Commander Heat Up Butt Plug – Nasstoys

Oh, my Commander! Let me count the ways of how much I love thee. Your soft, silicone skin is like a rose petal’s touch between my cheeks. Your comfortable size slides in without effort or pain (but always with lube) and your tapered base allows me to effortlessly kiss my cheeks together. The gentle ridges on your slender neck let my sexy sphincters grasp you like a tender lover in the night. Your three speeds are easy to change with the simple tap of my fingertip. And what is that I feel as you nuzzle deep inside my ravishing rectum? You’re warm, too? Why yes, you are. My Commander! I will recharge you forever and never leave you (inside). You’re mine forever.

Retailers, make sure you highlight the features of this smart, wonderful butt plug. It doesn’t feel like others on the market and the warming sensation will make it easy for beginners to use.

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Fuck Me First Daddy – Pure Taboo

Two twisted tales of torrid tail-gunning, featuring blonde spinner Piper Perri and classical beauty Jaye Summers in “Fuck Me First Daddy” and “Bad Uncle,” respectively, with both ladies brilliantly showing what arousing little tarts they are.

“Fuck Me First Daddy” involves Piper’s obsession with her black stepfather, Tyler Knight, leading to, you got it, one helluva humping. Both Tyler and Piper play their parts convincingly, with Knight being sincerely appalled by Perri’s whorish advances towards him behind his wife’s/her mother’s back. “Haven’t you always wondered what it would be like to be balls deep in your stepdaughter’s 18-year-old pussy? Don’t you wonder how tight it is?” she asks Tyler once she begins to blackmail him (seeing as he lost his job and didn’t tell his wife), and they’re alone, and they’re naked. A good build up to what amounts to somewhat of a grudge fuck on Tyler’s part.

When we get to the porking, Knight makes Piper choke on his black trouser weasel, with lotsa saliva, engages in a little standing 69 with the randy hussy, with her tight pussy clamping onto his prick during cowgirl, while he ties her hands behind her back when he’s doggie pounding her, which is most definitely one of the movie’s best moments, what with Piper’s ass looking so delectable when it’s fully bent over; while missionary gives us a tantalizing view of her ultra-taut figure before he comes inside her cunt. “Look, it’s like daycare down there,” she wickedly tells him before we ultimately see what a fucked-up wench she really is.

“Bad Uncle” features Charles Dera as the bent Uncle Joe who’s obsessed with his best friend’s daughter, namely the amazingly gorgeous/suckable/fuckable Jaye Summers, whom he gets alone in his pad and winds up (yeah!) slamming the living hell outta. Dera is perfectly cast in this part because he plays the weird and scary uncle (especially with his ‘70s male porn star moustache) so realistically, so believably. They’re at his house, planning on going on a hiking trip, when Dera tells her that, since she’s 18, there’s no problem in their sleeping — just sleeping — in the same big double bed together. Yeah, right buddy. Consequently, later that night, Dera is awake on his back, looking at Jaye’s back and stroking his dick, until he moves closer and closer, hugs the nervous but curious babe, against whom he finally rubs his cock, at which point she begins stroking the wrinkled sax. Total turn-on! “I’m gonna put it inside you now, princess. Is that okay?” he tells her, to which she hesitatingly responds, “Yes.” Major turn-on!

Dera first humps Summers spoon style while cupping her mouth, and it’s a great angle, with Jaye seeming quite tight down there, what with her panting and wincing and all; he then French kisses her, sucks her succulent snatch, and sticks it into that perfectly shaped pussy missionary style, with Summers moaning oh so hornily; that’s followed by, finally, a deep and gagging blowjob with lots and lots o’ spit; while afterwards it’s high time for doggie and then more spoon, some reverse-cowgirl, part of which is even done standing; back to missionary, giving us a delicious view of Jaye’s delicious body; more deepthroating, more spoon, more doggie, with the latter being slow and deep, while at times hard and fast; then we’re treated to cowgirl, where we get a full view of Summer’s sweet little anus, while her juicy butt cakes undulating all over the place. Lucky bastard Dera!

