Girls With Guns – Digital Playground

Digital Playground scores with this “Blade Runner”-ish action title from director Dick Bush and writer Ginny Rex. A world-controlling organization called the Agency runs something called Project Innocence wherein able-bodied young women get turned into androids, or Units, capable of extreme physical feats.

They also happen to be fond of fucking, which is the reward they get for killing people who stand in the Agency’s way. Giselle Palmer as Unit 1 gets Ryan Ryder as a treat and she fucks his brains out in a super-high energy encounter. It’s like she’s not human — which of course is the point.

Villains Tina Kay and Danny D plan to use the Units to take over the Agency for themselves. They cause a lot of havoc before they’re defeated by girl-bots with guns led by good guy scientist Michael Vegas.

Tina, a Euro star with the sexy accent to match, takes on Danny’s monster cock in another red-hot coupling. Vegas gets two threeways, the first with Giselle and Kenzie Reeves in a cramped shower space. The second features Kenzie getting banged by a Sybian machine while Alyssia Kent gets going with Mike.

“You’re a disease and I’m the cure” is the memorable tagline from the violent ending. There is blood and brimstone, excellent FX, several non-sex actors to move the story along, and lots of volcanic sex.

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TS Mega Cocks 2 – Evil Angel

This title features exactly what it promises: Tgirls and mega cocks. Lots of mega cocks. Nothing else really matters in this DVD — even the language the performers are speaking. Who needs talk when there’s so much action?

The title opens with Giselly Soares lying down on the bed, her soft, round ass exposed above two pink bow tattoos lined up perfectly on each thigh. She spreads herself and rolls over to reveal a thick cock peeking out of her blue lace panties. She pulls it out, covering it modestly with her short skirt as she plays with her nipples. Alex Victor leans over to suck her dick, licking the sides of it and going down hard on the entire shaft. He eats her tiny asshole, fingering it as she jerks off with finely manicured hands. He sticks all of his fingers inside of her ass as he plays with her boner, Soares laughing and squirming all the way. After some facefucking, Soares jerks off and comes as Victor eats her rosebud of an ass out.

The next scene opens right onto a cock hanging out from under a striped tutu. As it gets hard the camera pans up to Fernanda Cristine and blonde Gisele Bittencourt playing with themselves, touching their bouncing breasts and stroking their hard dicks. The two wave their swords around, moving their hands fast and staring straight into the camera. Tony Lee shows up to suck some dick and the two girls kiss and play with one another as Lee deepthroats Bittencourt’s mega cock. He does the same favor for Cristine before the girls move to play with one another. Cristine eventually fucks Bittencourt in the ass while Bittencourt sucks Lee’s dick, all three of them moaning and grinding against one another. The three roll around before Bittencourt, impaled on Lee’s hard cock, comes all over the screen. Lee and Cristine jerk off onto Bittencourt’s face simultaneously, giving her a chance to show the camera her cum-eating skills.

The screen cuts to Bianca Hills, who walks down the street in fishnets and a leatherette dress so short that her ass can be seen in the shot — something the camera angle makes clear. She makes her way up the stairs in high heels and into the room where Victor sits. The two speak in Portuguese, arguing until the anger turns into sex. Victor gets down onto Hills’ dick after surveying the goods through a glass tabletop. She grabs his face and makes him suck on her giant cock, barely letting him stop to play with her tits before forcing him back on. He gives careful attention to her balls and then pulls her dress down to reveal her tight body. He dives into her ass face first and then with his dick. Hills jerks herself off as he fucks her, looking sensuously into the camera as her hand begins to move faster and faster. Finally, she comes, strings of jizz dripping down onto the floor. They don’t stop, though, Victor grabbing Hills by the neck and fucking her hard. Hill pulls Victor by the dick and makes him come hard — right onto her face.

Next up is Jenna Tales, who has an appropriate name for someone whose scene starts out with a straight shot of balls. Her shining tits hang over the edge of a gold skirt and she smiles into the camera, showing off. It’s clear her cock is huge when it slips out from under her skirt, and Gabriel takes the hint, jumping right onto it with his wet mouth. Tales’ sizable prick goes deep into his mouth, deep enough to make him choke. Tales moves to suck his dick dutifully, cupping his balls and putting them into her mouth. She lowers herself onto Gabriel and into his tight, waiting ass doggy style as he jerks himself off. They fuck and then Gabriel goes down onto her cock as Tales tells the camera her husband is not home. Gabriel slips into Tales’ asshole, fucking her so hard that the tassel around her neck bounces against her breasts. Eventually he pulls out and Tales strokes her dick until she comes all over his face. He comes hard onto her tits and Tales licks him clean.

