Asian Massage Invasion – Penthouse

Marica Hase lovingly massages the back of Ryan Driller. “Are you ready?” she purrs. She starts on his legs and you can guess what the next stop is. After lovingly sucking his dick and balls, they go into a nice 69. She rides his dick happily, squealing and wheezing.

Kendra Spade gets her table ready for new client Brad Knight. She takes off her smock to reveal pink bra and panties, massages her fine tits, then climbs on top of him. She goes right for the dick with her mouth. She moans erotically as he fucks her in doggie and scissors, finally shooting on her pussy.

Very pretty newcomer Ember Snow admires herself in a bathroom mirror. She’s getting ready for Logan Long who says, “Don’t you just love this hotel?” They get very romantic. He lovingly fucks her in the doggie position as she moans and screams.

Cindy Starfall introduces the very non-Asian Kenna James to her client Seth Gamble. The girls exchange a few kisses before Kenna gets busy on Seth. The lucky guy gets worked on by both hot ladies. Seth really pounds Cindy as she rides him cowgirl, and then it’s Kenna’s turn in reverse. Lots of action with a very hot threesome.

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Tales of Psycho Sluts – Depraved Life

Actually, it’s the guys in two of these four stories who go psycho on us, while the four girls featured range from opportunistic vixens (Jillian Janson & Charlotte Cross), to totally submissive tramps (Ashley Adams & Kenzie Taylor, respectively). In fact, the title of this terrific anthology from Depraved Life Productions could have easily been “Tales of Hot-Lookin’ Slut Bitches” and you wouldn’t have lost a beat — of yer meat.

To start things off, Ashley Adams plays a self-involved airhead — albeit, a very fuckable one, willing to do anything — who has her Lyft driver, Michael Vegas, take her all over the Valley to the point where (after he finds out that her credit card is rejected) he grudge-fucks the livin’ daylights outta her. I mean, Vegas truly goes nuts on her (in more ways than one!), ravaging her in the back of his SUV, at night and up in the hills; with our boy banging the tonsils out of Ash’s mouth, while boring her cunt undoubtedly to a point of soreness (for his dick and her twat). The best position is, in my view, missionary, as you get to see plenty of Adams’ choice body, with her fine tits swirling around.

Next, the gorgeous, scrumptiously curvaceous Jillian Janson plays the pissed off girlfriend of a loser who’d rather watch football than fuck this amazing piece of ass, with Janson ultimately burning up the sheets with her boyfriend’s way smarter bud Damon Dice. This scene is surely the most scorching in the movie, with Janson never appearing in a bad position, though my faves include cowgirl (awesome butt-revolving action) and doggie. Jill also gives, like all the girls in this flick, a killer deepthroat of a blowjob. Repeatedly!

Seth Gamble plays a police detective who, foolishly, releases a babe, Kenzie Taylor, who he feels was wrongly arrested; not long afterwards, however, Taylor starts, supposedly (we’re never quite sure) stalking him by letter and phone, to the point where Gamble goes bananas and, like Vegas with Adams earlier, throws a righteous grudge-fuck into the fetching twat. Gotta say that I love Kenzie’s big augmented boobs and 1950s-looking glam hotness. She’s also a luscious whore who likes getting it hard and rough, with Gamble more than willing to ass-ist her in this cunt-text. Cowgirl and doggie totally rock, with Taylor giving truly filthy, to-the-bone suck-offs to our boy Seth. Lucky bastard.

Finally, Ryan Driller plays the son of a mobster who’s blackmailed into heatedly fucking his pop’s younger trophy wife, Charlotte Cross, or else she threatens to blow the whistle on whistle-blower-to-the-Feds Ryan himself. Cross is another thoroughly juicy babe, and she’s flaunting a magnificent set of all-natural boobies. Her equally tasty ass is best viewed, in all of its fleshy roundness, jiggling like mad during doggie, while her spongy but equally firm breasts are best viewed doing the same during rotating action during missionary and spoon. Additionally, she’s quite the cock-gagger. Wonderful whore!

