TS Heartbreakers – Evil Angel

Top TS stars Aubrey Kate and Chanel Santini — the 2017 and 2018 XBIZ Awards Trans Performer of the Year winners — share the cover spotlight as well as a sizzling matchup in the latest from Evil Angel and director/cinematographer Aiden Starr.

The ladies begin with a tease and both sport pink, sparkly, barely-there outfits as they writhe and cast longing glances at the camera — and each other. They trade slurpy, hungry blowjobs while Santini eats out Kate with clear pleasure and then fucks her in a variety of positions with aggressive gusto. Later, Santini coos into the camera and invites a toy to be slid into her butt. She swaps positions with Kate for another lusty fuck session. The ladies continue to trade positions, bring in more toys, kiss and enjoy each other for a truly crackling good time.

Kay, Kelly (sporting cat ears) and Presley each enjoy solo teases against a bubblegum pink backdrop, decked out in lingerie, and flirting with the camera. Kay is a coquettish tease, while Presley’s come-and-get-me charisma is a genuine turn-on.

Slender, hung Michael Delray chuckles and groans with pleasure as Presley expertly blows him and he happily returns the favor, focusing on deep-throating her cock, sucking her balls and eating her out. Although Delray is hungrily aggressive as he fucks Presley, the starlet matches his energy; at one point, she fucks herself with his boner. By the end, she is begging for his cum, which he splashes across her stomach, tits and chin.

Kelly’s tease includes some assplay, which she needs to tackle the massive meat swinging between Sean Michaels’ legs. She chokes, gags and drools as she bravely attempts to work his oversized boner – at one point, near the very end of their hookup, she does briefly deep-throat him – and when they fuck, she rides him, shrieking and yelping, until he drops a load onto her eager tongue.

Adorable, petite Kay is paired with athletic stud Dante Colle. Starr’s camerawork gives extended play to oral action as Kay expertly works over Colle’s boner, utilizing her pierced tongue, and maintaining eye contact with him, as well as with the camera. She is compliant as Colle fucks her. Kay jacks out a load onto her thigh and then smiles sweetly while he pumps out a hefty load onto her tongue and chin.

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California Dreaming Malibu Minx – CalExotics

It’s not only “surf’s up” with the new fangled dual stimulator from CalExotics, but clits up, too! The firm, well-shaped multi-speed vibrating shaft fills my nether regions while at the same time, the perfectly placed clit air suction stimulator works its magic. This dual style is a nice variation of the typical bunny or butterfly external stimulator. Rechargeable, silicone and waterproof, using the Malibu Minx will make you feel like you’re cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down and your pants off, enjoying the breeze as the gentle suction sucks and blows gently between your legs and your stick shift is in just the right place. Ahhh, bliss!

With its sensual and appealing packaging, feature this beauty in other departments of your brick-and-mortar store. The clear front panel of the box will stimulate the eyes of a lingerie buyer to later stimulate their thighs.

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The Seduction of Heidi – Adam & Eve Pictures

This Adam and Eve feature is based on the novel “Heidi and the Kaiser” by Selena Kitt, although (thankfully) there’s a wee bit of levity in “The Seduction of Heidi,” in addition to some molten licking and sticking with Aaliyah Love, Bridgette B. and (the fantastic!) Romi Rain, along with the highly humpable Whitney Wright — 27, from Oklahoma, and having dung her fair share of anal, so she’s no innocent, unlike the newbie she effectively plays here — in the eponymous role.

We’re immediately introduced to Heidi, a sweet, well-meaning, hard-working, if a bit ditzy go-fer/production assistant in the lingerie industry, who’s treated like crap by the female talent — while we’re also introduced to the heavy-hitting CEO of the company, Kaiser, played with a bit of the ol’ creepiness by intense Ryan Driller — before we immediately jump straight into a torrid threesome involving Aaliyah Love, Bridgette B. (both playing talent) and Logan Long (here, as a director).

The double-suck which ensues is a grand one, while ladies Love and B. offer an array of horny positions; one being Bridge doing reverse-cowgirl, wherein we can gloriously partake of her big sloppy boobs swinging all over the place; doggie with Miss B. is also arousing, as she sucks on Love’s little titties while also simultaneously fingering Aaliyah’s cunt, before sitting on the hungry slut’s face; cowgirl with Love is cool, as well, her tight ass cheeks bouncy, bouncy, bouncin’; and that goes ditto for Bridge during her cowgirl X-cursion.

