-track as Katy rattles her tits out of her bra and literally claps them together by swinging them into each other. It is certainly eye catching. She wears stockings, a garter belt and black boots to open the scene, which all look great on her. The audience gets their first taste of tit-fucking in the movie with this scene and Tyler is very enthusiastic about it. He also grabs Katy’s tits hard during missionary, which is arousing and animalistic. I really liked the way Katy leaned forward during the reverse cowgirl to let her tits hang while she ground away on Tyler’s cock and the tit-fucking finish right into Katy’s mouth, chin and chest (she definitely swallows some of Tyler’s load) is also fantastic.

Jessica Jade and Ramon Nomar:

The tease portion of this scene takes place on the staircase and, while it is visually pleasing, the lens flare gets heavy again, not just for cuts, but also as background action, which ends up looking like light randomly flashing in the background. Anyhow, Ramon enters the fray and the two get into each other right on the stairs, which was kinda hot. I did quite enjoy the gold hue of the scene with the sunlight reflecting off the yellow-toned marble steps and bronze-colored banister … and the light also played beautifully on Jessica’s skin. Ramon really buries his face in Jessica’s muff and she returns the favor with a bobbing blowjob that sneaks in some nice POV action. A lot of time is dedicated to standing doggie allowing the audience a nice extended view of Jessica’s ballooning breasts. Ramon finishes with a classic facial.

Reagan Foxx and Brad Knight:

Another banging track accompanies the tease portion of this scene, and whomever is responsible for the music in this movie has good taste. However, the overuse of lens flare is a problem here again for me, as it seems used merely for the effect rather than to enhance the visual presentation. But I digress. Reagan and Brad spend a fair amount of time kissing which was a nice change of pace compared to the rest of the movie. Reagan’s black lacy attire was sexy and looked surprisingly good next to Brad’s plain black shirt and jeans. I was honestly surprised at how good their clothes looked together. Brad really gives Reagan a good thrusting in every position and the smile on his face shows just how much he enjoys it. For her part, Reagan eggs him on with dirty talk that ups the eagerness with which Brad fucks her and the longer the scene goes on, the more Reagan steers the action. By the end, Brad is practically bursting with anticipation and when Reagan finally allows him to finish all over her face, Brad showers her with an out-of-control facial that she revels in.

Overall, Rikki Braun delivers on the promise of showcasing tantalizing teats in this movie and fans of busty women will want to pick this one up. It’s straight gonzo with no scene preamble and no dialogue to distract the viewer from the visual stimulation. A little less (or perhaps better use of) lens flare would have been appreciated, but the sex itself is still great. Katy Jane really delivers and Ella Knox’s massive tits are a wonder to behold. I watched this movie on Wicked.com, so I was not able to view any of the special features.

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Interracial Icon Vol. 8 – Blacked

Juicy white chicks — yes, all four of the ladies featured have big, luscious asses — take on huge black pricks, with gorgeous Lana Rhoades takin’ ebony snake oh so whorishly up ye ol’ fudge factory.

And butts really don’t get much thicker than the winner on curvy, randy Jada Stevens, who performs X-quisitely here. Playing an actress (or something to that effect) who meets some black dude, a guy named Cash, at an outdoor evening industry party, she decides to take him up on his personal invite to the horny bastard’s home one day. Jada, however, only means business, in the purely physical sense. It’s great seeing JS do her best to shuck down that greasy black vine. She also takes the one-eyed beast deep during missionary, while it’s amazing watching those grand butt pillows jiggle around like mad during cowgirl, even surpassing the awesomeness of the much-awaited Jada doggie position.

Lana Rhoades never really puts in a bad performance, and this “Interracial Icon 8” entry is no X-ception, with Rhoades playing a sexually ignored and, in turn, highly horny wife who sluttily cheats on her hubby by balling a black electrician, Jason Luv, working on their home. Our girl first enjoys being face fucked, with her tonsils probably winding up in her anus — and that latter hole is filled soon enough, too! I love how Lana’s ass is all greased up, making it look all the more incredible, which is precisely how I’d describe that shiny booty bouncing all over Jace-cock during cowgirl — and for a good long time, too. She’s also a screamer who likes getting seriously spanked. Doggie with Lana is similarly outta this world. She finally takes it up the stink during missionary, purring such sweet nothings (which are definitely somethings!) as, “I like the way it stretches out my asshole.” What a tramp. Love her. She gapes her crap hole frequently, as well, while always retaining eye contact with butt-buster Jace. We, thankfully, return to cowgirl, this time with that black behemoth up Lana’s beautiful bung-hole-eo. She really rides it, by the way, before taking a generous pop o’ Jace juice right in her delectable kisser. Who loves ya, baby? We all fucking do!

We next have scrumptious Aussie tart Angela White, way big in all o’ the right places, cunt-fronting her noisy neighbor, played by another Jason Brown, with a fairly heated in-and-outcome. White’s another dirty thing who loves getting hellaciously face-fucked, with plenty o’ rude sounds and oodles of spit. Angela’s all-natural boobs are also so large and hefty that you can really fuck ‘em, which is exactly what lucky Jace does here. I dig how her marvelously sloppy tits flop and sway during doggie, which goes on for a wonderfully extended (yes!) time. White’s butt is oh-so-delish, too, and looking even better when it’s oiled up. Cowgirl is similarly arousing (check out how red Angie’s butt cheeks get from all o’ the spanking goin’ on), while missionary is way deep. Angela serves it up with flying colors (and, eventually, sperm)! As usual.