“Tales of Psycho Sluts” is c(h)ockfull of intensely filthy, sexy-looking slatterns who burn up the small screen in engaging stories of raunchy revenge. One helluva nasty quartet o’ vibrantly vice-laden vignettes!

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Black & White 12 – Blacked

Director Greg Lansky has done it again with choice white bitches getting banged by big, black boner in four scalding scenes of interracial salaciousness, featuring girls who love every greasy inch of BBC!

Tall drink o’ water Alexa Grace plays a groupie who hooks up with an onscreen celeb, Julio Gomez, possessing the biggest black cock I’ve seen, with Alexa showing what a wondrous whore she is, as she takes that ebony monster as best she can in mouth ’n’ muff. Alexis, for the record, not only has a delicious body, but is also quite pretty, making it all the nastier seeing her act in such a lewd manner (think: what do real-life fashion-runway models actually do behind the scenes?). Julio does, indeed, stick at least half of his third arm in Alexa’s sopping snatch during missionary, ditto for cowgirl, the latter position giving us a nice peek at Alexa’s sweet anus. And I love the fact that, while most girls might, literally, push back to avoid such a huge hose drilling ‘em too deeply during doggie, Alexa just lets it happen. Love this filthy fox!

Dredd, an older black dude with dreadlocks and a massive slab o’ dark meat, plays an on-screen sugar daddy who porks the livin’ hell outta cutie Kimberly Brix. I dig how luscious lil’ Kim is, and how she does her damndest to shuck down Dredd’s donkey-sized dong. Cowgirl gives a steamy shot of Kim’s culo, while her gelatinous butt cheeks jiggle (yeah!) like mad, and Dredd drills her like this for a (double yeah!) good long time! Doggie is just as blindingly brilliant, with Kim enjoying a few smacks across her righteously round rump, while mish gives us an all-around better shot of Brix’s soft and scrumptious bod. She eventually takes Dredd’s splash o’ sperm on the chin like a true champ of a tramp, too. Good girl!

Blonde pixie Elsa Jean is one of the cutest things in porn today, and seeing her take on a BBC like Jason Luv is totally awesome. I just love viewing Jean in a pair o’ tight blue jeans. She doesn’t even need to be wearing high heels, that’s how killer her body is. Anyway, after a handyman at Elsa’s parent’s home spills paint all over himself and helps himself to their shower (her parents aren’t home, by the way), Elsa walks in on the bastard washing himself off, can’t help but notice massive black stick dangling from his body, and soon is on her knees sucking said long, thick prick. She’s a damn good oral cock-socket, too! Magnificent eye contact from Else, as well. And watch how Jace at one point starts face-fucking her. Whew! I like how Jean simply takes her time sucking and fucking. No hurry for her. Cowgirl is amazing, with Jean’s lovely fucking ass cheeks shimmering from sweat, lube, whatever. Reverse-cowgirl lets us fully view that outrageously tight and slinky Jean bod; and her butt cakes are even greasier during doggie, with Jace really slammin’ it on home. Elsa likes to kiss, too, which adds to the erotic heat of the scene, particularly during missionary, after which we have a welcome return to doggie, followed by a hefty splat o’ sperm to Jean’s pretty face, Jace suck-cessfully cocooning her right eye. Here’s lookin’ at ya, Else, ya drop-dead pretty bitch ya!

Playing sorority sisters, the ever-juicy Kylie Page (who also happens to be absolutely gorgeous) and Hadley Viscara hornily take on Jax Slayher and Nat Turnher, playing two college jocks — along with their enormous cocks — in the movie’s grand filthy finale. Kylie starts off nastily sucking off Jax, before Had and Nat join in on the freaky fun. Had sucks on Nat, Kylie on Jax (witness the girls’ eyes water as they try to stuff these boner-beasts into their cake holes), before the two girls switch places, and we get some amazing cowgirl humping, during which Kylie and Hadley’s award-winning butt cheeks are highlighted. Doggie is just as awesome! Delish tits on both gals, by the way, which we see all the better (bouncy! bouncy!) during reverse-cowgirl. For some reason the young lassies keep going back to cowgirl, and, hey, I’m not complaining. It’s the shit! Jax ultimately creampies Had during cowgirl (nass-tay!), while Nat sprays splooge all over Kylie’s cute-as-a-button kisser. Fantastic!