The next scene opens with redheaded bio girl Rococo Royalle touching Nina Lawless’ throbbing cock, kissing her and cupping her breasts. Royalle rubs Lawless’ dick against her, gyrating and grasping Lawless’ hips. Royalle slips down to Lawless’ cock, licking up and down her shaft and then sliding over Lawless’ swollen head. She deepthroats, spitting messily on Lawless’ dick before flipping over and offering her pussy and ass to Lawless’ mouth. Lawless eats her hairy cunt out and then puts her big cock inside of Royalle, grasping for ass she thrusts in and out of the tight pussy. Royalle jumps onto Lawless’ lap, Lawless maneuvering her red twat onto the giant cock. Dirty girl Lawless licks Royalle’s hairy armpit as she squirms and moans, bringing out a toy to play with her clit. She gasps as Lawless fucks her and moves the toy around her clit, coming hard. She moves the toy to Lawless’ balls, maneuvering it around her shaft and taint. Royalle sucks Lawless’ cock until Lawless comes all over her tight stomach — right into her belly button.

A muscular Nathany Gomes opens up the next scene, pulling off her bikini to reveal tan-lined breasts that she rubs together. Victor enters to play with her clothed ass and spread it wide to show the camera. He licks into her denim panties, trying to get at her cock. It’s not difficult to do, of course, as Gomes pulls her uncut dick out for Victor to put in his mouth. He undresses her and tries his best to get his mouth on her cock as Gomes enthusiastically shoves it in. She takes out a big dildo and licks it with her pierced tongue, Victor rubbing her ass with lube to get her ready. He assfucks her with the dildo while she pulls herself off. Once the dildo is out, he slips a hand into her asshole and makes her lick the toy. She jerks off and comes hard onto her tattooed torso.

In the last scene, Leticia Castro and Victor lie down on the bed, Victor rubbing Castro’s cock through black lace panties. He pulls out Castro’s girthy staff, caressing it softly with his hands. Castro moves to suck on Victor’s dick as she strokes her own cock, her high-heeled boots hanging off of the bed. Victor dives into Castro’s asshole with his face while jerking her off with her dick pointed behind her. He fingers her asshole and slips off his clothes, the camera showing come dripping from Castro’s cock. He thrusts inside of her, pounding against her ass and slipping his whole dick into her tight little hole before slamming it deep. They roll around, fucking, before separating to jerk themselves off. Victor points his dick at her round tits, angling it towards the collar that Castro wears around her neck. She puts herself back onto his dick, rubbing her own cock hard until she comes onto the camera lens and floor. Victor finishes up by coming on Castro’s hard tits, and the scene fades to black.

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Rose Valerie, Night Shift Nurse – Marc Dorcel

Nurse Rose Valerie gets right into it, hungrily blowing hospital orderly Kristof Cale after she tears off his scrubs. Fellow nurse Tina Kay watches with interest then joins in. Rose takes it in the ass, in reverse, and the dick goes from her ass into her mouth. Though Rose’s name is in the title, this is her only scene. But it’s a good one.

Cherry Kiss does a quickie blowjob with Ridge and then moves on to Thomas, who licks her pussy. She parks her butthole on his dick and pumps him mercilessly in reverse cowgirl. Heavy duty anal ensues.

Cecilia Scott, a beautiful blonde, takes care of patient Totti, letting him massage her pussy and lick her tits and even kiss her. He fucks her in several positions and dumps his cum in her mouth. Laure Valentin, a tall brunette, is treated to champagne by orderly Cale. They get all romantic in a doctor’s office. Kristof fucks her on a desk with one of her long legs on his shoulder.

Tina Kay returns to seduce three guys awaiting emergency treatment. She puts a few bandages on their wounds and then gives them her body, a real cure-all. The climax is a nifty double penetration. Then, with a dick in her mouth Tina goes airtight. She smiles as they all jerk off in her mouth.

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Swingers Wife Swap 5: The Pajama Party – Adam & Eve

Luc Wylder (director) and Alexandra Silk (producer) are the perfect couple to capture the energy and passion of eight fine-looking folks in this sleepover celebration of friendly lust. Lovely Blair Williams acts as a narrator and guide.

Hosts Zoe Clark and Dylan Snow invite Justin Hunt to join them for some threeway fun. Zoe blows Justin as Dylan eats her pussy. After some acrobatic sex on a stairway, the guys ejaculate on her face. “This is why I love to host swingers parties,” Zoe pants.

