Grand Beaded Butterfly – Evolved Novelties

As always, Evolved Novelties does not disappoint with its newest vibe. I am in love with this Grand Beaded Butterfly vibe. It has an amazing texture, and tons of functions, so I can experience something different with each use. It is a unique dual vibrator with butterfly wings that flutter in rhythm with the beaded shaft and powerful rabbit stimulator. It is easy to use and safe for all body types. It features eight speeds and functions with two motors, three speeds powering the beads in the shaft and 75 different combinations that means that your experience is completely customized. Best of all, it is waterproof for fun in or out of the shower, tub or during any type of water play activity.

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Máquinas sexuales y penes biónicos

[Similitudes|Diferencias] entre una máquina [erótica|de follar|sexual] y un [pene|dildo] [biónico|robótico]

¿Sabes cuales son las principales diferencias entre una máquina [sexual|erótica|folladora] y un dildo [biónico|robótico|robotizado]? Las diferencias a simple vista [son|pueden parecer|serían] muchas pero, [pensándolo|si lo piensas] [bien|mejor|un poco], no son [muchas|tantas|tan numerosas]. ¿Cómo [decidir|dilucidar|saber] si no son [en verdad|verdaderamente|realmente] [iguales|lo mismo]?

Principales características de las máquinas [de follar|sexuales|eróticas|folladoras]

Las dildos biónicos son réplicas [muy reales|reales|realistas] de un pene con [un mecanismo|una maquinaria|un dispositivo] interior que provoca un movimiento [UP & DOWN|arriba y abajo] de penetración en el orificio que [la persona que lo disfruta|el usuario o usuaria|quien lo use] haya elegido. Además, según el modelo [que elijas|elegido|seleccionado], podrás [gozar|disfrutar] de su motor de rotación para un masaje de tus paredes vaginales o tu ano con el glande.

Todos los [penes|dildos] [biónicos|robotizados] están fabricados con materiales [hiper|mmuy|super|tremendamnete] realistas y [tienen|mantienen] una temperatura y tacto [muy reales|hiperrealistas|reales]. Sus motores [son controlados|se controlan] [por|a través de|gracias a] un mando a distancia y [tienen|poseen|disponen de] una potente ventosa en su base para [que lo fijes|fijarlo] a [una|cualquier] superficie lisa y puedas [utilizar|emplear|usar] tus manos para manejar el control remoto.

Natural RealSkin Hot Cock 8-Inch Curved – Nasstoys

Do you love a good, realistic dildo but sometimes feel that a cold shaft is not enough? Well now you can have it all! Not only does this Natural RealSkin Hot Cock look and feel just like the real thing, it also gets warm like a real person! Perfect for those cold winter nights when you need an extra cuddle, it heats up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit and has three strong vibration functions. The rechargeable dildo is waterproof and also includes a remote control for easy solo use or for partnered fun. Either way, users are in for an all-around good time.

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Naturally Racked – NSFW Films

The girls in “Naturally Racked” do, indeed, have tasty, all-natch boobies, while their faces and butts are pretty damn awesome, too.

And we start with the little but oh-so-suckable titties, big ass and pretty face of the highly fuckable Mia Malkova, here getting righteously boned by Danny Mountain. After a nice blowjob (with a bit of hands action in the mix) Mia and her butt are a joy to behold during doggie, while the position also displays her modest but far-from-tiny boobs swayin’ away as she’s being banged, with The Mountain That Rides ultimately spurting onto her stomach during missionary.

The incredibly delicious Ariana Marie gives an even better blowjob that’s frequently slow, deep and luxurious, and, with her wonderful attitude, she’s also terrific in the porking department. After hacking on cock (you blow, girl!), Ariana is truly amazing in cowgirl, doggie and reverse-cowgirl, while I like how she continues to suck cock whenever she can, with the dude lucky enough to ravage here ultimately blowin’ dick snot onto her chin.

A true movie highlight is the extremely energetic, cute-as-a-button and juicy-as-hell Latina Gina Valentina, here paired with another boner, who gets the ride of his life. She’s probably the nastiest of cocksuckers in the movie, as well as the most vigorous vixen, grinding and bouncing and squirming as she’s getting bonked. Again, cowgirl and doggie reign, but she’s superb to view during spoon, seeing as her butt is so round and succulent. Our mysterious meat puppet eventually blows pud-paste onto her cunt and tummy after some heated missionary, with our girl scooping it up and eating the stuff. Gina is such a magnificent slut! Love her!

Lastly, Honey Gold is paired with super freak Small Hands for another energetic romp, which includes choking, with doggie and cowgirl again being the best positions, though she does take the best pop shot in the face, the gunk going pretty much all over her pretty black mug. And like all of the girls — especially Ariana — she’s got a fantastic overall attitude in the sack.

All of these girls have killer bods (including unaugmented ta-tas), fine face, as well as delectable derrieres, while they know how to suck and fuck.

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