Yep, there ain’t a bad scene/slut in this quartet o’ volcanic interracial reaming and creaming; it’s just hard to choose which girl you wanna blast off to: Alexa, Kimberly, Elsa, Kylie, Hadley … what a smorgasbord o’ sweet white meat! Yum!

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Fixing for a Fuck – Brazzers

In a pair of cunt-tinuing stories — starring Ashley Adams as a horny chick who has nasty sex with guys care of an internet site called ZZ Swipes and Anya Olsen portraying a casual burglar who winds up getting her tonsils, cunt and anus burglarized themselves — Ashley and Anya star in a total of three episodes each. And while Anya is definitely my favorite of these two sluts, Ash does possess one killer body, and she can be just as fabulously filthy as Ms. Olsen.

Each of Ashley’s scenes, just like those featuring Anya, progressively builds in terms of nastiness. Of Italian, Greek and Irish descent, 21-year-old Florida native Ash has an amazing pair of big, all-natural headlights (one of the best pairs in Smutland, I seriously think) and quite the voluptuous butt. And the best thing about her hook-up with Xander Corvus (through ZZ Swipes) is Adams’ amazing blowjob X-pertise, really hacking on that cock, clearly in-dick-cating that she’s semenly capable of taking that raging hard-on way down into her stomach (if Xander’s shlong were, in fact, that freakishly long).

In scene two, Ash gets her ash, er, ass fucked by Brit nutter Danny D., with our Brit really going deep into that dung ditch. And check out how Danny boy pops during mish, with his tox(ic) trajectory actually reaching from Adams’ cunt to her forehead, eyes and mouth. Whadda shot! And in Ashley’s third even more scalding scene, she’s DP’d by Michael Vegas and the returning Xander, with the lusty lads really turning Ash into one helluva human double-salami sandwich. Yeowza!

Next we come to this DVD’s true climax (figurative and literal, if you make it past the Adams DP), with those three scenes featuring the fan-fucking-tastic Anya Olsen (the best of the three Anya sequences included in the Special Features section, though it fits in with the ongoing storyline). After very craftily breaking into the digs of Kissa and Johnny Sins, Anya is caught in the act by Kissa herself who, on her own, ravishes the fertile cunt of the ever-fetching Olsen. There’s, actually, an abrupt cut from Kissa sitting on Anya’s face to Olsen sucking Kissa’s cunt missionary style, but since the latter position is so totally boner-inducing, as Olsen sticks her lips, tongue, even her nose deep inside that Kissa own sopping slit, this glitch is fully forgivable. Anya, by the way, applies the same ravenous approach with Kissa’s crapper. And when Johnny arrives (it’s, actually, another scene), he, Kissa and Anya enjoy a steamy ménage a trois, a highlight of which is when he stacks their ass cheeks on top of one another and fucks ‘em silly via doggy.

And, lastly, Anya sneakily slides into the home of some body builder, in the form of (if you can believe) Markus Dupree, with Marky Mark boring his Leningrad love-stick way up Anya anus; not even for a moment bothering with her cunt. This episode does, indeed, prove what an awesome deepthroater Anya is, taking that weapon balls-deep down her gullet. The same applies to Olsen’s anal whorishness, with Markus cornholing the marvelously insatiable tramp in every conceivable position; even stepping one of his bare feet upon the scrumptiously submissive slut’s face during a few guerilla (or is it gorilla?) positions. She doesn’t mind ATMs, either! Grand whore!

Overall, Adams rocks with her tasty bod and filthy antics, while the delicious-looking, charismatic, dirty-as-hell Anya really turns my train around in this one.

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I’m My Stepdad’s Favorite – Digital Sin

Four horny cuties get royally humped by bent step-papas, with high points going to Kenzie Reeves and Skylar Snow (who bookend the movie) in this zesty title from director Paul Woodcrest and Digital Sin.