Blair ties red cuffs on Dolly Leigh’s wrists and ankles, with matching ball-gag and blindfold, making her “completely helpless” but also cute. Dolly’s pussy is free to grind on Blair’s probing tongue before Blair brings out a shocking-pink dildo for deeper penetration.

Blair says she loves watching lover Danny Mountain coach a new girl to sexual abandon. It’s the delectable Giselle Palmer who learns her lessons well. Danny spends a lot of time eating her and she screams with joy as his big dick plunges into her pussy.

And then it’s orgy time, with four hot young twosomes all going at it at once. Lots of oral sex at first. When the fucking starts, it is in earnest, with continuous moaning from the girls: Giselle and Danny, Zoe and Justin, Blair and Dylan, plus Dolly with Chad Alva. The fluid partnering shows the allure of creative group sex.

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Fuck Me First Daddy – Pure Taboo

Two twisted tales of torrid tail-gunning, featuring blonde spinner Piper Perri and classical beauty Jaye Summers in “Fuck Me First Daddy” and “Bad Uncle,” respectively, with both ladies brilliantly showing what arousing little tarts they are.

“Fuck Me First Daddy” involves Piper’s obsession with her black stepfather, Tyler Knight, leading to, you got it, one helluva humping. Both Tyler and Piper play their parts convincingly, with Knight being sincerely appalled by Perri’s whorish advances towards him behind his wife’s/her mother’s back. “Haven’t you always wondered what it would be like to be balls deep in your stepdaughter’s 18-year-old pussy? Don’t you wonder how tight it is?” she asks Tyler once she begins to blackmail him (seeing as he lost his job and didn’t tell his wife), and they’re alone, and they’re naked. A good build up to what amounts to somewhat of a grudge fuck on Tyler’s part.

When we get to the porking, Knight makes Piper choke on his black trouser weasel, with lotsa saliva, engages in a little standing 69 with the randy hussy, with her tight pussy clamping onto his prick during cowgirl, while he ties her hands behind her back when he’s doggie pounding her, which is most definitely one of the movie’s best moments, what with Piper’s ass looking so delectable when it’s fully bent over; while missionary gives us a tantalizing view of her ultra-taut figure before he comes inside her cunt. “Look, it’s like daycare down there,” she wickedly tells him before we ultimately see what a fucked-up wench she really is.

“Bad Uncle” features Charles Dera as the bent Uncle Joe who’s obsessed with his best friend’s daughter, namely the amazingly gorgeous/suckable/fuckable Jaye Summers, whom he gets alone in his pad and winds up (yeah!) slamming the living hell outta. Dera is perfectly cast in this part because he plays the weird and scary uncle (especially with his ‘70s male porn star moustache) so realistically, so believably. They’re at his house, planning on going on a hiking trip, when Dera tells her that, since she’s 18, there’s no problem in their sleeping — just sleeping — in the same big double bed together. Yeah, right buddy. Consequently, later that night, Dera is awake on his back, looking at Jaye’s back and stroking his dick, until he moves closer and closer, hugs the nervous but curious babe, against whom he finally rubs his cock, at which point she begins stroking the wrinkled sax. Total turn-on! “I’m gonna put it inside you now, princess. Is that okay?” he tells her, to which she hesitatingly responds, “Yes.” Major turn-on!

Dera first humps Summers spoon style while cupping her mouth, and it’s a great angle, with Jaye seeming quite tight down there, what with her panting and wincing and all; he then French kisses her, sucks her succulent snatch, and sticks it into that perfectly shaped pussy missionary style, with Summers moaning oh so hornily; that’s followed by, finally, a deep and gagging blowjob with lots and lots o’ spit; while afterwards it’s high time for doggie and then more spoon, some reverse-cowgirl, part of which is even done standing; back to missionary, giving us a delicious view of Jaye’s delicious body; more deepthroating, more spoon, more doggie, with the latter being slow and deep, while at times hard and fast; then we’re treated to cowgirl, where we get a full view of Summer’s sweet little anus, while her juicy butt cakes undulating all over the place. Lucky bastard Dera!

Standing missionary also gives us a naughty view of Jaye’s butthole. She then delivers another excellent round of deepthroating, with even more spit, before Dera has her lay down on her back, at which point he fingers her asshole, sticks his prick in her quivering cunt missionary, bangs her like there’s no tomorrow, eventually pulling out and blowing dick snot all over her luscious belly.