Intrigued by Heidi’s girlish innocence, old-world politeness and committed work ethic, Kaiser hires her as his executive assistant, with our girl soon learning that her new boss wants to have a “special” work relationship well beyond the field of fashion (hmmm? … we know damn well where this “contract” is leading, right?), to which Heidi agrees, after which we (finally, eventually) get Kyze ass-spanking his “sweet” Heidi (if only briefly); followed by a Heidi masturbation scene, allowing us a taste of Whitey’s all-around tasty bod; leading to more spanking by Kyze, who also rubs his prick against her crack in the doggie position, with the degenerate whacking off onto her delectable derriere; after which Kyze, back in his private office with a naked Heidi, feather-fucks her cunt and bites her nipples.

The next full-on sex scene takes place over an hour after the first threesome and involves the always-scrumptious Romi Rain getting wildly nasty with lucky pudster Eric “the Peter Lorre of porn” Masterson (yep, he’s still around), with cowgirl being a superior position, highlighted by Romi’s world-class ass, while spoon shows off her all-around exquisitely juicy bod. By the way, check out how Rain whorishly grinds down on the bastard during reverse-cowgirl. Wow! And, of course, doggie with Ms. RR is other-worldly.

We’re next treated to a tantalizing threesome between Logan Long, Alex Legend and (the returning and always-welcome) Romi, who really sucks a mean prick — times two! — before she gets it doggie, while continuing to suck slug, followed by amazing cowgirl, mish, reverse-cowgirl, and spoon, with Romi never ceasing to slurp on one of the two cocks. Such a grand tramp!

Kaiser eventually gets all the way down with Heidi upon her bed in the privacy of her home, with our girl delivering a loud, rude, deep BJ, getting seriously doggied, spooned and probed in the mish posish (and how Ryan keeps his back so straight without snapping his own spine I’ll never know); Kyze ultimately blowing gametes all over Heidi’s flat, quivering stomach.

Next, it’s off to Paris, as Kyze and Heidi get it on one more time in a newish-looking Parisian villa (which, actually, resembles a mcMansion in the Valley); Whitney really putting on the deepthroat charm (yes, she goes to down to the bone, folks), while Ryan slams her clam in various whackworthy positions — doggie being the most passionate probing, while her ass cheeks really rock and roll during cowgirl; our top gun inevitably blowing boy batter, this slime-time all over her eagerly awaiting tongue. And does the unexpected ending of “The Seduction of Heidi” leave room for a sequel? Gotta check it out and see.

Although it takes a bit for the movie’s second sex scene to materialize, “The Seduction of Heidi” is still a solid (at three-hours-plus!) feature for couples interested in slowly, gently moving into more kinkier waters, with lead star Whitney Wright providing stellar acting chops, as well as supporting tarts Aaliyah Love, Bridgette B. and, especially, Romi Rain, delivering terrific sideline sucking and fucking.

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How to Do Your Own Retail Market Research

In last month’s column, I was opining about costly sex toy or lingerie “industry reports” and my subsequent doubts about their value to the average erotic retailer. And for the record my trepidation still stands until I’m offered the opportunity to see one of these reports — in full — for myself. I’ll keep you posted, but don’t hold your breath on this!

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Angels in Public – Trans Angels

Aubrey Kate, sleek and alluring as ever in skintight lycra, struts up to Damien Stone, whose SUV is non-operational. She decides to stretch out her limbs and the musclebound hunk can barely contain his urges as he helps himself to her. The pair generate combustible erotic heat; Stone, especially, seems particularly turned-on as they kiss and proceed to lovemaking, culminating in a facial, in the back of Stone’s SUV parked in an empty lot.

Elsewhere, TS Foxxy suns and strokes herself, in a teal bikini, before strolling into a luxurious adult movie theatre, wearing only lingerie, heels and a black trenchcoat, and soon finds herself drawing affable hunk Rick Fantana into her web. Foxxy utterly dominates Fantana, who eagerly submits. Her infamously aggressive nature is on full display as she rams Fantana, in numerous positions, with obvious kinky pleasure.

D. Arclyte has a standing appointment to spy on curvy Bianka Nascimento as she peels off her white one-piece, oils up her luscious body and suns herself poolside. She soon invites Arclyte to join her for a poolside romp. Nascimento dominates the easygoing hunk; even as she gets rammed with his cock and creampied, her sexual brio is apparent.

Domino Presley hasn’t quite shared everything with her lover, Gabriel Dalessandro. When he drops to his knees, ring in hand, she lifts her skirt to share her secret. However, Dalessandro has no compunctions about going down on her right there in the restaurant and then bending over the table, and then stretching back on a daybed, to allow her to sweatily plow his ass. (Arclyte has an amusing cameo.)

Tech credits are strong, particularly lighting and editing, as well as wardrobe, hair and makeup. Kate and Foxxy are the MVPs, in my view.

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