After catching his stepdaughter, ultra-cute spinner Kenzie Reeves, masturbating in her bedroom, Roman Nomar slaps his prick against her soaking twat and buries that raging hard-on into her deep and gluttonous gob — yes, she’s a 21st Century cock-suckette (can you hear Jim Morrison singin’ it?). Oh yeah! And dig Ken’s perfectly puffy pussy.

Umphh! The mish posish gives us a delicious view of Ken’s scrumptious tight little bod, as does reverse-cowgirl, while standing mish is shot from below to highlight Reeves’ heavenly butt cakes. Doggie with Kenz is, of course, one of the movie’s high points; such a tight tukus (and she doesn’t mind Roman’s belly slappin’ up against it, neither — what a gal!).

Actually, cowgirl might be the best stance of the lot, seeing as (and I do hand it to Ro-No here) our stud has the presence of prick not to manhandle those fine ass cheeks, but instead let us viewers thoroughly imbibe of their all-natural splendor.

Next up is fellow Spaniard Toni Ribas, as he roughly hooks up (for a second time, it would seem-en) with his own tasty little twat of a stepdaughter, in the form of slutty, slinky Anastasia Rose. After having Rose choke on his hose, Ribas ravages her cunt mish style, grabbing savagely at her breasts (the heated bitch loves it!). I dig when she rides Toni’s rat cowgirl style, letting her butt cakes wibble and wobble, while Ribas occasionally pulls ‘em apart to fully expose her twitchin’ anus. Doggie is pretty gosh darn good, too, with Ribas yanking at Rose’s hair as he wails away. Ribas literally chokes Rose a little during spoon, cunt-stantly trying to make her squirt, before blowing off some steam (in the form of cream) upon her tits. But it’s ultimately dick sucking at which Anastasia really X-cels, going to the bone every friggin’ time. Good whore!

In a similar stepdad/daughter scenario, Tommy Gunn becomes fully aware of the masturbatory X-cercises practiced by his own on-screen faux-mily, in the form of very fetching redhead Jewels Vega, eventually cunt-fronting her with it and grabbin’ some quality slime with this easily aroused young hussy. Gunn is, actually, a good actor, giving the scenario the touch of reality it needs to make his seduction of Jewels believable and, in turn, all the more erotic. Jewels gives a solid BJ, but catch her doing cowgirl (she really gets a good rhythm goin’ riding Tommy’s torpedo), while her juicy ass and hangin’ all-natural tits are fantastically spotlighted during doggie; though missionary and spoon are great in that we get a terrific view of Jewel’s all-around killer tummy and (a further view of those tantalizing) titties, with the latter magically gyrating in these far-from-static positions.

And lastly, curvy Puerto Rican Skylar Snow is precisely what her on-screen stepfreak of a father Steve Holmes desires, as he pounds Snow’s tonsils and twat silly. It’s the stepdaughter who does the seduction here, and she’s such a delightfully voluptuous thing! I mean, check Snow out when she’s bent over and gagging on Steve-stick. Whoa! What a pair of butt cakes on this petite morsel! Snow also doesn’t mind eating Stevie boy’s farts (dayim, girl). Additionally, Sky has a choice pair o’ hooters. And I like the fact that she keeps her glasses on during her tryst with twisted Stevie. She rides cock well during cowgirl (her bountiful butt bongos a-flowin’), ditto for reverse-cowgirl (which is shot from Stevie’s perv-spective); while you’re gonna love her incredibly succulent butt get pummeled from behind during doggie. And watch how Snow’s own pair o’ bodacious boobs bounce during reverse-cowgirl. Wow! And for the pop shot, Stevie baby does a fine job, indeed, o’ fully frosting Snow’s specs.

The sex in “I’m My Dad’s Favorite” is absolutely dynamic and totally worth a wank; with all four young floozies showing what good up-and-cumming lil’ sluts they are; my faves definitely being classically foxy spinner Kenzie and (on the opposite end of the XXX spectrum) off-kilter, carnally charming, delectably juicy Skylar.