All in all, this title from PureTaboo is a good one for couples, seeing as it’s not too heavy, while it’s also good for pervs, simply because both Piper and Jaye are so believable in their respective raunch roles as teens dying to get slammed by some veteran sausage.

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Becoming Elsa: A Coming of Age Story – Sweetheart Video

Sweetheart Video’s “Becoming Elsa” is anything but afraid of story. The frame of the narrative is simple — a character coming of age — but writer and director Ricky Greenwood swiftly turns the traditional tale on its head with a reluctant protagonist facing a mounting world of temptation.

Elsa Jean stars as a nineteen-year-old girl making her way into California to go to UCLA. She sits in the back of a black coupe that’s making its way up a winding hill, flush with golden hour light. Greenwood certainly loves a long shot and is a master of establishing the right amount of anticipation for the ensuing action, which ramps up quickly and builds towards an explosive, albeit neatly bookended, conclusion.

“I hope everything will change in the city of angels,” a nervous Jean coos as the car passes by rolling grasses and empty hillside land.

Once the car pulls up to the house, the driver helps Jean take her boxes, filled with stuffed animals, fake flowers and other childhood paraphernalia, to the door.

Cherie DeVille, her red hair shadowed by the doorframe, greets Jean and immediately picks up her anxious vibe. “Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be okay.” DeVille speaks assuredly, exhibiting honed acting skills with naturally paced dialogue.

DeVille shows Jean around the house, introducing her to a lounging Jade Kush and Abella Danger before explaining the house rules. “There are no boys allowed here,” DeVille softly instructs Jean, whose platinum blonde hair lies straight against her patchwork denim vest. “This is your space and yours only. Don’t have anyone spend the night; if you have friends over, just make sure they’re gone by 9 p.m.”

Jean overhears Danger making fun of her and decides to leave the house for a walk down the bucolic Angelino road. “I still feel lonely,” she says. “Maybe — maybe I’m just boring.”

At night, she sits on the couch with DeVille (while wearing an incredible Bob Ross penis painting sweatshirt, shout out to whoever made that) while Danger and Kush dress up and go out.

Eventually DeVille consoles Jean, who wishes she were going out or that someone at least “understood” her. DeVille sits on the bed and tells Jean she should loosen up, assuaging her woe with stories of the past.

“Don’t make the same mistakes I made,” DeVille says before telling Jean to just go and make friends.

Jean tosses and turns in bed trying to ignore the sounds of heavy, giggle-laden adventures coming from next door. When Jean goes to see what the commotion is about, she finds DeVille sitting on the floor with Kush and Danger. Though Danger couldn’t be less interested in having Jean participate, DeVille convinces her to come and play truth or dare.

The questions quickly turn to sex and Jean recoils before having to answer a truth for Kush. She admits it: she’s a virgin.

Danger doesn’t need much prodding to show off, and when she’s asked to dance she makes sure to give Kush a real show, shoving her bare chest into the other girl’s willing face.

Once the commotion is over, a still-topless Danger dares DeVille to kiss Jean, whose big, shy eyes gleam in the soft light. Their lips meet twice as Danger and Kush start to kiss in the background and DeVille and Jean show themselves out.

“I hope you at least had fun,” DeVille tells Jean once they’re gone. “I’m glad that you joined us.”

The camera cuts back to the girls in the bedroom, who are sharing passionate kisses. Danger licks and smooches her way around Kush’s soft neck and chest. She takes charge and pushes Kush down, sliding her way between the raven-haired beauty’s legs and down her body. She pulls Kush’s grey panties aside, spreading her thighs and slipping a hand onto Kush’s waiting lips. Danger pushes on Kush’s swollen clit and moves down to lick and bite her thighs and feet before slipping her tongue into Kush’s pussy while grabbing her tits. Kush moans and gyrates as Danger messily moves her face around Kush’s dripping twat, moving up to kiss her and give her a taste of her own juices.

After a round of kissing they trade spots, with Kush licking Danger up and down as Danger fingers her clit and moans. The two roll around, pussies getting eaten and fingered, asses being kissed. Danger rides Kush’s face, the perfect angle to see Kush’s manicured bush and Danger’s renowned ass. The two come in spectacular fashion, ending the scene with yet another passionate kiss.

The next scene opens with Jean in a bathtub, clearly contemplative about what has happened. She looks at her naked body in the mirror, the camera panning down on her tight breasts and hand-grabbing-sized ass.

“I wish I was older than I am,” she says as she squeezes and inspects her ass. “I’m just so lonely.”

