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Mike Quasar explores the world of BDSM in this all-sex adventure, which has plenty of erotic practices and roleplaying to fit that kinky acronym’s many delights.

Aaliyah Love and Seth Gamble:

The scene opens with Aaliyah on her knees looking up at her dominant male partner with timid anticipation. She is clad in a black bra and matching panties with thigh high strapped black heels. I really love the song Quasar picked for this scene. Not only is it pleasing to the ear in my opinion, but also it includes a very subtle, quiet female gasp that fits the theme of the movie. It’s a perfect audio accompaniment to the tone of the scene itself as well as a superb auditory opening to the movie.

Aaliyah has a black collar with a strap around her throat and her hands are bound by pink leather cuffs. She is fully submitted to Gamble and he circles her slowly like a predator stalking its prey. He wraps her eyes with a black blindfold and Aaliyah’s breath begins to catch as she can no longer see what Seth is doing. It builds the anticipation effectively. Seth eventually leads her to the couch by her collar and begins to spank her with a whip. He really gives it to her, sometimes striking her six to seven times in rapid succession as she squirms in pleasure. He constantly demands that she thank him for everything he’s doing and she obliges willingly.

I’ve been watching Wicked movies for a long time and I must say, this is by far the most aggressive-sounding blowjob I’ve ever seen in one of their movies. Seth really chokes Aaliyah pretty hard with his cock and she is willing and hungry for it. More than once you can hear that Aaliyah is nearly at her limit as far as not being able to breathe with Seth’s cock in her mouth and each time the performers consensually push it just a tad further before stopping. That is something that is really going to appeal to those who enjoy the rush of being pushed to the limit of danger during sex. Every position looks great and honestly it’s just so easy to watch Aaliyah have sex. She’s got such a cute butt and her smile is very sexy.

Casey Calvert and Tommy Pistol:

This scene opens with Calvert already blindfolded with a sleep mask and restrained with black and red leather cuffs. Her collar is very similar to Aaliyah’s but the buckle is more pronounced. She’s wearing a black lacy one-piece that is backless and sheer black stockings capped with lace. Her black heels complete her ensemble. Pistol uses his whip to spank Casey’s ass and back, then he switches to using his hands in an open palm technique. He exposes Casey’s breasts and pinches her nipples hard and you can tell that she’s experiencing a pleasurable pain. When Pistol flogs her chest he’s very careful never to miss his target and even instructs Casey to lift her chin so her face is clear. He actually gives her lots of instruction as if she is someone who is a bit of a novice trying something new with him who is clearly well practiced.

He keeps her safe, but he also dominates her by giving her commands like “keep your eyes forward” when he’s spanking her from behind. There’s a definite submissive dynamic in play. I think probably the most arousing part of the entire sequence was when Pistol ordered her to crawl in a circle on the bed while he held her collar leash and spanked her with the whip as she turned. It was very hot. Tommy licks Casey from behind a lot in this scene and I love that visual. There’s something about a face full of ass that is incredibly arousing. The finish is great with Casey on her back, knees up to her ears urging Tommy on as he thrusts into her desperately building to a climax of him unloading on her pussy. It’s very steamy stuff.

Bridgette B. and Derrick Pierce:

The first thing I noticed in this scene was again, the music. It had a very sinister vibe to it and I could immediately imagine this scene being part of a dramatic feature. There are two flogs on the bed and Bridgette is sitting in a chair wearing fishnet stockings, leather gloves that go up to her elbows and a black lace lace bra. Her collar is a silver metal with a black strap attached by a large metal ring. Her cuffs are black leather with pronounced straps. Pierce enters and regards her expectantly. He slowly forces her to the floor by her collar and pulls her breasts out.

The next thing we see is Pierce whipping her breasts rapidly while Bridgette rolls her head back and smiles. He also uses a paddle on her ass, again utilizing rapid strikes. I have to say I was a bit shocked when Derrick put Bridgette on all fours on the bed and flogged her with the other whip. He really hits her quite hard and it’s not something I’m accustomed to seeing in Wicked movies. Daring! Bridgette is clearly enjoying it and Derrick is clearly well-versed in balancing the pain with the pleasure as he alternates the speed and intensity of his strikes often. Derrick takes her doggy style bent over the bed, Bridgette rides him in cowgirl and by the time the finish rolls around her tits are free and bouncing all over the place. It’s all awesome.

Maddy O’Reilly and Ryan Mclane:

Maddy is standing in a dimly lit room wearing a red sleeping mask, a matching red leather collar with a chain connecting the leash and the same pink cuffs Aaliyah Love wore in the first scene. Her lingerie is open all the way down her torso and barely covers her breasts. After admiring her a bit, Mclane puts the leather leash for the collar in Maddy’s mouth and attaches nipple clamps to her tits. From there he grabs his whip and spanks her about the ass, but alternates between whip strikes and rubbing her softly with his hands and kissing her where he’s striking her. He also drags the whip across her buttocks and back gently in between strikes. We get some really good shots of Maddy’s ass and the viewer can really see how red her cheeks are from Mclane’s strikes and by the time he removes the clamps, Maddy’s nipples are engorged and pink. Mclane slams her pretty hard in spoon and doggy and he finishes all over her ass.

Romi Rain and Small Hands:

This scene opens with cover girl Romi on her hands and knees being walked across a room via her collar’s leash by her handler. She is blindfolded and bound with oversized black-strapped cuffs. The dominant/submissive dynamic is established right away when Small Hands commands her to stop and stand. When he asks her if she can see, she shakes her head no. He then commands her to speak and she does. This is a new development not seen in the other scenes. Hands asks Rain lots of questions like whether or not she can hear him spinning the whip behind her and whether or not she can feel it when he spanks her.

He tells her where he wants her to go, what he wants her to say and what he wants her to do throughout. There’s a clear anticipation that he builds by twirling the whip before striking her with it. When Romi lays on her back with her legs spread and Hands whips her along the inner thighs, I thought she might explode with ecstasy. Hands really gets into her during the sex too; mounting her from behind while she’s face down, ass up and thrusting deep into her. We get to see a lot of Romi’s ass and she constantly reminds us that in this scene, Small Hands is in control as she repeatedly calls him “master” and asks if she’s pleasing him.

For someone like me who hasn’t seen a lot of movies in this genre, this was a very entertaining watch. It really is something to witness performers that trust each other push each other to physical limits that you’re not used to seeing. Never once was I, the viewer, worried about the well-being of the performers involved and it was very plain to me that the level of pleasure they were sharing was real and welcomed. For anyone who is intrigued by the BDSM genre or even those who are well familiar with it, this is a great movie to watch. I watched this movie on Wicked.com, so I was not able to view any of the special features.

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