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I Love My Sister’s Big Tits 8 – Digital Sin

This dirty Digital Sin series from solid smut auteurs Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Power is a rocks-off porn programmer for both the illusive couples crowd and yer more hardcore porn connoisseurs (“raincoaters,” if you will). All four busty babes featured in ILMSBT8 (wow, we’re really up to volume eight?!) are thoroughly slammable in their own unique ways. But it’s 24-year-old Latina/California native Ella Knox who’s the true boob superstar in this all-around horny whacka-whackanthology.

And, hey, the other three busty broads are, again, most assuredly quite bang-a-licious. Skyla Novea and Stacy Jay may have augmented orbs, but the lassies still know how to do the groin grind. Skyla gets a literal rubdown from her masseur stepbro Chad Alva, before the latter splatters her with bro’ batter, with the best pre-pop position definitely being doggie, with Novea’s choice cheeks gyrating like friggin’ mad. Bruce Venture gives his annoying stepsis, Ms. Jay, a grudge fuck, with the hope of shutting her ever-whining mouth (for a few peaceful moments, at least). For the record, Stacy’s most notable stance is cowgirl, while she offers one super sleazy (a good thing!) suck-off session.

Next to Ella Knox, Skylar Snow has the only pair of all-naturals; and it’s sexy SS who’s caught masturbating by her curious stepbro’ Jessy Jones, with JJ soon getting himself some downhome strange. Skylar’s best position, like that of Skyla (please don’t cunt-fuse the two), being doggie, with those bodacious butt bongos roll-roll-rollin’ along with the utmost in raunch rhythm.

But let’s get down to cases: the scrumptious Ms. Ella Knox. I am positively nuts about her appearance and attitude, both of which kick ass. Knox basically seduces her stepbrother, in the form of the very fucking lucky Lucas Frost, who’s visiting their home during a college break. And there just isn’t a bad position with curvaceous cutie Knox. In fact, with her voracious appetite for dick, as well as her marvelously big ’n’ sloppy boobs and bounteous bush, Ella reminds me of some kinda ‘70s porn starlet throwback, which is refreshing, to spray the least. I also love how her breasts-ta-sez get all shiny with sweat, and how they oh so offensively (yes!) jiggle ’n’ gyrate during every position she assumes, with reverse-cowgirl and doggie (see how those fun-bags hypnotically sway while the scorching bitch is bent over!) both taking the cake. And check out what a far-out deepthroat session she offers lucky Luke. Dayim! I just can’t get enough o’ naughty Knox, including her tasty tukus and, natch, noteworthy knockers. Ella? — will ya marry me, ya beautiful ’n’ bawdy bitch? Thought so.

Well, before my future ex-wife and I tie the knot, witness for yourself awesome Ella burning up the small screen in this scorching big tits on stepsis series — along with (you are far from forgotten, ladies!) fetching busty B girls (the saucy S’s!) Skyla, Stacy ’n’ Skylar. Wank on!

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Blacked Raw V5 – Blacked

More bawdy interracial bonin’ from Blacked Raw, as fine white bitches get bored by big black boners, with director Lansky successfully X-ploring the dark side with all-around horny results, thanks to the winning quartet of lust-hungry cuties he has shrewdly chosen — with two of the featured floozies getting their slick slits creamed with still-steaming jizz. Yeah!

Like all of the other Caucasian cunts jonesin’ for black joints in this gonzo, Riley Reid hooks up with a lovah/bruthah (at her pad, his pad, some pad), in this case the heavily tattooed Jason Luv, who really lays some serious lovin’ (a la thick ebony prick) on Ms. Reid. And lil’ Riley, as usual, does a fantastic job o’ blowjobbin’ cock, really hacking away at that dark slug o’ Jason’s as she tries to get it all the way into her mouth. She also rims (phew!) the lucky bastard, and for a good, nasty long time, too! I also like the way she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand afterwards. We soon get a good view of Riley’s puffy pussy during mish, while we’re treated to some o’ that fine, tight lil’ Riley rear during cowgirl and (natch!) doggy. And it’s funny how Jason’s dick just keeps poppin’ outta Reid’s snatch during reverse-cowgirl (hell, you’ll get tired o’ counting how any times). And dig the way he creampies the cunt during mish — and how she sluttily rubs it deep into her slit.