The feature shifts to DeVille, who is looking at another body entirely. India Summer has come over and the two are in bed, kissing. DeVille tells Summer about Jean and her worries but Summer quickly consoles her with more kisses. Jean listens through the wall as an excitable Charlotte Stokely comes up behind her.

“Are they fucking?” She giggles and makes an air-humping motion. “I never miss it.” She sits on Jean’s bed and tells her about Summer and DeVille’s rendezvous. They lay back on Jean’s bed and listen to the older women kiss as the camera moves to Summer grinding against DeVille, poised just between her legs and moving against her crotch.

Jean undoes her jeans as Stokely begins to gyrate and touch herself. The scene cuts between this action — the girls slowly rubbing themselves as they strip off their clothes — and that of the MILFs, where Summer grinds hard against DeVille’s leg and foot. Tongues make their way onto clits and action ensues in both settings, Stokely and Jean both fingering their wet pussies at the sounds and thoughts of the two older women fucking one another and sitting on each others’ faces. Finally the work is done, and Jean and Summer roll over exhausted.

“I didn’t wanna let her go,” Jean narrates, “but she was not there in the morning.”

The hangout break doesn’t last long, of course — not with Stokely’s nosey character. Stokely effectively makes Jean miss school, and the two meet up outdoors, trying to decide what to do.

“Plans? I don’t have any plans,” Stokely says. “But I do have a date. I have to do some ‘homework’ with a friend. Come with me!”

Doing homework doesn’t last long. Stokely quickly turns her attention to doing something else entirely: taking care of the stunning Ana Foxxx. Jean watches as Stokely moves from reading to Foxxx — their hands overlapping on the book’s binding — to studying her directly, stroking her soft skin with supple hands. They kiss and look over at an entranced Jean, who can’t look away.

They decide to put on a show for her, rubbing one another and undressing. Foxxx tenderly kisses Stokely’s chest and stomach, Stokely pulling off her bra and giggling as Foxxx takes a taste. Down to their skivvies and then some, the two lick and kiss one another’s pussies, Foxxx lowering her dripping muff onto Stokely’s face before shaking her round ass onto the blonde’s tongue.

Stokely pushes Foxxx down so she can get a better angle to finger her while stroking her soft cunt with a flicking tongue. Foxxx lies back in pleasure, holding her knees spread so that Stokely can get far into her pussy. The two kiss playfully and grind against one another before Foxxx makes Stokely giggle with pleasure while riding her mouth and coming hard onto her tongue.

As they wind back up, Jean decides that she wants to have an experience herself instead of simply being a bedside voyeur. She leaves the room for her own, heading over to the window to find a nude DeVille spread out by the pool. Jean slips her hand down her torn jeans, watching DeVille run her fingers down her thighs. Jean rubs her clit behind her lace underwear, picturing DeVille’s perfectly pink pussy. Stokely, ever the intruder, makes her way into Jean’s open room and catches her in the act.

“So when are you going to make a move on her?” half-jokes Stokely.

“I’m not like you. I don’t know how to express myself,” says Jean.

Despite her words, she somehow musters the courage from somewhere to enter DeVille’s room. DeVille is parked on the bed rubbing lotion on her legs. She offers to put some on Jean and runs her soft hands up and down Jean’s petite thighs and calves. And finally, Jean does it: she leans in and kisses the MILF.

“Sorry,” she says, surprised at herself. DeVille tells her not to be before the two kiss again.

And just hazard a guess as to who shows up: it’s no one other than the blonde Stokely, excited to see that Jean and DeVille are finally releasing their sexual tension. The three women rub and kiss one another, the two blondes perfectly framing DeVille’s red hair. She dives straight in, kissing Jean’s nipples as Stokely licks and rubs with her tight, thong-clad ass. Shirts come off and DeVille, clearly excited to be fulfilling her dreams, makes her way towards Jean’s tight, wet lips.

The bed is all limbs and nipples as the three women play with one another, DeVille dutifully eating Jean’s pussy before shifting her attention to Stokely. DeVille certainly leads the charge in this scene, but the other girls know how to keep themselves busy with her body when she’s not helming their ship.

As the scene culminates, Stokely and Jean return the favor, eating out a moaning DeVille and kissing her deeply. Stokely rubs her own clit as she licks DeVille — who is fingering a swollen, waiting Jean — clean.

Jean even shoves her face onto DeVille’s asshole while Stokely is eating her out — certainly a bold move for a coming of age story. She catches herself in the mirror, a woman on the other side of the sexual experience, and the camera cuts to her coming hard in bed as she remembers her past fantasies and playtimes.