Kagney Linn Karter is looking as scrumptious as ever these days, and her killer bod is superbly displayed in all of its voluptuous glory as she gets pounded silly by her on-screen boss, Jax Slayher, behind his wife and her husband’s backs. That makes ‘em both sluts, right? But it’s Karter’s whorishness that we’re much more interested in. She’s a phenomenal dick sucker, taking it long and slow and filthily down her gullet. She even rims (yikes!) very fortuitous son of a bitch Jax. “You like that? Gettin’ that asshole eaten,” she coos to him. Charming. Kag grinds down on dick wildly during cowgirl. The bitch knows how to work it. Kag is also great during doggie, but that killer ass is even more eye- and boner-popping during reverse-cowgirl, which is smartly shot from Slayher’s perv-spective, with Karter’s fantastic ass cheeks billowing every which way. Definitely a movie highlight. And before blowin’ all over Kag, Jax totally buries his bone way deep down the trollop’s twat during mish, in some highly spirited ball-slappin’-‘gainst-twat hammerin’. Damn!

“Interracial Icon 8” has one tasty babe after another taking dark dick to the max via mouth and muff. It’s not-to-be-missed smut.

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Cuckold and Proud of It – Private Media Group

From Private, gorgeous/nasty women from Hungary, Romania, Russia and Spain show off their slutty charms in five (yes, five!) sizzling scenes, with the cuckolded hubby sometimes participating in the sex, be it oral, vaginal, anal or (hoor-ray!) double-penetrative! And (better still!) there’s not a condom in sight.

26-year-old Hungarian hottie Shona River is up first, getting down with a dark-skinned buddy, Jesus Reyes, much to the delight of her bent hubby Alberto Blanco, with the two men ultimately sharing the sizzling strumpet. Shona’s blowjobs are definitely modern, sucking to the bone, while occasionally gagging/choking on the man-gristle. Her ass is phenomenal, as she gets doggied while still deeply sucking a prick. One true highlight is when she rides Alberto cowgirl style, her ass cheeks seeming to have a mind all their own. Whew! Both guys eventually blow separately upon her wickedly attractive face.

Next, 27-year-old brunette, Romanian fox Alyssia Kent is one of my favorite Euro babes, with perfect ass and tits, as well as a delicious face and laudable lust for dick; here getting ploughed by her on-screen hubby Marc Rose, while her interrupted lover, Gerson Denny, secretly watches from around a corner of the bedroom; with Alyssia simply being awesome in each and every position. It’s fantastic watching her incredible boobs bounce during cowgirl; ditto for spoon; while her marshmallowy butt cheeks get shaken and massaged by Marc during reverse-cowgirl, shot from his perspective; Marc also lets those cheeks do their own thing during a much-appreciated hands-off session; and doggie is no less boner-bursting, with Marc blowin’ his British banger all over those fine Alyssia ass cheeks.

25-year-old Russian vixen Ellen Betsy plays a healthy, juicy potential real estate client and gets it on with the returning Marc Rose, here playing a real estate agent, who gets seduced into fucking inside an up-for-sale luxury home, while Ellen’s perverted hubby, played by Gerson, watches on for a while, before joining in on the salacious fun. Ellen is a wondrous BJ artiste, superb in the face-fucking department. I love the fact, too, that she keeps her garters on during doggie with Marc. Gerson eventually joins the action, screwing Betsy spoon style, while she deepthroats Marc. It’s anal time soon enough, with Ellen sitting her asshole on Marc’s member reverse-cowgirl style, while she does her best to simultaneously suck Gerson. Afterwards, Ellen is double penetrated both doggie and reverse-cowgirl style, respectively; later getting her anus separately fucked doggie style by Gerson, who erupts across her ass cheeks, as she continues to blow Marc’s member, with Rose himself soon blasting all over her face. Great stuff!

24-year-old Russian beauty Selvaggia (love the name!) gets all spruced up per the request of her on-screen hubby, Potro de Bilbao, so as to fuck his friend, (yet again) Gerson. But while waiting for Gerson, Sel sucks a little Potro penis. Then when Gerson shows up, Potro hides and watches his wife get it on with the dude. Some real deep dick-sucking follows; then it’s doggie, spoon and missionary vadge, at which point she tells Gerson, “Put it in my ass”, which he dutifully does, mish style. And it rocks, lemme tell ya. Selvaggia is such a luscious female specimen. Next it’s cowgirl anal, which is just as awesome, Sel’s ass cheeks really undulating at this point, with Gerson ultimately creaming into her anus; Sel afterwards lapping up the sperm that spills onto his stomach. She then struts over to the still-hiding Potro and deepthroats him to blast-off mode. Love ya, Sel!

Finally, 27-year-old Spanish beauty Apolonia Lapiedra satisfies her lucky husband’s, Luke Hardy’s, Christmas wish to watch her get it on with another dude, in this case the returning Potro di Bilbao, with Apolonia providing one of the movie’s most show-stopping episodes. Lapiedra is an excellent cockgagger, going deep, loud, wet. And check out those head-givin’, lipsticked lips suckin’ dick! Wow! Cowgirl is amazing, as she rocks upon Potro’s roll. And what a perfect ass on sweetie Apolonia! Reverse-cowgirl, spoon, and doggie equally kick ass. And I love that she also keeps on her garters, in this case red ones for Christmas. Lapiedra ultimately jerks Potro off into her mouth. Then, when Potro leaves, she majorly deepthroats Hardy’s hose to blast-off mode, the cum eventually hanging/swinging from her chin as she giggles and tells Luke, “Merry Christmas!” in her sexy as hell Spanish accent. Umphh! What a priceless tart!

This Private extravaganza is amazing from start to finish; loaded with gorgeous foreign female bods proving how passionate they are about penis. Get it!

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