Jade Nile is a very healthy young lady who really turns my train around (I wanna see more of her!), totally servicing a dude named Cash (lucky SOB). It’s, indeed, a pleasure watching this all-American-looking babe get boned in any position. She’s a fine cocksucker, and loves every second of her hose-hammering. A passionate, upbeat babe, Jade is way awesome to view even in a typically more standard position like missionary. She gets thoroughly excited bouncing on black bone during reverse-cowgirl, taking every little opportunity to suck that dick just a bit more. Doggie is great, too, as Jade bends way over to give us a wondrous view of her priceless pooper, before Cash slams her gash in the mish posish, before depositing man-paste all over her cute lil’ titties.

In scene three, we’re treated to sleek yet no less juicy little blonde Arya Fae, who gets her tonsils and twat blasted out by some dude named Davin King. He really face-fucks the bitch good (and for a long time!), before she sits on his blood-swollen dark salami, with cowgirl being one of the absolute best positions here, as Arya just gets so damn turned on, while we get a terrific taste of her topnotch tush. Doggie is no less amazing, with Arya getting her face as far down as possible for maximum meat mangling of her moist muff. And check out how King cums inside her cunt during mish, with both of ‘em jamming the jam further inside with their probing digits. Nice.

And lastly, we’re treated to (an appreciated cunt-trast with blonde Arya) exotic brunette Gina Valentina, one of my all-time favorite current porn starlets, here getting her fine self humped silly by the black behemoth of Jax Slayher. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, petite Gina is a perfectly nasty blowjob artiste, going deep, loud, gooey. She never offers up a bad position, either. But especially don’t miss her cute butt up in the air while getting pounded like there’s no tomorrow during doggie. Gina, by the way is the only babe to take her pop in the face, but that’s okay; I love seeing that oh-so-beautiful mug get sloppily splattered with sperm.

Oh yeah! It’s yet another wanking interracial winner from Monsieur Lansky in the always arousing “V” series, with high points going to all four filthy femmes. These slammin’ sluts’ll bust yer nuts!

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Rocco: Sex Analyst 4 – Evil Angel

Russian, Hungarian and Italian babes, ranging from 19 to (get ready) 69 (!) get probed and plastered by lucky Euro pricks in this volcanic in-and-outing from Italian porn vet Rocco Siffredi, who directs while also portraying one of the “sex anal-ysts”, because, as(s) you’d X-pect in an Evil Angel pud-uction shot somewhere in Europe, this one’s chockfull of crapper crammin’.

We start off with Rocco (sporting specs and a shaved head) getting down and dirty in his plush X-amination room with two Russian beauties: 22-year-old Stefanie Moon and 26-year-old Arwen Gold (the latter on the DVD boxcover for damn good reason!). Arwen complains to doc Rock that her anus is too big so (what does he do?) he does everything to make her shitter bigger. First, Stef and Rock stick a huge glass dildo up Arwen’s heinie, during which they both worship said shit pit on the deeply moaning/groaning Arwen. They also stick metal balls up her pooper, which she pops out, each being doo-tifully cleaned by Stef’s talented tongue. And, by the way, what great bods on these two young tarts. Wow! Both ladies choke on Rock’s cock, after which he (finally!) jams it up Arwen’s anus doggy style, with Stef licking off the still-steaming-with-crap love-stick.

Next, a myriad of wondrously nasty antics unfolds: both ladies double suck Rock cock; he anally doggies Arwen while standing; Stef provides sizzling ATOGM action before taking Rock up her cunt while she’s bent over a steel-looking table, after which he stuffs it up her patooti, with Arwen revealing her own special ATOGM cleaning techniques. Stef does cowgirl anal; there’s more ATOGMs from Arwen who soon does cowgirl vadge, then mish vadge and even a lil’ Rock (phew!) rimmin’, before Squire Siffredi blasts Italiano dressing all over Arwen’s way-cute face, with both ladies ultimately share the murky mixture ‘tween their whorish selves. Yes!