Finally a grown woman, Jean is ready to hit the road again.

“I was looking for a way to change my life but I couldn’t do it on my own,” she narrates over a closeup of her and DeVille. Her bags and boxes are packed and she’s ready to descend the hill back down to Los Angeles — and real life. “Now nothing can stop me,” she says. “It’s time for me to be Elsa.”

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True Anal Love – True Anal

A delightfully dirty double-disc set, with some of porn’s best-looking babes getting truly screwed in the scadoo-doo by performer/director Adriano.

Disc one starts with Czech-Slovenian hottie Lana Rhoades getting royally rear-reamed. But not before her tonsils are toasted by Mikey meat, with Lana goin’ deep, loud and (a good thing) sloppy, including lotsa rude noises and slurpy spit. She even eats Adriano farts. Courageous whore. First is mish anal (Mikey doesn’t even start with her cunt, which I’d take any day/hour/minute of the week). Gapes ensue. She soon rosebuds her rectum, then it’s cowgirl anal, with Lana bearing her rear down on Adriano’s rod. He then dons some gloves himself, with doggie anal next on the menu. What a killer ass on this wench; so round and meaty. Lana likes to wink that hammered heinie, too!

Reverse-cowgirl is shot from Adriano’s perspective, making it look more like doggie, which is always a good thing; spoon anal is amazing, giving us a further view of Rhoades’ rockin’ rump and an equally choice shot of her succulent cunt, of which Adriano starts to finally take advantage, with Mikey ultimately cumming in her anus, then making her push the gunk into a martini glass and having her drink said sperm, which she gladly does. Great whore.

Disc two is just as fiery, beginning with sweetie Alex Grey getting it up the patooti. A slender thing with a juicy butt, Grey looks all the more intense wearing an outrageously sexy pink fishnet body stocking with chunks cut out so that her cunt might better air, and her butt better protrude, with Mikey man taking full advantage of the slug space, lemme tell ya. After Adriano worships her anus, he sticks a dildo up said shitter to produce some tasty gapes, after which he doggie anal-yzes her, producing more terrific butthole dilation, soon shoving his sword up her shithole cowgirl style, then mish anal, with plenty more doo-doo ditch dilation, followed by spoon anal (which looks amazing), producing more gapes, a much-appreciated ATM, more deepthroating/ball-sucking, a return to doggie anal, more ATMin’, a wee bit o’ man-ass eatin’ (yeuchh!), and, finally, our boy letting loose onto her ravenous tongue. You go, Alex, ya super slut ya.

And we end on an apocalyptic note, as Jillian Janson takes it up the turd tunnel, with Anya Olsen providing plenty of wild oral action — and Jill herself adding a fair amount of oral favors. Adriano first has both Jill and Anya, side by side, bent over on a couch and goes back and forth eating their anuses, before Jill sits her shit on his stick cowgirl style; Anya providing plenty of deepthroat ATOGMs and testicle-sucking. Jill soon wants to taste her own ass a la deepthroat, with plenty of stringers (being produced by both foxy ladies). Doggie anal is next (for a good, long, dirty time, too), followed by more ATOGMs a la Olsen, girl-anus eating care of awesome Anya, some joyful Jill gapes during more doggie anal, mish anal, more Jill-anus eating from Anya, reverse-cowgirl anal, spoon anal (one of my faves here, with Jill’s ass looking rectally resplendent), more ATOGMs (good girl, Anya!), both ladies getting a strange fluid pumped up their poopers then squirting the same liquid glop out, Jill squirting girlie juicy into a glass, Jill getting her pooper jackhammered, many more ATOGMs (very good whore, Anya!), and finally Mikey, seemingly cumming onto Anya’s gob, with Olsen sharing the mysterious muck with fellow tramp Jill. Such amazing trollops!

Whether it’s true anal love or true anal lust, all I know is that these sphincter sluts dig their dirty work, with compliments going to all four fanny-tastic butt-fuck bitches, and a definite nod to Anya Olsen’s superlative skills processes. Cunt-grats, ladies!

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Cougar Sightings 3 – Brazzers

Girls over 30 (and, in the cases of India Summer, Lezley Zen and Simone Sonay, over 40 and, with black Diamond Jackson, over 50!) get banged silly in five frothy, frenzied forays into freaky fornication.

First up, cumback whore Courtney Cummz (and her nasally voice) screws her stepson, in the form of UK degenerate Danny D, with the bitch definitely X-celling at cowgirl, and for a good long time, too.