Standing missionary also gives us a naughty view of Jaye’s butthole. She then delivers another excellent round of deepthroating, with even more spit, before Dera has her lay down on her back, at which point he fingers her asshole, sticks his prick in her quivering cunt missionary, bangs her like there’s no tomorrow, eventually pulling out and blowing dick snot all over her luscious belly.

All in all, this title from PureTaboo is a good one for couples, seeing as it’s not too heavy, while it’s also good for pervs, simply because both Piper and Jaye are so believable in their respective raunch roles as teens dying to get slammed by some veteran sausage.

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Icons No. 1 – Vixen

From, this new series looks at porn icons. I’ll agree with that particular summation regarding veteran vixen Tori Black! The other ladies in this series’ first volume have been in the biz for a shorter period of time, but they’re well on their way, and this title — from start to (happy!) finish — has some sizzling female talent, particularly Ms. Black, gorgeous Ariana Marie and luscious Ella Hughes — who know their way ‘round a rod, making “Icons” definitely worth your whacking dollars.

After an acting interlude from Tori Black and Kayden Kross (in a non-sex role, though you do get to see her nude), Black burns up the sheets with Johnny Sins. There ain’t a bad position here from Welles. Good to see, too, that she’s deepthroating, choking and gagging on cock like most of the other younger ladies in porn today. And you’ll be rewarded with that fine Black booty during cowgirl, doggie, standing doggie and standing mish (with the camera in the latter two stances looking up — from below the action — at that bootyful Black bottom).

Next, Abella Danger accidentally locks herself out of her house, goes to an unknown neighbor, Ricky Johnson, to use his phone, and winds up getting seriously poked by Ricky’s johnson. Highlights include a deep and slow BJ and lotsa shots of that big, Danger-ously jiggling ass.

Then, brunette babes Alina Lopez and the scrumptious Ariana Marie are roommates who “visit” the home/pool of Ariana’s “friend,” played by the returning Johnny Sins, who turns out to be Marie’s married beau (what a marvelous slut), with Ariana sharing her man’s boner with Alina, leading to one helluva ménage a trois. And there are just so many horny positions/moments here with each fox, including standing doggie with Ariana, cowgirl with Alina, mish with Marie, doggie with Lopez, lots of cocksucking, some female-to-female ass-eating, reverse-cowgirl with Ariana, many lesbo cunt-eating interlewds, and it’s especially neat when Sins stacks up both ladies killer asses on the back of a sofa and doggies ‘em in tandem. Let’s not, of course, forget the cum-sharing between our tasty tarts at the cunt-clusion.

And, lastly, red-headed Brit Ella Hughes is so delicious-looking and has such an elegant tone of voice, you just want to see her get the living shit fucked out of her, which is precisely what Markus Dupree does in this kinky “Icons” episode, which is right up there with the fantastic Tori Black opener. Ella plays an anal-retentive art gallery owner, while Marky portrays a money-hungry “oligarch” who wants to sell her art pieces, but whom she also finds attractive. In other words, the kinky minx craves for him to dominate her. And he does. Anyhow, after getting nicely face-fucked, Ella gets her wonderfully meaty ass well-spanked (it remains pretty red throughout all of the remaining sex), with that same perfectly fuckable derriere superbly spotlighted via cowgirl and doggie (and there’s lots and lots of the latter, lemme tell ya), while missionary gives us a beautiful view of Elle’s tastily puffy twat. And there’s plenty of intense eye contact between these two pervs, making their pairing all the more horny and passionate

From start to finish, “Icons” gives you delicious-looking gals who, quite obviously, love to suck and fuck; with the bookending scenes, care of hotties Tori Black and Ella Hughes, being nothing less than outstanding. And, of course, you can never go wrong with the amazing Ariana Maria.

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How to Do Your Own Retail Market Research

In last month’s column, I was opining about costly sex toy or lingerie “industry reports” and my subsequent doubts about their value to the average erotic retailer. And for the record my trepidation still stands until I’m offered the opportunity to see one of these reports — in full — for myself. I’ll keep you posted, but don’t hold your breath on this!

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Cannabis Craze Sparks Interest Among Adult Retailers

As a wave of marijuana legalization makes its way across the U.S., it’s becoming easier to imagine a future where pot integrates itself into other markets. One of the biggest contenders for a cannabis crossover is the business of sexual health, with consumers starting to take note of medicated adult products.

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