19-year-old Anie Darling next does a threesome with freaky Chad Rockwell and 69-year-old (you read right) Hungarian Zsu, who only sucks dick, but provides quite a kinky vision to behold along with such a tasty young filly as Anie. Ms. Darling first sucks a mean prick, before Chad returns the flavor by sucking her cunt good and proper. Her anus, too. He then plugs her twaterola fulla wrinkled sax mish style, then via cowgirl, with Darling’s delectable pear-shaped derriere rockin’ and rollin’ every which way. A beautiful thing. Chad then lifts her up and bones her while she’s got her legs wrapped around his arms; another amazing carnal vision. Doggy is next, and it’s no less awesome, with more cheeky gyrations, as Chad yanks Anie’s ponytail. Granny finally sucks some dick (are her chompers in or out?), after which Chad cunt-tinues to pound Anie’s pussy a la doggay, followed by our senior citizen sucking some Darling cunt-a-roo, with Chad soon exploding gametes all across our May-to-December mugs.

Next we have a threesome ‘tween 27-year-old Russian Sasha Rose, 25-year-old Hungarian Shona River and Rocco, with Sash taking it up the stinker and Shona providing a secondary mouth/muff. After Sash and Rock do some standing 69, he fingers her shitter, sucks her toes, before Shona shows up and masturbates whilst ogling Rock as he does Sash’s slit reverse-cowgirl. They soon both double-suck Rock’s rog, with each taking a turn eating his anus (arghhh!), while the other bitch sucks slug. And they go back and forth, back and forth, back and… Hell, I’m surprise Rock doesn’t have a heart attack — or a (ka-boom!) fart attack, at the very least. Rock then doggies Shona while standing; humps her reverse-cowgirl while standing, then sitting; does some crazy cowgirl anal with Sash, as Shona provides some lovin’ ATOGMs; then, still with Sasha, engages in some heated reverse-cowgirl anal, spoon anal and doggie anal. Whew, baby! Shona sluttily sits on Sasha’s face, while Rock (his balls hangin’ right above the lapping Sasha) doggies Shona, then anal doggies Sash (still with me?), with Shona cleaning the shit-streaked sword, after which Rock coats their faces with (splat! splat! splat!) Florentine frosting.

Finally we get to what I think is the very best scene, with Hungarian hottie Monique Woods (no age supplied on this hussy) teamed up with 35-year-old Italian vixen Malena (one of my Euro faves), and some bearded tool named Vinny, with way volcanic results, as both ladies revel in getting reamed rectally on a big red shiny sofa — and upon a big, red, shiny prick! Lusciously curvaceous Malena does a fantastic suck-off to start the balling rolling, with Monique providing some oral action soon enough, as well, initially sucking Vin’s vine, then Malena’s behind. It’s not long before Vin is slamming away at Malena’s slit mish style, followed by a double-suck o’ boy beef, then Malena doing reverse-cowgirl vadge followed by cowgirl anal, with ATOGM ass-istance from Woods, followed by more horny cowgirl buttfucking from Malena, then reverse-cowgirl anal from Monique herself, with Malena sucking and licking anything that’s available, be it cunt or asshole, male or female. Such a grand whore! — and with a perfectly juicy booty, too! Spoon and doggie anal with Malena is a movie highlight, while doggie anal with Monique ain’t so bad, neither! Soon (and I don’t blame the bastard) Vinnie erupts like a gusher into the sexy faces o’ both trollops, who share the warm cheese whiz. Fab, baby!

Despite the appearance of our 69-year-old Granny gobblin’ some goose (which jaded viewers might actually enjoy), this gonzo is packed with potent pussy/posterior poundings care of some truly delectable/decadent Russian, Hungarian and Italian tramps. Worth checkin’ out? Fuckin’-A right!

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Beautiful Tits 5 – ArchAngel

The four pairs of tits in this ArchAngel-produced/MimeFreak-directed gonzo are most certainly boner-inducing, especially those scenes featuring all-natural sizzler Ella Knox and similarly 100% sexpot Ashley Adams.