Next, Nina Elle, looking as fuckable as ever (big jugs and all), is having car troubles, so she struts over to a nearby house, discovers Mick Blue (does this guy ever take a day off?), who (you guessed it) bonks the bimbo’s brains out a la McDick, with the slut really shining during her gnarly deepthroat session, while cowgirl is one of the best positions, really showcasing Nina’s fine butt cakes.

India Summers, also looking terrific, plays a horny MILF who haunts a hardware store, getting down and dirty with desperate salesman Johnny Sins, with Summers first giving a magnificent blowjob that’s deep and nasty, followed by Johnny delivering some female-ass worship (what a great butt on India!), then doggie hammering her while the two pervs are standing, followed by cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, missionary — the latter posish really displaying India’s amazingly taut bod — with Johnny soon popping off his weasel right into India’s mouth. Yeah!

Next up, MILF Lezley Zen (another cumback cunt) takes on the British banger attached to Keiron Lee, whose a slacker living in her apartment complex, with Zen allowing him to work off his back rent by slamming her mouth and muff with his Soho salami. And Zen still has a great-looking mug, while her 40-something body is in fine shape; spoon being a wonderfully horny position for this vintage vadge, while doggie ain’t nuthin’ to bitch about with the bitch, either; Lee ultimately blowing his Bermondsey bleach up Lezley’s cunt.

And, lastly, black 50-something Diamond Jackson takes on a white bartender, Bill Bailey, at a deserted watering hole with blonde Simone Sonay joining in on the sizzling anal action. And it’s awesome seeing Diamond take it up the shithole while she’s sitting on a barstool. Hit that stool, white boy! She’s got a tasty body for an older broad, too — and a delightfully whorish attitude. It’s equally nasty seeing Simone do an ATOGM straight outta Diamond’s dung ditch. The girls soon double suck the bastard’s boner, followed by Simone riding him cowgirl style with her vadge then her own anus, which is especially sizzling when she squats her shit on that stick whilst kissing Diamond, who’s just so sexy sucking that soiled sword right outta her girl’s crapper. Then decadent Diamond rides her rectum on Billy’s bat reverse-cowgirl. Bailey then busts Simone’s shitter doggie style on a bar seat, with Diamond not gettin’ enough ATOGM action. Diamond then gets some spoon anal on a seat, followed by the same for slutty Simone, with both hussies taking an equal blast in the kisser. Yeah!

If you like older tarts who know how to shake their moneymakers — with kudos especially going to anal freaks Diamond Jackson and Simone Sonay — then you’re gonna blow yer head over this one. And, by the way, the bonus scene with amazing Spanish beauty Alexa Tomas ain’t nothing to scoff at, neither (with Johnny Sins really taggin’ that marvy Madrid muff).

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Transsexual Girlfriend Experience VI – Devil's Film

It’s clear why Chanel Santini won the 2018 XBIZ Award for Trans Performer of the Year and Model of the Year at the 2018 TEA Show. The star and cover girl of Devil’s Film’s “Transsexual Girlfriend Experience VI” isn’t just stunning on the box cover — she also delivers in the film itself, hard.

The title works in the concept of the GFE well, weaving girlfriend-related storylines with passionate, romantic sex. All four scenes, featuring Janelle Fennec, Chloe Wilcox, Candy Marie and Santini set up loving circumstances for the perfect, hard fuck.

“Transsexual Girlfriend Experience VI” opens with Janelle Fennec and Damien Thorne entering a room dressed to the nines and exhausted from a long night of being stuck in tight clothing.

“Well, I can’t believe you finally did it!” exclaims Fennec enthusiastically, telling Thorne how excited she is at having finally met his parents.

“You’re very special to me,” Thorne says before placing his hands on her shoulders. They kiss passionately, leaning into one another and moaning. Fennec leans back and undresses to reveal purple lace lingerie, just transluscent enough to let her pink, pierced nipples peek through. The two whisper sweet nothings at one another and kiss deeply as Fennec undoes Thorne’s pants to show him how much she “really appreciates him.”

She drops to her knees and takes his veiny cock into her mouth, her big blue eyes staring up into the screen. Licking up and down his shaft, she kisses the tip of his swollen head lovingly. They lie back on the bed and kiss, the blonde Fennec moaning as Thorne runs his lips and tongue up and down her neck and breasts. He makes his way towards her stiff cock and slips it into his mouth, deepthroating her. She holds herself open for him as he licks down her balls and onto her asshole. Finally, he slips himself inside of her tight ass and thrusts away, spitting on his dick to make sure it goes in smoothly. Fennec moves herself up and down his cock as she plays with herself, rubbing her hand against her dick lightly. She rides him and his face contorts with pleasure as he forces himself into and out of his tight girlfriend, pulling out only to come onto her waiting face.

The next scene opens with a slow, long pan up a woman’s pantyhose-covered legs, gingerly placed over one another with fingers slipping over the knees. The camera reveals that the finely manicured hands are bound with soft black silk and that the woman whose hands they are, Chloe Wilcox, is blindfolded. D. Arclyte casually makes his way into the room and Wilcox asks, “Do I make you happy, Daddy?”

“My princess always knows how to make Daddy happy,” Arclyte purrs into Wilcox’s ear as he leans in to gently kiss her on the cheek. He traces her Adam’s apple with his finger, slowly running his lips and hands onto her chest. He whispers into her ear and moves his hand down to her crotch, running a single finger along the white lace panties that barely cover her dick. After some nipple play he pushes her panties aside and takes her pulsing cock into his mouth, sucking on its head gently and resting his hand on her thigh. He licks up and down its length and alternates between kissing Wilcox softly and running his mouth along her cock.

Arclyte positions himself on Wilcox’s face, lowering his cock into her mouth and slipping her dick past his tongue. She bucks her hips against his face, moaning, which gets her flipped over and fucked gently, Arclyte pushing slowly inside of her waiting ass. The rhinestone necklace she wears bounces against her chest, her hair tumbling down her shoulders as she groans and grabs the edge of the bed. The blindfold comes off and Wilcox rides Arclyte backwards, staring at him as she bounces up and down on his dick. Finally, she flips over and takes all of Arclyte’s hot load onto her face before coming hard, all down her delicate hand. They share a romantic kiss before blackout.

The third scene opens with a bright bedroom where Candy Marie stands looking through pale white curtains. She wears a grey fitted jersey dress and black stockings and gracefully holds her hand against her chest as Will Havoc comes up behind her.

“Penny for your thoughts?” he asks and she smiles, slightly startled. They discuss being late to a play and she laughs.

“Fuck the play!” Marie pushes Havoc onto the bed, clearly ready to fuck something else as well. She straddles him, her round ass filling her tight dress perfectly. They kiss and she rubs against him slowly, running her clothed crotch against his. He undresses her and licks her nipples softly while holding her purple bra aside. He takes out his member and she slips it into her pierced tongued mouth, leaning over to take the whole thing in between her pink lips. He returns the favor by bouncing his mouth up and down on her, putting her entire dick down his throat. They alternate, moving into a 69 where the tattooed Havoc jiggles his cock into and out of her mouth. He slips out and moves to put his wang against hers, rubbing the side of her shaft with his own hard dick.

She grabs herself as Havoc slides his cock inside of her, pumping into her ass as she leans backwards in ecstasy. Her hoop earrings sway as he forces himself against her, making her moan. She rides him backwards, holding herself up on all fours as he thrusts inside of her. Wilcox pulls himself off until he comes on her face and tits, slapping her gently on the mouth with his dick as she licks herself clean.

Lastly comes the main attraction, Santini, joined by Lance Hart. Hart tells Santini that he’s lonely in his big house and wants her to move in and she quickly agrees, clearly ready to move into something else as well. She sits on his lap, her buxom chest bouncing out of the black cocktail dress she wears. Hart slips her cream-colored lace panties aside to play with her hard cock, stroking the base of it as she spreads her legs and moans. He moves quickly to worship her ass, kissing and squeezing it. He switches to pay attention to her full cock, sucking it and running his hand up and down its head.

They kiss as she takes her full dress off to reveal a corset that matches the panties sitting right above her curvy hips. Hart pushes Santini onto the couch and rubs her, licking her nipples before turning his attention back to her dick. She sucks him off in turn as he moans and leans his head backwards. She slips his shaft deep into her throat and bobs on it, paying special attention to the base.

Santini rubs their dicks together, jerking them both off in one time-saving motion. She slips onto his lap, leaving her heels on for extra leverage as she bounces up and down on his thighs. Her cock bounces around and she flips her hair, turning back to look at Hart lovingly as he pounds her in the ass. She jerks off her big cock before, unable to hold back, flipping him over to give him a taste of her hard fucking. He slips inside her one last time as she pulls on her cock and slides her hands up and down his arms, looking at him lovingly. Her face twists as she comes onto her own stomach, before Hart comes inside of her pursed lips and onto her chin.

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