We start off with big-boobied Lauren Phillips, here getting heartily slammed by Spanish pudster Roman Nomar. Red-headed Phillips has a mousy kind of cuteness to her, parading what certainly a magnificent rack, along with a slender figure but, nonetheless, meaty behind. She’s quite the chipper slut, happily getting brainiac Nomar’s dick wet then letting him titty-fuck her, before she gives us various positions, with reverse-cowgirl certainly being the best to highlight her headlights, while cowgirl and doggie do wonders as far as showing off that marvelously gelatinous tushy.

Scene two has perhaps the best set of jugs in the entire movie, i.e., those big, long, luxurious boobies attached to exotic-looking Ella Knox, who gets passionately pumped here by Bill Bailey. I love how Ella Knox licks and sucks her own tits. Such a fucking turn-on. She’s also a nasty deepthroater. Her large, ever-undulating breasts were meant for fucking — as well as sucking — and they hang like choice clusters of grapes (only ever-circulating and swaying ones) during doggie — and, yes, Ella also has a killer pair o’ butt cheeks — as well as reverse-cowgirl, spoon and missionary (pretty much each and every angle!). I also love the little bit o’ bush she sports about her undoubtedly succulent snatch. Additionally, I dig the way she kisses an all-American slob (but still a slob!) like Bailey. This bitch (Knox, not Bailey) rocks!

Now, while Ashley Adams might not be classically attractive, she does have an amazing body, which hard-hitting Russian dickster Markus Dupree most definitely puts through the paces in this super scorcher of a scene. Actually, Ashley gives the very best deepthroat BJ in her scene. And it’s a pleasure to view her perfect body during missionary (see that meaty cunt glisten with moistness and watch those fantastic tits circulate). Reverse-cowgirl really lets you get a grand view of Ashley’s perfectly delectable boobies. She even licks Dupree’s dung ditch (yechhhh!), while he additionally gets her to squirt a wee bit. It’s a vision, also, to see him really rough Ash up during doggie, smacking those great big ass cakes, before switching her over to mish and truly jackhammering her oh so hard and deep. Check out, too, the way he just erupts Russian dressing all over her mug. Wow!

Lastly, we have tattooed, big-chested Karma Rx getting heatedly porked by none other than Mr. Wonderful himself, James Deen. Karma submits a pretty gosh darn good suck-off to Jimbo, before he fucks her tits, slams the panting slut mish style, then spoon, reverse-cowgirl and (finally!) doggie, with her sofa doggy session (as opposed to her doggy-on-the-floor segment) being truly excellent.

Big tit lovers will dig the bumps — on the front and backsides of these four ladies — spotlighted in this gonzo, especially the bodacious breasts and booties attached to Ms. Knox and Adams!

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Bigger, Blacker, Cockier – Evil Angel

A boatload of fine-looking sluts ravenously slurp down greasy black cocks with their mouths, vaginas and (in most cases) anuses. And there ain’t a bad interracial scene here, with the lucky viewer getting not four, not five, but six awesome Evil Angel erotic sequences. Yeah!

A.J. Applegate starts off the pro-seedings getting fucked in the ass by her horny on-screen boyfriend, handsome Rico Strong. Then Angel Smalls gets her own tight asshole fucked to oblivion by a freaky preacher, played by Isiah Maxwell.

In one of my favorite installments, Italian sweetheart Valentina Nappi’s own mouth, cunt and crapper are all seriously rootered out by lucky bastard Jon Jon. Check out how Nappi dilates both her anus and twat simultaneously, while it’s a joy to behold her bountiful butt bongos jiggle like mad throughout her salacious scene.

Next, Lea Lexis gets dynamically DP’d by Jason Brown and Nat Turnher; with the latter bro’ returning in the following scenario wherein he’s double-sucked by Kristina Rose and legendary Belladonna, with a highlight here being when both ultra-sluts take turns deepthroating Nat’s knob. Whew!

And lastly we have the cute and succulent Madelyn Monroe shaking her juicy ass while —once again returning! — Nat Turnher/Returner gets his dick wet in her sopping twat and bottomless mouth. She’s a keeper, alright!

“Bigger, Blacker, Cockier” is one of the very best interracial romps I’ve seen this year, thanks, of course, to a marvelously whorish cast of one truly delectable white tramp after another. Nasty.

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